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Sort Undeads as a Breed

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This first post will be kept up to date with any new ideas & discussion.


I'd really love to see Undeads fall under Breed Sort like other dragons do, but by their actual breed name "Undead Dragon" as opposed to the breed they were before they died. I know I could use custom sorting to do it myself, but the problem with that is then after each new dragon grows up, I have to manually sort them in rather than having it auto-sort by breed like I usually do. And if I try use custom sort's breed sorting to sort those new dragons in, I have to re-sort the Undeads each time.


p.s. Proposing "Undead" as opposed to "Zombie" because that's their listed name in the encyclopedia smile.gif


Additional Discussion from Old Thread:

Most of the opposition to this idea comes from users who like how Undeads currently sort as it helps them keep track of what breed they used to be. Because of this, 2 possible ideas have been proposed for how the sort should work:


1. A tick box in the "Change Sort Order" menu, under "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top", that allows a user to toggle how they want Undeads to sort- by true breed or by original breed.

2. That all Undeads be sorted by true breed, but show somewhere on their view page what breed they were originally. (This benefits people who have "special breed" Undeads like Prize dragons or Vampires. This also benefits people who have specific sub-type Undeads they want to show off but can't during tombstone-times.)


For those about to propose custom sort- it has already been suggested and pointed out why it doesn't work. Long story short, the custom sort is a tedious method that only half achieves what this suggestion wants to achieve, because at particular points you have to re-sort either the Undeads or new dragons that grow up on your scroll.


Likewise, scroll filters will not make the cut as these filter your dragons for your own view as opposed to actually sorting them:

You want to use the Filter and Sort dropdown menus on the top of your scroll in this way:


1. Filter By: Show All


2. Sort By: Breed


This gives you the temporary Breed sort that does not interfere with the Custom sort settings.

I get what you mean with that, but the keyword in your description is what I want to highlight; temporary. It's not actually sorting the scroll the way I want to, it's just showing me what I want to see (kind of) and it's not what others see (plus the Sort By: filter overrides eggs and hatchlings staying at the top which is why I never use it).


It does actually interfere with custom sort, in the sense that it interferes with what I see. That sort by filter means I will see the new dragons getting sorted by breed AND see my Zombies mixed up yet in reality, my scroll is a mess of new adults not getting sorted while my Zombies are grouped up nicely (which is the bit that I actually want to see).


If I hadn't made it clear enough in my original post, my apologies, but what I want to achieve here is still keep my auto sort by breed so new adults get sorted without me doing anything, and I want to see the Zombies grouped under the actual breed name "Undead"s. So essentially, what I see in the end is, all dragons (newly grown or not) are sorted by breed and Undeads are also grouped by their Undead breed.


For those about to say that Undeads are still technically their original breed, hence this sorting method- they have their own Encyclopedia Entry, they lose their original species description and gain a new one, and have shared behaviour despite originally being different breeds. Of particular interest is their description saying they're not dragon anymore: "Failed attempts to experiment with magic often result in transforming dragons into these hellish creatures."


(For TJ: This is the 4th time this thread has been created on the forum, as far as I've kept track. The first two were merged, and are linked above, and the other can be found here. Including everything here because I know you like to see the discussions people have on suggestions.)

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I absolutely support this. While I do mine by custom sorting anyway, I totally appreciate that we all have different feelings about zombies, and it shouldn't be necessary to resort them under custom sort every time something changes elsewhere on our scrolls. There should be some kind of way to automate them just as other breeds are automated. (I'd even quite like them to sort automatically by zombie type - so that all the ones of the same sprite fall together...)


And yes - I would LOVE the dragon page to say what breed they started out as. Vamps too.

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I like option number 2 best: have undeads sort together (and grouping the different types, since a jumble would be no fun) and have their original breed on the view page.


The old breed on the view page would also help the people who do custom sort, as I've found myself looking at a little hatchling, unable to tell for sure if that s1 is supposed to be a leviathain, a lindwurm, or an amphiptere. (or in the case of a s1 amphiptere before I got a wyvern, if it's an amphiptere or a wyvern)

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I also like the second option.


I like to keep my scroll as organized as possible. I usually sort them by breed, but it somewhat annoys me when there are random zombies thrown in the middle of a line of one breed.

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Very, very, very much support this, option 2 especially. I *hate* that my Undeads are scattered throughout my scroll.

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I can't support this enough. Its always driven me crazy that my zombies are sorted entirely at random. I can never find them when I want to because of it.

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Although I'm not into undeads, I fully support this suggestion. Sort "zombie dragons" as "zombie - amphiptere", "zombie - eastern", "zombie - leviathan", "zombie - lindwyrm", "zombie - western", "zombie - wingless", "zombie - wyrm", "zombie - wyvern" and the same for "zombie2head - subtype", "zombiepygmy - subtype" and "zombiedrake - subtype". That kind of system should take care of all issues without adding new ones (I hope).

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