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[OOC // XDRS Information Terminal]





Ready! Standby...


Location: Gateway to the Starry Skies

Time: Early afternoon

Current Environment: Eternal dawn 

Recent travel log:
0101-2 - Luthadel
0102   - The Black Market

0103   - Hawai'i

0104   - Val Habar


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Twilight Sparkle - Gateway


Pascal remembered to bring a frying pan this time. 


"Pascal, is this really --"


The young woman put a gloved hand over the pony's snout to hold it shut and stop her from saying any more. She a finger over over her lips in a silencing gesture. The way which the corners of her lips curled into a cheeky smile worried Twilight a little bit. That two legged creature really reminded her of Pinkie Pie's mannerisms, though instead of being obsessed with throwing parties this one was also as immersed into arcane research as she was, which was a fantastic thing. It was like a breath of fresh air, being able to talk to someone who actually understood the jargon. Twilight's wings drooped, signaling that she had given up on questioning Pascal's methods.


It took the woman a lot of effort to not take off running and instead keep pace with the pony as they traveled across the fascinating little planet. It really was a blessing that Princess Rosalina pointed it out to them and helped everyone settle in; Twilight didn't know where the Restoration Squad would be without a proper place to call their own. It was perfect, too: according to the star princess, this planet -- Gateway to the Starry Skies, as she called it -- supposedly had the ability to attract lost heroes and land them safely here within the meadows.


Well, it definitely was able to do that now, after Pascal did some work on it. Twilight envied her engineering expertise -- she herself was simply a theory pony.


Cross-dimensional ripples always seemed to put a spring into the Amarcian's step, and the alicorn speculated that it was either because it proved her gadgets worked, but it was more likely that she was just someone eager to meet new people with strange new powers. The past month raced by with dizzying speed, starting with their first breakthrough regarding the nature of these time-space anomalies and since then, there were quite a number of people who have come, gone, and stayed.


The Gateway itself was a collection of tall, dark boulders arranged in a circle, surrounding a meadow of yellow flowers that Pascal half-destroyed to make room for a stone platform in its center. It made transfer trips a lot easier, according to her, which wasn't exactly a false statement. There were still enough flowers to catch the fall of any chance arrivals, but some might have had the misfortune to land on the rock into which was inscribed the teleportation glyph. If the dimensional shift didn't knock them out, then the hard landing pad would have.


Pascal whipped out the frying pan with an uncharacteristic amount of aggression and banged it against the foot of her staff, not even bothering to check the bodies hidden among the marigolds. "Rise~ and~ Shine~!" she shouted, her voice and her clanging likely reaching all the way back to the main base.


Twilight hoped she wouldn't disturb any of the agents trying to sleep at this hour. It was already hard enough to have a regular sleeping pattern with the planet stuck in eternal dawn.

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He watched the dark shapes dance in circles around him, their cat-like claws swiping at him in a menacing manner. Sora lashed out with Oblivious, aiming Oathkeeper in another direction and blasting Heartless back with a Fire spell. Utilizing the magic in his yellow and black outfit, he leaped into the air and moved well out of the hoard's reach. Some attempted to pursue but couldn't reach high enough. Curling his body before abruptly spreading out his limbs, a sphere of electrical energy sparked into existence. Several bolts of lightning rained upon the cluster of Shadows and Neoshadows, destroying many.


Quickly, he dived down, back into their reach. He held his arm out before him, Oblivion hovering just in front of his open palm. The black Keyblade spun at an incredible speed, striking any Heartless creature that failed to move out of the way. 


A flash of light blinded him and, suddenly, he was falling. Grass and flowers rushed towards him and he cried out, arms and legs flailing. He hit the ground with an audible thud, bouncing slightly with momentum and tumbling several feet before coming to land on something. Dazed, he touched a hand to his head and grunted. Letting his vision sort itself out, he started to mumble, "What happened?" 

Blinking rapidly, he stared down at a pale face and green eyes. After a moment, Sora gave a short cry of surprise as he realized he was laying on top of someone. "Ah! Sorry!" Scrambling to his feet as yelling and the obnoxious bang of metal reached his ears, the boy twisted around on his feet. "Whoa! Where am I?" he called back.

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(Looks like I'm first. Badu will wait a bit.


EDIT: Never mind, apparently I got jumped at the last second.)


Audrey shoots awake. She hears something loud and calling voice to match. Immediately, she takes out her knives and holds them in a combat-ready stance, before realizing there was no danger.


She was lying in a flowery field. The sky above looked like twilight, and in the distance there was a young woman beating a pot.


Loud enough to wake the dead, and goodness knows I have enough trouble making end's meet without that happening.


Either way, she figured that since this wasn't the Hamlet at all, it was best to get answers.


Audrey stood, brushed herself off, readjusted her hat, and walked over to the girl with the staff, not stopping until she was in front of her.


Then, with a trace of suspicion in her voice, she asked a question.


"Where am I?"

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Pascal - Gateway


Some of the people were beginning to stir and get up, one of them even jumping straight into an aggressive stance like a startled cat. Pascal had seen her fair share of reactions to being pulled through dimensions to an unknown place, from fear to joy to blind rage, and that was probably part of the reason why Twilight never let her let her check out newcomers without backup -- she glanced sideaways at Nata who was leaning against one of the stones jutting out of the grass -- even if Pascal knew she was more than capable of knocking someone out. That woman, whose clothes were a strange mix of nobility and peasantry, had put away her blades after realizing there were no active threats but immediately marched straight towards Pascal, having pegged her as someone in charge.


Pascal cleared her throat in preparation for the introduction she had rehearsed many times before (with variations). 


"Welcome!" she said with a warm smile, staff in one hand and the frying pan in the other. "If you've found yourself here, then we probably saved you from a fate that's a lot worse. The universe has gotten all loopy 'n stuff recently with dimensional portals getting ripped here and there, and we're part of an organization that works to patch things up! I'm Pascal, and that's Princess Twilight Sparkle!" With her staff, she motioned to herself, then her friend.


"This place is called The Gateway to the Starry Sky -- or Gateway for short,"  Twilight answered both the woman and the boy who had just fallen from the sky. She had winced when his fall was cushioned by another, but the impact wouldn't have caused much injury to either of them. "Located in Gateway Galaxy, a collection of small bodies orbiting a blue star, but it is unlikely that you have heard of it before. Feel free to rest for a little while. This place is safe."




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The noise of a frying pan was what awoke Reshiram. Slitted blue eyes blinked in confusion -- Where am I? This isn't the castle? -- before recalling the days in the strange land... Ylisse?... when they had been confronted by a green-haired woman who had sealed their power into a stone, and the day prior to waking, a pale-yellow-haired man who had found them and brought them here. They had wandered the base after a brief tour, and seen all manner of confusing items. There were metal things that let them understand the strange new languages spoken here. They looked around at rhe alien halls, the architecture completely foreign.


They'd been hearing about this X-D agency, as well as something about "stay here till we find your homeworld". Ylisse wasn't home. Unova was. But... how had they ended up in Ylisse? The castle... hadn't they woken up in a different castle with people dressed strangely speaking a language that shared a few scant words with theirs but yet sounded so different? Their eyes wandered to a pale hand... a hand. A slight shiver. This wasn't their body. They needed the stone in the pocket of their garment to take their own shape.


Slowly, jerkily, Reshiram got up. They stretched out an unsteady hand, trembling slightly. They still weren't yet used to wings being replaced by arms in this form, nor to the change of body structure. White hair fell over one eye as Reshiram made their way towards where the racket had come from. A hand roughly brushed the hair out of their eye, dragging too hard on pale skin and causing Reshiram to wince and growl. The Legendary stopped once they had got close, observing the clearing.


Two boys were engaged in a display of cheek-rubbing, as a woman made for another woman and what looked like a purple Blitzle with wings, an odd mane and tail, and unusual body proportions. Another boy was also watching the clearing. The white-clad Manakete stood and listened to the woman's speech about the organization and the pony's explanation of their position. They were sure to stand a bit back, observing the others that they could see.

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Jowan [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


Like the Harrowing, the the procedure of the Rite of Tranquility was a closely-guarded secret. The Tranquil never spoke of it - of course they didn't - and trying to get information from Templars that had overseen the rite was an act in futility. He would know- he'd asked more than a few people, when he had still lived at the Circle. His captors still refused to tell him anything, but he'd know the process intimately enough soon. Jowan still wished that he knew. It was obvious enough that the Rite involved a mark branded onto one's forehead with lyrium, but other than that he didn't have a clue. Not knowing was almost worse than the threat of what would happen to him. 


He clenched his hands, but the ends of his fingers were covered with metal caps. It was unfortunate, as the pain of fingernails digging into flesh would have been a welcome distraction. He'd also been gagged. It neither painful nor meant to prevent him from speaking, but the Templars were taking precautions, however unnecessary they were. It wasn't like they'd have any trouble finding him again even if he was planning on escaping. 


A pair of Templar guards approached his cell, one holding a key. "You'll be escorted to the chamber now." Jowan detected a hint of contempt in the Templar's voice. It wasn't unexpected; clearly, many of them thought that he should have been executed. They were probably right. He was lucky to be alive, and it was more than he deserved. 


He nodded and rose to his feet, chains around his ankles and hands clinking as he did so. The lock on the door clicked open, and- 


-there was a brief moment of weightlessness before the air was knocked out of his lungs and he crashed to the ground. Groaning, he pushed himself to his feet with some difficulty and squinted at the place that he found himself. Flowers had cushioned his fall slightly, and he wasn't alone. 


It didn't make any sense. He wasn't in the Fade- at least, he didn't think he was at first. There were no other explanations for it, though. Some part of the Rite of Tranquility that they needed him to be surprised for? It certainly wasn't what he was expecting, whatever that was. Being strapped to a table while mages chanted ominously in ancient tongues, maybe. 


Hearing someone speaking, he looked up and took a startled step backwards and nearly feel when the chain among his ankles drew taut. Aside from several humans (demons?) wearing very odd clothing there was some kind of purple quadruped that spoke. Yeah, no, he wasn't going to believe anything that it or its companion were saying. This seemed more like the whispered rumors of what the Harrowing was like than anything that was supposed to make him Tranquil, but whatever was going on listening to some oddly-shaped demon wouldn't help him. Besides, it wasn't saying anything that made sense. Gateway to the Starry Sky? Even most ancient and legendary artifacts didn't have such ridiculous names. 


One problem- he didn't actually have any way to escape, fight back, or speak out against the demons, whether he listened or not. 

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   What's the progress?

   Still at 53%.

   Upload rate still 0?

   Yes. The machine shifted as she waited for her companion's response. Is there another jammer?

   Must be, the prompt grumbled back to her. There was a hint of static afterward, so she reached up with one retrieval arm to make sure the wires were snug. It was hard to not fidget while she was hooked up to this system, as it would pull the wires loose and she would lose contact, but she wasn't fast enough to take out radio towers without being blown to pieces by the military. Besides that, the locations of these towers were scrambled; she boasted she could figure them out, but Typheus insisted that she stayed behind regardless.

   A disappointment; smashing towers would be a lot of fun. There just wasn't enough artificial adrenaline in guerrilla tactics, and especially not when you're hiding in a surveillance room in a high-security building, hoping some guy didn't come up behind you and fry your circuits.


   Fiddlesticks, Typheus's voice came back to her mind.

   What? she mumbled.

   Can you see me?

   The brown machine moved her head slightly, scanning the many monitors in front of her. Each one supervised a radio tower, but only the tops of the towers could be seen, and they had no recorded locations; the humans were trying very hard to capture them and prevent counterattacks, but as long as she could see Typheus, he could giver her the coordinates and she could take the towers out. Without the towers, they could upload false data, and with the false data they could shake the military off their tails for a while.

   The problem was finding these towers in the first place, with all of the dupes scattered about the place.

   I don't see you, she began, when suddenly all the monitors turned blank. What the-?!

   What?! Typheus asked.

   Oh... nothing. Just another prompt, Fiddlesticks's voice died into a grumble upon seeing the pop-up window. Every thirty minutes this stupid thing asked for fingerprint identification. Typheus couldn't send a snort of amusement through the console, but she did sense him laughing at the other end. Shut up.

   I know we're sniping enemy towers, but you're way too tense for this, he commented. She stifled a sigh and reached down at her feet, finding the hand she had taken to bypass security. I mean, the dead guy wasn't using his hand, so why not make use of it, right?


   While she tossed it back up on the on-board scanner, she bothered turning sharp enough to see the one window of the room she was in, by the door, and glimpsed a shiny object. She froze. Shiny objects in a darkened hallway, halfway up the window... it was too soon. How did she not see them coming?

   Fool, she berated herself, I'm even attached to the security system, and I STILL missed them!

   Typheus, she said through the console.

   Yeah? he answered.

   I'm disconnecting.

   Wait, what? he said in confusion, Why would you-?

   Position compromised; and no, I can't see you.

   WAIT FIDD-! his shocked cry was cut off as she tore the wires off of her head, turning and making eye contact with the shiny object. There was one, then two, three, four... six, maybe ten all in that window, and those were just the ones she could see. She couldn't see much else of the soldiers, as they were deliberately black to blend in with the mess she had made of the building's halls, but she still felt confident that she could take them out. Typheus could wait a couple of minutes while she solved this problem, right?

   She advanced toward them, the remaining wires snapping off and leaving bits of solder behind. The soldiers held their rank, as neither of them could shoot through the glass; but that just gave Fiddlesticks incentive to break it.


   She burst forward into a charge, locking onto her targets, becoming filled with murderous glee as they all backed off quickly.

   That's right! Run! she thought, raising a bayonet at that window, Let's make this FUN!

   She plunged the bayonet forward, shattering the glass-

   THWACK! The blade bounced off a stone surface! Her mind burst into confusion.

   What the-?!

   Her underestimation of the force resulted in her stumbling back, ears flaring up. The first two seconds were spent staring in shock at the stone pillar before her, then she shot her head down at the sound of grass under her feet. WHAT??


   There was a clang behind her, and she whipped around, trying to adjust to the new light and open space, but instead a white machine flew toward her!

   "AAA!" She tried to react in time, but it didn't really work. He crashed into her, and they both crashed back into the pillar, denting both their hulls. There was an awkward moment of bewilderment as they laid there, before he pushed himself off of her.

   "What in Alkinest...?" he mumbled stumbling on his feet. "Where...?"

   "TYPHEUS you-!!" Fiddlesticks prepared a loud insult, but only ended up pointing at him, too angry to come up with something appropriate. "You dolt, you crashed into me!" she finished lamely.

   "Not on purpose!" he argued, closing his wings back up, as he was in flight before crash-landing. He looked around grumpily while she pushed herself up, and both of their annoyance died back at the new sight:

   This grass was too green. The sky was at dawn, not midnight. The curvature of the world was visible. They were in a meadow, not a city, and encircled by tall stones like the one she had crashed into. There were humans here, too; but not anyone she recognized. Some of them even looked a bit eccentric... and there was some kind of purple Earth animal? She hadn't seen a purple version before. Heck, she hadn't seen any purple animals before!


   Fiddlesticks slowly stood up the rest of the way, feeling like their sudden, random entrance had interrupted everything. Was this some kind of simulation? There was a human touching some other human's face, and two other humans were halfway through some sort of emotional discussion, and the human beside the purple Earth animal was holding a frying pan...?

   She looked at Typheus. Mech expressions were already hard to read thanks to the blast shields having a static design, but even the glow of his eye said nothing. If this was a simulation, he would know it, but if it wasn't, then where the heck were they? What happened?!


   ((EDIT: Oh whoops, Twilight is purple, not pink.))

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((Quick two liner I want to get in before Doc posts.))


"What, is he a friend of yours, Nata?" Pascal asked with a shrug, after the gloomy-looking black-haired human had grabbed him then let him go once he had calmed down. Well, if they weren't friends, then that kid would have been dead where he stood.



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Audrey, the Grave Robber


Well, she's not wrong. All kinds of people die in the dungeons... But it's not like perfectly well-adjusted individuals would risk their lives fighting monsters.


Audrey glanced for a moment to the pink unicorn with wings. Strange as this was, she'd long been jaded to most strange things.


Not even going to ask.


She looked away slightly, raising her hand in a circling gesture, then raising one finger at the end.


"So, I assume you're going to ask me to join your cause. This is essentially kidnapping, but I've been through worse. I only have one question."


Her voice took on a serious timbre.


"Do I get paid?"

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Jowan [ Gateway ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


He was beginning to rethink his idea that he was in the Fade as some part of the Rite. No, clearly he had gone insane. Snapped from the stress, maybe. Another blood mage was controlling his mind and locking him in a nightmare. Something like that. There was no other explanation for half of the things that- Maker's breath what are those. He let out a muffled shriek. 


They were large, had far too much leg, were made out of some kind of metal, and had more sharp bits sticking out from them than he was comfortable with. They'd also appeared out of thin air, somehow, and that wasn't a thing that was supposed to happen. No. Nope. He was getting out of there, whatever the oddly calm blue (blue!) haired boy said. Even if Jowan accepted death, being stepped on by some kind of... golem or something wasn't what he had in mind. 


He started to step (or shuffle, more like) backwards as quickly as he good. He didn't get very far before he bumped into someone. Startled, he turned around as quickly as he could manage. It had been a human boy with white hair, who had apparently been conversing with another human with even more improbable hair. How many people were there here? 

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Cistina stabbed forward one last time before relaxing her stance and exhaling. One kata ended, another to go. But she had wanted to go and see the new arrivals before she got into practicing her magic, so at the first clang of Pascal's pan, Cistina perked up. Magic can wait! She got into a ran and leapt into the air, letting the winged boots work their magic, then almost instinctively calling a tailwind to speed herself up.

..... Maybe that was a bad idea. The wind and the perpetual dawn already made it chilly, and she was soaked in sweat from the kata. The tailwind died off and Cistina landed, shivering. The stones were in walking distance now, at least, and she can see the people gathered there, so she set off at a light jog. Hopefully she could warm up too.

As she approached, she saw the air above the stone circle seemed to warp, then suddenly two giant creations, one shiny bronze, the other shiny silver, fell onto the stone circle in the middle of the ring. She vaguely recalled a certain term for metal creatures like them.... Robe-ought? A bit of jogging later, and she could see the motley group gathered around the ring this time. A man bound in chains. An unfamiliar face standing near Nata, scowling. Two boys--Though really, she probably wouldn't be that much older than them--strangely close to each other, one of them touching the other, both with surprised expressions. A hardened-looking woman talking to Twilight and Pascal. 

And then she heard another pop.


"Kasjias's homeworld...." Light stared at the bright planet in the Pandemonian sky. It was rare for the sky to clear here, and even rarer for a planet to drift by, but she was seeing both sights. The planet, Echon, looked so close, it could almost be a moon... Despite herself, she shuddered, and she swore something in her seemed to react to the thought. The moon, Del-NO. Light shook her head, and focused on her thoughts of Echon. She wanted to know what kind of unforgiving world could lead to a being so... Powerful as the Fourth Apostle. Light looked back at her friends, gathered and talking with Joshua, preparing to head to that mysterious world, and dusted her pants. Well, no need for speculating when she would head there in a few short minutes!

"Come on, Rao!" She called, and a little mine lizard--but Rao really can't be considered a lizard without legs, can she?-- zipped to her shoulder as she stood up and headed towards the group, humming to herself while she...

... She fell. But she didn't trip--it was more as if the ground below her suddenly collapsed. But it happened so fast she barely had any time to react befor--AAHHHHHHHHHH!

Light snapped her hand--Thank all the stars that looked over Issa!--and in a swirl of purple smoke, she was kneeling beside a craggy, scarred man cast in chains. And the world was so bright! Was she back in Arad? But then how did she fall through Pandemonium? She looked at the man next to her. Why was he gagged? What was with the strange group of people gathered here? Was that a purple unicorn with wings? This place didn't feel like Arad, somehow... But first things first. 

"Would you like me to help you with that gag?" she asked the chained man. But he didn't seem to be in a talking mood, and stepped back quickly, bumping into a white haired boy.


Another arrival, a girl with hair that looked like red sweetmeats and a purple flower of some kind. Cistina cocked her head, then headed towards Pascal and Twilight. "I think the new arrivals need you to repeat your speech."

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Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ]

Natsuki saved and shut the word processor before rubbing their temples. Paperwork was, at least, familiar, even if most of the agents didn't seem to know how to write a proper report. Nata, for example- however good he was in the field, they were pretty sure that they had never seen a scrap of paper from him. Which, of course, left them to pick up the slack. Perhaps they couldn't expect everyone to have much training, but the others would have to learn. Saving the multiverse wouldn't happen unless everyone was focused and organized, and they were understaffed enough as it was.  


Speaking of Nata, they wondered how the thing at the Gate was going. With any luck, no one had died. Personally, they weren't happy with Pascal and Twilight's idea of 'security' being one man with some knives, even if they could take care of themselves. There just wasn't enough information about who or what might come through the Gate. 


They stood and stretched their arms, followed by their legs. Joints popped and cracked with each new movement. Everything seemed to be in working order, at least. It'd be a shame if their knee joints caught again and no one could fix it. 

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Reshiram jumped a bit when two shiny metallic things fell from the sky. What are those? They looked utterly alien. Even Steelix didn't look like THAT...  They stepped back. A man in chains and a gag was trying to move as the red-and-white-haired woman talked to a man holding small blades.


An oddly haired girl appeared and started talking to the chained man. Reshiram took a furtive glance around, hand slipping into the coat and bunching it up a bit, before groping for and finding the pocket. Reshiram thrust their hand in a bit too sharply, wnd the coat tightened around their back before their muscles relaxed. The searching hand came in contact with the stone, and held tight.


Their eyes found another human, a brown-haired woman this time, who was also watching the scene between the stones unfold.


Reshiram moved away from her slightly, before looking back to scene with the stones. Two men were talking, one of them the man with blades. They shifted their feet a bit. The curvature of the land was visible, oddly. How big was this place? The white dragon wasn't sure what do, and their free hand wandered before tugging at, touching the fabric of the coat. Humans had so much touch, compared to what Reshiram was used to. They shivered a bit as their left hand rubbed at the coat fabric, which was fairly smooth to the eye but soft-rough in texture when felt.

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   Oookaaaay, so this is normal? That was all Fiddlesticks could think as she watched the others within the stone circle. They were evidently noticed - hard to miss 3,800 pounds of metal dropping from the sky - but there wasn't even a quarter of the amount of alarm she expected. One albino human had jumped up nervously and began backing off, and there was a bound man on the ground in a completely different garb (well, in all honesty, none of these humans seemed to dress normally) who was trying to hop away from the scene, but that was it.

   The machine's eye traveled over the strangers in the group, keeping her turrets down and letting Typheus do the judging; the last time she jumped the gun on who was a threat to who, they both nearly exploded. She found her interest lingering on the two men standing at the edge of the clearing, by a stone pillar.

   What is wrong with that human? her thoughts began to prod, watching as the one closest to her shakily went behind the pillar to take a breather. A betrayal, perhaps? She then looked down a bit, looking at the boy who wore two of her favorite colors: red and black. Spiky hair! she thought in amusement.


   “As Twilight said, you’re in the Gateway now." The blue-haired human that had been preoccupied now spoke up. "If you want to go home then too bad. You’re here because your home got screwed over and you got lucky enough to be rescued.” Fiddlesticks flinched at his harsh tone, eye narrowing. “So, if you want to know what’s happening you better shut up and listen, m’kay?”

   She turned to Typheus, who glanced at her and popped open his emitters. Any idea what's going on? he asked privately through the console.

   She just glared at him. Unless she cut open his arm again so they could talk privately, there was no way she could ask him if she could just smash things and leave. Not without talking aloud anyway. Luckily he knew her well enough to suspect violence, and chose to take the initiative before she did, raising his hand.

   I know he said 'shut up', but let's just wait and see what happens, he said. She flushed out her air intake in a grumpy sigh; she'll shut up when she wants to shut up! He ignored her though, noting two new arrivals onto the scene: a brown-haired girl who approached normally from a distance, scanning the group with the same confidence he did, and a red-haired girl who simply popped into existence, just like someone decided to spawn into a simulation! The girl looked just as baffled at the scene as the other people within the circle; he watched her closely.

   Wary, but not traumatized, he noted, as she reacted immediately to the bound man trying to hop away. So is this normal? She could be an outlier. He turned to the other newcomer, who had stopped beside the woman with the frying pan and staff and the small, purple horse. Fiddlesticks probably doesn't remember what that's called, he thought, judging their threat levels. Everything was looking safe so far... some quick assessments of the others proved that there was nothing to worry about, yet. So he just had to keep Fiddlesticks in check so she didn't attack, otherwise things would just spiral down from there.


   The said machine didn't really care though, regarding the others with mixed feelings of distrust and curiosity. She began scraping her bayonets together, wondering if the strangers were made of more calcium than ordinary humans - or if any of them were ordinary, really - but Typheus reached over and grasped her turrets at the grating sound.

   Not yet. We don't even know if we're still on Earth, he pointed out.

   "Government tricks," she mumbled, recalling her prior, unsavory experiences with strange things.

   It's fine. Remember, they're like spiders: they're more afraid of you than you are of them.

   The analogy didn't really apply to Fiddlesticks, since she had recently found a fascination with the skittish arachnids, but the analogy made her calm somewhat. At the same time, Typheus knew that the longer they waited, the tighter her trigger became. He just hoped that these people were as friendly as the human rebels they met, and give her motivation to actually cooperate.

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Pascal - Gateway


Oh,” she seemed satisfied with Nata’s explanation, however dodgy it was. “So you’re like a…  Before she could finish, a banging louder than Pascal’s pan clattered through the clearing and the young woman jumped at the sudden noise. Shaking off the startled feeling still prickling in her fingers, Pascal traced the trajectory of the two hunks of metal with her eyes. She sprinted towards the rock they had struck to make sure that it remained undamaged, going as far as to climb up it partway up like a gecko. A quick visual check confirmed that it was still perfectly vertical, perpendicular to the curvature of the earth, but through tactile examination the stone was no longer as smooth where the metal had chipped it.


She frowned, Pascal spit on her thumb and attempted to rub away the imperfection. It didn’t go away. She decided to forget about it for now, and slid back down onto land.

Preoccupied by the state of the gate, she hadn’t had a good look at the scraps that fell in until then. “Woah,” A pause. She did a double-take. “Whoa,” Pascal repeated. “These things are huuuuge! Not as big as some monsters like the Rockagong, but they’re still pretty big! Bigger than anything I’ve built – unless you count the whole dimensional transfer system…!


The two seemed to be speaking to each other, having some sort of squabble between them before going quiet. Pascal sucked in a loud gasp. “You can talk?! Your behaviors are so lifelike, I bet there’s someone inside!” Grabbing the staff she had dropped, she ran towards the foot of the brown one. The body of the mech did seem a tad small to fit a human without cramming them in, so maybe they were indeed automated instead of controlled – or they were controlled, but by a species of gnomelettes or other tiny aliens. Hard to say. The chassis had deep seams, meaning that it could probably pop open like a pistachio, probably for maintenance or for deploying weapons, and now that she was close she could see the intimidating mecha did have a good number of dents and off-color portions that were from repairs.


You need a new coat of paint, my bud,” she remarked, reaching out to knock the metal of its long legs.

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Twilight - Gateway


Your world actually getting wiped from the multiverse is a possibility, though not a very likely one,” Twilight built upon Nata's explanation. There was no use lying to their guests, but there was probably a better way to welcome them than for Nata and Pascal to tell them that everything they knew was dead. “That's part of what we're trying to figure out right now, and what we're doing here."


The fact that you made that assumption is proof that you have a good heart.” Answering the woman in the hat, the pony shook her head from side to side. “You’re not wrong. We always need more help, but we can’t pay you, I’m sorry. There’s not much stopping you – or any of you – “ she motioned towards Seha with her muzzle, “from leaving, but it might take us a couple days or a couple weeks to locate your homeworld’s position so you can return.


And make sure it’s still there, she added to herself.


Trotting over to the two young humans and the tied up man, all while keeping an eye on the tall and sharp newcomers, Twilight focused on her glowing horn. She made use of her magic to free the prisoner, his shackles breaking through the pull of a pink force and his other bindings removed except for his claw-protectors. He was covered in blood which she couldn’t tell if it was his or someone else’s, but unlike the majority of others he seemed completely unarmed and genuinely afraid.


By this time the human with the baggy pants had stood up, summoning some sort of key-like artifact to face the two mechanical beings, one of which was shuffling its blades -- was that out of nervousness, or was it eagerness? The alicorn princess made a mental note of everyone present, and thought that maybe it was time to move along to avoid a potential squabble. “Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable to continue this discussion? I'll ask someone at the base to make some tea for us. I'm Twilight, by the way, and that's Nata." She pointed to the spiky blue haired boy with her front hoof. "Pascal, Cistina, would you mind staying to see if anyone else shows up in the gateway?

Pascal made no sign that she actually heard her. Cistina would probably fill her in.


The pony took a few steps towards the direction of headquarters, but looked back to make sure at least some of the beings were following. She wondered if the giant metal beasts would even fit through the door, but that was if they even chose to follow along.


((Doublepost but oh well. x-post from discord: If it's not in someone's character to follow Twilight, then don't -- you can stay put where Pascal is.:twilight: will be very disappointed if no one actually ends up following her, though))

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When the strange Blitzle started talking about going somewhere to continue the chat, it caught Reshiram's attention. An explanation? Would there be an explanation now for what had been going on? They decided to follow, slipping away from the rocks and keeping the purple creature in sight. They occasionally glanced back, stumbled, and returned to pressing forth. Following the purple creature. Answers, after all, would be welcome... and if things went south....

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Badu, the Plague Doctor

(I'll do colors in the morning. Tried to make this one extra good.)


That day, a young woman was preparing for her day. She was gathering various herbs and concoctions from a vast alchemical laboratory in a greenhouse, filled with exotic plants and strange fungi in pots.



While she worked away determinedly at crushing a particularly tough leaf with a mortar and pestle, a Luma approached her with a message. There were new arrivals.


"Thank you, my dear. Please let Twilight Sparkle I'll be coming to look them over if they're injured."


It was perhaps not necessary to do so, but Badu liked to be sure that everyone their Organization dealt with was healthy. If they went home, they'd need to be to defend it, but if they stayed, no sense in having them stay on the sidelines for long when they wanted to help.


The Luma forged on ahead to find Twilight Sparkle, while Badu finished grinding the plants to satisfaction. She dumped them into a flask and poured a clear acid inside, roiling for a moment as it reacted, then settling on a translucent blue.


She put the remedy in her pack along with the rest of her medical supplies, then dressed herself in the traditional attire for any medical expert of her time: a long dark robe and a crow's mask. Then, she set out to rejoin the others.


After all, what good was a doctor without patients?

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There was too much going on, nearly to the point where Sora couldn't keep up with everything at once. His thoughts locked onto what Nata proclaimed, the possibility of the world he'd been on - destroyed. It almost brought him to his knees. "But my friends.... Did the Heartless - ?" He couldn't finish the question, the words jamming in his throat. 


No, it couldn't be. They couldn't -


The white-haired boy he crashed into was touching his face, staring at him and questioning him with 'what'. It was... strange, to say the least. But Sora was used to strange places and even stranger people. 


Something giant abruptly appeared and Sora sprang into motion as a pair of 10-foot... things, crashed into the circle. His Keyblade instantly burst into existence, a spark of light flashing. The hilt gripped in both hands, he stood at the ready, defensively positioned so the white-haired boy was behind him and the metal things were in front of him. 


They looked almost like Heartless, like the Guard Armor he fought in Traverse Town. However, they weren't attacking. At least, not yet. One was striking its pair of blades together in a manner that beckoned for a fight. Sora's grip tightened on the hilt of his Keyblade.


It wasn't Oblivion, it wasn't even Oathkeeper. Just the original Keyblade and, at the back of his mind, that worried the boy. What had happened to his chains? Oblivion he could handle losing. But not Oathkeeper, not after his promise to Kairi. He would have to find it again. And, without Donald or Goofy, he had no Dive Forms, no enhanced abilities to aid him. He just had his ordinary outfit, black with some red. 


The purple pegasus (because what else could he describe her as despite the horn?) seemed unbothered by the strange Heartless creatures. In fact, when Sora examined the now-larger crowd, no one was? It didn't feel right but, maybe no one else knew about the Heartless. It was very likely. Many weren't aware of the Darkness.


Glancing at the white-haired boy, who was in the middle of petting someone else's head and calling that man 'mom', Sora gave Twilight an uncertain look. He didn't know what to do. Usually, he was more on his toes but, the metal beasts had him hesitating.

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Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ] 


"Prince Xander," Natsuki replied, nodding politely. "I believe it has been." They liked Xander. He seemed to understand the gravity of the situation that they were in, and he was anything but a slacker. It was really quite refreshing to know someone so focused and efficient. Not that their old squad mates were anything but, but... well, that was in the past. Perhaps one day they'd make it back to their old life, but for the foreseeable future they were stuck. Not physically - they were pretty sure that Twilight and Pascal would be able to get them back if they asked, though they hadn't - but duty wouldn't let them get away so easily. Old habits. 


They looked up at the taller man, raising an eyebrow slightly, not quite sure if it was a simple pleasantry or an actual question. It could be either, with him. They mentally shrugged and decided that it didn't really matter. "As well as ever, I suppose. I'm not dead yet, there's work to be done, and I currently have all of my digits attached. It could be worse. And you? Been busy, I see." 


Jowan [ Gateway ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


Jowan hesitated for a long moment. On one hand, he really did want to be free of his gag. It'd be nice to at least scream about how confused he was and demand some answers, even if it wasn't looking like they'd come. On the other hand, demons didn't just do things for you out of the goodness of their hearts. Metaphorical hearts. It probably couldn't do anything more to him directly if he accepted, but maybe it had a plan, or maybe it was trying to make him just it. Well... it couldn't hurt if he was aware that the demon was trying to manipulate him, then. He started to nod, but before the other human could react a strange lavender glow surrounded his restraints and they snapped away. A similar glow surrounded the head protrusion of the purple demon. The force that removed them was quite gentle, but that did little to assuage his worries. Clearly, that was some kind of magic, but it wasn't like anything that he had seen before. It was... too flashy and soft. There wasn't much of a reason for telekinesis to cause things to glow quite like that. Aside from that, there was the shear power that must have been required to break the bonds. The metal wasn't actually all that strong, but they carried a light enchantment designed to stop them from being damaged by magic. 


He worked his jaw up and down a few times and rubbed he mouth with a hand as he listened to the purple demon speak. It was good to be free, at least. Still, no, whatever it had done for him he had no intention of following the demon. He was quite sure that that wouldn't lead to anything good, thank you very much. Still, its words were... troubling. Designed to sway him into listening and believing, sure, but "his world" being destroyed? It wouldn't be right or fair. It would be fine if he could never return (it never seemed likely, anyway- insane, delusional people didn't just go back to normal and if this was a part of the Rite he might as well be dead anyway) but if this somehow was real... Neria had done too much for Thedas. For him. If anyone deserved to be saved from a doomed world, it certainly wasn't Jowan.


He took a startled half-step back, staring at the white-haired human. Demon. Whatever it was. That, apparently, didn't stop white-hair from resting its hand on the top of his head. It took a second to process what was even happening. Had the boy just called him mom? That seemed to confirm that he was a spirit or demon, then. Still, he wasn't really thinking when he used Mind Blast to get the boy away from him. The force pushed the boy away from him, sending him flying a few feet. The spiky-haired boy with the... staff? Weapon? Cleaning device? and the one that had offered help were close enough to be given a decent jolt, but weren't likely to be knocked off of their feet. "I don't know what you want or what your plan is, demon, but don't touch me. Or call me... whatever it is that you said." He couldn't quite keep the tremble out of his voice. 


He almost wished that the Rite would just finish already. 

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   Typheus's sharp gaze turned to the small horse creature as it began speaking. It was the most unusual thing he had ever seen, besides... well, all of the other, unusual things traveling with Fiddlesticks exposed him to. It behaved almost like a human, even gesturing with its snout while mentioning their free will to disregard everything. Despite speaking clear English though, its words made no sense: multiverse? Location of their homeworld? Charitable work? For what? What solar system was this planet in? If they looked for their homeworld, would they find Zirhon, or Earth?
   The horse then made her way over to the bound man, who had tried to get away from the scene, and tapped the chains with her forehorn. Immediately Typheus's claws found their way into his partner's shoulders, making her hiss; the man's chains! They simply snapped to pieces! Bad impression!

   He dug in his heels in anticipation of her jerk forward, which she did; compulsive programming at its best.
   It's not a threat! he told her. She kept pushing, but he braced against her. Stop it!
   "'Stop it'?!" she echoed in disbelief, "Did you see what it did to the metal?! It could do that to us!"

   He couldn't argue with her, but the last thing he needed was for her to go on a rampage because she was on edge; or at least, that's what he assumed. Fiddlesticks was truly on a trigger though, and jumped the same time the spike-haired boy jumped as well.

   A flash of light! She recoiled with a beep, slamming back into the rock and releasing from Typheus's grip. He reprimanded her in binary as she locked onto the boy; a sword! Where did that come from?! This boy was going to attack!

   She reacted to the hostility by raising her turrets, but before she could decently threaten the human or have Typheus smack them down she felt an impact on her leg.

   "You need a new coat of paint, my bud," a cheerful voice commented at her feet.


   "AAA!" she yelped, instinctively pulling away from it, which resulted in her crashing into Typheus. They both crumpled to the ground in a flurry of panicked binary.

   Fiddlesticks, you-!! Typheus tried to cut off his private insult, but it didn't really work. She lashed out by slamming her arm down on him, making him beep and slap her across the face. Ack! Too much going on at once! She stood up and rubbed her arms over her face, trying to numb the stinging sensation while the Superiority model grumpily picked himself up. While her efforts amounted to nothing, enough of the pain threads self-terminated that she paused to look up again, only to witness the albino boy who had touched another's face prior now patting another man's head. He smiled and said something, that sounded like... "mom"??

   The man wasn't too happy about that. There was a sudden rush of air, and the boy flew away from him! The other two people near him stumbled, but weren't knocked as far back.

   "What the...?!" Typheus flinched, seeing the same thing. Fiddlesticks's eye widened at the sight; how did he do that?! Another weapon? How many weapons were there??

   She wasn't used to being surrounded by humans with weapons, yet without uniforms or commanders. Their weapons were usually pretty obvious too, but that man was unarmed... she had thought.

   She raised her turrets to aim them at the robed man, then second-guessed her priorities and looked at the boy, but he was simply in the defensive position. Then she turned to the spontaneously-appearing woman, but she wasn't hostile at all; just way too close to comfort. The man though was both shaken and hostile, and the boy was a threat; but who was the bigger threat?! She wanted to unload bullets into all of them, but which ones first?


   Typheus had different priorities, thinking more about his partner and taking a protective step in front of her, making her grumble about not seeing the "threats". He ignored her though, and turned to the purple horse, who had stepped away from the scene and looked a bit concerned.

   "Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable to continue this discussion? I'll ask someone at the base to make some tea for us," she offered, hoping to keep things calm. Immediately he shot a warning look at Fiddlesticks, and she met it with silence. "I'm Twilight, by the way, and that's Nata." She gestured a bit oddly at the blue-haired human who was overseeing everything. "Pascal, Cistina, would you mind staying to see if anyone else shows up in the gateway?"

   He was wary of how calmly she behaved, but Twilight simply took her leave, anticipating people to follow her. The white-clothed boy who was standing on the sidelines was the first to do so, albeit cautiously. Assessing the growing tension with the others - and Nata's watchful gaze that reminded the mech of his own model type - he decided it was best that he took Fiddlesticks out of here before a fight broke out and she jumped into it; especially since Nata was now walking around looking for something, and probably not a good something.

   "We should go," he said, grabbing Fiddlesticks's arm and trying to pull her with him, but she shrugged him off.

   "I'm not following that weird Earth animal," she objected.

   "You mean the horse?" he said. Her ears flattened in annoyance.

   "Yes. The horse."

   He gave her a flat stare. "Then what are we doing?"

   She twitched, wanting to answer, but came up with nothing, only humming indecisively and looking at the human that had commented on her looks earlier. This whole place was just weird, and none of it made any sense...

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~Light~ Gateway

Even as she offered, though, the man's chains snapped open with an aura of pinkish light. Light blinked--it couldn't have been him that broke them, right? At least he wouldn't have been in them if he could.


"Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable to continue this discussion?" a voice spoke up. The purple unicorn, in fact. " I'll ask someone at the base to make some tea for us. I'm Twilight, by the way, and that's Nata," the unicorn Twilight used a hoof to gesture at a blue-haired person sulking nearby. Before leaving, the unicorn Twilight spoke up again, though to specific people this time. Someone named Pascal and another named Cistina. Weird names, but then again, who was she to judge? Light surveyed the rest of the ensemble. Who where they? The two giant robots looked like they could have came from Empyrean, but they were much more.... Rustic? Was that the right word? None of the smooth and durable coating she always saw on Empyrean robots. A spiky-haired boy nearby was looking defensive, holding some weapon in his hands that looked like a giant key. Some others--a white haired person with an unusual aura, the glowering Nata, and a even more sulky looking dark haired person. Light turned back to the man and the boy to see the latter put a hand on the man's chest, then withdraw it, looking at his palms. A few conflicting emotions flashed across his face, and then he pet the other man....

.. And called him "Mom?" Light blinked curiously, but before she could ask anything, the man flinched back, throwing a spell that blasted the boy away. Light felt a sudden jolt and yelped in pain, but it was gone almost as soon as it was there. Nothing felt wrong, so she ran over to the white haired boy.


"Are you okay?" Light asked, even as she looked him over. He didn't *look* injured, but she knew too well that some spells looked perfectly innocuous when they were anything but. 


"I don't know what you want or what your plan is, demon, but don't touch me. Or call me... whatever it is that you said," the man threatened shakily. Light spun on her heel and stomped to him.


"Demon? What kind of person are you to judge someone you don't know?!" she yelled, placing her hands on her hips. "He didn't hurt you or anything! Calling you "Mom" might have been weird, but there was nothing to indicate he would have done anything to you! Did you need to attack him like that?!" Rao sparked at her shoulder-a warning. He might attack her too. Just in case, she prepared to lash him. While he would be flinching from the zap, she could call on Freet to help her. She wouldn't be trying to kill anyone, so she wouldn't have to call on any of her stronger contracts... Hopefully...


 ~Cistina~ Gateway

Nata gave her a nod as they passed, and she briefly saluted him in turn. It seemed like the situation at the gate was getting a bit rowdy, and Twilight attempted to get some of the arrivals away. 


"Pascal, Cistina, would you mind staying to see if anyone else shows up in the gateway?"


"Not at all," Cistina replied, then turned to Pascal fawning over the robe-oughts, who seemed to be in a conversation of some sort on their own. It didn't seem like Pascal heard, so Cistina took it on herself to inform her. "Pascal, Twilight wants us to watch over the gate for stragglers." Cistina skimmed the crowd as she spoke. "We should also try to keep anyone from dying," she added. Who knew what panicked people arriving from other worlds all of a sudden would be thinking of all this? Other worlds? Anchors? Multiverse? She almost couldn't believe it all herself.

Almost as if on cue, a boy was thrown back, and the redhead with the flower started shouting. That was fast. She turned to look at the remainders of the group. Shouting flower girl and knocked back white-haired boy aside, there was the man the child was screaming at and a defensive-looking brown spiky-haired boy. The latter, then. Cistina walked over to the spiky-haired boy and asked:

"What is going on here?"

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Pascal - Gateway


"Oh, wha?" Cistina's words only registered in the back of her mind, but Pascal did remember her saying something about trying to keep everyone here from killing each other. "Aye-aye, captain!"


It was really funny seeing those mechas act like actual living animals, squabbling and tripping in a dynamic display, despite each of them having at least four knives strapped to them each. Their panicked beeping was some kind of adorable as well. Even without any exchanged dialogue, it was obvious white one was trying to stop the brown one from doing anything stupid, and for a second they too considered following Twilight for an explanation. Pascal pouted at the thought, since Cistina did say something about staying here, but she quickly recovered. She would have plenty of time to look at them later, when everyone wasn't on a hair trigger like the two parties yelling in the background.


While she didn't see the attack firsthand, their words told her everything she needed to know, and there were already a few people taking care of it. Eyeing the giant robots like Sora was in case the boy really was going to pick a fight, Pascal figured she would just focus on her mission on keeping everyone safe from each other.




Twilight Sparkle - Gateway


"Oh Celestia," Twilight cursed. No sooner had she turned around that the scared man, now freed, began shouting about demons...! She whipped her head around and unfurled her wings while observing the scene, although she was too late to intervene. They might have to quickly get Badu to treat the poor boy's injuries -- and with perfect timing, a Luma zipped over like a golden comet to whisper something to her. Twilight's ear perked up to hear it better. The healer was on her way. The pony nodded, then whispered something back.


Message delivered, the star-creature dashed away to tell Badu to hurry up. Forgetting about the base for a second, she herself galloped closer to check if the white-haired boy was alright. To her relief, he didn't seem to be in any pain despite being flung a good distance by the force of a spell.


"We'll just put this back on..." Using the power of her horn again, she enveloped the broken shackle pieces with the warm glow of her magic, mending the metal of the chains and attempting to bind them back onto Jowan while everyone was stupefied by Nata's stern yelling. It was an error in her judgement, to trust that he was one of those harmless humans.


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   The owners of the latter names in the introduction was lost on the machines, so Fiddlesticks only kept staring at "Candycane Hair", who looked sorely disappointed that Typheus had tried to drag her off. They weren't out of the circle yet, but his stern gaze told her he definitely wanted to get out of here. Why he trusted a purple horse though was beyond her.
   She turned away from him and tried to ignore the woman with the staff, and tried to block out the potential threats surrounding them, withdrawing into her mind to find a worthy distraction since she knew arguing further with Typheus would just cause more chaos. Not that she minded the chaos, but she knew he did. Delving into her mind though to find something else to do resulted in her realizing something important: her ammo supply was low, and in two days, so would her fuel be too. There wasn't anything to eat around here though... except.... Candycane's frying pan?
   Fiddlesticks cautiously turned back to the woman, and flashed her scanner over her for a few seconds. The red grid projection didn't pick up anything unusual; typical human, typical clothing, and a typical frying pan. At best it would give her a full bullet. That's nothing, she thought glumly to herself. Typheus grabbed her shoulder and gave it a shake in demand of her attention, yet she still ignored everyone else; until a sharp voice projected itself over the clearing:
   "Everyone shut up!"


   Fiddlesticks jumped and whipped around, turrets raised in an instant. At first she assumed to be excluded, until she saw the blue-haired boy from before eying everyone; he was definitely not forgetting them.
   "Hey, remember when Twilight said this was a 'safe place'?" he said emphatically, "Do you know how we make this place safe?"
   Typheus shot her a mildly-amused look; the irony that she was a combat model in a "safe place" was funny to him, but it just made her feel even more like a sore thumb.
   "We keep this place safe by punishing anyone who tries to get violent, you lot included," Nata said. He toyed with a shortblade he had in one hand, and she took a step back as it unexpectedly spat out a few, unnatural sparks. "I'm only going to say this once, so listen up!"
   Or you'll shock us?! she thought, bristling and answering his challenging step forward by mirroring it. Typheus instantly dug one hand's claws into her shoulder, wrenching her back into her place, but she still growled aloud. He silenced it with a glare.
   "Everyone on this planet has been in the same situation you are now," Nata continued, "We all came here disoriented and not sure what to do. None of you are 'special' in that regard."
   'Special'? Fiddlesticks thought, irked. The gall of this man! He thought that I thought that I was 'special'!
   "If you want to go back home, fine. Leave the people who actually care about the inconceivable amount of universes in peril alone so we can send you back to whatever cess pit you crawled out of," he said, sending an obvious warning to everyone around. The Pusher model hissed and jerked forward, freeing herself from Typheus with the horrible screech of metal; yet, she barely moved a foot, meeting Nata's gaze with sharp venom, contemplating venting indignity with gunfire.
   Insulting! Who does he think I am?! her mind ranted, Did he even comprehend the kind of hell I had been through?! "Cess pool"?! Why those words?! Why the ones that reminded me of...! Of...! She angrily circulated air, throwing her turrets over her head and roughly shaking it; the reminder of her failure to destroy an enemy mech, one she hated the most next to that traitor 433! It was just too much!


   Typheus watched his partner with concern. He could stop her from doing a lot, but she was like a pressurized can; there's only so much you can do before in inevitably explodes. Plus the overreactions were pretty characteristic of Xinschi-uual women, which she was modeled after, but he never told her that... While Nata gave the robed man some words to think about, the Superiority model stepped up to her and gently swiveled her to face him, at the risk of her lashing out with a bayonet. Luckily she was just shaking, trying to bottle everything up. He wanted to say something, but he wasn't sure what; so he just used his open emitters to kill her microphone transmissions for a short while; removing sensory input has helped her calm down in the past.
   Thankfully, it was just in time, as Nata finished with some harsh words, giving incentive for everyone to leave and follow Twilight; had Fiddlesticks heard that, it might have been that final kick to topple this whole thing.
   No. We already went through that with the humans, Typheus decided, recalling how the experience went from the fun of learning and sharing knowledge, to the downward spiral of scaring citizens and destroying quarter of a city. At that thought, he was reminded of the whole reason they went to Earth in the first place... but that could be addressed later. It might not even matter, if the "multiverse" or whatever these strangers called it really was being torn apart. With that thought, the whole reason Fiddlesticks was doing everything she was probably didn't matter now either, but that's something to safely bury and never mention again.


    He flushed out his air intake in a sigh, feeling overwhelmed. "This all became pretty crazy pretty fast, huh?" he murmured, even though she couldn't hear him. She just stared at him, still rapidly circulating air. He looked around for Twilight, and saw she had returned to the robed man, now attempting to somehow rebind the broken pieces of chain around him. His wings shifted as he wondered if the odd horse could also manifest chains, and if she might bind anyone else. Might actually be beneficial if she could just wrap up Fiddlesticks for a little while... Nah, he laughed at himself. Creating victims is just creating problems. She's stressed enough.
   Typheus checked up on Twilight again, debating his interest in just observing everything. He had always been a watcher; it was literally in his design to stand back and do nothing. Fiddlesticks had encouraged him to finally start doing what he wanted, but there were still times when he felt like it would be easier to just say "I'm built to do nothing", and then do just that. The best excuse for laziness... and he didn't even use it. He had to step in though, or Fiddlesticks might blow something up; he didn't exactly know her for being diplomatic.
   He finally addressed someone different since they had been teleported here: "As long as this 'base' can accommodate someone with..." he faltered, looking at his partner. Even though she couldn't hear him, he still awkwardly said, "...issues... then we will follow you there." He looked Twilight straight in the eye. "For incentive's sake though, is there any fighting involved in this 'reason' for why we're here?"

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