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    List rules have been amended.

    I do NOT keep lists for any dragons except for my spriter alts. Other things are usually lotto'ed.

    About Requesting Common/Uncommon Eggs (NO RARES) From My Ribbons and Heartseekers:

    1. I will have a waiting list of ten (10) people for each breed. This is capped because that is 5 weeks minimum of breedings.

    2. The status of the lists (OPEN/CLOSED) will be indicated in my forum signature.

    3. Lists will open only when they are completely empty, or if there is one person remaining (they get priority and will not be part of the new lists). The lists will be filled on a first come first served basis.

    4. I will NOT publicly announce when the lists open in DC chat or the like, since this favors who is online at the time. Please do not do so either, or tell your friends, etc. IMO the subtle signature change is the best way for everyone to have a shot. If I discover that you have announced my lists being open to anyone else, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SLOT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    5. Please only PM me regarding eggs if the lists are OPEN. If you PM me when they are closed, I will respond to your PM but will not put you in another queue. This includes trade offers.

    6. One egg, per person, per list opening. If you already have an egg, you are welcome to try for another slot on a future list. Just don't ask for multiple eggs at one time. Also, you may not be on both lists at the same time.

    7. Please specify what mate you would like! I think I have a CB male of everything breedable. A note on seasonal eggs: I won't hold your slot if you request an out-of-season egg.

    8. Please don't ask for eggs for your sister, your cousin, your friend, or your friend's third cousin twice removed. If they want an egg, they should ask me themselves.

    9. I do not mind if you give your egg to someone else, but PLEASE do not trade it. I am giving these away, not trading for them. If I find out the egg was traded, I will not give you any more.

    10. I will contact you when I have an egg for you, and will also attempt to contact you a week in advance of breeding day. This should allow you time to make preparations for being unlocked.

    11. I will hold your egg a maximum of three (3) days. If I am unable to contact you, it will go to someone else on the list, or be lotto'ed if no one asked for that specific mate/breed.

    12. Once we are in contact, I will PM you a Teleport Transfer (one way), or if you prefer, we can meet in IRC and I will give you the link in PM there. Make sure no one else sees this before you do! If it goes elsewhere, I will not replace your egg.

    13. I am usually online afternoons and evenings, U.S. Central Time. If I am going to be out of town, etc, I will do my best to let you know. I will hold an egg longer if I am gone.

    14. If the egg/hatchling/adult dies or is lost while in your possession, I will not replace it. Fog it, and make sure no one knows your password.

    15. Breedling lists will be suspended during holiday breeding times. They will not be suspended during new releases.

    16. Any harassment I receive regarding delays or list placement will be cause for immediate removal. I cannot control how well my dragons breed and such harassment only causes further irritation if they are not cooperating.

    16. If you read all this and understand it, please put the words "OOGA BOOGA" in your PM when you ask for an egg! If your PM is incomplete I will NOT add you to the list unless it is corrected in time, so be aware.

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