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Currently searching for codes relating to Hollow Knight, Don’t Starve, ATLA, or WoF. Especially uumuu, webbr, azula. Also searching for ‘drgns’ or variant.  Or other Hollow Knight codes

Willing to trade a 2G Silver Shimmer for any 2G Thuwed from the Aeon and Chrono pair


Can do and take IOUs if I’m familiar with you, as in I have basic knowledge of how you are.


Lineage(s) I have created:

Buy the Stars - PB EG Celestial Lyrical

Mossy Ore - Unconventional EG pattern of Greens, Stones, and Geodes

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    I like Aeons, Ashes, Celestials, Kovos, Gilded Bloodscales, Lihnseyres, Magelights, Shadow Walkers, S1 Two-Finned Blunas, Witchlights. All except Celestials, Gilded Bloodscales, Magelights can be of any lineage and I’ll gladly take them. Lineage-wise, I try to get offspring of every SA and ones with all its CBs as alts are prized, generation count doesn't matter but PB or highly varied are most loved. I prefer EG to stairs/spirals or messy. Special patterns depend.

    Codes I would really like, any case: (drgns), (webbr), (aaikn)
    Specific casing: (uUmUu), (UUMUU), (uumuu)