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Hi, I breed all my dragons on demand with a small exception for some line I worked hard on, just send me a polite PM, or better yet, ask for me to breed on Breeding, Gifting. I won't ask for anything in return! I'm always in search of CB hatchlings for lineage projects or just to facilitate breeding, so if you have any you don't want you can send them my way.


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    Currently, love doing lineage projects, and because of this, I'm in need of many CBs. I also love breeding for others for free, though I'd never say no to a CB hatchling as a gift. To get an idea of what I'd be looking for, my CB group is here: https://dragcave.net/group/19681. I'd like to have three dragons of each gender for every breed and variation, and possibly more to make breeding easy. Also, I'm always looking CB Gemshards as I'm part of the Imperial Harem lineage project. Blue and females especially, but I won't be picky

    Users wanting an egg:
    -Chaosdawn: Stark egg