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    Most desired dragons at the current moment 11/12/16


    I adore dragons with cool/ interesting codes and am looking for any variation including numbers that look like letters (4 for A, 3 for E and so on.) for words relating to Pern series, Harry Potter series (including fan pairing abbreviation), and other books which I have not yet listed. Will get to that when I have time. Codes similar to Azure, anything like griffon/gryphon, hawk/hawke, eagle...

    I would trade anything (excepting the very low chance of my getting a cb gold, silver, or low gen holly egg) to own eggs with a code similar to Clara.

    My current lineage project hopefully will look like this:

    My first Shimmerscale was found in the AP (4/12/13 at 11:11AM). My first cave born silver and gold were found on the within hours of each other on 9/3/13. Caught my first Dino (iHH0g) on 9/5/15 during the Lunar Herald release.

    My 2nd CB gold was found at 12:25 AM on 5/6/17.

    I can now breed this prism lineage to produce a clean 6th gen dragon egg:
    First egg sent to toyofubl for a 2nd gen silver 9/13/13.