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    -----Dragon Wishlist!-----
    Note that I will take any dragon! It can be a reject, misgender, bad lineage, inbred, doesn't matter! I'm just trying to flesh out my collection. XD I strongly prefer them as eggs, unless it's something like an alt, in which case hatchlings are also acceptable; I won't take frozen hatchlings until I start collecting them as well.

    -----Dragon Request Ideas-----
    XDragonia's Dustball Pygmies - Complete!
    Playdoh's Violet Spitters - Complete!
    Rankbreaker Dragons - Revamping...
    Utensil Dragons
    Squee Amphipteres
    Celtic Lindwyrms
    Glasstail Dragons
    Skullcap Dragons
    Soulcast Lindwyrms
    Thermal Dragons (Travertine Easterns, Geyser Dragons, Mudpot Dragons, and Thermophile Pygmies) - Revamping...
    Phalanx Dragons - Revamping...
    Pearly Dragons
    Dark Knight Dragons (GuardianxBlack Hybrid) - In Progress...
    Armored Drake (Hybrid?)
    Party-Pattern/Confetti Drake
    Great Glidewings
    Wisp Pygmy
    Echosong Dragon - Complete!
    Festivity Wyrm
    Secret Garden Serpent
    Bloom Dragon
    Arrowtail Pygmy

    "Complete" Contributions (these used to be completed requests before the CL List cleanout):
    Sukhon Dragons (now named Ash Bathers) - Sprites (In limbo)
    Cotton Dragons - Sprite bases (In limbo)
    Urchin Dragons - Sprites (In limbo)
    Aine Dragons - Egg (In limbo)
    Philia Dragons - Female adult, hatchlings, and egg sprites (Being edited)
    Midnight Dragons - Sprites (In limbo)
    Dianthus Amphitheres - Hatchling and Egg sprites (Being revamped)
    Grace Dragons - S2 Hatchling wing edit (Being revamped)
    Deity Dragons - Egg Sprite (Being revamped)
    Dark-water Leviathan - Egg (In limbo)
    Silver Wyverns - Adult Sprite edits (Being revamped (may remove this since new adult sprites are being made))
    Dapper Dragons - Sprites (In limbo; OP inactive)

    -----Contributions (Note that this doesn't mean that I have been credited, nor am expecting credit! This is more of a history showcasing what I'm interested in working on/a proof of experience)-----

    Sprite Contributions:
    Hooded Lindwyrms - Spritelines and flats except for the Desert adult (OP inactive)
    Ruby Springers - Egg (Taken down temporarily)
    Temporal Amphipteres - Lines and flats
    Ring-Tailed Dragons - Sprites (OP Inactive)
    Crescentdancer Dragons - Spritelines and flats
    Bee Dragons - Old Honey Bee Sprites and new Bumble sketches
    Nightlings - Sprite edits and Egg
    Tea Serpents - Alt Sprites and Egg
    Mortuus Dragons - Adult Sprites Edits

    Sketch Contributions:
    Sock Dragons - Sketches for all
    Boomslinger Lindwurm - S2 Hatchling Sketch
    Vanishing Cordillera Dragons - Forest Adult sketch (as a base)
    Stygian Dragons - Concept sketches
    Candy Heart Dragons - Concept sketches
    Warrior Angel Dragons - Female adult and hatchling sketches
    Symbiotic Dragons - Adult concept sketches for both breeds
    Caterpillar Dragons - Hatchling Sketches
    Long-Nosed Fishers - Hatchling Sketch
    Crescent Amphipteres - Sketches
    Trap Dragons - Female Sketch
    Nightmare Dragons - Sketches
    Drake Diversification Project - Sketches for Manta, Sabertooth Bulldog, and Arctic Drakes
    Icarean Dragons - Sketches, Adult Male Sprite and Adult Female Lines
    Petalstag Dragons - Adult sketches
    Jaw Splitter Wyrms - Sketches
    Masquerade Dragons - Concept Sketches
    Reefback Wyrms - Concept Sketches