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    Land of a thousand lakes
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    - IOUs from Halloween -

    Waiting list for 2G Shimmerscales from Spiritual State:
    1. Dirtytabs - Shimmer x Omen Wyrm
    2. bloodonmyfangs - Shimmer x Black Marrow
    4. yukiblue - Shimmer x Black Marrow

    Waiting list for 2G Shimmerkins from Spiritual State:
    3. angelicdragonpuppy - Gold Lunar Herald from Shimmer x Gold Lunar Herald

    1. Terces - 3G Terrae from Terrae x Brown Copper (pair ready & compatible, just hasn't produced Terrae offspring yet)

    Completed IOUs:
    2.11.2018 - Ponystar17 - 2G Shimmerscale from Shimmer x Caligene
    8.11.2018 - evilSpectra - 2G Shimmerscale from Shimmer x Caligene
    13.11.2018 - celis - 2G Gold Lunar Herald from Caligene x Gold Lunar Herald


    I'm a coffee loving game programming student. If by any chance there's anything I can help you with feel free to toss me a message.

    My scroll name and forum name are one and the same.


    - Wishlist -

    Top priority:
    2G Mistletoe from Silver Shimmerscale x Mistletoe
    2G Garland from Gaia x Garland
    CB male Silver
    CB female Gold
    3 CB female Howler Drakes
    2 CB male Honey Drakes

    Low priority:
    CB Verdigris Copper
    CB Blusang Lindwyrm
    CB female Silver

    Always welcome:
    CB or pretty checker lineage Reds
    CB or pretty checker lineage Aeons
    CB or pretty checker lineage Purples
    CB or pretty checker lineage Pinks