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    A cold place
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    Animals, art, bonsai, reading, gaming, and writing.

    IOU list:-

    -Esc Breed a silver from this line for them. ❤️ Will not breed again until I get a pm back to know they're active again.

    -Suzumiya (for 2 gen valentine from her gold tinsel) {Will wait until she is active again}

    2- 2 gen red fire gems F from saphire males (only 2 pairs of these for breeding on scroll)

    2- 2 gen red neb from script father (only 2 pairs of these for breeding on scroll)

    3- cb teas (Attempted but no answer)

    3- cb monarchs (3/3 traded)

    3- cb Candelabras (3/3 traded)

    3- cb red nebbies ❤️

    Owed to me:-

    -Godzalla owes me an egg from Lady D'Meteor and Godzy

    Completed IOU's -

    -Borntobefree what ever she desires at a future date, for her second gen bronze shimmer egg. *UPDATE 3/22/219 * She desires this mMoau coded pygmy egg which will make us even after I get the bronze shimmer. (She's a huge fan of Kyou kara Maou! anime and manga)

    -Terces - Prize Sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/xxz9z