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    Deadlines make up most of my lineage projects, so if you take a look at my scroll in a trade and see dead eggs or dragons, it's likely a result of that. (I bite hybrid failures that would've been deadlines in order to prevent people from making checkers that would be ruined later on.) I don't use dragons bred by other people as deadline progenitors unless otherwise noted; however, if I request CBs of a particular breed in a trade, there's a possibility that they'll be killed eventually.

    I'm happy to breed most anything if asked. At the moment I don't have a consolidated place where you can see all my lineages, but I post almost all of the AP finds I intend to continue in the "Great Lineages" thread. When it comes to CBs, I own a male/female GoN, two female CB Golds and one male, and several CB Silvers. I have male and female CBs of most common breeds as mates, and I'm missing a few CB holidays (Wrapping-Wings and Val '09s come to mind).

    Soulpeaces: Complete; see code SmUUw
    Blunas: Complete; see code oqHa0
    Soulpeace x Green Spinel: Complete; see code bDIhh
    Soulpeace x Kingcrowne: Complete; see code r1pzt
    Carinas: Need to breed a female to get to 5g

    Avatars of Destruction: One 4g complete, need to breed the second
    Avatars of Change: ^
    Avatars of Creation: Need to breed parents for the next 4g
    Hellhorses: Need to breed to 4g and collect CBs for the next 4g
    Setsongs: Need to collect CBs for the second 4g
    Celestials: Need to breed 2 more females
    Purple Siyats: Need to breed 1 more female

    2G PAIRS NEEDED FOR PROJECT (either gender combo)
    Staterae (from GoN x Staterae)
    Pharos Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Ke'maro Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Thalassa Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Pyro Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Mageia Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Chrono Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Gaia Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Astrapi Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)
    Pyro Xeno (from GoN x Staterae)

    I.e. I'm looking for 2g GoN x Staterae offspring of any breed except Aquilo, Aso, Umbra, and Obidar.

    CB Hatchlings from the list above
    CB White and Daydream hatchlings
    2g Aeon from Heartstealing
    Non-EG or messy Silver (female if a hatchling)
    3g Kingcrowne from Heartstealing (unrelated to XAoMb and nKt97)
    2g Silver Tinsel from Heartseeker (unrelated to XkI7H and XRLXF)
    2g from a Spriter's Alt
    Even gens with a Spriter's Alt in each CB pair