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Sakuhana Breeding Plans

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Since the previous thread last year was lost, I thought I'd go ahead and start a new one.


Sakuhana Breeding plans, what do you plan to breed yours to this year?


I like mine with golds.


latest?cb=20190217200217 x latest?cb=20120101051815

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Traded for x luminox and lihnseyre pairings this year, I'll see what I can get in the AP later on, too, and share if they haven't already been mentioned. :) 

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@Pliskin @Aqub  I also have whit lihnseyre, can bloodswarp if you want She + him ( mate growns up in several hours, so it will be first egg ) 

Have Sakuhana and Spring too. https://dragcave.net/lineage/MIOQc

Sakunaha and Blue Alcedine look cool too https://dragcave.net/lineage/5RZDf i hate color lotto lineages, but this seduced me.

And my personal favorite Silver and Sakuhana ( have also 3G ).

Alsways ready for bloodswarp :wub:


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I have a lot of Saku lineages started!  I've got 2G Sakus from: Kingcrowne, Spinel, tan Ridgewing, Freckled, Script, Gold, Truffle, Sunrise, BSA Pink, Skysilk, Galvanic, Umbra, Pharos, Aquilo, Pink Zyu, Tercorn, green Copper, Almandine, & silver LH. 


Most don't have mates yet, so if anybody is doing one of these and would like to swap 2Gs, I'd be happy to.  (Or 3G swaps where possible!)

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