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currently seeking (please pm your trade terms or for what i can offer!)

- 3eg from SA starsinger (both/either)

- 3eg from SA floral crowned


spriter alt lineage enthusiast! (please read profile for info)



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    - 3g checker from gaia x blue garland (can offer gaia checker swap with pink garland + other things!)
    - 3eg lineages with the SA floral crowned(s). please pm trade terms! (i'm afraid this one is bordering on the impossible...?)
    - 3eg lineages with either/both of the SA starsingers. please pm trade terms! (i'm afraid this one is bordering on the impossible...?)

    RIDICULOUS BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS: CB female neglected, CB ungendered neglected

    in addition to the lineages listed here and in my .sig, i am ALWAYS interested in CB 'shiro,' "mochi," and "tuck" codes (caps don't matter; 0 for o and 1 for i acceptable). please pm if you have one to trade and i will do my best to make it worth your while!

    * spriter alt lineage enthusiast! always open to even-gen swaps! happy to help with spriter alt lineage projects, even if you can't swap. (holiday offspring not available for free requests at the moment)

    * also keen on lineages with cb hybrids. <3

    if you do offer me a 3eg for anything, please don't be offended or surprised if i suggest a different partner for one of the dragons (i am a miaou of particular tastes!). if i do so, i will always offer to breed or otherwise obtain the partner i have in mind, if you don't have one like it. and of course, i won't be offended if you decline.

    ***** when proposing a swap or making a request, please use a lineage or view link to the dragons you want me to breed or to the dragon you want a sibling of. using names/codes makes it harder for me to find them on my scroll. thanks! *****