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2016-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

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Ok. I was wondering if mine were glitched and that was why the BSA wasn't showing - but with the concerns of it making things too easy, I also wondered if it would be a Valentine's Week only type of thing. That would be nice. My gold's are the only ones I would really like to get along.

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I'm glad everyone enjoyed the event! It's always a bit of a rush to try getting a V'day event out, since it's so soon after Xmas, so I really enjoy seeing people pleased with it, despite the little flaws (like day 6's items, sorry!).


Cheers to all!

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Is the badge supposed to change at the end? ohmy.gif

Only the people who organized/sprited/wrote stuff etc will have a different badge.

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I'm definitely crossing my fingers that it's just a matter of time. I also took a screenshot as proof just in case it helps me at all. xd.png

Could you PM me this screenshot, please? PB won't let me save it. Thanks!

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So instead of the 36 there were actually 40 total. Which in case, I now have them all. biggrin.gif

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Quoting credits as they haven't been quoted in a while.

Thanks for re-posting and thanks to the artists, writers, designers, concept creators, and everyone else involved in bringing this fun game to us! I really enjoyed it. smile.gif

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Ohh, a picture showed up. That's so cute biggrin.gif


This was a lovely event everyone! Thanks so much for everything c;

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Thanks spriters, storywriters, and artists! I'm really glad I checked in to get all 40 stamps! Thanks for doing this!


Thanks Nakase for that image! I temporarily put it in my siggie if I'm aloud to.

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Lovely picture, fun event and highly interesting dragons!


(by the way, that theory about a reversing-refusals BSA for them that was going around before they grew up is still plausible in my opinion. Their description says that mutamores make matches around the Valentines holiday, so if they did have a BSA it wouldn't be available except around that time, so not until next year can we be sure about them having the BSA or not.

Or possibly this is just wishful thinking on my part. ;-) I don't know.)

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Only the people who organized/sprited/wrote stuff etc will have a different badge.

Oh okay, thanks! :>

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The illustration at the end is beautiful.


I do have a question, now that we know what the dragon for this year looks like as an adult and we have examples of what all the other dragons look like beyond their original pixels.


What kind of dragon is the event entry dragon? (The one in the square beside the Giant Wings and Shiny Things line.) It is a lovely dragon but where does it come from?


blink.gif Is is a sneak peak at next year's dragon? Or some other dragon that we might get this year? Was it a dragon that didn't quite make it for this year's Valentine dragon?


Who is this dragon?!


Thank you.

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What kind of dragon is the event entry dragon? (The one in the square beside the Giant Wings and Shiny Things line.) It is a lovely dragon but where does it come from?

I think it's just a random pink dragon. You could PM Shajana to see what her intent was, though.


Since event dragons aren't chosen that far in advance, I doubt it has to do with next year's dragon. ^^

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So pretty. Thanks to everyone who created these dragons and the event.


Edit: Looks like I missed some items. Oh well....

Edited by warriorjames

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And it's over shortly after I came back. xd.png I guess that's what I get for leaving for so long. Oh well, it the small part I did was fun anyway.

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The invitation in my scroll page is a clickable link, but it does not actually open any part of the page. I get the "Page Not Found" thingy. Maybe this will be fixed?

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Happy Valentines day!




Badges: Shajana and Thuban


User: user posted image

Contributor: user posted image


Event Coordinators: Sif and Thuban

Event Building: Pokemonfan13, Thuban and Sif


News post image: Shajana

On-site announcement image: Shajana

Big Party Picture: Nakase





Large insect (mana infused beetle) user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Infinis

Pink pearl user posted image Shajana

Sweetling invitation user posted image TCA

Rose bud invitation user posted image TCA

Heartseeker invitation user posted image TCA

Arsani invitation user posted image  TCA

Radiant Angel invitation user posted image TCA

Heartstealer Invitation user posted image TCA

Small pile of frozen apples  user posted image Infinis

Shiny trinket  user posted image Infinis

Small broken statue user posted image Thuban

Pink Mana Crystal user posted image TCA

Torch user posted image Shajana

Chalky Rock user posted image Shajana

Empty wooden bucket user posted image Shajana

Same Bucket filled with snowdrops user posted image Shajana

Chocolate Scale user posted image Infinis

Pile of flowers  user posted image Thuban

Fire mana infused hard candy lump user posted image Thuban

Heart Shaped box of chocolates user posted image PieMaster

Flowers (yellow, purple, white, red) user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Infinis

Vial of pale green liquid user posted image Infinis

Flower necklace (red and white) user posted image Infinis

Rosebud Feather user posted image Shajana

RA Whisker user posted image Infinis

dolly user posted image  Shajana

pile of ribbons user posted image Shajana

wooden blocks user posted image Shajana

Teddy bear user posted image Shajana

potted rosemary plant user posted image Thuban

seashell user posted image Infinis

bouquet of wildflowers user posted image Shajana

pink ribbon user posted image Infinis

heart shaped stone user posted image Infinis





Day 1: Thuban

Day 2: Thuban

Day 3: Pokemonfan13

Day 4: Thuban

Day 5: Thuban

Day 6: Thuban

Day 7: Fiona BlueFire


I'm going to go ahead and close this now. Here's a link to the credits for the event. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=9120516 and a copy of them is posted above.


Some threads that might be of interest:


To discuss breeding plans for the Mutamore Dragon - https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=173479


Some threads of interest -

https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=161278 type of GoN they "make"


Link to wiki http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released


http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...6&hl=new+sprite New Sprite General/Miscellaneous Discussion, after the new release post is locked


http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=126734 General Congrats Thread


http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=127500 General Thank you


https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=170509 type of Striped they "make"


cyradis4 additional info on the Mutamore: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=9125297


Do you guys want more info? I assume that's a fairly stupid question... of course you do!

  • Adults and hatchies are fully amphibious, and breath both air and water.
  • Hatchlings tend to undergo rapid mood changes, going from extremely friendly to wanting to be alone in short order, and back again
  • They possess little magical ability, though do have the ability to find the nearest water and sand, no matter where they are
  • Can swim slow for long periods, or fast for very short ones, but they lack stamina at the swifter speeds
  • They are solitary dragons for most of the year, typically spending their time exploring.
  • They are nomadic, and do not maintain a fixed territory, preferring to move on once they have fully explored an area.
  • While they are in their solitary phase, Mutamores are very grouchy and grumpy, best avoided at all costs
  • Breeding season begins in February, and they become incredibly, annoyingly chipper and friendly while seeking a mate for themselves and others
  • Mutamores nest at the end of their “friendly” phase, digging a nest into sandy substrate and viciously guarding it from all comers, including their mates. Once the eggs hatch, Mutamores become grumpy again, abandoning the hatchies as soon as they can care for themselves.
  • Most Mutamores spend many of their younger years in fresh and brackish rivers and lakes, only moving to the open ocean as their primary home once they achieve great size. They can be found in all temperature zones.
  • Mutamore dragons will eat anything living, but will refuse anything that they did not see killed.
  • Larger Mutamores will often show a strong preference for sharks, with some of them traveling for weeks to hunt that special sharkish meal




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