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    (Updated march 1st, 2019)

    ► Event Horizon is a CB female Bronze Shimmer I won in the april 2018 raffle. So far, she has been breeding like a rabbit and produced several Prize eggs. ◄
    List currently CLOSED in favor of personal breeding plans.

    • Living in Germany means I am 5-6 hours ahead of cave time.

    • I breed on request.

    • I accept IOUs on bred dragons, not on caveborns (exceptions are rares when you have a good hand for those).

    • If you see an egg or hatchie on my scroll you desperately need, contact me, I might be willing to trade or even gift it. (Not necessarily, but try me.)

    • I will appreciate gifts. Every single thing on my scroll has a name. I never freeze, I kill only for Halloween ( and failed Vamp attempts, but I'd never do that on gifted eggs.)
    I don't like inbred dragons and lineages involving dead dragons.
    HOWEVER, pls check out my wishlist before gifting me anything. I've been around for a while and have pretty much reached scroll goals. I always appreciate cool lineages tho!

    • I am a nice person, as long as you are nice too.