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    If u r reading this U r to close and might be assassinated
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10xbl06.png( neb recoloured by skinst)Want a common bred? Pm me and I'll see what I can do.8309239.gif8311536.gif8312408.gif8312372.gif

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    In a corn field
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    MMMM my interest.. Really i have none... i play unicreatures... guitar hero, pokemon, i read, i run, i type, i text, i roleplay....

    I go by Bri most of the time.. if you don't like me here is my butt -wiggles- kiss it... cause i don't care....

    <3 ~ Bri

    Trades: please don't pm me offers if i don't ask for them
    traders ~ if i have something of yours post it on the LIT i check that if i plan on returning it. DONT pm me about it i'll just delete the pm. if i'm going to give it back i'll contact you.