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~ Valentines Breeding 2019! ~   I have lots of CBs and Checkers ready to breed!

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    ~ Welcome to my page ~

    My name is Amber, I live in South West England and my main hobbies are horse riding and archery!

    Feel free to PM me about anything, I don't bite :)

    I'm open to breeding requests and trades! Happy to do IOUs.


    My scroll is ordered by the date I first acquired that breed, with my pygmies/small sprites at the very top. So new release dragons will be found near the bottom of my scroll. My Halloweens are around the lower-middle of page 1. My Silvers/Trios/Tinsels are found in the middle of page 2. My Golds/Christmas/Valentines are found in the bottomhalf of page 2. Finally my Shimmers are on page 3. Sorry for any confusion caused!

    I have been playing DC since 2010!

    <3 My favourite dragons would be Spirit Wards, Shadow Walkers, Canopys, Pillows, Swallowtails, Fire Gems, Daydreams, Skywings, Magelights, Xenowryms and Kingcrownes. <3

    Currently I'm trying to find mates for all my 2G dragon to form checkers!

    My main Wishlist can be found in my signature

    IOU List to me

    - Lagie owes me 2G PB Gustitch

    IOU other people

    - I owe JaneMcAsh 3G Shimmer x Deep Sea Shiny

    - SamuelMaybird requested 3G Silver x Rosebud