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The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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New ACC dragon(s)

James Bond JO07T

Hah, I was just naming one of mine according to JB, too - just in German, due to the code:


New ACC dragon(s)

3YodB-Filme verpasst


also, this one, not Bond-related:

offPI Charts



My Backwards Dino produced an almost-"Hippo"

dHipO - Teleport

Anyone interested? smile.gif (I need a Pink from that combo anyway)

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Ooooh, cool concept. I'm a code hunter so I end up with a decent number of 'almosts'. I'll have to go through my stuff and catalogue/name!

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New ACC dragon(s)

To save the Kgd0m Snagged for code. Accedntally influenced male. I was hoping for a mate for Open the d6Ors for the king, so I guess I'll have to get another kingdom/king/queen/ code that's female for breeding.

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Great code, Wiz! smile.gif


Is anyone interested in this little one who seems in a hurry to marry? Don't 3L0pe!

I won't be holding on to it for long as it is locking my scroll, but it is free for anyone who wants it until I need the space.

Gone to Ruby Eyes. Enjoy!

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I've been eyeing this thread for a while! Let me now present you my freshly-named almost-cool dragons smile.gif


List of Aie's ACC dragons

2ft5in small




fac00lty of Arts

HEaUvenly Creatures

ihugT her




PHlnEas Nigellus

PKate Middleton

SXgAR Skull

TaKBN for Granted

Qv3bc City


I spent ages trying to come up with a nice Quebec-related name for that last one before this project happened. SXgAR Skull, on the other hand, used to simply be called Sxgar but got renamed for this.

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