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∞ IOU's accepted on a case by case basis.∞ Have: 2nd gen. tinsel-kins. Certain breeds. Want: CB silver OR 3-4 CB red dorsals. PM me for more details on which breeds.∞ Note: I am at work for much of the day and only have access to DC via phone so while I may read your messages, I won't be able to reply until I get home/have access to DC via computer. shoko.pngfiregem.png

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    ∞2nd Gen. Silver Tinsel Info
    Please note that by trading with me, you are agreeing to the following:
    -I reserve the right to decline breeds and specific dragons as mates. I will not breed my tinsel with: Blue-banded, Albino, Balloon, Bleeding Moon, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Canopy, Coastal Waverunner, Fell, Skywing, Mint, Neotropical, Olive, Spitfire, Water Walker, Water Horse, Whiptail, Yellow Crown, and Xenowyrms. I may have forgotten one or two breeds so please double check with me first.

    -If you pick as a mate a breed that tends to produce only commons, I reserve the right to move further down my list after 3 unsuccessful attempts to breed a tinsel. (I will cycle through my request list).

    -Please NAME the offspring.

    -IOUs will be accepted from established, active players only.

    -You will have 24 hours to pick up the egg after which I will deem my end of the transaction to be completed. Exceptions include if the forum is down (obviously) or if you PM me back within the 24 hours with a reason (egglocked/whatever). If you fit into neither of these categories but do PM me back after the 24 hours, it is my decision whether to give you the egg/re-breed. I am understanding that life happens but I do not want to have to rebreed if a player simply becomes inactive without any prior notice; tinsels are very difficult to breed.

    CB, special lines - Ravyn
    2nd gen.+ - Hastings
    Dragons from special lines (e.g., Thuwed) may not have any of the suffixes indicated above.