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Seeking: Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 2G Bronze Tinsel x Wrapping Wing



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    ~ Welcome to my page ~

    My name is Amber, I live in South West England and my main hobbies are horse riding and archery!

    Feel free to PM me about anything, I don't bite :)

    I'm open to breeding requests and trades! Happy to do IOUs.


    My scroll is ordered by the date I first acquired that breed, with my pygmies/small sprites at the very top. So new release dragons will be found near the bottom of my scroll. My Halloweens are around the lower-middle of page 1. My Silvers/Trios/Tinsels are found in the middle of page 2. My Golds/Christmas/Valentines are found in the bottomhalf of page 2. Finally my Shimmers are on page 3. Sorry for any confusion caused!

    I have been playing DC since 2010!

    <3 My favourite dragons would be Spirit Wards, Shadow Walkers, Canopys, Pillows, Swallowtails, Fire Gems, Daydreams, Skywings, Magelights, Xenowryms and Kingcrownes. <3

    Currently I'm trying to find mates for all my 2G dragon to form checkers!

    My main Wishlist can be found in my signature

    IOU List to me

    Terces owes me 3G Celestial from Gold
    EscapistLore owes me 3G Almerald x SA Snow
    Syryn owes me 2G Deep Sea x Shimmer
    Imzadi owes me 2G Bronze Shimmer x Chrono Xenowyrm

    Arella is gifting me 3G Gemshard from Striped River

    IOU other people

    I owe angelicdragonpuppy https://dragcave.net/lineage/X15hK (Valentines)
    I owe Chaos Rider 2G Ember x Snow

    SamuelMaybird requested 3G Silver x Rosebud