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    If you find an egg from parents requesting you PM me (ex. code Pwvra), odds are that they're auto-abandoned eggs from a pair I plan on using in deadlines. I've had people use accidentally abandoned deadline offspring in checkers and sadly rename the grandchildren when I kill the parents, and I'd like to avoid that happening, not to mention that having more offspring helps everything go quicker.

    Deadlines make up most of my lineage projects, so if you take a look at my scroll in a trade and see dead eggs or dragons, it's likely a result of that. (I bite hybrid failures that would've been deadlines in order to avoid people making checkers that would be ruined later on.) I don't use dragons bred by other people as deadline progenitors unless otherwise noted; however, if I request CBs of a particular breed in a trade, there's a possibility that they'll be killed eventually. I do have a few zombie lineages that people should feel free to inquire about, although these are separate from my main EG deadline lineages.

    I'm happy to breed most anything non-metal and non-holiday if asked politely. I'm very happy to breed deadlines especially upon request, or if you're interested in one of my "Future/WIP" deadlines, to breed once it's done. I also collect 3g spriters' alts and I'm able to breed several generations higher than that upon request. It's also worth noting I own several CB silvers of both genders, and female CB coppers of all colors, as well as a CB female gold, and I'd be happy to breed those if there's a common someone needs, although I'm hesitant about promising 2g metals outside of trades.

    EG Spriters' alt lines
    Deadlines (see below)

    DEADLINES (Complete or close to complete)
    Soulpeaces- Pretty much complete; see code SmUUw
    Blunas- Need one more male/female pair
    Avatars of Destruction- Need to kill parents after Avatars of Change are done
    Avatars of Change- Need one more male/female pair

    DEADLINES (Future and WIP)
    Avatars of Creation
    Carinas- Currently have one male (the parents are super stubborn)
    Silver Shimmerscales/Tinsels- Need to start over
    Soulpeace (M) x Kingcrowne (F) checker- Need 2 more female Kingcrownes
    Carina x Celestial checker- 1 male carina, 1 female celestial

    Spriters' Alt descendants
    Deadline/zombie lined dragons
    CB hatchlings
    Checkers (especially with interesting color/pose combos)
    CB hatchlings
    And pretty much any interesting lineages (provided they're not messy)! Different is better.
    I also have a few female CBs with dirty codes that I've been looking for mates for.