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Currently Searching for a Code similar to ‘EbYES’, caps can be messed. 


Scroll Goals:

• Own a CB breedable pair from each biome, or at least one breedable pair/two, of each breed

• Own a frozen hatchling of each sprite available, descended from the CB pairs, excluding unbreedables

• Own a non-inbred high-gen SAkin with at least half of its CBs being SAlts.

• Own 2G Thuwed(s) and SAkin(s)

• Have a CB Prize pair that breeds

• Make the biggest PB EG Celestial and maybe Ash lineage. Then checker these two. PB EG for other hoards as well.

• Get a nice code that is similar to my name or aliases

• Actually make my own Neglected 

• More to come?


I like Aeons, Ashes, Celestials, Lihnseyres, Magelights, Shadow Walkers, Witchlights. All except Celestials can be of any lineage and I’ll gladly take them.


Lineage(s) I have created:

Buy the Stars - PB EG Celes Lyrical