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Enable "Reaction" feature on forums

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1 hour ago, MissK. said:


This has been brought up before, but I've read the whole thread and I've only seen people say they'd use reactions instead of very short posts like "I agree" or "congrats" (which are/were against the rules anyway if I recall correctly?), and in cases where they don't know how to phrase a response because people have already said everything they wanted to. Most of the people in favour of this suggestion have said they'd use reactions instead of NOT posting at all.


Anyway, I said it before but I'm in favour of a trial run, with specific dates as others have mentioned. It also seems like the ability to turn off reactions would make quite a few people happy so it would be nice to get a response on whether that's possible or not.


The thing is, even an 'I agree' post is *tons* more helpful then a 'like' in terms of actual communication. As I and multiple others have stated, multiple times, you really have no idea what a person is actually thinking when they 'like' something. Do they actually agree with your suggestion/idea, do they just like the way you worded things, do they like that maybe you quoted them or were responding to something they said, are they simply going through and liking every post they see, did they even actually *read* your post.... You don't know. At least an 'I agree' post is straight-forward: The person agrees with your post (or at least part of it). That's simple and easy to understand. 'Likes' are not. I personally would much rather have multiple people simply saying they agree with my post then have multiple completely ambiguous 'likes' on my post. 


And also, am I the only one who may open a reply box with the intention of saying one short sentence, but then end up expanding on it as I type? I can't really be the only one who does that. If the majority of people who would otherwise open a reply box simply use reactions instead, there is no chance of that happening. I'm not saying that happens all the time, but I'm sure I can't possibly be the only one.

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I have to say I've seen plenty of long responses in suggestions where the person clearly hadn't read even the first post of the thread. :P To me a like is agreement with what the post says; if there was some kind of stipulation to go along with it, like only agreeing with one part, the person would have probably elaborated. You can't be sure, but a vague "I agree" doesn't offer any more information, and if I understood TJ correctly earlier in this thread he's not a fan of those posts either. I kind of doubt that many people would use reactions for totally random reasons (for example if I got a "haha" reaction at a

longer post including a joke, it'd be pretty safe to assume what the reaction is about), but that's the sort of thing we can only speculate over right now.


I don't think it'll be that confusing. I also don't think this is a super necessary feature though, so. *shrug*

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