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    looking for Dragons in California, USA
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    Newer Wish List

    2nd gen Goldfish ?

    Commons Wish List

    CB Black, Male
    2nd gen's in Ice and Winter Seasanal..will take either egg,

    2nd or 3rd Even gen Black with Silver,or any of these others--> Gold,Holly,{Valentine day /either 2009 or 2010},<-

    2nd gen Winter Seasonal with Christmas (Holly )
    Winter, from CB Thunder/Winter{Seasonal}Parents..will take Thunder egg too.{ if offered..}

    Even 3rd gen purebred White X Ice, looking for a white

    Uncommon Wishlist

    Even 2nd gen Purple X Hellfire.. looking for a Hellfire for a mate for Purple male with same linage as mate.

    Even 2nd gen Striped x Silver ..Looking for either a stripe or silver??
    Even 2nd gen Striped X Gold .. Will take a Gold , but looking for any Stripe { need 1 More}

    Rare Wishlist

    CB Gold , Male
    CB Silver , Male or Female
    CB Thunder, Male
    CB Ice
    CB Magma