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I'm not very active on here, but I try my best

Find me as Luna of the Abyss elsewhere!

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    Ķegums, in the tiny country known as Latvia
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    Actively seeking 2G Prize x Nebula lines, can breed something in return (please PM me to work something out if you can breed one I don't own yet)
    Currently owned 2G Prizes from Nebulae:
    - Bronze Tin x Green Nebula (https://dragcave.net/lineage/HdtOF)
    - Silver Tin x Green Nebula (https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nrwue)

    Also looking for these pairings (any generation, must be even gen):
    - Green Nebula x Garland
    - Mutamore x Script
    - Snow x Winter Seasonal
    - Silver x Blue Nebula
    - Black Tea x Female Silver
    - Heartseeker x Red Nebula
    - Floral-crowned x Red Nebula
    - Aqualis x Blue Nebula
    - Luminox x Red Nebula

    Also looking for CBs of these breeds:
    - Nebula, any color / gender
    - Blue female Gemshard
    - Siyat, all variations
    - Boreal
    - Pyralspite, any variant (although female Spessartines are most appreciated)
    - Aqualis
    - Male Luminox

    PM me to work out trades for them!

    Also often breed Male Luminox x Red Nebula dragons to ap - if you happen to come across a Luminox with the parents having "Lumiclaw" and "Starclaw" at the end of their names, those are mine. Feel free to keep them though!