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Confused Cat

The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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Same thing here, Wiz.

New ACC dragon(s)

This little girl was named for her code, but not code-named, so I just deleted a space and changed a few caps to bring her into this project.

Hiyira luvs 2R0Ck ii

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While looking through my scroll today with images off to try to match a bingo clue, I found a couple of almost cool codes so I renamed the dragons for this thread. laugh.gif


New ACC dragon(s)

WaY2Cool ii

Immanuel kAnt i

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This seems like such a cool concept! biggrin.gif I'd love to keep track of my cool ones in one Convenient place.



List of Alrexwolf's ACC dragons

I feed my dog Immz

Got the Moves got the fOjuO (got the moves got the mojo, a line from an mlp song)

7CpsO Coffee

Fortified with CrS0Y (Fortified with Chromium Soy)

You're an 0menh arry

How did I get ROpbD into this

Team SKoil

So kEUWl

Knives Spoons and F05RK s

Delicious mSALt

Ted crUtZ

TuUuA Sandwich

Stop the BAtTZ



I had a lot more than I thought :') I'll try to keep this updated!

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My favourite of this list: 7CpsO Coffee - that's plenty of caffeine! laugh.gif

Nonsense! No such thing as too much caffeine tongue.gif

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