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The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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"If it doesn't say O R E O, it isn't an Oreo..."

However, I do have one eggy that's almost an Oreo, but between the lagging cave and slow work internet, I can't get to it to post a link. It's the bottom fogball on my scroll, and I can't remember what the breed was! But, if anyone's interested in it, please let me know!

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... does my dragon with the code STLUT work? or is it a bit too dirty.....

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Anybody here want little AurOn


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Offer a dummy. Eggspace available for your convenience.

Made an offer. smile.gif That's a perfect code for an Antarean too, a bright name for a bright dragon.


EDIT: Thought I'd add some of my almost cool codes.


BtIZn--So close to Blitzen, and yet so far

k1kI--An oldie but a goodie, I couldn't resist naming her after her code. smile.gif

PPlEc--Purple Pie???

jeB5y--Jebsy? I dunno, sounds kind of like a name

4DeaR--So polite!

mFKra--Now this one is just rude!

Cd0Rl--Doesn't even need a name, it's there in the code. Dori!

JGUAW--Still a hatchling, but just like Kiki is named after her code, "Jaguar".

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This 2gen Valentine kin almost has a cool code




If only it had a e after the v instead of a q tongue.gif

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*sings very loud* "I'm comming back some day, come what may to Blue BaJuy "

(and if you influence it correct to complete the spiral it will be a male silver so blue manes and tail to boot)


4th gen silver spiral from magi.

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

I would be content with a dummy but offering something nice would not be frowned upon. biggrin.gif

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New ACC dragon(s)

NAmiN' all the Dragons

I'm so nLooV with you

Lady ygaga

fI4AT Lux

We're a Duotone not a NnxUs

Z'sENd More Potato Chips

Z'Euz8 the God of Thunder

Hot cup of tEAbp

The kEYve to my Heart

Doctor VWho1



@Wandering Mew:

These are some nice codes you have! smile.gif However if you want them to be official ACC dragons, you'd have to name them according to the rules in the first post (or just see my examples above - the dragon names all contain their actual codes).

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You're welcome, Pattekat! smile.gif



New ACC dragon(s)


c0t1K Shaw of the Lumar Café (It's a Star Trek: TNG reference from 'The High Ground'- transcript - It's Katik Shaw in the original form, and male... )

Trotsky's 0MvM4 of Oz (Ozma of Oz)

When It Started on the TZkOV (Also a Star Trek: TNG reference 'Hero Worship', or so I thought, till I went searching rolleyes.gif and found I'd remembered the ship's name incorrectly!)

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