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    Deadlines make up most of my lineage projects, so if you take a look at my scroll in a trade and see dead eggs or dragons, it's likely a result of that. (I bite hybrid failures that would've been deadlines in order to avoid people making checkers that would be ruined later on.) I don't use dragons bred by other people as deadline progenitors unless otherwise noted; however, if I request CBs of a particular breed in a trade, there's a possibility that they'll be killed eventually. I do have a few zombie lineages that people should feel free to inquire about, although these are separate from my main EG deadline lineages.

    I'm happy to breed most anything non-metal and non-holiday if asked politely. I'm very happy to breed deadlines especially upon request, or if you're interested in one of my "Future/WIP" deadlines, to breed once it's done. I also collect 3g spriters' alts and I'm able to breed several generations higher than that upon request. It's also worth noting I own several CB silvers of both genders, and female CB coppers of all colors, as well as a CB female gold, and I'd be happy to breed those if there's a common someone needs, although I'm hesitant about promising 2g metals outside of trades.

    EG Spriters' alt lines
    Deadlines (see below)

    DEADLINES (Complete or close to complete)
    Soulpeaces- Pretty much complete; see code SmUUw
    Blunas- Need one more male/female pair
    Avatars of Destruction- Need to kill parents after Avatars of Change are done
    Avatars of Change- Need one more male/female pair

    DEADLINES (Future and WIP)
    Avatars of Creation
    Carinas- Currently have one male (the parents are super stubborn)
    Silver Shimmerscales/Tinsels- Need to start over
    Soulpeace (M) x Kingcrowne (F) checker- Need 2 more female Kingcrownes
    Carina x Celestial checker- 1 male carina, 1 female celestial

    Spriters' Alt descendants
    Deadline/zombie lined dragons
    CB hatchlings
    Checkers (especially with interesting color/pose combos)
    CB hatchlings
    And pretty much any interesting lineages (provided they're not messy)! Different is better.
    I also have a few female CBs with dirty codes that I've been looking for mates for.