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Karen and Nidrak


Allies (?): Hibiki, Lara, Tem, Utakata

Location: Gateway

Current Morph: Spotted Hyena


Nidrak leapt backwards, barely avoiding a Hork-Bajir blade meant for their eyes. Not allowing the Controller to recover, xe lunged forward and crushed her tibia with a powerful bite. The Hork-Bajir fell with a scream, allowing Nidrak to narrowly pivot away from a Dracon beam.


Karen busied himself with assessing the situation while Nidrak fought. It was, to use an understatement, bad. They were surrounded, outnumbered, and most of the Animorphs were already injured. They’d survived worse, but it was a narrow thing. Either they escaped and demorphed soon or they wouldn’t all make it out. 


Nidrak giggled, betraying xyr fear, and charged at the Hork-Bajir blocking a door. The Hork-Bajir Controller balked, making Karen think that she would dodge out of the way. At the last moment the Controller stood firm and struck out with her wrist blades. 


A fiery burst of pain concentrated on their right forelimb. Almost worse was the sickening feeling of the limb falling limp, every movement causing it to sway and tear at the remaining connection. Nidrak tried to look down and the grisly wound, but Karen wrenched it back to focus on the grinning Controller about to finish them off. He pushed backwards with their remaining three limbs, getting out of range of the blades. Nidrak would’ve taken the opportunity to attack, but he lacks xyr boldness and decisive movements. This deadly dance is xyr role, but the shock of the wound is clearly too much for xem. 


For now, Karen just had to buy enough time for xem to focus on focusing. 


It hurt to feel xem so apologetic, panicked, and in pain. Not that he wasn’t hurt too (it’s difficult to move through the agony), but Nidrak was always more sensitive than he was. He’d do whatever it took to protect xem. 


If he even can. Filshig, they needed to get out and demorph, but he didn’t know if they could last that long. 


The next moment the Hork-Bajir and the sound of the battlefield were gone. 


The scent of blood was still heavy in their nose, but beneath it was the smell of wildflowers, clean grass, and the acrid scent of vomit. Harsh fluorescent lighting had been replaced by the softness of dusk. The open sky was speckled with stars. 


They didn’t trust any of it. It’s certainly either a trick of the Ellimist or Crayak. 


What exactly the trick was wasn’t clear. They could see a furry, a teenage girl, some vomiting guy in a kimono, and a Lara Croft cosplayer. None of them looked at all like aliens, and the mix itself was strange enough. More importantly, none of the other Animorphs were with them. 


They giggled, staring with teeth bared and ears flattened. Blood matted their fur, both their own and from others, and their leg hung limp. Karen briefly considered simply ripping it off to get rid of the dead weight and pain of it pulling at the wound, but they couldn’t take their eyes off of their potential enemies. They weren’t at all ready for a fight.

weak or strong, carry on, show no mercy to them all


Status: Heavily Injured

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General Grievous - Gateway




Steam and hissing noises escaped from gaps in the enclosed metallic device, parting its hinges slightly.


After a moment, two appendages extended straight on both sides, articulating metallic digits, then bending at the elbows, before returning to a resting position. Soon, a pair of legs sprouted from the bottom, with retracted claws embedding themselves sharply into the dirt below. The figure slowly rose to a standing position.


A deep exhalation.


The yellow eyes of General Grievous opened, and looked upon a strange sight. A world with a setting sun, and a rocky platform surrounded by standing stones. He was in an open meadow of some sort.


What planet is this? No, it's too small. A moon, then?


Now that he was standing, the General felt a slight breeze blowing against his cape. But he had a more pressing concern. He quickly checked his belt, only to be reassured.


I still have my lightsabers. But then... How was I brought here? I wasn't disarmed or damaged.


No ships in sight. He wasn't bound, let alone dead. So he wasn't in the hands of the Jedi. But there weren't any space-faring vessels out in the open. Instead...


Humans. There are humans here!


Straining for a moment to listen, the General couldn't make out much. Judging by the sounds of the voices, there were four of them. Three female, one male.


Given that humans were commonplace, yet formed the bulk of his master's resistance in the form of either Republic footsoldiers or Jedi knights, he wasn't fond of them.


"It's probably best not to cause trouble for now." Grievous whispered under his breath as he took a careful step forward.


His bio-mechanical body acted the way he expected. Good.


Two of the humans now drew his eye: they seemed to be at odds. One was dressed in clothing that he'd come to expect from the Jedi; Grievous' hand immediately reached for one of his sabers.


... I don't know if he's Force-sensitive or not. But the second he tries anything, I'll cut him in half.


The General drew his cape about himself, forming a slightly tattered white cloak while he approached the pair.


"Where am I?" He asked them.


It wasn't really worded as a request, but after so much time spent destroying lives than connecting with them, this was the closest thing to politeness the General could muster.

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Name: Utakata and Lara

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous ♫

            ♫ Support: Hibiki  ♫

            ♫ Status: Utakata: Calmer, but still scared and a bit nauseous. Lara: Rather irked by the entire mess.  ♫


            ~~Time for some clarity, I suppose~~

"Where am I?" The strange cyborg asked the entire group. Lara sighs, knowing it’s probably her job to tell all these new people where they are. She moves to the side to allow the man in the kimono to get up and avoid the contents of his stomach. Perhaps she’d gone too far with that one. And perhaps she’ll apologize later, when the man is rational. ...If he’s rational. But now she decides it’s a good time to do some explaining.


Well…. Perhaps it’s as good a time as ever to say this, now that there are multiple of you. It appears you’ve all been ripped out of your home dimensions, so I expect you all to be a bit frazzled. Welcome to the Gateway to the Starry Skies. Typically we just call it the Gateway. This is the home base for what is called the eXtra Dimensional Restoration Squad, or XDRS for short.” Lara looks at all of them, appearing confused as expected. She doesn’t blame them, she knows how confused she was at the thought of other dimensions being out there. “My name is Lara Croft, one of the senior agents.” Sheepishly, she smiles. “Although, I don’t rank very highly, so I can’t really do much except bring you to base to another senior agent, perhaps Pascal or Twilight, who you may meet later.” With that she stands up a little straighter. “And what we do is a good thing to talk about, I suppose. To make it brief, we try and handle the riffraff that occurs in other dimensions- return artifacts that don’t belong, make sure places don’t get destroyed, things of the sort. I’m sure somebody can provide a more thorough explanation later.


I apologize, you may still be confused. It’s alright, I was as well when I first heard about a multiverse, but it exists. I’m sure if you don’t see it now, in due time you will.



Utakata gawks at this woman in confusion. “The hell is going on here….” He gets the gist of it. He can see people from places he has never even heard of. But multiple dimensions…. Is that even possible? ...It has to be. He never even knew a cat-person could exist until today. Or… Whatever the hell that thing is, staring him down and placing its hand to what looks like a sheath. But he’s…


So very tired….


It’s been a rough few hours, he knows that now. And perhaps he regrets preparing to go into tailed beast mode, considering just how exhausted he really is.


He doesn’t even have time to kneel to the ground before everything goes dark.


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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable; on-edge>
<Location: Gateway>
<Agents: Lara>
<Other Participants: Hibiki | Utakata | Karen + Nidrak | General Grievous>




Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable; on-edge>
<Location: Gateway>
<Agents: Lara>
<Other Participants: Temeraire | Utakata | Karen + Nidrak | General Grievous>




Okay Temeraire had to admit, listening to Lara explain it made things make a little more sense. To think there were entire universes beyond just Hydaelyn! Did each one have its own Mothercrystal? Its own version of the Twelve? Heck, she wouldn't put them past having their own Primals, too (even though Primals were typically bad news). "Ripped away from Eorzea, huh? Now I know I'm gonna be stuck here for way more than just a few moons. May as well help out where I can."


"I was thinking of going back to my own world, but... I guess the XDRS hasn't found that yet. Maybe I can help out around the base? I don't want to feel useless after all."


Temeraire smiled - she had to commend Hibiki for her friendly, helpful personality - but the hyena and the strange mechanical whatever-that-was were putting her on-edge. She wasn't even sure what to defend herself with if either decided to attack. White magic? Black magic? Daggers, arrows, sword, lance? Her mind was racing and she was very much nervous; she couldn't even decide on a weapon!


Hibiki, too, looked nervous, but at least she only had one weapon to pick from. She gripped her pendant tightly, but she didn't yet sing - she didn't want to accidentally pose herself as a threat if these two were simply being wary, as well.





Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari
<Status: Stable; bored>
<Location: Dining Hall -> 2nd Floor Hallway>




Elune save him, he was bored.


Not long after leaving the stables, a luma had come by and gotten both Xander and Illidan to a meeting of sorts, and other than pulling the dagger out of the table, it had been very uneventful. He'd been hoping to talk with Xander more - his world was very fascinating, and as always, Illidan craved knowledge - but Xander was about to be dragged off to a second meeting already, leaving the Demon Hunter to his own devices.


He figured that maybe he could do something a little more useful with his time.


He headed to the second floor, to the room he remembered claiming as his, and looked over the door. He wanted the entire squad to be sure they knew this room was his, but he didn't want to make the emblem too big. He looks over the door and finds a suitable spot, planning on making the emblem no bigger than his own hand--


Crap, I forgot a knife.


He realized too late that he'd forgotten to bring something to carve with. He didn't want to make the trek back downstairs just to find one, so he resolved to do it the old-fashioned way: with his own sharp, claw-like fingernails.


This was going to take a while and was going to get messy...

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Enterprise grit her teeth, and aimed her bow. Her arms trembled, blood trickling from several wounds and oil from others. A distant shout signalled an attack, before the sound of explosions could be heard and a Siren went down, staining the waves with alien blood.


Her radio crackled, before she heard Laffey's monotone voice. "Siren battleship approaching, thirty degrees port... it's readying its guns." Enterprise looked - sure enough, the Siren was there. She drew back her bow, and fired just as the Siren did. A torpedo bomber dropped its payload, while the Siren's shot arced....


...oh, Creator. It was coming for her! Before the carrier could dodge, pain ripped through her left side. Blood and fuel splattered, and she felt dizzy. "ENTERPRISE!!" she heard Bismarck shout over the radio as she stumbled back. Hee fingers trembled as they clenched on the bow. Pain pervaded her body, sharpest at the left side of her torso, and her knees trembled. She caught sight of the wound, gaping and bleeding. There was blood and fuel leaking from a hole that left metal and organs visible. Visible --


She felt so numb. Far away. Someone was yelling, maybe Bismarck, but she couldn't tell what was being said. Her knees buckled, as her eagle, Grim Reaper, dove towards her as she fell down down down down--


But instead of sinking into the sea, she hit earth. The other shipgirl had suddenly stopped shouting. Grim's distant call sounded again as her blood and fuel seeped into the earth. Green turned red and black, but it smelled of peace. Was this --


Where her fight ended again? Yorktown... Wasp... Hornet... will I see you... soon? It was ironic, perhaps... The sun was so bright, and Grim's wings periodically blocked it. It wasn't the sea where she'd been fighting. Her eyes picked up figures and stone, even as everything dimmed. Yet she wasn't dead quite yet....

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2400709b525471d0545110cc42056842.png [ vaccaria ; -- add. 0 ; for. h. t. l. u. ]

 -- 树倒猢狲散.  ]


a tiny flame, planted carefully

wilts elegantly to the frost

a tiny herb, grown peacefully

welcomes the coming dawn.



The battlefield is alive with the sounds of cheers. 


Vaccaria makes a sharp left on his broomstick, the wind rustling against his cloak, as the pillar he had been flying past only moments ago explodes in a shower of rocks and a tumble of roaring noise. The Witch grips the edge of his hat, analysing the situation with a calm eye, as he draws to a stop for a mere second to lock eyes with his opponent.


Swoksaar's black flames lapped at the ground of the field, making it impossible to land safely anywhere; Vaccaria pitied the opponents of the Warlock that were mostly land-based in their abilities. The Warlock himself was seemingly unbothered by the status of their current battleground, remaining steadfast in one place as he raised a slender hand forward, the curved staff following the shift of fabric as the red eye of his staff glittered with forbidden magic.


Not fast enough. He would have to displace Swoksaar if he had any hope of uprooting the other God-Tier User, and for that -- he needed to be fast.


He draws himself forwards, pulling the cloak inwards as he rushes in the Warlock's direction, a fast hand enchanting his broomstick with magic as he does so. His growth of ice cuts through the Warlock's black flames, bright pillars rising from the dirt ground, and he sees the other man's eyes widen just slightly at his actions. 


Vaccaria blinks behind the brim of his hat, a brief moment of self-reflection as he realises -- this is the Magician, his true ability in battle, set free without the hindrance of a partner to adapt to. To challenge another Guild Master in battle ... it was the highest honour, and he intended to take it seriously.


He had to -- knowing Lord Grim was out there. He can still remember the clang of metal when he had battled the Glory Champion, realised the other man was merely playing with him even though Vaccaria had given it his all. It wasn't insulting -- no, of course not -- but rather eye-opening.


He is just about to leap off his broom -- to use the momentum of his flight to rush forwards and seize victory -- when there is a large burst of light, and he is momentarily blinded.


A disruption?! In the arena?


What could have happened?


When the light dies down, Vaccaria blinks, stunned. Before him is not the heavily draped appearance of his opponent, but rather a bright field -- not unlike the beginner's farming areas the guild uses to train in. How could he possibly be here? He had assumed such areas beneath him -- he is not a vain man, but even he has his standards ... 


This could not possibly be a prank, could it? Someone altering the battlefield arena to taunt the two of them?


If so, he is quite aware of who it could be. With that thought in mind, Vaccaria scowls under his breath and turns his attention to the gathered figures in the arena. His eyes wash over them; some people, potentially NPCs pulled from around the towns, and a couple monsters -- Vaccaria briefly rolls through his head the list of useful enemies, and, not being able to match any of the strange creatures before him to the names, decides they are ultimately not worth his time.


He is a Champion, a Guild Master, an important figure -- and there is too much on the line. He does not appreciate this joke, in terrible taste.


"I fold," he says, gathering himself; with a sweep of his hand he gathers his cloak to cover himself, raising Stardust Extermination up with the other. He tilts his head up to the sky, addressing no one in particular. "Troubling Rain, if this is your idea of a joke ... let me assure you, it is not very funny."


He frowns, taking a sweep at the gathered crowd. They seem to be talking, interestingly enough -- how had Troubling Rain managed that? What connections did he have? Suddenly self-conscious -- why, they were just Quest Aides -- at the thought of other people, Vaccaria clears his throat and stands up even straighter, his posture tight. 


"Please undo the changes you made to the arena," he continues, speaking at the sky. "I don't want to break my way out of here, but I will. I have a dungeon to run at midday, Rain." 


Utter silence. How could anyone possibly find this funny? Vaccaria tugs on the brim of his hat, feeling the familiar material to calm himself, before he sighs heavily. With a swift movement of his broom, he raises his weapon up at the sky.


"Star Ray," he murmurs, the spell lighting up the end of his weapon before shooting a star-like construct of light forwards into the air above him. Squinting, Vaccaria is briefly surprised when the spell does not seem to rebound -- it continues forwards, not hitting any hidden barriers from the arena, before exploding in a ball of bright light.


An extended area? How could that be -- unless --


Was this a challenge?


A new dungeon, unlocked through the arena?


That was creative -- he'll give it that.


Shame, too. The mobs looked so human. And one -- fell down?


A glitch, perhaps? 


So ... a terribly designed dungeon with mobs that glitched, interrupting him in the middle of a battle in which both of their guilds had been watching very closely.


"Rain," Vaccaria sighs, the name spoken softly between his lips. "I am going to set your bedsheets on fire."


Then, the Witch takes a step forward, towards the group gathered together. His abilities are wide enough and this is easy enough; the area seems to be a beginner's land -- most likely the easiest thing to glitch into a new area -- and he hasn't drawn any aggro.


Another step, and he sweeps open the folds of his cloak with one hand, the other hand reaching forward. He mounts Stardust Extermination easily, taking flight into the air, and then in a heartbeat he draws the red bottled flask from his belt and tosses it into the air.


"Lava Flask," he says, instinctively calling out his spells regardless of if there were teammates around to hear or not, and the glass bottle cracks near immediately upon being thrown, exploding into a bright ball of crimson as he swerves to avoid the explosion scattering mounds of lava onto the ground below.


Vaccaria waits, pulling to a stop as he watches the effects of his spell. Briefly, he wonders if the mobs would drop any good loot -- he would forgive Rain slightly for this silly little prank if the blond had hidden any rare drops within the NPCs' code drop files. 


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General Grievous - Strife at the Gateway!


The Kaleesh listened to what the human had to say. Something about the XDRS and alternate dimensions. He wasn't really paying attention; not until she mentioned places getting destroyed.


Almost immediately, his mind made a connection to his situation. If there were forces beyond his comprehension that were rearranging the cosmos, and he'd been suddenly brought to this planet under their jurisdiction, then it could only possibly have happened because of the world-meddling implicating his own dimension.


The Jedi are all back home. As is my Master. What should I do?


Then, one of his audioreceptors picked up a thudding sound on the ground a short distance away.


I suppose that's how I got here.


The General counted himself lucky that none of his support functions had been damaged during arrival, and he allowed himself a short chuckle at the newcomer's misfortune.


The cyborg did not, however, get to enjoy this moment for long, as he immediately became aware of a new individual.


Yet another human, with fair hair, clothed in blue robes. Grievous was more hesitant this time. This one carried himself with a more assured posture.


"Please undo the changes you made to the arena. I don't want to break my way out of here, but I will. I have a dungeon to run at midday, Rain."


Grievous ignored this open statement, as it wasn't addressed to him. He focused on ascertaining if he was a Jedi.


Not every human in robes is a Jedi... Besides, the Jedi never wear hats. He must be simply another lunatic.


Then, the strange being raised what Grievous tentatively identified as a staff, spoke some words, and a blast of radiant energy fired from its tip.


The General's battlefield reflexes kicked in, and he dashed straight to the side, attempting to avoid laser cannon fire.


Definitely a Force-sensitive!. Probably a Jedi, too. After I've slain so many of their number, this must be a sloppy plot to assassinate me. How dare they even think to fool I, General Grievous, with such a paltry scheme!


The Force-sensitive began to levitate in the air - a feat worthy only of the strongest Jedi Masters - which forced Grievous to conclude that retreat was not possible. Someone so powerful would easily pursue him without a spaceship to escape in.


A then-impromptu battle took a turn for the truly strange, as the General's opponent created a flask of molten rock from some device he had stashed away, making the human unreachable from the ground beneath him.


His tactical acumen does not disappoint. I will need a running start to reach him, and by then he might have already drawn his lightsaber. And I don't usually carry a blaster.


My best hope is to distract him, and bide my time until I have an opening.


"And to think, I thought the Republic was all out of surprises." The General taunted, as he stared down his opponent.

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Name: Lara Croft ♫

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Utakata, Vaccaria, Kardrak ♫

            ♫ Support: Hibiki  ♫

            ♫ Status: *Facepalm*.  ♫


            ~~Ah bloody hell I JUST went over this~~


Lara knows there’s trouble when a burst of light shoots forward and explodes. God dammit, she thinks to herself, I really need more senior agents here. Her stomach churns when she sees the laughing hyena, the one who’s barely hanging on to one of its limbs. AND we need a medic. Thank every god in existence Raine’s here now. One of my medikits is not going to fix that. She glances at the thin man donned in blue, now passed out on the ground. Whatever that surge of power was, it knocked him out pretty damn quickly.


The Gateway is on fire. This other young man, also robed in blue (does the color blue mean bloody insane? Should she start wearing a different colour?) just came in. He has no idea what’s going on here, based on his language. There’d be something gravely wrong if he started attacking with no reason backing him up, right? It’s best for her to say something, maybe if she explains what’s going on that talking cyborg would refrain from attacking the pale-haired man and making the situation worse.


Or she could be slaughtered trying.


It’s worth a shot.


Oi oi oi,” Lara shouts while rushing forward. “Both of you, calm down! This is all a misunderstanding!” She surprises herself with how composed she is, considering knowing her inebriated state she’s panicking internally. “I don’t know who you are, but this is not your world! Please stop attacking and I can explain what’s going on. But you are not in your own world! None of us are. I can tell you why you’re here, just please, for the love of all things good calm the bloody hell down!” She undoes her holster and gently places her pistol to the ground, putting her hands up after doing so. “Look, I’m unarmed. I won’t do anything. Please come down and we can speak face to face.


Sometimes she surprises herself.





♫ Name: Utakata ♫

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Lara, Vaccaria, Kardrak ♫

            ♫ Support: Hibiki  ♫

            ♫ Status: Ready to tap into the power of the beast  ♫




His eyes immediately snap open. It’s hot, too hot.


He sits up and looks around to assess the situation. Utakata does his best to avoid looking at the doglike creature that’s losing its leg, lest he lose a bit of stomach acid as well as whatever was in his stomach before he came here. Seeing a white haired man, floating above the ground, and the weird mechanical figure trying to fight him send the adrenaline through his blood once more. He has to get out of here, doesn’t he? He jumps to his feet.


Or no, he may not have much chakra left, but he knows a little someone who does. I’m sorry Saiken, he thinks as his eyes begin to yellow once more, I’m going to need to tap into your chakra again. I may even need you to take control.


So be it, Saiken states, if you need me then use me.


I will, Utakata responds. He grits his teeth, feeling Saiken’s power rush through his body, that aura from the one-tails form once again returning--


Hang on,” the woman known as Lara snaps, anchoring a hand onto his shoulder. It intimidates him that she’s exactly his height, and at least a couple kilos denser. He feels the power that was running through him come to a halt. This woman could probably toss him to the ground again if she so chooses, and in the state his body is in, he can’t fight it. “Something isn’t right.” He gawks at her.


What the actual hell- Lara, are you trying to get us killed?


Nice of you to join the party, although you’re a little late. Leave the anger at the door for five minutes. I’m just trying to mingle with the newcomers.” Utakata raises his eyebrow until it feels it’s placed halfway up his forehead.


You’re kidding, right? These guys are in the middle of fighting and you’re planning on trying to strike up a conversation?


Well since you’re late, Sleeping Beauty, I’m trying to get them to knock it off so I can explain to this new man what’s happening. Now shut it and wait. We might not need your weird…. Aura magic.” Utakata is about to open his mouth to protest, but instead he clears his throat and sighs. It’s not worth it. He’s still much too worn out, and it’s taking him everything in his power to not pass out again. He might be able to help stop the fire.


Utakata shifts his weight to his left foot and crosses his arms. He might as well wait and see what happens.


He notices Lara taking out a small cube. He raises his eyebrow again, assuming the woman lost her mind. She seems like she knows what she's doing, though, so Utakata knits his eyebrows together as she moves it around in her hand and taps at it with her thumb. 


"Seven.... Eight.... Two.... Six. Should be the right code." Utakata looks at her in surprise when she starts trying to talk to it. Is that.... Some sort of communication device among these agents? It's odd. Very odd. "Oi... Stan... I'm going to need backup over here at the Gateway. There's- er.... There's a lot going on here. Some new people are here . There's a few here that came already injured. And- er.... It's on fire. I'm trying to deescalate but I'll need some backup here. ....Over." 


"....What the hell?"

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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable; pissed off>
<Location: Gateway>
<Agents: Lara>
<Other Participants: Hibiki | Utakata | Karen + Nidrak | General Grievous | Enterprise | Vaccaria>




Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable; panicking>

<Gungnir Symphogear: Active>
<Location: Gateway>
<Agents: Lara>
<Other Participants: Temeraire | Utakata | Karen + Nidrak | General Grievous | Enterprise | Vaccaria>






The latest arrival to the Gateway was all sorts of nuts, especially after throwing that lava potion and thus setting the Gateway on fire.


Hibiki looked towards Temeraire. "Now what??"


"I don't suppose you've got a trick up your sleeve, too, Hibiki? Use it and get those who are injured out of here." Temeraire started cracking her knuckles. "I'm gonna dunk that punk into next week."


"You're gonna fight him?! How are you gonna--"


"Just get the injured out of here, in any way you can!" With that, Temeraire started gauging the distance she'd need to get up on the newcomer's broom.


Hibiki took a deep breath in spite of the smoke from the fire. Calm. She had to remain calm. She could do this; she's done it before.


She gripped her pendant once more, and that ever-familiar song passed through her lips.


"Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron..."


And within an instant, she was clad in her Symphogear armor once more, dashing into the fire to pull out both the injured woman and the hyena (since both seemed far too injured to move on their own). At least now that robed guy was awake, so Hibiki was sure he could fend for himself.


As soon as Hibiki had both of her rescues in her arms, she took off like a bat out of hell for the castle, using the piston rods in her legs to leap out of the fire.


...and then there was Temeraire. The Miqo'te prayed that she gauged the distance right and took a running start, relying on her strong legs to get the job done, and leaped up onto the newcomer's flying broom. If she was going to deck him, she was going to have to get him down, and this was about as good a tactic as any.

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Karen and Nidrak


Allies (?): Hibiki, Lara, Tem, Utakata

Location: Gateway

Current Morph: Spotted Hyena


...Was that General Grievous? 


Well…. Perhaps it’s as good a time as ever to say this, now that there are multiple of you..."




In terms of strange things that have happened to them it ranks somewhere in the top five. 


Top three, Nidrak argued. 


Top three, then. 


Either way, even if it wasn’t the strangest thing, it was still pretty weird to be teleported somewhere and see Lara Croft (the actual Lara Croft?) explain that she was part of some multi-dimensional organization while they were bleeding out. 


Speaking of which, that still really hurt. Waves of agony travelled up the leg with each labored breath they took, and there was no position they could stand in to lessen the weight of the leg pulling at the remaining flesh. 


Karen did his part to try to distract Nidrak, sending xem a gif of Kronk saying “by all accounts, it doesn’t make sense”. Xyr responding chuckle was a little hysterical and distracted, unsurprisingly. 


Putting that aside, they needed something resembling a plan. Demorphing had to happen soon, no matter what, but there wasn’t a safe place for it at the moment.


They’d be vulnerable during the time it would take, and besides, there was too much risk that even information in an alternative dimension could get back to the Yeerks. 


For all we know, I’m not even the only Yeerk here. 


It was a concerning thought. Unlikely, but concerning nonetheless. 


We can’t last long like this.


Dapsen, I know, but- 


Distracted by their internal arguments, Karen and Nidrak weren’t paying enough attention to Vaccaria as he removed the flask from his belt and dropped it. Nidrak tried to dodge out of the area, but it was too late for them to escape unscathed. They let out an agonized scream, both out loud and in private thought-speak that no one around could hear, from the jerking on their leg and the fresh burns on their hindquarters. The smell of burnt hair and flesh filled their awareness. 


It only got worse when a strong arm gripped them around the middle and leapt. 


Everything was fire and darkness and white-hot pain. 


They couldn’t see or think. The hyena was terrified by the pain and confinement, thrashing and trying to reach around to bite or claw at their captor. They barely had the presence of mind to reach forward to tear away the offending limb. It’s almost a relief to be rid of it. It dropped to the ground, limp and bloody. 


Instinctively, they started to demorph. Bones and organs shifted with wet noises that they couldn’t hear over the rush of blood in their ears. Their hind ankles unbent, further and further until their snapped backwards and became knees, their bones breaking to become new ankles. They didn’t get much farther, stopping themself before the changes could complete. It was hard to remember why, but they couldn’t reveal the morphing power. Not now. 

so charge and attack, going to hell and back


Status: Heavily Injured

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 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria, Kardrak, Enterprise ♫

            ♫ Support: Hibiki  ♫

            ♫ Status: Not gonna lie, they're both kinda confused ♫


            ~~Ah hell ~~



Lara blinks when she sees Hibiki grab the injured and hurry off. Well, she thinks to herself, that’s just bloody wonderful isn’t it?


Everything is a mess. The Gateway is on fire, there are at least three injured, and there may be more if this man doesn’t bloody stop using magic to attack them all. The cat girl took it upon herself to jump onto his broom and risk causing an accident. There is too much going on all at once. She has no idea what to do. She can’t fire blanks to try and scare them all into paying attention because- yet again, something will go wrong. Lara is tired. She just wants to take a nap in Stan’s arms and call it a day. Perhaps she’d put on a movie or something and fall asleep halfway through. Who knows? All she knows is if she can’t handle this situation quickly someone will have her hide.


She looks down at her communicator, noting Stan hasn’t said anything yet. None too surprising, as far as she knows he hasn’t gotten out of the meeting. Hopefully they hear her, though. “Stanley, change of plans. Hibiki just grabbed the injured, it looks like she’s sending them to the infirmary. One of them is a hyena, looks like it’s about to use its leg, and the other is a woman. She’s….. Bleeding very badly, and there’s oil everywhere. I’m afraid of this making the flames worse. There’s another one here, he looks injured as well but seems to be standing for now. I’m not sure if or how soon he’s going to need a healer, but the other two need one right away. And I need someone here to back me up.


In her thoughts, she prays to whatever god will listen. She hopes that things are going to work out.



Utakata’s sense of panic is rising. Those flames look bad. He’s thankful the injured are bring whisked to safety, but what about everyone else? They’re all screwed if something doesn’t change. He needs to help put out the flames. There’s not much he can do right now to fight, but…. Perhaps he can use Raging Waves…. Does he have enough chakra? Can he manage? That’s his main dilemma.


It’s worth a try. Within seconds he’s facing the area with the mist flames and forming the necessary hand signs. Dragon. Tiger. Hare.


Water style…. Raging waves!” To his luck, a rush of water expels from his mouth and manages to extinguish some of the flames. It’s a significant improvement, but it’s not enough. He tries again, this time missing the fire but managing to knock Lara over with a wave of water. “....Shoot.” His body returns to a more tired state, the adrenaline no longer keeping him completely upright. Lara glares at him, but looks at the area where the flames were put out and nods. One more time she raises the cube a little closer to her face.


....I still need backup but this bloke just shot water from his bloody mouth,” Lara muses to the cube.

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2400709b525471d0545110cc42056842.png [ vaccaria ; -- add. 0 ; for. h. t. l. u. g. ]

 -- 树倒猢狲散.  ]


a tiny flame, planted carefully

wilts elegantly to the frost

a tiny herb, grown peacefully

welcomes the coming dawn.



Surprisingly, the mobs move. In a completely unpredictable fashion, actually, and Vaccaria pauses just slightly to gaze down with a curious expression.


The strange metal construct -- capable of speech, in a language he could understand? -- unfolds himself, blades glittering as they catch the sun's strong rays, and speaks up at him with a harsh tongue. That in itself is enough to give Vaccaria room to pause, even as his flames lick the edge of his cloak draping down. Shifting so he hovers slightly closer, the witch takes a second to consider his circumstances.


"The Republic?" he repeats, addressing the creature, with a confused, wary glance. "I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean." This wasn't included in any storyline, was it?


 Before he can elaborate, or his opponent explain, their conversation is abruptly broken by a brown-haired woman dressed in interesting clothes. A launcher? Her manner of dress somewhat resembled Dancing Rain's, but it was still much too revealing to possibly add any stat benefits. He could see no armour on her either. A newbie?


If this was Troubling Rain's attempt to get him to recruit more adventurers to his guild ... Vaccaria sighs, world-weary, before he realises he should be listening. Snapping back to attention, he watches carefully as the woman interacts with the man next to him -- dressed in loose clothing befitting that of a Warlock, but again, too exposed to possibly aid in battle -- before speaking up once more.


A misunderstanding -- one not of his world? Instantly suspicious, Vaccaria pauses and does not respond, not saying a word as he tucks his chin into the folds of his clothes, uncertain.


If this was not his world -- could he have possibly attacked wrongfully? But how could that be -- if not in his world, then where was he?!


The afterlife? No -- he would have respawned by now. Unless Swoksaar blocked it, somehow? 


He doesn't know what he could have possibly done to the other Guild Master for him to block him permanently. 


Suddenly feeling an urge to hide himself completely -- he is not built for this, and he simply wants to return to headquarters and go back to analysing the EXP gain per dungeon per level -- Vaccaria glances up, intending to speak, when --




His eyes widen just as he sees someone rushing at him -- really now, he drew aggro from so far away? But no, perhaps there is no aggro -- and he manages to sidestep just in time, boosting the edge of his boom with a sudden gust of wind to blow himself off the course of the attacking girl, taking a sharp turn that causes the edges of his cloak to fly up as a hand raises to hold onto his hat. 


This is ridiculous. He is confused, slightly embarrassed, and would very much like to discuss certain issues. The woman who had spoken up initially seems to be the most in charge -- after the girl that had attacked him and the other one, who had grabbed two others and bounced off -- and he sets his sight on her. 


He lands gracefully, if not a little forcefully; slicing through the flames that part at his sudden entrance, Vaccaria pulls back his broom and takes a few steps onto the ground at first, testing it. Satisfied, he draws himself up and enchants one end of the broom with an ice elemental murmured quickly from his lips, touching the end of Stardust Extermination onto the ground. 


The flames, already loosened from the water earlier -- so the young man was a Warlock after all, or a Battle Mage? -- extinguish easily as small pillars of ice sprout from the layer of frost spreading around him. Satisfied with his handiwork, Vaccaria draws his broom back and stares at the two before him. Placing the item horizontally, Vaccaria sits on the floating item -- his ankles were already beginning to tire from the effort -- and draws his cloak up around him, crossing his legs. 


"Please explain," he says, watching them carefully. 

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 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria ♫

            ♫ Support: ? ♫

            ♫ Status: Lara- Soaked and a bit angry ; Utakata- Relieved about the fire but fearing Lara will kill him ♫


            ~~ Where's the [de]escalator when you need it? ~~


Lara is rather impressed with this man’s graceful landing despite the cat girl’s attempt to get him to crash. She’s also impressed at how easily he extinguished the flames- and without soaking her, she thinks to herself as she give the man in the kimono a glare. Said man raises his hands in defense, as if to say “hey. Not my fault” to which she would call a load of bull.


Lara sighs. It’s not worth it.


Alright,” she prepares to say when the man asks her to explain. “So I should start with where we are. This is the Gateway to the Starry Skies. I doubt that would be familiar, but this planet is the home base to the eXtra Dimensional Restoration Squad, or XDRS. That castle back there,” she adds as she gestures to the castle, “is our base of operations as well as our living space. So first and foremost, welcome. My name is Lara Croft, but please just call me Lara. I’m one of the senior agents here, although as I’ve stated to the others, I don’t rank particularly high. But anyway, it’s a pleasure to have you here.Despite the fire.


As for what we do. I’ll explain it as concisely as I possibly can, but there’s a whole bloody multiverse out there. Many different worlds, some of which are acknowledged as fiction in others. What we do is go to these different worlds and bring back items that don’t belong there and that affect the world they’re currently in- we call these anchors- and we make sure these worlds don’t get destroyed. ...There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. Many of us came here by surprise. Some of us willingly tagged along. You’ll find there’s an interesting mix of agents here. But it’s your choice if you wish to stay.” Lara sighs and takes a breath- when was the last time she took a proper breath? Ah well, that’s basically the gist of what they do.


It’s at this point that she realizes she completely forgot to hang up. “ **** .“ At that point she hangs up the communicator. “They’ll be here shortly, I assume. Anyway this,” she says as she holds the cube up, “is a little communication device that we agents use to contact each other. It has a few different functions- including calling, radar to track things down, and a small teleporter to send small objects to someone else. So…. Er… Yeah.


Lara then turns to the man in the kimono. “And for you....



Utakata’s eyes widen. The woman makes an advance as if she’s going to punch him. “W-whoa, what did I--” He ducks and Lara moves forward and falls to the ground. It seems her lack of sobriety at this moment has caught up to her. Good. He makes the hand signs again- Dragon. Tiger. Hare. “Water Style- Raging waves.”


Lara is again soaked with a giant wave of water. She coughs violently and looks up at him with a death glare, giving him a rude gesture. Who the devil gave him the right to splash her when she was down?


The brunette clears her throat. “Anyway,” she says as she coughs, “Why don’t we properly introduce ourselves.” She glares at Utakata. “Care to go first, you daft git?


Utakata,” he says with a smirk. “And shall I call you a wet rag from now on?


......Seafoam? Who the devil named you?” Utakata glares at her.


I’m sorry, am I the one on the ground right now?


Lara grumbles a few obscene words and looks away. She's in no state to be fighting someone right now. 

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2400709b525471d0545110cc42056842.png [ vaccaria ; -- add. 0 ; for. h. t. l. u. g. ]

 -- no spells in use.  ]


a tiny flame, planted carefully

wilts elegantly to the frost

a tiny herb, grown peacefully

welcomes the coming dawn.



It is a lot of information to take in at one time, and the sheer amount gives Vaccaria pause. Admittedly, he does not have any valid reason for disbelieving the woman's explanation -- he was, after all, the one that had attacked without thinking -- but it still seems hard to believe.


Lara. That is her name, yes, and he will do well to remember it. It is a strange one, a single word, nothing like the titles and glory he is used to, and he squints at her from behind the safety of the brim of his hat for a second. What truth lay in her words? It was impossible to tell, but regardless ... 


A multiverse, in which it was their mission to stop further destruction.


Vaccaria sighs heavily. He has nothing to do with this, and it is not the kind of mission he used to -- he has one goal and only one: to protect the members of his guild that he holds dear. To suddenly be dragged into unfamiliar land by a higher hand, and given a humanitarian mission ... though it seems hard to believe as a prank, he is half inclined to feign ignorance and do so anyway.


But that is not him, and not who he aspires to be. Briefly closing his eyes, Vaccaria takes time to think.


Before he can think of a suitable response, however, his attention is drawn by the sound of water, and he opens his eyes just in time to see a wave of water crash down on Lara. Slightly concerned, Vaccaria moves his fingers along the edge of Stardust Exterminator, shifting his mount upwards to avoid his cloak from being splattered with water. Was the man not her ally?


Utakata. That is his name, from his introduction, and he accompanies it with a quick tease in her general direction. Confused, the Witch looks between the two of them -- are they friends, or foe?


"I am Vaccaria," he introduces. "The First Witch." A hand comes up to the brim of his hat, and he tips it slightly in the direction of the two as a hello. So, was everyone in the organization familiar with one another, then?


He spares a quick glance backwards, wondering where the cat girl that had previously launched herself at him had gone. Was she an ally, too? And what of the two that had been here previous, spirited away by the young girl that had transformed?


This guild really is strange, he thinks to himself, musing on this for a brief second. Ah, right -- 


"What is the EXP gain," he asks, "for saving the multiverse?" Blinking, Vaccaria waits for a response. There must be a reason why they do what they do, right? 

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 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria ♫

            ♫ Support: ???  ♫

            ♫ Status: Utakata- qwifgpiwgbiowehf ; Lara- ? u ok cuz? ♫


            ~~ EXP boost? ~~




Vaccaria. It’s a hell of a name, Utakata thinks to himself. Then again, he’s already hearing names that come from tongues unfamiliar to his own. It’s odd. He nods, though, out of courtesy.


It’s good to meet you, Vaccaria. Just so you know she was about to punch me, so she kind of deserved that.” Lara glares at him in response.


Well it’s a pleasure to finally know your name so I don’t stick to calling you ******. Now I can just call you Bubble Boy.” Utakata snorts.


Actually, not gonna lie, that’s accurate. Just watch me fight sometime.” He smirks at her and chuckles when he sees the look on her face. “Don’t make it so fun to piss you off and I won’t do it.” Lara rolls her eyes and looks back at Vaccaria, getting back to her feet and regaining her composure,


A-anyway…. You said something about an EXP gain? I…. I’m not sure if there is one….. Is there? Sometimes we do get rewarded, though…. Usually it just…. Keeps the multiverse in check. Which is good in the event there’s an enemy that hops around worlds and tries to destroy multiple worlds...” She shifts her weight and takes a minute to think about that. “I don’t even think about experience points that way.” Utakata looks at her as if her braid suddenly started floating and slithering around like a snake. Actually, he’d either freak out of burst out laughing if he saw that. Either way, his eyebrows knit together.


Lara, what the hell is an EXP gain?” Lara chuckles.


Usually we discuss EXP in certain games where you get stronger by gaining levels. Like Dungeons and Dragons, or similar games. Although you’d have no idea what that is.




Precisely. ….Perhaps I’ll gather a group and run a game sometime, it’s quite fun--- Er. I mean. Or… Not.” Lara seems quite embarrassed at her sudden burst of dorky behavior. It’s amusing, but it doesn’t get more than a sarcastic snort from Utakata.


Well, anyway. I’m not sure if there’s a medic on the way…?” He feels that wave of exhaustion return to him. “Or just a bed? Maybe I’ll heal up faster if I get some rest.


I….. I mean, if we all wish to go to the castle, I suppose that’s alright? Although….. I did call a fellow agent, I don’t want to confuse him with too many updates.” Utakata doesn’t comment on the sudden blush that covers her cheeks when she thinks about this other agent, or the sudden change in posture. He chooses not to react to that. It’s something he’s seen on girls before, some of which when they were talking to him. But he knows better. He knows the tells by now that it’s definitely not him, much to his relief. Then again, those women had gotten to know him better…. Only one who tolerated him even when he was acting like his usual self was...




His jaw clenches. Is she alright? Does she know by now that he’s not coming back? Did she follow his instructions? Is she in the Mist, safe? Did they shut her out? ….None of that could be possible yet, could it? He hadn’t been gone that long….




Hotaru, there’s something I need you to do in the event something goes wrong.


“Hm? What’s that?” She asks as he hands her a slip of paper.


That’s the house number. If something goes wrong, if something happens to me, I need you to go to this house in the Hidden Mist. Tell them that something happened and I’m not okay. Tell them I’m your master. They’ll take you in.I hope, he thinks to himself.


“Who are these people, Master Utakata?”


My…” He feels a squeezing in his chest. “My family. They’ll take you in, I’m sure of that. If the Mist is alright with me returning to them…. I’m sure my mother would convince my father to allow you to stay as long as you need. Alright? Promise me?


“I promise.”




….Damn. He really hopes she’ll make it there safely.

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Cistina - Floaroma Town [...?]

[distortions] - [where in the worlds is Cistina?]


As they set off, Garchomp attempted to nudge Cistina. The pokemon held a small, white cube between its teeth as gently as it could manage, dropping it into her hands when prompted. WIth the object returned, the pokemon fell back into step at the front of the group, crouching low and taking its place as a force that threatened away any wild pokemon.


Cistina was startled as the creature nudged her, but it--her cube?! Cistina blinked and looked down to check her belt before remembering she had it in her hand when she had gotten caught in the warp. I must have dropped it when I fell. And the reptile…. Cistina held out a hand and as she received the cube and it moved to cover their backs, felt her unease at it settle a little.


The trees and tall grass thinned as the two women made their way down the path. A large wooden arch in the distance marked the entrance to Floaroma Town, and through that lay a collection of modest wooden houses clustered to one side. Beyond them, the ground was filled with flowers cultivated in patches of all colors, growing so densely that it was difficult to see the ground beneath them. The pleasant aroma of flowers -- for which the town was named -- became thicker as they approached.


Cistina took a deep breath of the scent, evidently enjoying it after the haze-filled skies of the other world.


Cynthia led her guest past the town gate and to a building with a red roof and a pokeball insignia on its front. The league-sponsored pokemon center, as standard in every settlement.


Inside, she waved to the nurse at the counter but did not end up using their healing services. Instead, she headed toward the tables and chairs set out for trainers who wanted to wait or simply hang around. The pokemon center itself wasn't too busy, she noted. While this place was a tourist destination and a node between two official routes, most trainers only stopped here briefly.


Cistina followed, looking at the nurse working behind the counter momentarily before taking a seat across from the black-clad Cynthia. Now how to broach her topic…?


"The people who live in this town either make their living in cultivation or through work at the nearby ironworks," Cynthia said as she sat down. She broke the silence first. "It is said that this hill used to be entirely barren. Nothing could grow in the polluted earth, but despite that, the townspeople attempted to grow flowers to brighten up the town. They showed gratitude in what little nature they could bring to their lives and, legends say, a mythical pokemon sensed their desires and good hearts. With its power, the pokemon blessed the land and the town erupted in flowers instantly -- as a result, the ground here is one of the most fertile spots in the region. In honor of that pokemon, people here still gift each other bouquets of Gracidea flowers to express gratitude."


Cistina nodded as Cynthia finished her story. Pokemon here are no mere companions to be kept, it appears. There are those who are like the divine. Cistina filed the information in her mind, seeing that the other woman had moved her satchel. Curious.


She reached into her satchel and slipped out a folder that was half an inch thick. Messy papers were barely contained within it. Notes and photographs peeked out of the edges. "Sorry, that was a little tangent of mine," Cynthia added with a smile. "I study myths. There always seems to be more than a grain of truth behind them... But enough about me. What brings you here?"


It was an opening… But as far as Cistina could tell, this woman was openminded enough to at least accept her announcement as a possibility. “I will to admit my coming here as an accident,” Cistina answered. “The very reason why I am sitting here also had, unfortunately, made me prone to getting swept up in waves of instability in the fabric of the worlds.” She tried to bring to mind the theorizing by other agents on the matter, but she could only remember piecemeal conversations. It was not a subject she had actively pursuited. Abandoning the line of thought, Cistina looked down to the thick folder, then back up. “For now, you had mentioned a conundrum that I may be of assistance with?” And in addition, if she helped, perhaps she could better drum up the trust needed to believe a wild tale of “The existence of your entire world is tied to some artifacts that, as soon as they are removed, puts the integrity of it into jeopardy.” Cistina could mentally see telling that to her father and sisters, would fare poor if she wished to be believed, much less the Cardinal. She looked down at the folder again, frowning as she let herself be lost in her thoughts momentarily. How were they doing…? Would they be safe? How was the status of her world since she had been brought against her will to the Gateway a year ago?


Cynthia, admittedly, was a little disappointed that this woman didn't seem to have come here with a specific purpose. In the end, that was probably a good thing... Otherwise Cistina would quickly have Garchomp's blades at her neck. "There are others like you -- from other worlds -- here in this region, but I am led to believe that not all of them are here by mistake like you are. Which leads to this."


At the woman’s words, Cistina blinked herself back to the present, eyes narrowing. Other travelers? What could they want here?


She held the folder between her fingers and fanned through them, picking out a sheet. On the page were photocopied sketches of almost robotic looking creatures, artist's interpretations and Cynthia's own notes about possible reconstructions. There were three main shapes and they appeared to be monsters -- pokemon -- with sharp edges and claws, one built like a long necked deer, the second a dragon with pauldrons and fans for wings, and the third a serpentine form with many legs.  "These are the gods of creation of this region and presumably everything else. Myths are born from truths, so I do believe that these beings exist somewhere, in this world, and together hold the incredible over the fabric of reality.


"Initially I had assumed that these dimensional anomalies originated from these three pokemon, but from my research it appears that it was the inverse all along. Time and space aren't breaking and summoning strangers because these legendary pokemon are causing trouble; time and space were shattered already, allowing strangers in who are hunting for them."


Cistina’s eyes widened. She had figured that out without personally seeing other worlds? Incredible! Her second thought was the abrupt realization that strangers who are already able to teleport here by design were likely not the people that they wanted to have divine controllers of any reality on their side.


The pokemon trainer put two fingers to her cheek and gave a small smile. "I don't know if you would have any information about any of this or who might be hunting them. But I am convinced that whoever is doing so is just as new to this world as you are." Cynthia narrowed her eyes, crossing her fingers in front of her lips. "And so -- me and Garchomp are working to put and end to whoever is disturbing the pokemon, before it's too late."


“There are many people who’ve been traveling across worlds, but I do not believe we know any other organizations,” Cistina answered slowly. But organization or not, these people who are mettling obviously have a plan in mind. Nobody simply visits a world repeatedly for no reason, especially not one possessing god-beasts who have dominion over reality. “Nevertheless, I shall assist you to the best of my ability,” Cistina paused. “If you have need of me or the people I am affiliated with, of course.

She studied the images more closely, musing to herself that they appeared like no god she had ever heard of before. In fact, they were closer to the magewyrms of yore…. Actually, she heard stories of the gods before in their war--Cistina stiffened at a sudden thought; She had felt a divine force in the back of her mind since she had arrived. What if that is because whoever these interlopers are, they are already close to their goal?


“Have the movements of these people been tracked?” Cistina asked cautiously. She subconsciously played with the cube in her hands. If so, she might have to return as quickly as possible--No, but she had sworn to help Cynthia first… Which would be easier had you made mention of your attunement to the divine earlier, you airhead. “You know I am not of your world...” she began, trailing off slightly as she thought of what to say. “Many things are surprisingly compatible between the worlds of the multiverse, such as technology. Powers that some may describe as “magic” would also be such, and from mine own, I possess the ability to commune with things of a divine nature. And since the moment I had arrived, I had sensed a manner of disquiet to the East. Supposing these people are after the powers of your gods, could it be that they had already sped away on the Chariot--pardon. That they had already discovered methods that will enable them to do what you are attempting to prevent them from doing?”    


Impossible! They would have already left?! If the revelation weren't so dire, Cynthia might have found this woman's use of archaic sayings quite amusing. Her expression darkened. "I fear that it could be too late then, like you say, but I can only hope that those pokemon have simply fled or are currently lying dormant to avoid detection. If technology is compatible, they wouldn't even need pokeballs, or even the red chains..."


"I haven't been able to catch up to who has been personally responsible, though I have been chasing sightings of otherworldly people for the past six weeks. One such man is blond, in blue, and has control over ice -- but I am inclined to believe that he is not personally responsible for the disappearance of the legends. His movements were too unfocused, as if he were searching for something as well. Initially I wanted to question him to see what he knew, but if you are correct..."


Cynthia closed her eyes. "The next step for me, therefore, is to track them down, if they have already escaped this world, even if it means that I will have to leave this world myself."


Cistina nodded, expression serious. “May the Chariot be--” her blessing was cut off as she spun around, sensing a sudden pressure that built up in a place that was simultaneously next to them and nowhere--at least, nowhere in this world. A distortion?! No, this is no mere distortion! Cistina tensed up and jumped from her chair, but not soon enough.


An awful tearing sound split the air. Garchomp immediately jumped to its feet, scales raised and teeth bared. Half the pokemon center was suddenly simply gone -- its space entirely scraped away as if it were wet sand scooped out from a sandcastle. Air rushed in to fill in the vacuum, scattering the pages within Cynthia's file. A rift in the earth replaced what was formerly part of the building, splitting their table cleanly in half. Cynthia herself was nowhere to be seen in the void.


Beyond, outside, a tall pearlescent dragon breathed out, claws and eyes still glowing pink with power.


Cistina didn’t stop to stare at the beast when her feet finally hit the ground. Cynthia was gone--she could only pray that the other woman was unscathed--but the draconic companion she had was still here, looking around wildly. Her heart racing, Cistina grabbed the documents that remained and tucked it under the arm she was holding the cube in, flinching as the dragon--the god--screeched in anger.


There was a blurred movement to her side, and she turned in time to see Garchomp fly at the divine wyrm, a glowing force of raw, immense power surrounding it. Cistina eyed the other pages and kicked off, forcing the winds around her to calm as she flew towards Cynthia’s companion. Some sense in her seemed to pull at the winds to swirl around her, letting her catch a couple more pages--KRRRSHHH!


Garchomp smashed into the divine wyrm with so much force, Cistina felt a shockwave ripple past her. For a moment, Cistina felt a stab of shock as the divine wyrm recoiled back, but it righted itself soon enough, looking none the worst for the strike, and with another eerie roar, the pearlescent rises on its shoulders started rippling and glowing with power that coursed through its arm. Garchomp moved, likely realizing the imminent attack, but the divine wyrm’s slash seemed to cut the very distance between them, and Garchomp was flung back by the… Blow? How could she even describe what she just saw?

Cistina changed course towards Garchomp soon after, but it didn’t take an expert to read the draconic creature’s posture as it righted itself.


“No!” she exclaimed. Garchomp looked at her, anger in its eyes. “Cynthia could still be safe!” She risked a glance at the divine wyrm and saw ginormous pearls(?!) surrounding it, spinning with an ominous violet energy. “Come with me!” She was almost at the dragon, and she reached her free hand out, pressing her thumb tightly to the surface of the cube. “We may be able to find her!


Garchomp looked over at the divine wyrm and seemed to make a decision. For her part, Cistina felt the sheer power gathered in those pearls intensifying when the divine wyrm gave another ringing roar and the sensation they were giving off grew even more severe. Garchomp reached a claw out and Cistina grabbed it, nevermind how it broke her skin, and released her hold on the button.


There was a blink and they disappeared, mere moments before the meteoric pearls bombarded their location.

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Cistina noted to herself that she should probably stop doing teleports when flying.

A small grace was that she didn't end up careening straight into the outer stone covering of the Gateway or the ground this time, just upside-down and inches away from smashing face-first into one of the Gateway's big stone pillars before she stopped. There was a smooth twisting sensation in her hand and she turned her head a little to see to Garchomp right-side up, looking at her rather crossly--not that she blamed it--and so she let go of the dragon's claw, wincing slightly as she moved her hand. Maybe she could have been more careful. But on the other hand, "more careful" could have led to them getting caught in what that divine wyrm was going to annihilate them with.... Cistina shivered as she righted herself. Was that one of the gods that Cynthia talked of? It certainly appeared so....

Behind her, Garchomp gave a snarl and she briefly started until a burning smell hit her and she made a face. As she landed on the dais, clenching the folder tightly to her side, she looked around to see not only a fair amount of other people, but also a large puddle of black substance,, large scorch marks, frozen spots, and water everywhere on the grass--Wait, is that a puddle of blood!? Cistina stepped forward and looked around. Lara she recognized, but not anyone else... All newcomers? How many was that now? They seemed to be mostly paying attention to Lara too, and nobody seemed to be hurting each other right at this very moment...


“Will someone provide an explanation as to what happened here?” she asked. “I will be willing to listen to anyone, even if you are someone who had only just arrived. 

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 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria, Cistina ♫

            ♫ Support: ???  ♫

            ♫ Status: Utakata- Jaw clenched ; Lara- Ready to explain it all ♫


            ~~ See, what had happened was... ~~



“Will someone provide an explanation as to what happened here? I will be willing to listen to anyone, even if you are someone who had only just arrived.”


Lara sighs. While she’s thankful Cistina has returned, and safely, she’s come at a rather difficult time. Still. It’s nice for Lara to see a familiar face, one of a fellow senior agent. Lara secretly thanks every god she’s ever heard of.


Welcome back, Cistina. I’m thankful you’re safe.” She takes a deep breath. “Alright, so here’s what’s going on. We have several newcomers here, there were two others who were seriously injured. One of them was some hyena, about to lose a leg, and the blood on the ground is from a woman who also seemed to be leaking oil? Hibiki grabbed them and is on her way to the infirmary. I was almost attacked by this one- Utakata- who is injured and fainted shortly afterward. He woke up a little later,,” she points to Utakata, “and then this chap came along,” she gestures to the large robotic looking man, “He was ready to fight as well, but not quite as aggressive. I explained the situation to them, that they’re not in their own world. Then this lad, Vaccaria, came along,” she points to Vaccaria, “and he almost immediately begins to attack with light and fire. This young lady here,” she points to the young woman with catlike features, “helped bring him to the ground. Utakata extinguished some of the flames, Vaccaria put out the rest with ice magic when I told him I’d explain the situation if he came down, which also occurred. And thus we all spoke to each other for a little while. And then you came back. I already called Stan, who’s currently in a meeting with a few of the other senior agents. Hopefully someone is on the way here…. I have a bad feeling.


Lara blinks. “Oh bloody hell, speaking of which…” She dials the code again- 7826, and speaks to the cube once more. “One last thing. Cistina is back, and she’s safe. Over and out.” Lara hangs up. She sighs, relieved that everything is alright for now. “Anyway, er…” She turns to the cat girl and the mechanical man. “I apologize for not introducing you, I didn’t catch your names. And for you lot…. This is Cistina, another senior agent--- Utakata are you alright?” She notices how taut his jaw is, and seemingly lost in thought. Utakata looks up at her and blinks.


Uh- I--- Yeah. I’m fine, just….. Maybe I need to rest.


Right.” Lara nods and turns back to Cistina. “Anyway, welcome back. What happened? Where did you go?

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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable>
<Location: Gateway>
<Agents: Lara | Cistina>
<Other Participants: Grievous | Vaccaria | Garchomp>




Temeraire was... not too happy. Her plan had failed and caused her to eat dirt. She looked up and saw the same guy use what looked to be black magic to put out the same fire he'd caused.


So this guy - Vaccaria - was a black mage. Good to know.


The Miqo'te still wasn't sure what this four-armed cyborg thing was, or what the heck he used as weapons (if he used weapons at all), but hearing him mention some sort of Republic showed that at least he could speak (in spite of not having a visible mouth). Still, he left her very much on-edge, but Temeraire decided that he wasn't yet a threat - if they were to fight, then she certainly wouldn't cast the first blow against him.


Then she listened as Lara introduced herself and explained this XDRS group in more detail. All this talk of a multiverse and anchors and those strange communicator things was... a lot to take in. Did those little cubes seriously work as linkshells here??


And then the man who had vomited - thankfully not unconscious now - introduced himself as Utakata... after soaking Lara with a tidal wave of water. Temeraire found that absolutely hilarious and laughed, and to be fair, she'd needed that laugh after the fire. She'd opened her mouth to speak when two more came in: a strange flying shark thing and another hyur. A woman, by the looks of things.


...dang. Now that Temeraire got a good look at her surroundings, she could tell that things did not look good here, even after the fire was put out.


Once again, Temeraire listened as the two women spoke - this new hyur was named Cistina, apparently - and Lara described... pretty much all that had happened before Cistina had arrived.


"...uh, yeah, what she said. Anyway, my name is Temeraire Rhowa. ...or just Temeraire if that'll help."

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Status: Confused and alarmed but so far unharmed

Location: Gateway

People: Lara, Utakata, Cistina, Grievous, Vaccaria, Garchomp, Temeraire



Tien stumbled forwards, barely catching himself at the edge of a stone platform. Where was he? What had just happened? He hadn’t been Soulcasting, he shouldn’t have teleported…


Not that this felt like Shadesmar, anyways. Too solid. Tien blinked several times as he reoriented himself. This was...he’d never seen a place like this. The stone pillars didn’t look like the rocks he was used to, and there was grass blanketing the ground, not hiding from people even as they walked all over it. And...water puddles, ice, a pile of black...something, blood--Tien looked away quickly from the red puddle. Storms, this place looked like it had seen some chaos recently.


And that was just the environment. Tien turned his gaze to the people. A couple of them looked almost Shin, another looked sort of Veden but oddly off, and then there were the ones he just couldn’t pin down at all.

Something all angles and sharp edges, gleaming almost like Shardplate, with a bizarrely shaped face; Tien would almost think it was a spren, except he’d never seen one that looked like that. It gave him chills, like something in him was screaming wrong. Then there was the other one, blue, just as pointed, covered in scales and fins--at least the rest of them looked like people.


Tien slowly started to back away, raising one hand to cover Fractal. His spren hummed and slid onto his jacket, sending vibrations through his chest to help calm him.


It didn’t help much.

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General Grievous - Gateway


Even as he felt a battle stirring, the human who'd asserted herself before did her best to try and break up the fighting, offering an explanation as to why they were all there. Grievous could tell she wasn't entirely in her element, but hadn't given an inch. She even disarmed herself in an attempt to build trust.


Commendable, but now you're exposed. he thought.


After the lava had been created, another human woman and a small mammalian creature had been badly injured, and was being carried away by what he assumed to be one of their allies.


The one Grievous had assumed to be a Jedi Knight seemed confused at his earlier assertion. No Jedi would deny membership to the order; they considered it a great honor.


Then, why me?


The human - who identified herself as Lara Croft, explained that she and many others were members of an extra-dimensional restoration squad


Tuning out the conversations once again, Grievous was able to infer some key facts from this: there was a multiverse, and it was being threatened by an outside force.


The Kaleesh who remained smiled beneath his cold mask.


There's an enemy out there so powerful, that they threaten the entire universe... Even the Jedi are nothing compared to them. Truly, this would be a conquest for the ages!


Lara called on him for an introduction. Deciding that he needed to be friendly with these people in order to be accepted among their ranks, he put on a bit of a show by comparison to his normal stoic behavior.


"You may call me General Grievous." He said, bowing with one arm in front of himself and the other behind his back.


Might be best not to mention my past. I'm not sure how they'd react to finding out whom I served in my own world.

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Welcome back, Cistina. I’m thankful you’re safe. Ah, Lara. Cistina gives a curtsy, then replies: “And I you, judging by the status of the Gateway.


Well, from Lara's explanation, more new arrivals appeared than just the people she was facing. Inwardly, she gives a sigh of relief at that. Thank the gods for the new arrival's willingness to assist others, but pray someone directs her to Gladekeeper. I fear without Raine or any other dedicated medic, we may not be able to properly care for the injured.


As Lara pointed at the man who had attacked her, Cistina's lips thin. Though as she opened her mouth to reprimand him, she realizes that he was staring into the distance, lost in thought, likely not even giving his attention to what was being spoken in front of him.

Lara gestures at another robot, abet one much smaller than the two that arrived before, who then introduced himself as "General Grievous" with a bow.  Not a name that I would have expected to hear. She returned with a curtsy.

When Lara noted that this "Vaccaria" was the one responsible for much of the destruction around her, Cistina turns to face him, expression hard. 


“And what manner of devil bode you to have done such?” she asked, tone icy. From the corner of her eye, Garchomp steps up beside her, straightened to its full height, arms to the side and mouth open just enough for the tips of its teeth to show. Fortunately, before anything else happened, Lara hurried to point out a cat-eared girl, then explain that this "Vaccaria" had helped to put out the fires he started after he was promised an explanation. As Lara finished her explanation, the cat-eared (and tailed, now that she looked) girl then introduced herself as "Temeraire Rhowa."


"Hopefully someone is on the way here…. I have a bad feeling.


“Has something occurred?” Cistina immediately asks, alert. Did the actions of the god-wyrm ripple out to here? Before she could get an answer, though, there was the sudden lurching feeling as space shifted for a tear in the dimensions, and-! A god?! For a moment, Cistina's heart turned to ice, and she spun around, half-expecting the giant god-wyrm to be standing behind them.


A.... Relatively tall, scared looking boy at the edge of the stone platform. Cistina relaxed and gave him a smile. Of course that was not the god-wyrm, you fool. The aura of it was far greater than this deity's. “We will do no harm to you,” she said gently. As she opened her mouth to say more, though, Lara spoke her name, and Cistina turned her head for a moment... To see that Lara was simply introducing her to the new arrivals. She looked back at the deity and stepped forward so that Garchomp was at her back, then bowed. “And I bid you welcome to the Gateway of the Starry Skies, home of the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squad.


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Forum Signature--Fractal1.png

Forum Signature--Tien.png

Status: Calming down

Location: Gateway

People: Lara, Utakata, Cistina, Grievous, Vaccaria, Garchomp, Temeraire


"Focus," Fractal hummed softly. "The strange ones--they are not paying attention to us."


"Not yet," Tien muttered, clenching his first in the fabric where she’d settled. It was a good point, though. The Shardplate-creature loomed over a woman, but she didn’t seem to be afraid, so she probably had it handled--what was she wearing?


Tien snapped his gaze away from her, trying not to stare. The other creature stood next to a different woman. Though her features were foreign, her clothes were more familiar to him. A small relief. A very small relief when she spun to look at him. Tien’s heart stuttered in his chest. For a wild, irrational moment, he thought she might order the thing to attack him. That didn’t even make sense, she probably couldn’t command the creature--oh, storms, that was worse, what if it decided to attack him on its own--


"You will summon me if there is danger," Fractal buzzed, picking up on the quickening of his breath. "Focus. Breathe."


Right. Right right right. He had Fractal. Besides that, the woman was untensing, smiling at him.


"We will do no harm to you,” she said. True or not, the reassurance made Tien relax a little. Fractal’s hum of confirmation that it was a truth helped more. She glanced over at the other woman for a moment, then looked back at him and stepped forward. “And I bid you welcome to the Gateway of the Starry Skies, home of the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squad.”


Tien let his hand drop and took a deep, shaky breath, offering a weak smile. He understood most of those words, but in that particular order they made almost no sense. Maybe Fractal would be able to make more sense of them. “H-Hi. It’s...nice to meet you?”


He still had no storming clue what was going on, but at least he wasn’t about to be attacked.

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XDRS Base - 3rd Floor Observatory



Twilight had chosen the observatory at the top of the castle as their private meeting room. Much smaller than the dining hall, it only felt natural to use it for leadership meetings now that the organization appeared to expand at such a surprising rate. This meeting room with its six chairs around a round table used to be their debriefing room, the pony reminisced, and was the locale where Pascal performed some of her teleportation experiments before moving to the Gateway.


The room had fallen out of use and smelled of aged books and old carpet, but still, Twilight enjoyed its atmosphere. The decorative velvet curtains were drawn back to let the dawn light filter in and everything was blue enough to seemingly fade into the sky shown through the windows. in. Some books lined the shelves and a decorative star chart of this galaxy was hung on one wall. A telescope, visibly gathering dust, was pointed skywards. The observatory looked and felt ancient... though it probably hadn't been too long since the castle was built.


When everyone had arrived, Raine approached the heavy wooden door and pushed it shut. The door locked with an audible click, thus assuring that they wouldn't be interrupted or eavesdropped on.


"Thank you all for attending," the half-elf began, moving across the room to take a seat at the table and get to the point. She made eye contact with Natsuki before continuing. "I would like to discuss the state of the treasury, as brought to my attention by Natsuki. However, first I do have further things to report from the Marketplace. I didn't think they would have been appropriate things to bring up in a public meeting."


Raine slid a folded page across the table to Twilight, who magically lifted it up to read. "It is true that I was looking for the XDRS, but I was also on the lookout for other groups with either similar or conflicting goals to us. That's a list of names and information I could gather." She continued, "Whether we are conscious of it or not, the XDRS is gaining notoriety amongst world-hoppers and similarly dimensionally aware people and the reception isn't always positive."


She furrowed her brows, squinting. "What have you all been doing in the past few months? ...On the other hand, I don't think I want to know."


"Most notably on the sheet are two and a half organizations I would like to bring your attention to. The first is WOKE--" --Raine found herself interrupted by a snicker from Stan, and gave him a glare before continuing on, "-- and WOKE calls themselves the Worlds' Organizers of Key Elements. Their goal in the multiverse appears to be very similar to ours, in the sense that they seek and return anchors to restore stability. Second, there is a faction who calls themselves the MMRS, or Merged Multiverse Rejuvenation Squad, who believe that the worlds were meant to be crossed. Given the increasing instabilities, I can see why this would be a viable belief to hold. Third, they're not particularly an organization, but the Dark King Ganondorf is plundering whatever powerful artefacts he or his army can find. It's not uncommon for villains to seek power through the universe, but it's likely starting to become a problem if it has been reported on multiple occasions.


"And that is my report." Raine crossed her fingers on the table in front of her, signalling that she had finished.


"Well," Stan was the first to speak. He blinked a couple times. "I'm not surprised that the multiverse thinks we're a joke. But to be such a joke as to be on the radar... I'm kind of proud."


"Granted, the feedback I've gotten isn't that severe," Raine replied. "For the vast majority, it's along the lines of, quote, 'what are those guys even trying to accomplish here'."


Xander raised an eyebrow when Raine mentioned the treasury, but he kept quiet. He allowed himself to digest everything Raine had to say before clearing his throat.


I would have hoped XDRS would have been more respected than it is, but I can’t say I’m entirely too surprised by how people view it,” Xander sighed. He had to resist pinching the bridge of his nose, opting instead to slowly folding his hands together neatly on top of the table. “We do not have complete control of who the gateway brings to our front door, but I will not be so bold as to claim this the only reason management across the organization hasn’t been up to par. We are inexperienced with rules and functions of the multiverse and that inexperience has shown, but—” Xander turned his gaze towards Raine. “I can assure you that we learn from our mistakes. We do not take our job lightly.


With that said, I do have a question for you,” Xander said, frowning. “I would like to discuss these other organizations more, but I’m interested in what you meant by our financial situation. I checked the treasury myself before we left for the market. We’re not rich, but I would be hard pressed to say we’re low on funds.” Remembering that Raine claimed Natsuki knew more about the money problem, Xander glanced over at them. “Did something happen to our money while we were on the mission?”


Natsuki sat up straighter. “Yes. As you said, our funds were healthy before we went to the marketplace. However, when I attempted to purchase groceries my card was declined. Later investigation revealed that our treasury had been almost completely drained in a single purchase while we were at the marketplace. There’s a possibility that we were hacked, considering the number of technopaths in the multiverse, but if I may make a suggestion? It would be most efficient to question everyone that had access to our funds before investigating that avenue.”


"Barring the possibility that one of our chips was stolen and used," Raine added, understanding that Xander's priorities were more about the present situation than the hypothetical future of the organization, "Yes, it would be best to start with those who went to the marketplace. It was Pascal's idea to go and provide funds to the newcomers, and she herself tends to be a big spender. She was never really good with money, if I can be honest."


"Why didn't you mention this at the meeting?" Twilight asked. She tilted her head curiously. "You had everyone in one place at the time so it would have been easy to ask around, as opposed to chasing everyone down now."


Raine shook her head. "We didn't want to make more of a scene at the time. If we can discreetly find out who took the money and for what purpose, we can quietly lay this situation down to rest."


"So that's why you didn't invite Duke or Pascal..." Stan scratched his chin, expression amused. "Blabbermouths." Relaxed and relieved that it had nothing to do with him, he leaned backwards in his chair, lifting his feet and balancing it on two legs. "Well, I wasn't there at the market, so this part ain't my problem."


Xander squeezed his clasped hands together, his expression darkening as he lowered his head closer towards his hands. Back home, Xander was well acquainted with the importance of money. Nohr was a land devoid of many natural resources the kingdom needed to thrive, food and clean water included. Spending frivolously could have dire consequences; every cent had to be put to proper use. To say hearing about XDRS’s current financial problem was infuriating was an understatement.


I was not aware we were incompetent enough to let our entire treasury to slip right under our noses, within a few hours” Xander snapped. He abruptly stood up, rattling the chair underneath him as he pressed his hands flat against the table. “Perhaps I should place blame on myself for not being aware that Pascal was allotting how much money every agent could spend. If Pascal’s profligate spending was common knowledge then why did no one speak up when she was placed in charge with handing out funds? Even if it turns out that the issue was cybersecurity, we need to be more protective how we spend our money. We can’t let anyone, not even one of us, spend our entire treasury without consulting others and even then I would be hard pressed to see a single scenario when we need to shill out every coin under our name.


Xander straightened his back, exhaling aloud. He raised a hand to massage his temples. It would not do him good to let his emotions control him.


In the event that this was a cybersecurity problem, we should have been ready for it,” Xander continued, his voice softer. “I understand that anything is possible in the multiverse and maybe my limited knowledge of advanced technology is clouding my judgement, but I find it rather pathetic that we seem to have minimal, if any, safeguards when it comes to cybersecurity. We cannot continue to be unarmed electronically.” Xander lowered his hand, sighing as he did so. He took a moment to compose himself before turning his head towards Natsuki and Raine.


“I agree that we should check up with everyone at the marketplace individually to see how much we actually spent. I believe we’ll need to have a word with the all the agents regarding how much money can be appropriately spent. I think it would be most beneficial to put a cap on how much any agent can spend, but it doesn’t hurt to educate everyone on proper spending.” Turning his head back around to address the entire table, Xander continued. “If it turns out our money was stolen and we didn’t overspend, we should try to see if we can somehow get our funds back. Whether or not we can reacquire our funds, we should learn how to properly protect ourselves to this problem won’t happen in the future. Now, is there anything else we need to


The main door to the observatory slammed open, the wood splintering on impact with the wall. A white blur flew through the air. Xander could barely register what he was seeing until the blur collided straight into Stan’s head with a resounding thud! With a cry the man toppled backwards from the force, flipping his already precarious chair and sending him toppling to the ground.


"How can I help you, Stan?" said the cube. The AI was very much unaware that it potentially knocked out a man.


What’s up, losers?” Xander glared at the door to see Nata leaning casually against the door frame. “I heard you were having a secret meeting up here.” Nata twirled the strap of his kukri around his wrist. “Actually that’s a lie. I threatened a luma until it told me where you were. They’re not very good at keeping their mouths shut.


Nata,” Xander began slowly. “You can’t just barge into the meeting room and assault another agent.” Nata quit twirling his kukri in favor of pointing accsuingly it at Xander.


Listen, ramenhead,” Nata said. “I didn’t come here to listen to your boring meeting about stocks or real estate or whatever it is you folk talk about. I came here because I was getting food for my fiance when I heard the little, square chatterbox going off in Stan’s room. Some woman was talking about a bunch of stuff going on at the gateway.” Nata shook his kukri vaguely in the air. “Something about needing backup or whatnot.” Xander, suddenly realizing what Nata threw at Stan, did a double take before glaring at the younger agent.




She said something about a girl bleeding oil,” Nata continued, ignoring Xander completely. “A newcomer just set the grass on fire, and ooh! The yellow chick is back. I didn’t realize she left in the first place, but what do I know?” Nata shrugged. “I just sit here, look pretty, and stab things. Anyway,” Nata ceased waving his knife. I just thought you’d want to know since it seemed pretty important. Did you want to, oh I don’t know, go electrocute a few people down there or are we done here?” Xander stared at Nata, unsure of how to react. In lieu of giving Nata an answer, he glanced over at Stan who surely wasn’t doing well after being hit square in the face with a cube.


Stan? Are you doing alright? Do you need a healer?


"He'll live," Raine answered in his stead. Already half standing up before Nata even began explaining, she gave Natsuki a look and was preparing to leave. "There might potentially be other issues that require my more urgent attention."


Xander gave Stan another momentary glance before turning his attention back to the table.

Considering the circumstances, I believe this meeting should be adjourned for the time being.” With a last respectful nod to the other agents, Xander motioned for Nata to follow him as he followed Raine out of the room.


nat slumped over and died because xander was upset


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♫ Name: Utakata ♫

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, Lara, Cistina, Tien, Grievous ♫

            ♫ Support: Garchomp  ♫

            ♫ Status: Injured, less scared, brother instincts kicking in ♫


            ~~You sweet summer child~~




When Utakata comes out of his trance, So much is happening all at once. First this “Cistina” appears and now the boy. At least, he assumes the boy’s young, although he’s centimeters taller that Utakata. He looks terrified, clearly unaware of where he is. Cistina’s welcome is nice, sure, but it doesn’t explain anything. It doesn’t explain to the boy anything about where he is or who anyone else here is.


Something kicks in.



Hamako, there you are! …..Why are you crying so much? You didn’t go too far.” The child’s crystal blue eyes peek out from her veil of deep brown hair. Utakata puts a hand on her shoulder, the ten-year-old looking at her with eyes of concern. Hamako sniffles and buries her face in his arm. “Hey, hey, Hama-chan, don’t cry! I’m here.


“Dammit, where are these brats--- THERE you are. Seriously, Mom and Dad have been looking for you everywhere! Can’t you have some goddamn sense and not run off, Utakata?” Utakata puffs his cheeks at his much-older brother.


Kaito… You didn’t even bother looking for Hama-chan, did you?


“You better shut your trap and come with me. Shizue is with the parents, and she’s tired and wants to go home. Let’s go.” He grabs Hamako by the arm and roughly pulls her along. The six-year-old yelps in surprise and pain and struggles to get out of her brother’s grip. Utakata glares at him.


Hey, let her go! You’re being rough!” To which he’s greeted with a hard slap to the face.


The rest of the way home he doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t even look at Kaito for the rest of the night, but he does make sure to comfort Hamako, who only cried harder when she saw Utakata get slapped.



That’s right, his siblings. Hamako would be twenty two at this point. She’s still significantly older than this boy seems. But something about his lost puppy look reminds him of her, especially on that day. He sighs. Lara appears to be about to say something, but he’d rather her not explain everything again.


Hey. Lara. Don’t worry, I got this one. I think I understand.” He looks at the boy, who seems to be visibly confused even after Cistina’s little spiel. “Hey, I’m Utakata. I’m not gonna hurt you either, it’s alright. I’m new here too, and honestly I was just as confused until a couple of minutes ago. …..Okay maybe I’m still a little confused,” he notes with a chuckle. “Anyway, so uh…. Lemme just fill you in on what’s happening. So, from what Lara over there said,” he begins as he gestures to Lara , “there’s basically this entire giant multiverse- a lot of different places, worlds, with different species and stuff. We basically got pulled from our home worlds, and here we are- the Gateway to the Starry Skies. There’s an organization that Lara and Cistina,” he gestures to Cistina, “are currently agents of. That would be XDRS, one of them can tell you what that stands for later, it’s a whole mouthful. But basically they’re based here and they try and help maintain peace in other worlds and return stuff that doesn’t belong. I assume, considering the motley crew we have here, that there’s just as much variety among agents as there is here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a walking, talking slug wandering around.” Utakata laughs. The irony.


He looks over at Cistina and Lara. “How’d I do? Did I hit all the bases?


He sees Lara’s jaw drop a little. Internally, he grins. Success.

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