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Currently looking for: CB female Mageia, CB female White Zyu, CB male Purple



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    I'm a coffee loving game programming student. If by any chance there's anything I can help you with feel free to toss me a message.

    My scroll name and forum name are one and the same.

    - Wishlist -

    Top priority:
    CB female White Zyu
    CB female Mageia
    CB female Morphodrake
    CB male Night Glory
    CB male Royal Crimson
    2 CB female Greens
    2 CB Green Nebula

    Medium priority:
    CB male Water
    CB male Deep Sea
    CB female Skywing
    CB male Daydream
    CB female White
    CB female Coastal Waverunner
    CB female Electric
    CB male Electric
    CB male Pillow
    CB male Melismor
    CB male Sapphire
    CB female Chrono
    CB female Blue Zyu
    CB male Ash
    CB male Boreal
    CB female Azure Glacewing

    Low priority:
    2 CB female Thunders
    CB male Yellow Zyu
    CB male Red Zyu
    CB male Black
    CB female Black
    CB female Aria
    CB male Aria
    CB female Pillow
    2 CB female Spessartine
    2 CB male Speckle-Throated

    Always welcome:
    CB Fells
    CB Fever Wyverns
    CB Seasonals
    CB or pretty checker lineage Reds
    CB or pretty checker lineage Purples
    CB or pretty checker lineage Aeons
    CB or pretty checker lineage Pinks