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    ♫ My Things:
    ► I breed on request- just PM!
    ► I generally return stuff that's been accidentally auto-abandoned to the AP- again, just PM!
    ► I accept IOUs on a case by case basis
    ► My mom's an occasional DC user, so we have the same IP (naturally :) )
    ► Please don't hesitate to contact me about Wiki stuff- I don't bite (that much)
    ► I take all trade offers seriously and treat them with respect; I reply promptly to all PM offers and use the decline button in-cave
    ► I use Fertility on all IOUs, always.
    ► If I don't contact you about your IOUs or requests, it's because the dragons aren't producing eggs/producing the wrong breed of egg. You're welcome to poke me every so often about them, but I don't forget about my list :)
    ► I often track my PMs for multiple reasons; there's nothing I hate more than having a PM ignored. A simple response, even if rude, is more appreciated than being ignored for me

    ♫ High Priority Things:
    ► CB Gold
    ► 2G Thuweds
    ► 2G Spriter's Alts
    ► 2G Prizes
    ► Neglecteds
    ► 3G Gold or Bronze Shimmerscale

    ♫ Breeding Lists/Things to Remember:
    ► Doublelift [Awaiting Reply]
    → Silver x Frostbite (x2)
    → Silver x male Royal Crimson
    → Advise of 2G Shimmer gift

    > Record new leetlewing: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kPSej

    ♫ Dragon Request Topics I've Helped In:
    ► Waveline Dragon
    ► Ghostflare Wyvern (concept only)