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    I'm a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts nut (if you couldn't tell, check out some of my dragons and who's in my signature). I also love the Mega Man series, particularly the MMX and MMZX series (Zero is my absolute favorite, which is why I want a dragon with his name in the code so badly!).

    Dragon WL (All can be either PB or CB, unless specified):
    * Second to third Gen Silver Shimmer.

    Hatchies for Freezings (These can be inbred):
    *Alt Vine - Ungendered for freezing.

    Everything else:
    *Any egg with the code "Zero" or "Cecil" (or their variations) in it. Also any egg that has any FF + numbers.
    Also looking for the following (Always welcomed):
    CB Xenos (All varieties), Gemshards (CB or Clean-Lineaged. I love playing the lotto with them!), Aeons, and Bright Pinks.

    *Thank Yous!*
    *Saori_Nightstar - For one of my Golden Wyverns and my Bronze and Silver Tinsels (second one of each) as well as my second Paper Dragon Egg! :D
    *MysticTiger - For my first set of Tinsels - Bronze Knight Shiryu, Hope's Silver Lining, and Golden Sun Dorkface-Thuwed.
    *Psykotika - For my first Golden Wyvern and CB Red female.
    *Poppy1 - For my first Silver and Gold Shimmerscales!
    *Syphoneira - For my very first Holly.
    *Tecca - For my Blue, Purple, and Yellow Dinos.
    *Syiren - For my Second Holly (Traded a bred one to them).
    *DarknessDragon197 - For my very first CB Holly.
    *zombiemoon - For my second CB Holly.
    *priscel - For my two CB Aeons and CB Chrono Xenowyrm.