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13 hours ago, hydrothermal said:

Bred all the usual suspects and so now some pretty-lineaged babies are up for grabs! 

valentine stripes Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

copper x silver Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

so far 2/2 for prizes from this pair Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

prizefail but still cool Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

black marrow/ember/pink/sweetling lineage Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


Still here!

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Have: two random caveborns. 

Would like: a reply for each.


007  https://dragcave.net/teleport/4e6b52d0b902e52e86266f1fff2140fd 

Ivory https://dragcave.net/teleport/b9e75e6c2c9a05a6f86c76ba5239a5d9 

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Another batch of my checker lineages:


APed the extras

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3G Gold Tinsel x Rosebud Male Hatchling - Grandboy from my CB. Offer any **JUNK** (Not Pretty) Egg if you meet/accept the following conditions:

1. You have read and understood that since I am the one re-gifting this grandbaby from my CB Prize (hey, I found it in the AP and hatched it fair and square, and its from my bebe so it qualifies!!), thus it falls under the conditions in my Profile on naming. You can name it ANYTHING you want in ANY version you want, except for things that DO NOT meet the terms of the ToS of DC and agree to the naming terms in my Profile. Failure to abide by this means I will never speak to you again. I think I make that pretty clear.

2. Only offer a junk egg. Not something pretty to bribe me. I would prefer you to have a CB Rosebud so you can continue the line. Please do not regift or trade. Enter for yourself, not someone else. They can enter on their own. Do not enter if you want to freeze, kill it, or not let it grow to be an adult Prize Tinsel. I am going to sleep to allow as many people who want to be in the drawing for it to enter, offering an egg means you agree to everything I've written so far, and will randomly select someone in the morning. Hatchling is already gendered male. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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