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🎄 Happy Holidays! 🎄


I'm PM and IOU friendly.

Wishlist: I still need assorted CB commons and uncommons for my scroll goals and lineage projects, 2G-3G metals, checkers or nicely bred dragons of any breed especially those with Spriter's Alt lineages, and of course... Prizes and Prize-kins! You can view my full wishlist here.

Breeding on Request: Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any BSA dragons, help with your holiday mates or would like to ask about one of my Prize lines!

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    2019 was a real doozy of a year for me - I got super sick in March and dropped off the face of the internet. I'm only just now (Dec 2019) getting back into the forum and organizing all of the dragons I randomly grabbed during the year.


    Thanks to everyone for the lovely trades and the lovely gifts! I'm looking forward to actively playing with you all again!

    I'd love to hear from you if there is a dragon you're interested in having me breed for you, especially for the upcoming holiday season - I may ask for a trade or a swap of some sorts depending on the request, but I also just like seeing my dragons end up in pretty lineages.

    As of Dec 2019, I'm not currently offering or accepting IOUs. I need to get my scroll re-organized and myself caught up to speed with a couple of outstanding requests.

    Breedings currently spoken for:

    Spectral Blink
    0/2 Prize-kin Slots Available
    -Thunder Prize-kin for H!
    -Silver Prize-kin for S!
    2/2 Prize Slots Available

    Other Bred Dragons

    -Double Mint Alt Kin for C!

    Caveborn Dragons


    Working on: Currently organizing my holidays and grabbing last minute mates.

    I collect Prizes! You can take a look at my Prize Spreadsheet here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1noraVMxFl-f0cROOZd8meTLyst1m7hGm-PQdwXvCKa8/ - Last updated 2018 and very out of date!

    I like dragons, do you like dragons?