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Give your dragon a journal!

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((I kind of want to feel justified for my black dragon suddenly changing mates, so here goes...))


Written from Sevathiel's (Sevathiel is my reclusive magi dragon who has yet to find himself a mate... xd.png) point of view...


It is rare when a scuffle in my owner's scrollgoes on without my notice... as the oldest dragon in the scroll, I feel it is my duty to keep the peace around here.


But the scuffle last week was different. I awoke to a furious storm whirling past the mouth of my cave. It is near impossible for such a storm to brew overnight, and my mind instantly guessed that Severinna (our foul-tempered resident Gray Dragon) was at the root of the problem.


I cautiously poked my nose into the open, and caught sight of Rhethiel (Severinna's mate, a hot-tempered Black Dragon) pinned against the ground, his body and wings shielding himself from his mate's assault. To my knowledge, the two of them were on fairly good terms. What was going on...


And then I saw it - or rather, her. Shivering behind Rhethiel's protective wings was a beautiful Gold female, a large black egg barely visible in her grip. I recognized her as Salenya.


From my passive observations, it became clear that Rhethiel had left Severinna for a prettier, gentler, and more... uncommon... female. I shook my head disapprovingly and retreated back into my cave.


Ah, Rhethiel... wasn't very kind of you to leave your mate like that. Maybe I could cheer her up, if you understand what I'm trying to say...

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Dear Journal,

Ha, Ha, HA! Shining Sunrise(the gold dragon) was trying to breed today. The only male who could breed today was Avieon, a Skywing dragon, totally refused to go near her! Ha ha ha! Iguess she is not the most wonderful dragon in this cave after all! I guess it is kinda mean to be ridiculing her, but maybe now i can get some well needed sleep.

~~~ Darkirii


Dear Journal,

Well, I just grew my wings and I am so happy about them! My owner also named my yesterday, my name is Winter Whitney. I love my name, even if it is weird because being named is a special previledge. Neither of my parents have names, and neither do my bothers. And my parents abandoned me as an egg so I'm sad about that. But luckily i was adopted and brought to a cave with very friendly dragons like Rosie-Bloom and Mini Dragos( he is kind of scary, he has two heads!). They raised me since i hatched and I love them. But now I am tried, Good-night.

~~~ Winter Whitney

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Dear Diary


We are slowly starving. Although my grandson matured and is helping us, we still don't have enough food. How in Morrigan's name did Reign manage to feed all of us? If we don't die in starvation, we will die in battle...


Yuki Hakujou, our new Winter, has been acting as a spy. I don't like sending the girl on these missions, but she blends in so well... According to her, they have been training the other dragons to fight. This is not good.


We still have yet to find out how to cure Vergil... The red hatchling has yet to leave his side, despite the injury inflicted upon him by the Silver. We moved him into the nursery, so our new female split hatchling can help guard him. I asked her about why she chooses to do this. "My dad's name was Nelo and Vergil." she said simply. She's a kind soul, who gets along well with our frozen male split, Lightdark Volt.


Yule and Holly are looking for the cure. Shiro says things will get better. I hope so.


Black Inferno Temptest

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Dear Diary,


I had my FIRST vision! It was --


Sorry, I'll finish this later! Evenon is calling for me!






That was... Brief.

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Man, my dragons have gotten good at hiding their journals. But I managed to find one today. Not sure whose it is, but...


Dear Diary,


What the *the ink here is smudged* was Kitsuru thinking? I can deal with the fact that the cave's population apparently tripled while we were gone. I can deal with the fact that several of the new dragons tend to blow things up *crossed out*daily hourly bi-hourly*end crossed out part* a lot. It helps with the construction, after all, and with how crowded we were getting here it's more useful than anything else.


But I can NOT deal with the sudden flood of *crossed out* monsters *end crossed out part* hatchlings. Frozen hatchlings, to make it even worse. They'll never grow up. THEY'LL NEVER STOP BEING ANNOYING LITTLE BRATS!


And there are more of them, today. It makes me want to--*the rest of the page is ripped*

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Dear journal,


the wild black mum was fussing over finally grew up yesterday, after one of the sliver hatchlings did. He calls himself Eternal Session, and the first thing he did was make awkward advances on the girl silver Ars Arcanum. He got a swift kick to the snout, then got hollered at by mum for being a blundering idiot. Poor guy, he was good friends with Ars before they grew up, too. I keep trying to impart some half-brotherly advice on him but mum keeps hovering over him all the time.


I saw Eschaton and her son Giustino smuggling something shiny out of the cave when mum was distracted. I'm going to go hang out under the apple tree until this all blows over.


-Roark Donolith

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(I've been meaning to do this for a while. Here are a few, going back in time a ways.)



I'm beginning to see why J'Ser has kept to her lake, all these years. Our clan has done nothing but grow from our humble beginnings, and it is now reaching an unbearable state. The caves need expanded and the tempers need cooled. Maybe one day, J'Ser will rise from the depths of her lake and put all the young ones back in line.


Young ones, however, is a very loose term.


There has been talk of splitting the clan. This cannot happen. If I, as matriarch of this clan, cannot keep us all together and in peace... I have failed not only myself, but the visions the three of us shared when we first found each other here. J'Mizi and I have work to do. And J'Ser...


The Serra valley is home to ONE clan.







I know our problem. I know exactly where it stems from, and what to do about it. We're being overrun by Autumns and their frosty brethren. It was just J'Tresen and his smaller counterpart to begin with, summer dragons coaxing all the greenery into a frenzy before settling down to wait until next year. And then we were graced with the beauty and grace of the autumn dragon. Graced, ha! Needed as much as the winged god of the inferno wants the rain. One appeared, followed by another, and another...


And before I could stop them, there were autumns hiding in every corner of the cave, making a ruckus in the trees by the lake, and jumping out at me from leaf piles. Eight of them, and one hatchling. Eight!


They're everywhere I go. I see them tumbling through the air when I patrol, racing through the sky when I'm hunting with the other fire dragons, and making a mess of the cave. And what does J'Kreth do? O wise and venerable stone dragon? *snort* Nothing. I've told her time and again that they must GO, and she refuses to heed my warnings. She says they will settle down with the changing of the seasons.


I've about had it.


The next autumn that bothers me may get a faceful of flame to warm their precious leaves.




Edited by senkatnovo

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Dear journal:


Black Winter Queen has told me that she suspects a human has discovered our cave. This worries me. If a human has indeed found our cave, then it means that we might have to move. And that's not going to be easy, considering we have four hatchlings and two eggs to think about right now. The winter hatchling and Silver Cuillin's child have very strange names. I have no idea what a ninja is, but they've both got it in their names.

Having four hatchlings about, however, means that we have to be more watchful than we usually are, just in case something untoward happens. Just yesterday, I discovered that Fruitburger Swirl had somehow managed to get into the alcove where I keep old leaves and stones I've picked up, and was quite happily throwing everything above. I'll have to keep an eye on her. It seems that she's picked up some of her father's ways.

I had company earlier. Lucifer Box, the newest black hatchling, sat and watched while I practised my magic. He seems a little quieter than the other blacks. He isn't a bad-looking black, as far as they go.


Sgurr nan Gillean

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I've never seen such dedication, before. In lifemates, perhaps, but never in siblings. J'Fit brought back two black eggs some weeks ago, stumbling into the cave under their weight and barely able to hang on to them with her small size. Sauel took them from the mint and determined there was something strange about them. Usually when eggs are found around our boundaries, they smell very different from each other, but these two... Not only did J'Fit find them near each other, but they had an amazingly similar scent. We determined they were from the same cluch, siblings, a rare thing to find, out in the wild.


Upon their hatching and growing, both turned out to be female, and J'Kreth named them as older and younger sister, J'Shadi and J'Shide. They took every opportunity they could to play outside the cave and with the other hatchlings, a stone nestmate of the same age and a winter dragon somewhat younger. One day they were all out along the low ridge the hatchlings use to test their wings and practice flying.  The young winter was only able to watch, not having grown wings yet, and the stone, who had been named J'Kesik, stayed on the ground as well, both watching the sisters play tag in the sky.


An unfortunate turn of events followed. Heavy gusts of wind started roaring through the valley, causing the trees to shake and branches to crash down to the ground. Hearing a shrill cry, J'Mizi and his storm brethren took off into the gale to look for the hatchlings. They found J'Kesik and J'Shide trying their hardest to push a large branch off of poor J'Shadi, with the little winter curled in on itself and shoved to the side.


Even the combined efforts of J'Ari and myself could not fully counter the damage done by the tree. We mended the torn muscles and ripped tendons as best we could with our magic, but it felt as though there were something keeping us from reaching the heart of the problem. J'Shadi now favors her right hindleg, and while we are convinced she could fly again if she tried, she remains on the ground, relying on her sister to bring her food.


Since they've matured and come into season, however, is when I started noticing just how devoted J'Shide is to her older sister. I've never seen a dragon refuse so many mates, simply because no male wants to partner with J'Shadi because of her injuries. J'Shide has had the attention of half the cave, including Jaix and Tevix, but insists she will settle for none of them until her sister has a mate as well.


I never thought this clan would be so ignorant toward the beauty of the heart, compared to outer apperances. After all, it was little J'Shadi that risked her own life to push the young winter out of the way...






First autumn dragons... and now? I suppose I should have seen it coming. Winter dragons, tromping through the cave and leaving ice patches all over. Stand too close and you'll be covered with a dusting of snow. Like the autumns, they just keep appearing! There are two more eggs kept snug in nests, now, eggs that don't require warming or tending as usual. Sauel has done well to keep me away from them, lest he find two melted crusts of shell in his care...


They've turned the lake to ice, except where the water dragons keep breaking through. They find it amusing, freezing the topmost layer again, just to watch the ice be shattered when J'Riser or J'Serlan emerge. For some reason, the waters don't seem to mind these antics. I, however, have taken to going down and melting a hole to drink from-- as big as I can manage-- to say they've done enough gallivanting. Last time, Feranth T'Firrim merely watched, shaking ice crystals from her wings.


I'll show them who melts who.



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Well, as I was looking for the journals, Darkirii saw me and imediatly ripped up hers. But I did manage to find Winter Whitney's.


Dear Journal,

I absolutly LOVE to fly! It's so much fun! My old hatch-buddy, Neon Heaven, just grew her wings and she asked me to teach her how to fly. At first she had trouble, she hurt herself a couple times, but she immediatly healed herself. I think her healing powers are very speacial, but I don't know. I had so much fun with her today. biggrin.gif

~~~ Winter Whitney

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Dear Journal

I have finally grown up! I was named Bright Guy which suits me great because of how smart I am and because I glow. I can't really fly though. i wish I had the wings of my friend Sheryl a skywing. That is all for now.

Edited by shiggity

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Hmm... How interesting, dragons have journals.... I was wondering what the scraps

of burnt scrolls were. I happened to come across a couple during my morning

inspection--checking on my dragons.


I discovered this one in the hatchlings sector of the cave. It took me a while to

decipher, but eventually I came across a code clawed into the wall. These codes

were inscribed into every cavern corridor. Back to what I was mentioning, I

suspect these notes were written by my pebble hatchling, "Pebbles" as a nickname

for the time being until we can gender him/her:





I guess I can call this a jornal, it's only a few papers though. I wish I had a real

notepad, maybe I can make the big dragons to get me one. I hope I can! I think I

will talk more about me for now. I am a little dragon and I am green with red eyes.

I don't have wings, so I stay in the place for hatchlings. I have a friend who is

black and the big dragons come and talk to us. They tell us storys of where we

came from. They say we do not come from this cave and we come from the wild.

I'm scayred of the wild, I am happy we don't live there. Blackie is brave though

and wishes to be out there. I do not get how Blackie wants to live there. The big

dragons say that the big dragons out there are bigger then they are. Emrald says

that he is a little dragon but I think that he is really really big! Goggie is the biggest

but his mum Atatiell says he is still little like me. I can't see that, he is BIIIIIG!


This mornin a humen came, Pralla was with it. She said her name was 'Cu'. I said

that that was a funny name, but then Pralla got mad at me. I think that Pralla

knows Cu the best. Cu said that a little hatchie was gonna come the next day, one

that looked like Goggie. I hope it's not too big. She said it was an egg too, so that it

would be little like I wished. She made me exited when she said that it was

Goggie's kid. I can't wait to have a little friend who will be big like Goggie one day.


Oops! I think that Blackie's coming. I don't want this to be read. Bye!"



After reading this, I had quite a chuckle. Apparently Pebbles isn't the brightest or

literate hatchling, but then again he's quite young. After reading this, I decided to

not seek Blackie's; seeing as that hatchling is quite aggressive. Hopefully, that

phase will be outgrown and I will be able to skim Blackie's ponderings, but for now

I must seek the mature dragon's journals...


After searching for somewhere around an eternity, give or take, I stumbled upon a

leather-bound package sitting inside of a pool. I immediately assumed that this was

Zevelle's, seeing as she resided in the pond beside the puddle. The notes were this

time scratched into the animal-hide very carefully, seeing as any type of ink would

run in these conditions. However, after thinking, I concluded that I must read it:


"Dearest Journal, Conceal my deepest thoughts,


My miniscule limbs are exhausted from swimming through the rivers of the cave. I

have been watching my egg, it now resides in the hatchery. The nursery is yet

again filled with happy squeals and chuffs of the newly-hatched hatchlings, it is

amusing to watch them. I find myself feeling motherly now, guarding the young

ones from lurking harm. There is still a lonely escence to my presence though, and

it shields my happiness. I sense that I am missing a part of my soul, a mate.

Maybe LOLGoggie 2009 will replenish my joy, I am finding myself now labelling him

with names, mostly 'Twenty-Oh-Nine'. I do believe he was named after his hatch-

date, whilst the rest of us were only our datacodes, which I am not particularily

aware of.


I cannot think clearly though, my mind is growing weary. I shall rest soon, and

bury towards the warm depths of my pond. Farewell, my personal friend.





I shall venture for more another day, but I am also tired like my water dragon. I

promise more entries--if I can find them!

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January 08, 2009:


Well, Cassie came in coughing a bit. She's been like this for the last two days, but she says it's cause of the weather. However, she did cheer up a bit when she saw that Sub-Zero Ice had grown up. The second Black Egg had hatched, and we discovered it was another non-Alt. However, like the first one, Cassie is keeping it til it genders before getting rid of it.

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Those metallic things are getting all of the spotlights. The owner is treating them like royalties. Not only that, the owner is bring more and more of them home, infact 1/3 of our population are metallics sleep.gif they gives off this glow that lights up the cave, even at night! things a dragon has to do to get some sleep.... perhaps i shall sleep outside.




and also a video recording thing in why-should-i-care's nest:

why should (the first head) : i like that gold egg!

i care (the second head) : nono! the silvers is better!

why should: well, no matter. i saw them first tho, so they belong to me! that u cannot deny!

i care: nuh-uh, since i like silvers better i get the silvers and u can have the gold.

why should: HEY! thats not fair! how come u get 3 eggys and i only get one???

i care: cauz golds worth more than silvers even tho silvers are pettier.

why should: since when?

i care: since the Triassic period, u idiot!

why should: hey! who are u calling an idiot?


the rest is to loud to make out...

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Dear Diary,


Winter's in full swing here in my owner's little cave. I've been here with her, gaurding the entrance, like all good Gaurdian dragons do. Some would say that gaurding is a boring, thankless job, but those are usually the dragons that come from ungrateful owners. Oh, let me introduce myself, my name is Incorrect-Correction (this has to do with how my owner obtained me, but I won't bore you with that story). I am the first successful dragon that has hatched for my owner. The first ones were....lost. It was very tragic. My owner had just started out on her own, and didn't really have a clue as to what she was doing (I find that hard to believe though. Just look how I turned out!), and she found these eggs sitting by the main dragon cave. They only had a few hours left to hatch, and she wanted to save them so badly. However, it was too late for the little dears. After the heartache passed, she found me and three others! A silent, wise magi dragon she named Krypt (I like her, she's a no nonsense kind of spirit), a stubborn, hot-headed female Earth dragon named Terae, and a kind Purple named Feirwind. We were all raised at the same time, and hatched at nearly the same time too. I guess that makes us all sisters! Lately, my master's been passing by the main cave a lot, mumbling about how she can't find what she's looking for. Does she mean an egg? We all ready have two new hatchlings, and three more on the way! How can she possibly be looking for new eggs now? Well, I have to go, it's late, and my master has classes in the morning. I wonder what she does without us for half of the day? It sure is lonely without her....




Incorrect-Correction ~<3

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Dear Journal,

I have a big confession... Neon Heaven and I were playing with each other while the other dragons were resting. Things got out of hand, and I ended up smashing one of my owners eggs! It was a blue egg. Neon Heaven quickly took the broken egg and hid it somewhere outside of the cave. I'm so ashamed! I hope my owner won't be mad, if she finds out!

~~~ Winter Whitney.


So thats why it's gone!

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January 9th, 2009:


Well, Cassie came back, and she was surprised that all four of her Black Eggs had hatched into non-alt Black Dragons. She took the last three that hatched (she is keeping the the first hatchling) and took them to another cave, where they were quickly picked up. Afterwards, she came back with two more black eggs and another Split. She did have a Dark Green Egg, but she abandoned it in favor of getting another black egg. My guess is she's making sure that if the first Split is Female that she has a chance of getting a Male. On the other hand, er, claw, if both gender Male, she'll let one of 'em grow up and the other get frozen so that Twin Dream has a playmate.


Now, we're all waiting for the first split egg to hatch still.

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I had a few chuckles reading this.


Dear Journal,


Mom already gave Kyo Ryne a journal for the little kid to use, but haven't touched the paper yet. Kyo is a frozen hatchling, just like us, so he will be in the loners' clan. For his grown-up state, he will choose the name. Mom's orders. I realize she haven't picked up any number of eggs in the past weeks. She replied,

"I'm worried that the egg might die while I'm at school."

"You're such a worrywart, Mom!" I replied.

I touched Kyo's egg shell while he was still in his egg shape. It felt like a usual egg shell, nothing unusual about the egg. It felt hard and rocky, more rocky than the other eggs I've touched. I still don't remember about the cave, but Mom says she knows about the outside world.

I want to fly along with Kyo, but I don't want to look like a skywing.


Midnight Ninja is giving me the eye! See ya!



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Dear Journal,

My owner found out. She was really mad that her egg was gone. Luckily, the oldest dragon, Red Spix, was able to clam her down. She mumbled something, but I didn't hear it. In other news, we have a new hatchling, and 3 new eggs! I hope the new hatchlings turn out as males, because we only have 3 in the cave. One is two headed and can't breed, one is a vine like Rosie-Bloom so he only breeds with her, and the last one can only breed once a week. Things aren't looking good for our cave.

~~~ Winter Whitney.

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I found Royality's entry today! Lol, I think they've given up on hiding it...


Flimsy Piece of Paper:


We've all become adults. Marzenya was much too excited, breathing flames all over the place. I was barely able to keep the cave from burning down...

We've also all got wings. Robert and Tony couldn't decide what direction to go in, so they were constantly argruing... I must admit, it was quite entertaining.

Snow is the most changed out of all of us. He isn't clumsy! He hasn't fallen since he's become an adult! That was truly amazing, and Aeris was planning something for that...

She was gone the day after we became adults, saying she was busy with the "surpirse", and came back two days later with four eggs! A blue egg always in a puddle no matter where it is, a light blue egg with a shield on it, a light green egg that was seemingly hiding, and a gray-ish/silver egg that's surrounded by a slight fog. Aeris is gone every now and then, so we all decided to take an egg to care for. I chose the water egg, Marzenya took the shield egg, Snow took the light green one, and Robert and Tony almost relunctantly took the gray one.

Something tells me that she would've brought new eggs whether or not Snow wasn't clumsy...

We've been watching the eggs, but maybe not well enough. Their shells became soft, and Aeris was immediately worried. She "fogged" them;we couldn't see them at all. We still decided to watch over them, keeping them near us no matter what. Aeris says the egg I have may become a water dragon, and we're lucky there's a lake nearby. Once there are more cracks in the egg, I'll be standing guard at the lake with the egg.

Well... There's not much more to report. Except, maybe next time, I'll write on the wall rather than this paper. We're not doing that good of hiding these papers anyway, I'm sure Aeris has found all of ours.


Becoming a Nanny,

DragonHeart's Royality

A.K.A Royality


Jeez, I'll run out of wall space if he does that... -__-;;

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And we're back to Snow's entry! Let's read it!


Dear Small Square of Cave Wall-


The eggs are okay again! Aeris checked on them through the fog, and, sure enough, the eggs are strong healthy once again! She immediately defogged them, and we took on our "nanny" roles, as Royality called it. All the eggs have holes in them, and I can see eyes in the egg. As soon as our eyes meet, they're shut and the egg moves backward. I've gotta admit, that's pretty cute.

Royality has moved to the lake with his egg, and it seems happier there. Since he can't leave the egg alone in the lake, whenever we go hunting we bring him meat. And, of course, we go by the lake and talk to him. He doesn't seem too lonely, but Aeris still goes back and hangs out with him. He's probably just hiding whatever lonesome feelings he has. But he's the youngest of the four of us, so Aeris loves to baby him.

Marzenya seems to be a lot less hot-tempered with the egg in his care. Probably doesn't wanna upset it. Or Aeris, for that matter. She get worried if we're too angry around the eggs. He rarely lets it out of his sight, and only leaves to go hunt. He still breathes fire though. Oh, like right now. His egg just jumped, and now half the wall is burnt. That's a nice background.

Robert and Tony aren't as excited. Maybe they were hoping for another two headed dragon. Aeris meant to bring one back, but she couldn't find any, and she needed to get the eggs she had back to the cave. But I'm sure she's looking for one. Just may take some time to find it, is all. But they've been taking good care of it. Just like Marzenya, they only leave it to hunt.

Aeris has been doing her part too. She's made spaces for the eggs to sleep, seeing as we take up a lot of room. She's taught us how to sleep a little less wild. She's also brought in things like covers, and got herself a pair of goggles and a swimsuit so she can go down into the lake.

That's pretty much it for now. Aeris is really enjoying being a "mom" again. Though it's only been a week since we hatched...

She really loves eggs, doesn't see?


Until Next Time,

DragonHeart's Snow




Yes, I do love eggs. >_>

What's the big deal?

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Dear Journal,

Neon Heaven now has full healing powers, and its a good thing to, because Darkirii and Shining Sunrise got into a fight today. I don't really know what it was about. I think Sunrise said, "Oh, i think my shine is wearing down." then Darkirii said, "good, cause i hate your shine and you concited attitude. No one here likes it." and she replied, "yes they do! I actually have some natural beauty, unlike you." Then Darkirii lost it. It was kind of scary. They were both really scratched up.

They fought until Red Spix (she really is my hero now biggrin.gif) blew fire between them saying," Calm down you two! It's not helping any one in the cave to be having a fight!" She is the oldest and wisest in the cave. She has been sad recently since her first two eggs died. Only one egg hatched.

It's too bad that we don't have a gaurdian dragon to look after our eggs and stop fights. Mini Dragos has seemingly become a Gaurdian. He watches over the eggs all day. Oh great, the first thing the hatchling will see is a scary Two headed dragon. Well, that's all for now.

~~~ Winter Whitney.

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I hate all of the dragons on this scroll. It is my wish that my so-called 'owner' would release them.


My children fail. Especially Zuko.


Ozai Dao Le

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Journal Entry Number 1:


I can't believe this. I am a bred gold. My owner was so happy that he almost cracked me. I don't know how I can write, I'm just an egg, and I don't even know how I got you. All the other dragons have longer journal entries. It stinks. Right now, I'm behind Prison Guard, one of my owners guardian dragons. I don't even know how I know that.


Signed, Gold Egg

Edited by Dragcave Explorer

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