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Give your dragon a journal!

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Dear Journal,


Mom's taken a black hatchling under her wing--a wild one, that wasn't the spawn of any of the cave's dragons. It's not an all-black, though, so I don't see why she's so interested in it. I could trounce its scaly little behind if I really wanted to, but that would be bullying.


She also keeps hovering over Climhazzard's egg, trying to peer into the eggshell. Climhazzard and his mate Schzero di Notte aren't liking that. Heaven help them if that hatchling turns out to be an all-black, mom might kidnap it or something out of envy...


Oh, and the clan has seen a sudden influx of silver eggs. Two of them have hatched. I wonder if they'll be anything like Rayein?


-Roark Donolith

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Dear Diary


Ever since Reign left, me and my daughter have been hunting for what remains of the clan. We're having a hard time... The clan is slowly starving. If Vergil were awake, I would ask him and Kazutaka to help, but he is determined to guard his fallen brother.


The only time we have seen Vergil awake was late last night. The only one awake was the little red hatchling. It was quiet, the night of a half moon... I myself was on watch, in the stead of Fayted. With my exelent night vision, I saw the formerly unconscious silver stir. I walked up to him, hope in my chest that he was finally better. But when he opened his eyes, they were glassy, and he growled before racing to the cave entrance.


The little red hatchling followed him, caught between excitement and worry. Looking back at him, Vergil scoffed. "What a pathetic fool." He said, before forcing him back with his tail. By now I knew something was not right. I roared, and within seconds, the three guardians were awake and had Vergil restrained.


Fuyu and Aki walked up to him, from somewhere in the back of the cave... It was then that the great Silver dragon fainted once more.


I feel the worst for the little red hatchling... He looked so heartbroken...


Black Inferno Temptest

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Dear Piece of Master's Toilet Paper.


Master made me listen to Denis Leary's Life's Going to suck when you grow up song. Now im not excited to grow up anymore. Thanks a lot Caretaker. *cries in corner*



unnamed silver hatchling.

Edited by lordares25

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My winter hatchling's sleeping right now so i drug his/her journal out from under him/her. It seems he/she wrote on ice with his claw....where'd he get the ice?




Dear slab of shiny stuff that looks like my scales,


My friend Siikytoma has helped me write this. I have just recently hatched, and I can tell you I'm the only one who looks like me here except for the two eggs I'm protecting with Sinve, the guardian dragon. He seems to think it's okay for me to take care of the eggs, so he does other things like take care of my friend, who is a vine hatchling. Well, i'm really tired, so I've decided not to write anymore.


- unnamed winter hatchling



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Entry from my silver hatchling:

Dear Diary,

I am so happy that I just got out of my egg! It was very cramped. My very smart owner told me to do this. I just got out of my egg and I miss my mom and dad!!!! They abandoned me, but my loving owner rescued me! All the other hatchlings are jealous of me. I wonder if I am rare?

Sincerely, unnamed

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Dear Journal,

I have laid my first eggs on December 29, and two of them have already hatched! The third egg, I'm afraid, has not hatched yet, and I fear it will die. Despite my saddness over the egg's death approching, I am still overjoyed and happy that my other two hatchlings have survived! Also, there are two new hatchlings in my cave, a golden dragon and a seasonal dragon. A white egg is also close to hatching. I can't wait until it hatches so it can play with the other hatchlings.

~ Rosie-Bloom

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Dear Journal,


Veir Cava and his mate, Silver Glimmer have a Silver egg they have been doting over. Their other children are excited to have another member of the family.


The other four eggs in the caves have large holes in them, and we are coaxing the tiny hatchlings out.


Reni Lilac, Alexia Sunshine, Twilight Estuo have matured into adults. Emeree was curious during her last visit if Alexia had attracted the attention of a potential mate yet. I have not been paying attention, though, so I couldn't provide an answer. Also of note, the Silver rescued by Emeree has been named after her parents. She is quite happy with life in the cave systems.


I'm afraid I've been a bit distracted lately due to Twilight Estuo's odd behavior. She is not mentally well, and it is causing tension in the caves. Emeree has asked that a Guardian stay near her side. I wonder if Emeree is worried that other dragons may attack Twilight Estuo, or the other way around. Either way, the Guardians were more than happy to keep a watchful eye on the crazed dragon. I'm thankful there was no arguing from the Guardians. Even the Vampires have been complaining about how this crazy dragon keeps ranting around the cave. I hope we can find a way to quiet her soon.


--Aura Sunrise

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Dear piece of burning paper thing,


I'm having fun with my caretaker's guardian dragon Guardian Ryuu- but he thinks I'm going to burn our cave to the ground. My caretaker doesn't believe him though- she thinks I'm innocent. *evil grin appears*


Hey what she doesn't know won't hurt her right? ninja.gif

That Guardian Ryuu wants me to come back now so I guess I should put this flame out.....I mean I can make a fireball out of that paper dragon my caretaker wants when she gets it.

Until then I'll stick with this a writing paper.


Unnamed Red Hatchling *smiles evilly* ninja.gif

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Hmm. After some spy work, I found Sunada's scroll diary underneath a rock... this has to be interesting... *flips through* There is only a few entries written...


Dear Scroll:

I just grew wings. I knew I was a female after all... it's kind of obvious since I had an eye on that hunky silver hotklisg... [[there is a drool spot on the page that blurred the word]] Mommy [Zannie] Discourages me from seeing him... Why is that so? Does mommy not like Dizzeh's mommy[Fizzadi]? I want to see him! Ok, I've agreed to sneak out tonight and see him! Now how to give him the message...


~ wub.gif Sunada~


*laughs* Oh wow. This one gets interesting...

Dear Stupid Scroll:

Yeah, that sneaking out thing I talked about? It went horribly wrong! Dizzeh's mommy woke up while we were tip-toeing away, and she about torched me! I ran home crying... One day, when my magic is as good as Daddy's[sienno] I'll blow her up! Hehe! Then I'll be able to see Dizzeh as much as I...



So, Dizzeh just came and spoke with me. He told me to leave him alone forever and ever and he didn't want to see me... [[tear splatters made unreadable]] ... what am I to do? I wanted him to be my forever and ever mate like mommy and daddy are... I'm going to go lay down. I... [[illegible from tears again]]


~sad.gif Sunada~

blink.gif Wow Sunada... how did I miss this?


Dear Scroll:

This is probably going to be the last time I write in you. Since I've matured, I've found males have an overwhelming attraction to me. I'm not sure why(or maybe I do! I <3 magic...), but it's great! I love having the males following me everywhere I go. Ahhh love is in the air... I have a great feeling about my life. I am going to have every male begging to be my mate! I think I should open my self up to breeding... I need to get my ever-so-wanted genes out there! I met this male, named Mernasio, I think he will be my first 'mate'. I wonder how he will take it when I never want to see him again? Hehehe... Oh, Zannie told me today she knows what I'm up to, and that I should settle down and stop this. I don't care what she thinks, it's not like she helped my life from the beginning. If only she let me be with Dizzeh, none of this would be happening. Sienno is constantly telling me I should practice my magic more. Bah, I'm getting loads of practice. This attraction magic is working wonders! Well goo...


Sunada: TAILZ!!! Wh... *torches diary scroll and flies off in embarrassment*


Me: Well... I guess that's the end of that diary, hunh? Who would have known her life was that complicated... maybe I should have been there for her more?

Edited by Tailz

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Well, more fun from the clan:


January 4th, 2008:

Cassie came in to check up on the hatchlings to see which had gendered. Diamond's a female, so she was frozen, but Taser's a Male, so he's getting to grow up. Also, the other Winter egg that Amber Clad Dawn and Widow produced hatched, and Cassie gave it the name "Sub-Zero Ice". The Split and Pink Eggs have big holes in 'em, so soon, we'll have another Pink and a Split, but like Pandora, Cassie won't name the new Split til it genders. She also brought in another Black Egg from the Abandons page as well.

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Dear Journal,

Everyone in the cave looks like they have been hypnotized. Shining Sunrise, the golden dragon, has matured and her golden scales are so bright. I don't see what the big deal is. I don't like the bright light she gives off, i like the darkness and shadows that once filled my cornner of the cave.

~ Darkirii


Dear Journal,

I am so happy! My third egg has hatched at last! All three of my children have been adopted by other people. I hope they will take care of those hatchlings.

~ Rosie-Bloom

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I found this laying on the ground... I don't think my dragons know how to hide things yet.. o-o;;...


Dear White Paper Attached to Other White Papers-


Today, I hatched! Well... My egg only cracked at first. Then I moved more and more until I (finally) got out of my egg! Actually, I fell. And landed on my head.

Surprising enough, I wasn't hurt. I took this oppurtunity to look around the cave. There was a red egg, a two colored egg, and a shiny white one. They were all cracked. I wonder when they'll hatch...

There was no other creature here though. That was odd (how did I get here then?), but I didn't think too much of it.

Then I heard cracks. I turned to see the red egg shaking. It moved back and forth again and again, then finally, a small red dragon jumped out of it, causing the top of its egg to crash into the ceiling. I took a small step back, and gave it some space. I really didn't want to get hit by it...

The small dragon stared at me, then sat near a wall. Suddenly, puffs of smoke came from its nose! I watched, awestruck, then cautiously approached the smoke breathing dragon. As cautious as I was, I still fell countless times on the 20 meter walk across the cave.

"Wow! You can breathe fire!," I said.

"Not quite," the dragon sighed.

"When will you be able to? I want to see!," I inquired.

"I'm not sure. What about you?"

"Huh? I can't breathe fire."

"Maybe not. Well, how can you fall so many times and not be injured?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's just a special ability?"

The red dragon started to say something, but then we heard a sound.

Another crack. The twin colored egg cracked and shook, and a two headed dragon fell out of it! Two heads... One was a light blue, and the other, a dark blue. They looked at each other, then the light blue one smiled, while the dark blue one panicked. Of course, the light blue was confused as to why its second head was panicking. I was enthralled by the new arrivals! Already, two dragon cavemates! That's awesome! Now, when will the last egg hatch?

The red dragon decided to go back to trying to breathe fire, so I decided to talk to the other dragon. Dragons? Hm. It's one body, but two heads... I guess, just dragon?

(Of course, I tripped and fell three or four times getting over there.)

"Cool, a two headed dragon!," I said, trying to cheer the panicked head up.

"Cool?! No it isn't. It's completely amazing! I think it's awesome," the light blue head chimed.

"Amazing? Awesome?! Look at the other two dragons! They only have one head!," the dark blue head cried.

"Well, with two heads, you'll never be lonely!," I offered up. The darker head looked like it was pondering that.

"I guess...That's nice..." It looked at its second, smiling head, and immediately looked like it was having second thoughts.

Another cracking noise. The shiny egg shook and a bright light shone from inside the egg as the dragon tumbled out. The dragon was a clear yellow, almost as bright as the weather outside. It smiled, and walked to the red dragon, still trying to breathe fire.

I didn't notice at first, but their were four dead eggs at the back of the cave. It looks like whoever brought us here didn't save our predescesors.

I sighed.

The new eggs were all hatched, and now all that was left was to wait for the person who brought us here to come.

Maybe then I'll get a name...




Unnamed White Dragon



Hm. Looks like I missed a lot while I was gone o-o;;...

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Dear Diary,


We have TWO new hatchlings! They're both cave-born silvers. Our owner, hippo, seems especially excited over them... I don't know why, nor do the others. But she does have some names! But she refuses to tell us the names!


On to other news, I heard some gossip about Thorn-Heart! She's supposedly the new visionary! Too bad I wasn't chosen, because I am perfect at EVERYTHING I do! But Silver is for Secrets chose that impotent dragon!


I've spread rumors about her... Things like, Thorn-Heart has been sneaking out of the camp to see Ethrith! Some actually believe it too!


Love yah,




Lemera's always been a snob.

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January 5th, 2008:


Well, Cassie just got back not that long ago slipping and sliding on the ice outside (to think about a freezing rain storm here! Unbelievable! And even our Storms say they had nothing to do with it!) much to the others' dismay, as she nearly fell a couple of times. Glacier, who's used to going out in this frigid weather, went out there and let Cassie on his back so that she wouldn't hurt herself. Humans don't seem to do as well in the ice and snow as some of us.


Anyhow, Cassie came into the cave and was greeted by a couple of surprises. First, Seth and Colonel gendered female (tho, we're used to it now), and the Split had hatched as well. After that, Cassie went the the Abandoned Cave (With Glacier's help, as the ice and snow was still around) and came back with a new Black Egg. Speaking of Eggs, the Pink Egg has a big hole in it, so we'll have a new Pink hatchling as well.

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The message is in a variety of dots, but isn't in Braille. It came up with this,


Dear Journal,


This message written is in Kyoine, what Mom calls Draconic Braille. I'm so happy I'm the first one to learn Kyoine! Anyway, Mom found out the attacker, the vine now named as Kyo Ryne, now a frozen hatchling, a new addition to the new loners' clan. But that mile walk is hard to do!


The attacker is Midnight Ninja. He's knowledgeable but seems to hate all the dragons and wishes all Vasti and Byakko clan dragons to die, and let's not forget about the loners Midnight Ninja always mistreats. Mom punished him dearly, a few dragon whacks and torture, almost like Mom when she 'trains' us to be the physically best dragon of all! I wonder which clan would win if they brawled, running style? I bet it would be Vasti, evil, but very determined and physically healthy. Vasti clan dragons love to win matches, and hates to lose. The true personalty of a contest participant.


It's almost Crysis' birthday. Too bad there's a lot of Byakko clan members giving him presents. First dragon ever? Wow. I can't believe Mom's first dragon raised was a frozen hatchling.


Kyo said to me in a worried glance, "You feel freezing. Are you okay?"

I replied, "Yeah, it's normal for a winter hatchling."

Kyo sighed, "So, two other vine species in our home..."


He trailed off after that. Kyo is so cute! I even love his new name. Kyo Ryne. Kyo Ryne. Every time I say that it gets better! Ooh, I think I'm in love with the dear vine, even though I'm different and Kyo isn't. Kyo just hatched yesterday!


Ooh, Kyo is coming closer to me! Gotta go!


-In love,


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I mean... o-o...

I found it... Yeah... >.>;

NO! He gave it to me xd.png

Lolo. Whatever, I'll just show you it xd.png


Dear Smoky Piece of Paper:


I have, again, been practicing my fire breathing. Right in the middle of it, however, some human female barged into the cave! She had black hair, with a beanie on. There must have been holes in the hat, because two black ears stuck out of it. Her brown eyes lit with amazement when she saw us.

"NO WAY YOU ALL HATCHED!!!?!?!," she practically screamed, then grabbed us all in a hug. ALL four of us. "Wowowow, I can't believe it!! Four baby dragons!! Ohh I should be around here more! I'd love to have saw you hatch!"

After about two more minutes of SMOTHERING us, she finally put us down. I immediately stalked off to continue my practice. But, I still couldn't get any fire out...

"No way, you're trying to breathe fire?!! Too cute!!"

Again, she hugged me. I struggled out of her grasp, for fear she was trying to strangle me. She set me down, giggling, perhaps trying to hide her disappointment at not killing me.

"You're really adorable, you know that? I can't believe how you're already trying to breathe fire!," she seemed to praise. Then she gasped. "Oh, I haven't told you my name, have I? You guys can call me Aeris, okay?"

Aeris... That's my captor's name. Though I suppose I may not have hatched if not for her...

"I should name you too, right?"

I refused to talk to my captor, so I continued my practice.

"Hm, okay, the two headed dragon should be Robert and Tony."

"Am I Robert?," one head asked.

"No, I'm Robert!," the other protested.

"The head on the right is Tony, and the head on the left is Robert."

"HA, I told you I was Robert!," Robert exclaimed joyously.

"This one is adorable... Cute light blue scales. You'll be Royalty... Oh, but I guess that's too common. Dragonheart's Royalty then! But Royalty for short."

"I'm Royalty huh?," he asked.

Aeris laughed. "Yes, you are!"

She turned to the clumsy white dragon. The one that couldn't walk 20 meters without falling.

"You could be Snow... Dragonheart's Snow. But Snow for short."

"Woo, I'm Snow!" He jumped but didn't get the landing. And fell. On his head. Again.

Aeris giggled and picked me up. Again. Three times already.

"You'll be named... Marzenya. Okay? A friend wanted that."

I stared her down, but said nothing.

"The strong, silent type eh? Very cute. I'll make sure you say something to me, you believe that."

With that she giggled and set me down.

She stayed with us the whole night, talking and laughing and telling jokes. I stayed out of it, but even I felt an urge to finally say something. Afterall, she saved me -no US- and she could have very well abandoned me like whoever owned me first did...

Around midnight she ended up falling asleep with Snow, Royalty, and Robert and Tony alseep around her. Carefully, silently, I walked over to them, then curled myself into her open arms. She's kinda warm...

"Goodnight...," I mumbled.

I don't know if I was alseep and imagining it, or if she really said "Goodnight" back.

Maybe I'll find out... In the morning...



Snoring Already,



Aww how cute! x3

He'll definitely end up being my favorite! xd.png

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January 6th, 2009:


Well, Cassie came to check on us again, and just as she predicted, we now have a new Pink Hatchling named "Iris's Flowers". Also, Sub-Zero gendered male, which means, he'll be growing up along with Taser. Iris was frozen. One of the new Black Eggs that Cassie brought in earlier is starting to hatch, so we'll soon know if we've got an alt or not. Cassie already told me that if they're non-Alts, she'll be sending them to someone who has a bunch of frozen non-Alt Black hatchlings, which is okay to our resident Black Dragons. After Cassie froze Iris, she picked up another Black Egg from the Abandons Area, which means, we've now got a clutch of Black Eggs to watch over now.

Edited by Cassie_Fenix

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My eg has a hole in it I can now see the outside world, see colors! The two winter hatchlings like to ake a pest of themselves. I don`t like them much, even if the are some rare thing. I hope I get out of this darn egg soon!

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Dear Journal,


The cave now has five healthy hatchlings running around, plus three new eggs: a Skywing, another Purple, and a Magi. The latter is mine. I am very happy with this new offspring. I have many hopes for it, as does my mate.


Twilight Estuo continues to cause problems. For whatever reason, she seems to take a perverse enjoyment in agitating the Vampires. Shielded Jewel has intercepted her three times now as she attempts to attack them. When Estuo realizes she cannot get to them physically, she attacks them verbally with the most appalling of rants! Granted, many of us are not fond of these arrogant Vampires, but Estuo's rants make no sense!


For example, she proclaimed to any dragon within earshot early this morning that the Vampires were stealing all the snow and using it to keep their skin so pale. I've never heard such nonsense! And that was just the beginning. I won't repeat what else she said.


It was a good thing Emeree visited today. Her presence calmed everyone down, as usual. She took Estuo aside and tried to talk reason into her. Healing Snowflake went with her. Emeree returned from that meeting looking rather frustrated. She thanked Jewel for her patience when dealing with Estuo and asked her to pass on thanks to the other Guardians. Emeree also praised the Vampires for not attacking Estuo because of her crazed actions. This pleased the Vampires greatly.


I asked Emeree if she'd been able to get through to Estuo. Emeree shook her head and said something about Estuo living in her own demented little world. She was rather upset by the dragon's actions. I assured her none of the other dragons blamed her for Estuo's behavior. This seemed to cheer her up slightly.


Then she frowned. She asked me if Estuo had tried to use any of her magic. Such a thought horrified me, but I was happy to report that Estuo didn't seem to realize that she might have such potential. Emeree nodded at this news, then seemed to come to a decision. She asked me to report to her about Estuo's behavior next time she visited. In the meantime, she wanted to look into something. I wonder what she was thinking. I cannot imagine that she would think of anything that might harm Estuo. We'll see, I guess.


--Aura Sunrise

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I found Tony's AND Robert's entries today! I'll show you Tony's first.


Dear Robert's Paper,


Robert is being mean! I don't think he likes having a second head... First he wouldn't let me be Robert, then he took everything that Aeris gave us! She said it was both of us! He sucha jerk sometimes...

Well, on the bright side, Aeris visits us a lot! She can get Robert to laugh and he looks like he's having fun every once in a while. I guess that's good. I can deal with whatever he can dish out if Aeris'll make him smile... But I wish he'd stop being a jerk!

Marzenya seems to like Aeris now too. At first he'd ignore her and not talk to her even though she was being nice. Even when he wasn't talking with us while we were playing together, she still left a spot open for him if he ever decided to join us. I didn't see him join us, but when I woke up this morning, Marzenya was asleep in Aeris's arms. So maybe he did decide to stop acting mean.

Snow and Royalty are pretty cool. Snow still falls over air, but he's never hurt! Not one scratch, bump, bruise, or anything on him at all! Truly amazing.

Royalty has icy blue skin, and it reminds me of winter. If he's ever outside in the snow, you'd probably lose sight of him.

Hm.. That's makes me think... Shouldn't Snow be named Royalty, 'cause he's never hurt, and Royalty be named Snow, 'cause he blends in? Hm. Looks like Aeris did something wrong! Hahaha!


Laughing and Annoying Robert,



Aww, he ended it saying I did something wrong...

Well, here's Robert's.


Dear Tony's Paper.


Tony is extremely happy and perky all the time... Isn't he weirded out that he has two heads? But, I guess what Snow said is right. With two heads you're never lonely!

Early this morning, Royalty slipped out and played in the snow. Aeris had left to get us some food, so Snow, the oldest, said we should go look for Royalty before she gets back. Marzenya and Snow went one way and I was stuck with... Tony. As always. And forever.

Tony and I looked around in the freezing snow for Royalty, and even called his name out. We got no answer and we couldn't find him. Even I started to get worried about the missing hatchling. What if we couldn't find him? What would we tell Aeris?

"Calm down, Robert, we'll find him," Tony assured me.

"But what if we get lost?"

"Aeris'll find us."

"How are you so sure?"

"How are you not sure?," he shot back. "Of course Aeris'll find us. There's no need to worry."

Huh. He's probably right...

"When do you think she'll come...?," I asked Tony.

"She'll be here soon," he reassured me. "Don't doubt things so much, there's no need to worry."

As if on cue, Aeris's voice reached my ears. "Robert! Tony! You guys out here!?"

"Aeris!," we both shouted. She ran to us and grabbed us into one of her death hugs.

"Are you guys okay!? Marzenya and Snow found Royalty okay, but said you guys hadn't came back yet so we all went out and looked for you! I'm sooo glad you're okay!!"

Marzenya, Snow, and Royalty were on Aeris's head and shoulders, looking pleased everyone was okay. She brought us back to the cave, and tried to start a fire. Of course, Marzenya tried helping... This time, he got a few sparks of fire out. Not enough to start a fire though. Of course, Aeris praised him and called him "cute" then started the fire herself. Marzenya seemed to pout he couldn't do it, but was satsified he almost did...

We warmed up and talked, just like last night, but Marzenya was talking too.

Tony isn't all that bad, but I'm not going to let him know that... Hey, what's he laughing about?


Confused and Seemingly Annoyed,



Aww, I'm glad they aren't on bad terms! I mean, if you have two heads, you hafta be on good terms!

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Dear journal:


Hatchlings popping up everywhere. The hatchling who apppeared from nowhere has gendered female. Skaforn named her Bella Pok. Rather an odd name for a dragon, but never mind. I still haven't been able to find the human who keeps sneaking into the cave.


Black Winter Queen.

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Dear Journal,


I was minding my own business when 1 after another eggs appear.


I walked over to inspect the eggs when I see one fly up in the air and nearly land on my head.

I tried to catch the mint egg but I missed and it fell with a sudden cracking sound. I looked up to see who had done this terrible crime when I saw my care taker walking away. I thought about why she would do such a thing when I realized (upon further inspection)she was upset about the egg dieing and didn't mean for this to happen, ( I wonder why?) Now I probably should clean this off of eg........



Unnamed Hatchling


Thats all the farther due to the water markings on the words.


That wasn't me who killed the egg that was one of my friends who got in trouble later when I found out she was on my computer.


I was hoping to give the egg to someone too! sad.gif I was really sorry for the egg and I didn't think the unnamed black hatchling would have been there to see it die. I feel sorry for her too. sad.gif

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January 6th, 2008:


Well, Cassie came to visit us after a pretty hard day's work. She says that most of the people she talked to acted like jerks (or more like animals to those who were trying to help them out... Imagine that!) but she got a Kudos call, and that made her smile.

When she came to visit us today, she got the surprise of her life when she saw that little Taser had fully grown up. We're still waiting to see what the Split genders into, but one of the Black Eggs has a big hole in it, so we'll soon know what type the Black is and if it will be staying with us or not.

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Dear Journal,


I didn't mean to be a girl. I know my owner really wanted a guy, but I couldn't help it! It is just who I am... I'm surprised she even kept me, but I guess my shiny skin is enough, even if I am a girl... I really hope the other shiny hatchling who likes kind of like me, but without the frills, is a boy. that one is already named, so it is staying for sure. Even if its a girl I'm going to watch over her, no one should go through want I went through...




What? 5 female silvers in a row! Come on, I need a male silver!

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January 7th, 2009:


Well, the first of the Black Eggs we've been watching over has hatched into a Normal Black hatchling. Cassie isn't giving this one a name, but the Black already knew its fate, because Cassie softly told it after it hatched that it would be going to another handler who has a collection of non-alt Black hatchlings, so it's pretty excited to go. For now, tho, it is staying near the other Black Eggs, including a new Black Egg that Cassie just picked up today. The next egg is scheduled to hatch in just two more days, so we'll know if it's an alt or not. If it isn't, Cassie has another handler that has a collection of Black Hatchlings that it will be going to as well.


What I forgot to mention is the Split had gendered female. She's been frozen and given the name "Twin Dream". Cassie took back the new Black Egg she got and picked an abandoned Split, because she's desperate for male for Pandora. I have a feeling if this one genders female, she'll be abandoning it or trying to trade for a male.

Edited by Cassie_Fenix

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