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My Wishlist! | My Lineage Projects! | Check my profile regarding the Estonian Dragons!

Most wanted: 4G Nebula x silver Shimmerscale stair prizekins; Alt Blacks; a 4G PB male Winter Seasonal; unbreedables.

If you have any of these, PM me about them!                                                                                                                                                                             I am hopeful to find a dragon with the code Minka!

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    Regarding my Estonian Dragons:

    The Estonian Dragon lineage is to honor my country's neighbor, Estonia. The original Estonians have the prefix "EST-" and any others have whatever their owner puts in front of their name. I do NOT breed these to the AP. I breed them on request and am happy to give them to you if:
    -the offspring is named (without the prefix since that's for the original dragons only);
    -you do not abandon, kill, bite, freeze, regift or trade away the offspring.

    I may breed one for trading, but that doesn't happen often, as I need the eggspace myself.

    Yes, this lineage has some restrictions, but that is also because there are some rares that are Estonians. And, while this may seem like a personal lineage, I aim to spread the word around.

    PM me to discuss breeding them. My signature has a link to the official breeding pairs. The first offspring of a kind will always stay on my scroll no matter what.