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My Magi Addiction   

 firegem.png shoko.png  My dragons I breed by request, feel free to PM me

I am looking for Mates for this and this groups

Checkers i can breed

Wish list - see profile

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    One Bulgarian Girl in Austria
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    In DC am interested in the things in signature wish list. I love helping people, if I can. Will gladly breed anything in my scrool for free.
    I enjoyed this game, because of many things. Fist of all, it's not pay to win, like other games, it's play to prosperity! Don't require much time, don't stress you, just relaxing and raising pets. Also there are many nice and friendly people here. Started first in 2010 played to 2012 and stopped ( don't remember why ). I come back here in November 2019, and I was really fascinated by everything new here, public trades, new breeds, groups, and much much more good things.

    Wish List:
    Low gen Prize
    Nice lineages Magi ( checkers and other cool stuff )
    Currently looking for CB Aeon, CB Silver Lunar
    Always interested in mates for this groups
    2G - https://dragcave.net/group/116733
    Checkers - https://dragcave.net/group/116734