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Lists only open for G2s from spriter alts - feel free to PM at any time!

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    *****Now that I've won a second Tinsel, I will hopefully be able to swap Prize x Prize G2s! Please PM at ANY time if you're interested in a swap!*****


    Only one inactive person is left on Yellowstone's list and with that her list is closed permanently. If I open slots in the future, there will be a notice in my signature. Otherwise just keep an eye on trading threads.

    Desmond's eggs will not be for trade at this time, although I would be happy to trade for G2s from spriter alts next month or so. Please do not send PMs about him unless you can offer them.


    *****I will only open my lists for G2s from spriter alts, especially Pumpkins and any Halloweens. People are always free to PM me about this!*****


    3/2/2019 - For now I'm logging in much more frequently, a few times a week at least, for breeding and general forum browsing. However replies will not be instant and may slow down due to being busy irl so please have patience.