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All lists are currently closed

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    1/23/18 UPDATE

    Breeding is being paused one last time for Valentine's Day and our big irl move in February. Breeding will resume after Valentine's.


    G2 Fails list is CLOSED!

    See below for details!

    Please read the rules before PMing. I am ONLY interested in the listed payments. Its okay to say something like "I'd be fine with the payment for slot 2, 4, or 6" but I'm not interested in haggling.


    Watch my sig for updates! If a slot opens, it'll say so.

    Slots WILL NOT ever be listed here unless its a fully open list.

    ALL partial openings will be listed in my signature ONLY.


    PM STATUS 1/23/18
    Things are getting back on track so I can check in more reliably but we're preparing to move so things will still be a bit hectic and slow until late February/early March.

    Egg slots: Cannot pick up anything; internet is in flux while we prepare to move

    "Egg slots full" means I'm generally keeping my egg slots full and have a varying number of hatchlings.

    Please warn before breeding so I know what to expect! My access is a little more reliable now but I'm still waiting on a few necessary parts before I can switch to my new computer full time. My DC access can be a little spotty sometimes.



    Breeding is back on track and the list is down to the last couple of eggs. Slots are currently CLOSED!!


    G2 Slots

    1. Holly
    2. Celestial
    3. Sweetling (after Valentine's)

    Slots & Payments - CLOSED
    1. - Male Neglected
    2. - Ungendered Neglected
    3. - Any egg or ungendered Neglected
    4. - G2 from Alt Pumpkin


    G2 Fail Slots

    1. Celestial

    1. NONE

    Slots - CLOSED
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN
    6. OPEN


    Updated 1/23/18

    - If you break the rules you will be kicked off the list, no exceptions.


    - Check the status sections above before PMing, breeding eggs, etc! It will always be kept up to date.

    - Please keep in mind that just because the pickup status says "egg slots full" doesn't mean every single slot will be full 24/7. I can almost always find a way to squeeze in another egg if you give me a bit of time.

    - When sending transfer links, please always add that to the title of the PM so I know. I have to respond in batches so I don't want to risk missing any transfer links.
    If you continually send transfer links without indication in the PM title you may be removed from the list.

    - PM responses can take a couple days sometimes. Please be patient. Its very easy for me to lose track of where I am in responding since there's no special icon on PMs you've replied to.


    - My list will always remain private but those on it are free to PM anytime for updates.

    - G2 slots now have set in stone prices. G2 Fails will have more flexible pricing to accommodate as many different types of players as possible.

    - Yellowstone now has set in stone mates. Holly (Prize) and Celestial (Fail) are the defaults. Sweetling is also available for G2 Prizes on request.
    Other mates will only be considered for G2 Prize swaps.


    - IOUs must be paid in full before you will receive your egg, even if its your turn. I'll notify you once you're next and let you know if I need any more dragons before I can give you your egg.

    - If you do not pay anything after 1 month of being on any of my lists, you will be kicked off. The only exception is if you got on the list during the holidays, in which case you will have 1 month after all holidays end (mid March) to pay something.

    - If you only pay a couple commons after 3 months of being on any of my lists, you will be kicked off.

    - Do NOT flood me with eggs/hatchlings. Take note of my Pickup Status and understand that I have other things I want to breed/catch too. More than 7 or so at once is too much if my slots are full. If you try to flood me, I might just end up kicking you off the list.


    - Breeding will happen every 10ish days (generally on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) and will jump around the list a bit between different requested partners/slots. Of course I take preference for the Tinsel orders at the top but I don't want the list to stall out and get stuck.

    - I might not be breeding for others during: holidays, early January, late April, late May, Mother's Day, Father's Day, late November.
    Those weeks are reserved for special date breedings for myself if I feel like breeding Yellowstone during that time (which I don't usually feel like doing anymore).


    - I reserve the right to keep any eggs, Tinsel or Fail, for myself at any time. However this is done very rarely and pretty much only if an egg is bred with an extremely good or sentimental code.

    - I reserve the right to use an egg for another trade if something amazing comes up, but it will never happen with 2 eggs in a row. However I'm basically done with my wishlist at this point so I can't imagine why I would ever do this.

    - If eggs aren't picked up by slot holders or I get the wrong type of egg for a slot they'll pretty much always be traded.


    - When you are next up on the list or I'm going to try and focus on your breeding I'll send you a PM so you know to be on the lookout.

    - Please note that my schedule is a little odd so despite being in the US it can be a little tough to get very quick back-and-forth, fast transfer acceptance, etc. I generally work Monday to Friday from 1pm to 12am. I cannot leave transfers up while I'm working because I have no way to check on them.

    - When your egg is born I will let you know my exact schedule at the moment, since it can change at any time. Its your responsibility to make it online when I'm here, arrange a friend to pick up for you, etc. I can not and will not alter my schedule to suit your needs. If you have a friend pick up for you I am not in any way responsible if they decide to scam you, influence wrong, or anything else along those lines.


    - If you are in contact with me and do not pick up your egg before it gets to ER status (without arranging something with me first) I will consider my half of the IOU filled and do what I want with the dragon.

    - If your egg arrives and you do not reply by the time your egg is 4d 1-2h (without notifying me or having a note about absence on your profile), I will consider my half of the IOU fulfilled and do what I want with the dragon.

    - If your egg arrives and you ignore my PM while continuing to actively post, you will only have that one chance. (The entire time I am awake, 12+ hours.) I am not going to hold onto your egg because you oh so desperately want to do something else. I am not an eggsitting service; if you want your egg you need to actually take it. If you refuse to while actively posting, I will consider my half of the IOU fulfilled and do what I want with the dragon.
    Obviously posts about an emergency are different and will be considered a notice of absence.

    - If your inbox is full and I cannot contact you before your egg reaches 5 days, I will consider my half of the IOU fulfilled and do what I want with the dragon. I will not go out of my way to try and track you down. It is your responsibility to keep your inbox clear if you know your egg may show up soon.
    I will try PMing every time I wake up and every time I go to bed, so there will be many chances for you to have cleared your inbox.

    - If there is some kind of emergency on my end that leads to you missing your egg, I'll breed you a new one asap.


    - If you request a G2 Fail of a multicolored breed (ie Nebula) there will be no guarantee about which color you get. If you don't get the color you were hoping for that's not my fault or my problem.

    - At this time I'm unable to hatch for slot holders; you must pick your egg up as an egg.


    mB0de - Anagallis
    Juor Diamant - Diamondwing

    Phonida - Radiant Angel (First Of?)

    Tiny Puddle - Falconiform (Mania)