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Share your Valentine breeding ideas for inspiration and feedback!

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Now that more people have CB Valentine dragons including older releases, we aren't always sure what to breed with them. ¬†ūü§Ē¬†Sometimes it's tricky¬†to figure out what holiday pairings to¬†breed, and inspiration helps!


This is a freeform brainstorming thread for all years of Valentine dragons! Pair them with commons, uncommons, rares, or other holidays. 


Share your breeding ideas and gather inspiration for nice holiday pairings! ^_^


Feel free to ask for feedback if you are looking for your perfect pairing. :)


Or feel free to chime in and help us imagine the possibilities!  Think of this thread as a giant, infinite whiteboard. alot 


This is not a thread for trading or gifting, only for sharing ideas. 


Let the brainstorming begin! :nyan:

Off-topic comments and questions that belong in other areas (like Help) will be considered spam and removed. 



**(While we have individual threads created when a dragon was released, it can be daunting to visit each thread to gather ideas during busy holiday preparations. And those threads may not contain newly released dragons/pairings.)

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Images and links for all Valentine's dragons: 


(Click on spoiler to view.)



2009 Valentine Dragon:








2010 Sweetling:


Sweetling_adult.gif             Alt_Sweetling_adult.gif










Alt Sweetling:







2011 Rosebud:










2012 Heartseeker:










2013 Arsani:











2014 Radiant Angel:










2015 Heartstealing:










2016 Mutamore:










2017 Soulstone:










2018 Floral-Crowned:











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3. Paste into your post. It will automatically embed the image; the image should immediately appear. 


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For my CB Mutamores, I was thinking I would pair one of mine with a Mistletoe:


 Mutamore_adult.pngx  Mistletoe_adult.png



Or perhaps try something like this: (click spoiler)




Pair him with my one female GoN


Mutamore_adult.png x Guardian_of_Nature_adult.png = Avatar_of_Creation_adult.png


For something like this: (Thanks, Heart of Blue )







For my other Mutamore, I haven't decided. 


I could pair him with my female Silver:


Mutamore_adult.png x Silver_female.png


Or I was thinking of something green? But can't decide what. Some ideas; what do you guys think?


(click spoiler)




I wonder how they would look with Mints!


Mutamore_adult.png x Mint_adult.gif


Or Frills?



Mutamore_adult.png x Frilled_female.png



Or maybe Florets:


Mutamore_adult.pngx Floret_Wyvern_female_purple.png



Mutamore_adult.png x Floret_Wyvern_female_gold.png



I am also considering Diamondwings:


Mutamore_adult.png x Diamondwing_adult.png



Spinel Wyverns:


Mutamore_adult.png x latest?cb=20171003231125


Pink Zyus:


Mutamore_adult.pngx Zyumorph_coast_adult.png



I'm still thinking about Mutamore x holiday pairings ... 


Mutamore_adult.png x Desipis_female.png




For my CB Heartstealing, I was thinking maybe Striped River?


Striped_River_adult.pngx Heartstealing_adult.png



I love this! For my one male CB Silver:


Silver_male.pngx Heartstealing_adult.png




Any other ideas for Heartstealers? They're tricky little buggers. :lol:

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@catstaff and @Nimras, thanks for the inspiration! ^_^


catstaff, thanks for showing what the Heartstealing x Striped River looks in a 4th gen! It is lovely.  I also really love the Heartstealing x Green Gemshard; :wub: that looks challenging to get all Green Gemshards! I am thinking of doing that lineage one of these days.  Also, I love seeing how the Blue Lunard Herald looks with Valentine's dragons! The blue goes great with the red/pink holiday theme. 


Nimras, the Radiant Angels x Snow Angels are gorgeous. I love holiday lineages. :wub:


Speaking of holiday lineages, I am thinking of doing the following pairs (I don't have that many CB Valentine's dragons yet).


My two Heartstealing:


One of them with my new CB Holly I got this last Christmas:


Holly_adult.png x  Heartstealing_adult.png


To create a checker like this:





(Thanks, Heart of Blue

The other one I am thinking with my newly acquired CB Shadow Walker:



Shadow_Walker_adult.png x Heartstealing_adult.png


To create this checker:





(Thanks, Heart of Blue)



One of my CB Radiant Angels with a Mistletoe; I am working on this lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/brzRQ


The other Radiant Angel I am thinking of pairing with a Desipis:


Radiant_Angel_adult.png x Desipis_female.png


To create a checker like this:





(Thank you, Heart of Blue)


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@missy_, glad you like some of my ideas. I'm not super fond of holiday x holiday pairings, but I do have a few. I love checkers, but I prefer high-contrast checkers, so I mostly try to avoid putting pinks and reds together, or similar shades of blue. Of the four I've got here, the first one (RA x SA) turned out too close in color for it to be my favorite, but I really like the other three.


Radiant Angel x Gold-Wing Snow Angel

Heartseeker x Gold-Wing Snow Angel


Rosebud x Black Marrow


Soulstone x Snow

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@catstaff I see what you mean now. I am rethinking my Holly x Heartstealer idea.  Instead, I may go with Striped River or Green Gemshard. (I hope Green Gemshard isn't too hard to breed; that is the one I am leading toward.)


I love this classic combo,  shades of pink that work together: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kApJT The Old Pinks (as they were at the time) make it pop, though. ^_^ It's not super high contrast, although it would be if the Old Pinks/Arias were carried throughout the line.





Some more Valentine's combos I like:


Sweetling x Green


Radiant Angel x Aeon


Heartseeker x Silver Lunar Herald


Mutamore x Mint


Green Nebula x Arsani


Spotted Greenwing x Valentine '09


White x Rosebud


Alt Sweetling x Mageia 





What are everyone's favorite Valentine's combos with Aria/Old Pink and with Frills? The two seem like perfect Valentine dragons, especially Old Pink/ Aria!


Other commons that seem like they would be great in Valentine's lineages are Terrae and Mint! 



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Heartstealers go well with Mageias :D


Besides, I want to check if I can get Sweetling from Aether and from blue Gemshards this year.


And I can breed this: 3rd gen Sweetling from Aria: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dVGTR


Also, I'm going for flowery holiday pairs this year: Floralcrowned from Garland, for these: https://dragcave.net/lineage/bIo6U

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RA x Teimarr. https://dragcave.net/lineage/2yo0z


Heartseeker x gold. https://dragcave.net/lineage/44iGe


Heartseeker x pillow: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Q0Glc


Arsani x Tsunami: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RTT6y or Almerald: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zTIl4


Rosebud x royal blue: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Gg9R7


Sweetling x sunsong (with or without alts !) https://dragcave.net/lineage/jSSbL


Val 09 x white: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zxPr6 or pink: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zxlbc or ice: https://dragcave.net/lineage/fHrZQ


Stealer x Daydream: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SgETY pr pillows: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ELffx


I could go on, but...







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Since the Heartseekers are my favourite I'll start with them. ūüėČ


My newest project:

Heartseeker x Garland 2nd gen  (I'll make a 3rd gen this Valentine's.)

Also on the newer side:

x Candelabra 3rd gen (Couldn't find a bloodswap for this, so it seems to be seriously underappreciated.)

x Spirit Ward 3rd gen (This is especially beatiful when the Spirits are in their lower glow phases, like now between 5 and 6 am cavetime, but it still looks nice with the other forms.)

x Antarean 3rd gen

It gets a bit more complicated to plan for Hybrids, but I think these two lineages are worth it:

x Storm Rider 4th gen

x Avatar of Creation 4th gen

The real beauty of these will start to show at 5th gen, I think.

Then there are the classics. Bred by quite a few people, and for good reason:

x Shadow Walker 5th gen

x Royal Blue 5th gen

x Golden Wyvern 5th gen

x White 5th gen

x Rosy Solstice 5th gen (Antlers !)

x Silver Lunar Herald was mentioned already. 4th gen (Still couldn't find a 4th gen bloodswap. Hopefully that will change till next year.)

x Golden Lunar Herald works just as well. 3rd gen


And I discovered a few combinations that I love just as much, but don't seem to be the standard (so please take a look at these!):

x Water 4th gen

x Tan Ridgewing 4th gen

x Imperial Fleshcrown 4th gen

x Grey/Storm 4th gen

x Autumn Seasonal 4th gen (Lots of chocolate brown.)

x Blue Solstice 5th gen (Antlers !)

x Harvest 5th gen

x Bronze Lunard Herald 4th gen


Basically, Heartseekers look good with a lot of things, so here are some more: Fever Wyvern, Magma, Ice, Red-finned Tidal, Coastal Waverunner, Winter Seasonal, Mageia Xeno, Moonstone


And this year I'll probably start Heartseeker x Freckled (like this) and either Heartseeker x Razorcrest (like this) or Heartseeker x Starsinger (like this)


Guess I'll have to add the other breeds later, but I totally approve of Radiant Angel x Mistletoe ! I couldn't find a swap for this 4th gen, despite it being such a beautiful pair.




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CkqsVpU.png mKXBwJu.png


The two I'm aiming for this year. I have other ideas in the back of my head, but I haven't planned them out yet and thus don't want to set in stone how many of what I need.


However, this is one of those ideas, because I happened to get a 2G Script:



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2 hours ago, missy_ said:

@catstaff I see what you mean now. I am rethinking my Holly x Heartstealer idea.  Instead, I may go with Striped River or Green Gemshard. (I hope Green Gemshard isn't too hard to breed; that is the one I am leading toward.)


What are everyone's favorite Valentine's combos with Aria/Old Pink and with Frills? The two seem like perfect Valentine dragons, especially Old Pink/ Aria!


Other commons that seem like they would be great in Valentine's lineages are Terrae and Mint! 



Green Gemshards might take a little longer, since they color randomly, but go for it, if that's the one you like! If I was going to do Arias with any of the valentine dragons, it would probably be either Pink Sweetlings or Soulstones. Don't have either of those combos, though, nor do I have anything with Frills. Not sure what I'd pair Frills with, honestly. Maybe Heartseekers or Radiant Angels? I don't have any Terrae x Valentine's lineages, but I love Mints with Pink Sweetlings. I suspect Aethers will look great with almost any Valentine, and I'm trying Boreals with Pink Sweetlings as well.


Val '09 x Silver Lunar Herald

Val '09 x Blue Lunar Herald


Pink Sweetling x Boreal

Pink Sweetling x Mint

Pink Sweetling x Moonstone

Pink Sweetling x Purple Ridgewing


Rosebud x Silver Lunar Herald

Rosebud x Gaia Xenowyrm

Rosebud x Purple


Heartseeker x Dark Lumina

Heartseeker x Ice


Arsani x Nhiostrife

Arsani x Frostbite

Arsani x Storm


Radiant Angel x Undine

Radiant Angel x Spessartine Pyralspite


Soulstone x Green Nebula


Floral-Crowned x Bronze Lunar Herald


So... I like Lunar Herald with almost anything, lol! I've got quite a few x Silver and x Gold checkers as well, but I only wanted to post non-metallic lines.

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7 minutes ago, catstaff said:

ooooh ... I have a Storm sibling of that and no mate XD


I've got plenty of Gold and Silver lines, too, but I think those are kind of a given :lol: Not really NEW ideas, anyway.

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Since you are talking about Green Gemshard x Heartstealer - let me throw in the Blue Gemshard variant for that !

Blue Gemshard x Heartstealer

Striped River was mentioned already.

I also recommend Anagallis with them. Or, if you can stomach holiday x holiday, peaceful Aegis ! Silver Herald gives a similar colour scheme that's also beautiful.


catstaff's Gaia x Rosebud idea looks great. And that Radiant Angel x Starsinger Keileon shows is really tempting as well !


Oh, and since Val lineages with Terrae were mentioned: Terrae x Soulstone is a great pair, I think ! (Will continue it this year.)

And my friend dragonlilly is doing Terrae x Arsani. I would've done it as well, if I had more space. But she promised me an offspring once the lineage is done.


I think catstaff is right about Aethers, they should be a perfect fit for any light pink Vals, and a great one for most of the others as well. (The only ones I'm not sure about are Soulstones, Heartseekers and maybe Heartstealers because of their more intense colours.)

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I don't know if it's new but i like the Valentine with Bleeding Moon.


For Sweetlings i once asked for Sweetling and Frostbite. Now i don't have to ask for second generation but can breed it myself.

And i also like Sweetling and Light Lumina but i will decide once breeding is possible what i will do.


And for Rosebuds:

I do love Falconiform Wyverns

And Bleeding Moons are also just sooooo beautiful with Rosebuds together.

A lot of waiting for the right colour but in the end just breathtaking. This is not my work, just a good trade or good find!


So for Heartseeker they smell like something very good so...

Have a look at them with Whiptail Dragons running to find the last piece of chocolate.

I am dreaming of them together with Red Nebula.


And Arsani with Normal Undine is also a nice combo.


And what i wanted first for my Radiant Angels was a combo with Spitfires.

And also this combo is not ugly. Magmas are also shiny.

As for Fever Wyverns that combo with them is also great.

You have to pay attention for the mate when to hatch but look how cute they are with Sunsets.


I don't have enough CB Heartstealing Dragons for all my plans so have a look at them with Olive.

Gemshards really are nice with them here is a red Gemshard mate.

And again with a Bleeding Moon.


The Mutamores really made me want to breed Carmine Wyverns.

I am sure a lot bred them with a Xenowyrm Thalassa.


So far my only idea for Floral-Crowned is together with a Razorcrest Dragon.

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testing.PNG.30cd7af1b9d44edd390f665b29fc95f4.PNG I really want to see this as a lineage. I love the silver mane of the heartstealing matching the silver of the shimmers. I have this to start it (pic below) with but I have yet to find a mate for it.


I would love to see a bigger checker of these too though ‚̧ԳŹ

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1 hour ago, Tigerkralle said:

Have a look at them with Whiptail Dragons running to find the last piece of chocolate.

Oooh ... I have one of these, too: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ztlNY

A gift from the Z project thread :D Never managed to get a mate for her though. Scratch that, I just got an offer I can't refuse :D


Also, going though my unmated dragons I also found this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/6zZiL

Nhiostrife from Sweetling - so pretty! I hope I can find a mate for this at some point. Wish I had more CB Sweetlings to breed all the 2nd gens I need XD

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Radiant Angel and Flower-Crowned are the ones I've had the most ideas for this year - I like both with gemshards (blue for Flower-Crowned and green for RA), and then I like the Flower-Crowned with Dark Greens, and RAs with Spessartines. Both are also great with  Garlands, and I got a Solstice from RA at Christmas so it'd be nice to find a mate for that! RA with the Starsinger would also be pretty, but I have too many ideas for the RAs right now! Val 09 I like with green gemshard as well - too much works with gemshards! Why are they so tricky!


I like Arsani's with darker dragons, particularly Black and Falconiform (although I think Ember might also look fun), and I did a 3rd gen Heartseeker x Black Zyu that I really like as well. Did Heartseeker x Solstice at Christmas and I'll try and get a mate this valentines for that. Rosebud goes great with Dark Green, and Rosebud is great with most of the Halloween ones I think, my faves being Black Marrow and Shadow Walker. My favourite so far for Soulstone is Golden Floret, and I'm less focused on all the other breeds this year. Hoping some AP finds might inspire me!

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ooh! i know i'll breed my mutamore to a script, floral-crowned to a red nebula (the reds match soo nice) but other than i'm not sure what else..

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6 minutes ago, littleangelamy22 said:

I like Arsani's with darker dragons, particularly Black and Falconiform (although I think Ember might also look fun)

And Truffle?

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16 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

And Truffle?


Ooh, I didn't consider Truffle, but I've just mapped it out on the HOB builder there and I like that a lot as well! Too many nice ideas!




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I'm so excited about Valentine' breeding¬†ūüėć

Some of the plans I have I can't execute because I'm lacking some CBs, but I'm more excited about seeing what I can find in the AP.


The one thing I know for sure I have to do is Floral Crowned x Witchlight. Nobody else doing a cross holiday with Witchlight? 



I already have a Witchlight mate waiting!


I love Floral Crowneds. I'd like to pair them with Gold Florets too.




Though I have to admit I like the Floral Crowned x Garland pairing I've seen here ūüėģ¬†


As for Heartstealings, I agree with the general sentiment: they look lovely with Gemshards (any color, but my preference goes to red).




I agree with @RubyEyes also, they go very, very well with Mageias!




The idea of pairing them with Striped Rivers is interesting though! I like it. And with Chronos!


I love Mutamore with Blue Nebulas! I like the contrast!




@missy_ I like Mutamore x Spinel Wyvern! I hadn't thought about it!


They look great with Soulstones too! 





Speaking of Soulstones, my breeding this year definitely will include:

Soulstone x Kingcrowne




Soulstone x Candelabra




As for Arsani, I'm thinking pink Zyu:





@Fuzzbucket I love that Heartseeker x Pillow pairing! Such lovely popping colors! 


@Lantean_Pegasus I also like some of your combos, specialle Heartseeker x Harvest, Fever Wyvern and Autumn. And Soulstone x Terrae!


@catstaff I love your Green Nebula x Soulstone! 


Some of you gave me sooo many ideas... but with only 2 CB (some of which I'm missing) and such limited time... we can't do everything ūüėʬ†

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