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Confused Cat

The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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Found this little guy in the AP last night and his code just jumped out at me. wink.gif


New ACC dragon

brGUM Young

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Found this little guy in the AP last night and his code just jumped out at me. wink.gif


New ACC dragon

brGUM Young

Google asks me if I meant Brigham Young - I don't know, did I? ^^


In other words, user posted image


(^ I know it has some anatomy issues - it's just a confused little hatchie... wink.gif )

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Sorry if it was obscure. Yes, it is referring to Brigham Young.


(and I love your confused little hatchie wink.gif )

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Thanks for the confirmation - I wasn't sure if there might be something else that even Google couldn't guess. I didn't know the name, but that may be because I'm not American. I guess I'm learning history by playing with pixel dragons. biggrin.gif

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Question and if the answer is yes this would also be my first entry in to this project


Is this acceptable? And by this I mean the apostrophe after the Z. This little lady would be pulling double duty as she is a Z code and an almost cool code all in one. (and I have more waiting in the wings so let me know....)

Thanks for answering the question, I will leave the question in the post for continuity.



List of Pattekat's ACC dragons


Z'VRaU Holle

Z'TrAj Mahal

Z'TUTg Ankh Amun

Slam DuMK

BO1ZZ will be BO1ZZ

Jypsgboertange (*1)

gAiRX Linneker

tehdy Bear

Shop at L7KeA (*2)

I Shop At lKe4s (*2)

Z'PABP Blue Ribbon

o69MB Upload

IucKz Lady

0sddx one out

z'RuLu of Law

Zilveren sjRAd (*3)

z'huG7 me

The Pyralspiders weBB7

8AClL Fawlty

Poison Yvyx2

pggyl Sue

FeILX the Cat

z'VUZ1 Feeling All Over This one is the product of two Z'almost cool codes so I am especially pleased with this one.....

Chocolate Chip Co0k0
Thats a jummy scnak

bod3y and Soul

The 9mEEk shal inherit the earth
MaNSn best friend

SASeA Girl D'Hennegel

Double Double ETO1L and Trouble (*4)

She's a LA9Dy

This dragon can do MAgAc

I drive a rFiaf

sO0OY Sauce

3ISlD the Sloth

z'SIDy The Sloth
logiQ And Reason
Bottle Neckq

2AzAN And Jane

I BleeV I can Fly

bJiTE me - Nevermind - Too late

sPECE The Final Frontier

The World is my OyTsR


And my personal favorite

AwwBX It's a cute baby dragon (It would not accept the ... so you will have to think that it is there. frozen to fit the name, which is very special, I do not freeze that often. This is one of two frozen on my scroll.)



(*1) Jipsingboertange is a litle town close to where I live. Maps Wiki

(*2) I am really not that fond if Ikea but i have been blessed with two Ikea dragons.

(*3) Sieraad means ornament or jewelry in dutch. I have been pondering this one for a few days. but I think he is a jewel so I did go with the dutch name. May rename this one to be more international later but for now he will be ornamenting my scroll like this. This one was donated by Lagie.

(*4) I hope Shakespeare loves dragons

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More dragons

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Welcome to the project, Pattekat!

The apostrophe is acceptable, there are already some Z'ACC dragons here. smile.gif


(Being a Z addict myself, I just had to allow this exception from the "use the code exactly as it is" rule. wink.gif )



Edit: Added to Q&A in the first post.

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May I join? This seems like a neat project.

I'm still fairly new to DC, so I only have a few ACC dragons.


List of orangesunrise's ACC dragons


The Wizard of ozEMV

S0Mlc Speed

eJTEa Party

It's a WlN9Y-Win for Everyone

Truths and tHLies

Make your dad3K proud

I want S0mE2 candy

A GfOx3 never dies

Half Past nQon5

It's a blRdx It's a Plane

Full moO6n

WvSH7 Upon a Star

1uc7ky Duck

FhEYn Will You Be My Valentine

oOhey how are you

1ChOcolate Cake

Noel YOeLb

Is it Time for IUNch Yet

A Work of ARtyi

Not a h1oAX

I'm Feeling RNuTty

18awn to dusk

Finding DqoRy

Don't 0cR4Y

See you in 1hR0u

HAkW4 Eyes

Bird in a c8Age

1Jzoy to the World

0U8rR Solemn Hour

Blue jaens

Somebody Needs a ivHUG


cIa7Y Pottery

The T5STe of Victory

L6rdY of Time

I live 8downtown

Silver IA3Ke

Browsing the InterNetHR

It's JBNow or Never

The Fault in 3ouR2 Stars

Fuw3D Movie

I'm Not a liA3B

mU8gy Summer Day

Double Stuffed 0H3EO

Dance of the Sugar PLmvW Fairy

I'm bAtB0man

The 4gVBR

wT4Y6 Story 3G

It's High NS5oN

The Pyramids of 3GiZA

The ot3ER Side

I'm Doing we6fL

The AceEp of Hearts


Just Around the Riverb6nD2

C2Bin Fever

Lost in the FogTW

39m1Erry Christmas

Go FicSH

Polka doFXt

What does the FoXP6 Say

The MEsSV Hall

The FoUrk in the Road

HoPO2 Skip and a Jump

There's a gTcjH in the program

A Dragon's KDEN9

pOtMX of Gold


Hershey 6K1Ss

Going the extra 8Mi4L

Stop Being LAzyR

LUhke Skywalker

A Proud 3RLot

A Flock of SeaQguLS

One point Sh6y4


All-Seeing Yceyes

Sparkling fjEwvels

T0yRS R Us

LyOoK Out

Puppy uDk0G


i9tAP Dancing

hY5AM Sandwich

You're on the right p9geR

Coral rE6EF

wOWAw that's impressive


I'm Always Having funE2

R9DiO Station

Night owIBy


Halloween is Fun56

None of your BEEZzwax

Three RD1oG Night

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Adding Dragons

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This is a great way for naming dragons. Here's some I came up with. I'm willing to breed them all, so just ask. smile.gif

I had a lot of fun going through my scroll and finding these guys:

List of OutlawQueen's ACC dragons
an0Y4 Your Life

The Monster Cried agBO0

635XX Road

5a3ms Too Early

hQxSn Math

Will uPLIz Help Me

nEGON Light

One GgRAm

OmzDr Ozma

Joe7s Collection

hWjse Man

The teacher said to DYJp9

The Great bigjC

03Pmat Granny's

Z'The ZnlOO

Malk my name is Ma17k

The Wizard of qgB0z

Heart's keY9g Blackfyre

Z' I'm soooo ZioIN

Here's a HKis5 for you

Open the d6Ors for the king

It's a oZWIn for Oz

That syltherin GuYJW

it2Yr chance to shine

XBu4t I need your help

I have some puPkCin pie

cGuYg Blackfyre


areWv really doing this

An awesome 88CcPrograme

z'TLYM to work

Be a buddy not a BUeLY

All T6Yed up

To save the Kgd0m

Z'megA Pygmy


3HArk the Harold Angels Sing

Purple uOPiG

Z'The Mask of zor0g

R0B1c Hood

We are 0kE7L


Lab vsIab

The Dp1r0maniac Dragon

The book ends9 on a cliff hanger

0MomI finished reading the books

HwOn1 earth can we do this

The fridL-y neighbour

z'bczw-e care

noNeO please

Let's buy a BlUCk

Let the cHLDiren play 
No WaySg - Way Song
Z'Don't zlCiK or feed dragons

The ITl0H Crowd
Z'ap9f of Time

oMYHX it's Asgard

Show me your IDsgh

Z'RbOT Invasion

Z'I am a dragon not a ZTOED
xzeMr Shimmerscale

A vivvd imagination

Wile E CoY7e

The yKte2 Runner

You can also find them all in this group: ACC Dragons. They are organized by breed for breeding convenience. This post is organized chronologically from how they were reported on the thread.

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I had to give up my (unofficial) "there has to be a space or a special character between the code and the rest of the name" rule for two of these.

I found a friend for the Captain, a dragon who knows what breed he is, and two German dragons (apologies to those who will now get a certain song stuck in their heads tongue.gif ).


New ACC dragon(s)

Dr Leonard Mc8FCOY


Eine 1NSLS mit zwei Bergen

Vielen dAnk5




I've also found that the ACC thing really helps me with codes that would be "real cool codes" if only they were caveborn. For example "dAnk5" - "Dank" is an actual word and I would leave it unnamed and breed it with another unnamed Cool Code dragon if it were CB. This one is a pretty 3rd gen checker though, and I don't like leaving higher gen dragons unnamed because then I'd have to find another dragon of the same generation with a matching code...

So the ACC-naming has turned out to be a perfect way for me to deal with non-CB cool codes. smile.gif



And I just saw there's an unanswered question:

So... is a space okay in the naming?

http://dragcave.net/lineage/MYC4 - MY C4 Explosive Compulsive Cuffs

It's not an "officially allowed exception" yet, but maybe we should add it?

I see why you prefer it with the space here.

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I had to give up my (unofficial) "there has to be a space or a special character between the code and the rest of the name" rule for two of these.

Oh good, because my Minty up there has no space for more space laugh.gif


Anyone got use for 0hNEo?

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(apologies to those who will now get a certain song stuck in their heads tongue.gif ).

TWO songs tongue.gif . The second one was the Tom & Jerry theme, after all.

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New ACC dragon(s)

IucKz Lady

I Shop At lKe4s




Also I have this donation. It was a dummy offer in departures and I do really want to keep it.

The code is allmost odd 0sddx It is a very messy silver egg.

Offer a dummy!

it hatched, mine for ever now

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