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Currently searching for codes similar to ‘UUMUU’/‘Webbr’, relating to Hollow Knight, Don’t Starve, or WoF Or other Hollow Knight codes

Willing to trade a 2G Silver Shimmer for any 2G Thuwed from the Aeon and Chrono pair


Can do and take IOUs if I’m familiar with you, as in I have basic knowledge of how you are.


Lineage(s) I have created:

Buy the Stars - PB EG Celestial Lyrical

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    I like Aeons, Ashes, Celestials, Kovos, Gilded Bloodscales, Lihnseyres, Magelights, Shadow Walkers, S1 Two-Finned Blunas, Witchlights. All except Celestials, Gilded Bloodscales, Magelights can be of any lineage and I’ll gladly take them. Lineage-wise, I try to get offspring of every SA and ones with all its CBs as alts are prized, generation count doesn't matter but PB or highly varied are most loved. I prefer EG to stairs/spirals or messy. Special patterns depend.

    Codes I would really like, any case: (drgns), (webbr), (aaikn)
    Specific casing: (uUmUu), (UUMUU), (uumuu)