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    -----Adoptable Site Memberships-----
    I'm currently inactive on all of these, but you're free to look at my collections if you want.
    Dragon Cave Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/skwerl56767
    Magistream Keep: http://magistream.com/user/skwerl56767
    (Retired Artist) Tales of Ostlea Lair: http://taleofostlea.net/profile/view/skwerl56767

    -----Dragon Request Log-----
    *NOTICE: Shortly after the Completed List Cleanout, DC's art standards for Dragon Requests have raised to critical highs. **Because I do not meet those standards and have no interest in working just for them, I am no longer participating in DRs.** However, I have kept credits and log data stored below for the convenience of anyone looking for them.*
    All of my artwork for this site spans the years 2015-2016. It is not representative for my current quality of work.

    Used XDragonia's abandoned Dustball Pygmy sprites (adults) for a request and added lore, egg, and hatchling art. Was finished but removed during the CL clean-out.
    Used Playdoh's abandoned Violet Spitter sprite (adult) for a request and added lore, egg, and hatchling art. Was finished but removed during the CL clean-out.
    Creator of the Rankbreaker Dragons; was removed during the CL clean-out.
    Creator of the Thermal Dragons (Travertine Easterns, Geyser Dragons, Mudpot Dragons, and Thermophile Pygmies); was removed during the CL clean-out.
    Creator of the Phalanx Dragon; was removed during the CL clean-out.
    Creator of the Dark Knight Dragon (Guardian x Black Hybrid); was a work-in-progress.
    Creator of the Echosong Dragon; was removed during the CL clean-out.

    "Complete" Contributions (these used to be completed requests before the Completed List clean-out):
    Sukhon Dragons (now named Ash Bathers) - Old sprites
    Cotton Dragons - Sprite bases
    Urchin Dragons - Sprites
    Aine Dragons - Egg
    Philia Dragons - Old female adult, hatchlings, and egg sprites
    Midnight Dragons - Sprites
    Dianthus Amphitheres - Old Hatchling and Egg sprites
    Grace Dragons - Old S2 Hatchling wing edit
    Deity Dragons - First Egg Sprite
    Dark-water Leviathan - Egg
    Silver Wyverns - Old Adult Sprite edits
    Dapper Dragons - Sprites

    -----Contributions (Note that this doesn't mean that I have been credited, nor am expecting credit. This is just proof of experience)-----
    Sprite Contributions:
    Hooded Lindwyrms - Spritelines and flats excepting the Desert adult
    Ruby Springers - Egg
    Temporal Amphipteres - Lines and flats
    Ring-Tailed Dragons - Sprites
    Crescentdancer Dragons - Spritelines and flats
    Bee Dragons - Old Honey Bee Sprites and new Bumble sketches
    Nightlings - Sprite edits and Egg
    Tea Serpents - Alt Sprites and Egg
    Mortuus Dragons - Adult Sprites Edits
    Icarean Dragons - Old Adult Sprites

    Sketch Contributions:
    Sock Dragons - Sketches for all
    Boomslinger Lindwurm - S2 Hatchling sketch
    Vanishing Cordillera Dragons - Forest Adult sketch (as a base)
    Stygian Dragons - Concept sketches
    Candy Heart Dragons - Concept sketches
    Warrior Angel Dragons - Female adult and hatchling sketches
    Symbiotic Dragons - Adult concept sketches for both breeds
    Caterpillar Dragons - Hatchling sketches
    Long-Nosed Fishers - Hatchling sketch
    Crescent Amphipteres - Sketches
    Trap Dragons - Female sketch
    Nightmare Dragons - Sketches
    Drake Diversification Project - Sketches for Manta, Sabertooth Bulldog, and Arctic Drakes
    Icarean Dragons - Sketches
    Petalstag Dragons - Adult sketches
    Jaw Splitter Wyrms - Unused sketches
    Masquerade Dragons - Concept sketches
    Reefback Wyrms - Concept sketches
    Golem Dragons - Concept sketch