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2015-04-05 - Festival of Eggs

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This year's Festival of Eggs has begun! You have three days to collect all 62 eggs (is that a new record?). Happy hunting!


For the next three days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.

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Credits: as posted by Starscream


Coordinator: Starscream

TCA: Divider ---- Shajana: some flowers

user posted image





user posted image Glass egg which shows the star sky.

user posted image Random blue egg.

user posted image Random shiny red egg.

user posted image Snowflake egg with Elsa's hair (from "Frozen").




user posted image Fina's dress and a silver magic circle, from Skies of Arcadia.

user posted image Mima, from Touhou.

user posted image FOE, from Etrian Odyssey and the FOE IOSYS video.

user posted imageuser posted image Sayaka's soul gem and Ocktavia's grief seed, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


LightConcorde: user posted image


Thuban: user posted image


Aangs-sister: user posted imageuser posted image



user posted image Random purple egg and some red flowers

user posted image Simple star/galaxy theme

user posted image The game, LIMBO



user posted image Enderman from Minecraft

user posted imageShield of Seals and Grima from Fire Emblem: Awakening

user posted imagesuperstealthyreference Roy from the Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC

user posted imagesuperstealthyreference Emmeryn from Fire Emblem: Awakening


Silverdrak: user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image



user posted image #thedress #teamwhiteandgold #teamblueandblack

user posted image A simplified version of the Broadway revival staging of "Magic to Do," from the musical Pippin.

user posted image Literally just a pearl \o/



user posted image A deep ocean egg with bubbles. [The second one was actually just an experiment on playing with spriting textures, though it turned out better than expected. Added some bubbles, and huzzah, a deepsea egg! ]

user posted image Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. [The first one, as many guessed, is a Rose Quartz egg from the hit cartoon Steven Universe. When I first saw/heard Rose in the episode Lion 3: Straight to video, I fell in love with her character. And of course when I was asked to make an egg, I had to make a reference to Rose. Originally I had made the egg switch between all of the gems (Rose, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst), though unfortunately my computer died (aka bluescreened) just as I was finishing it up, and I was too tired to make it again. Glad you guys like it and got the reference, though!]



user posted imageuser posted image Knights helmet(s) - just because knights and dragons go together

user posted image Ball of wool...which Odeens cat stole

user posted imagejewel scarab - coz I like them

user posted image Phantom of the Oprea




user posted image - Ice cream sundae, because yum.

user posted image - Mike from Monsters, Inc.

user posted image - Wreck-It-Ralph and Fix-It-Felix.


Fiona BlueFire:

user posted image

user posted image Simple Purple Egg with flowers

user posted image Lotus flower from a Dream.




user posted image Red Lyrium Egg. Dragon Age FTW.

user posted image Not a reference, just random.


Corteo: user posted image



user posted image Skywarp: Transformers (G1)

user posted image Zoanthid - Eagle Eyes



user posted image Harry Potter.

user posted image An Easter basket.

user posted image A classic Easter egg.

user posted image A couple of snails.


Adrak: user posted image



user posted image My pet redtail boa Draco, enjoying a cupcake for his 1st birthday.

user posted image Because cats.



user posted imageThis stone egg, to go with the one from last year.


Infinis: user posted image


xdragonia: user posted image


JOTB: user posted imageuser posted image



user posted image Easter bunny dragon bringing the Easter eggs.



user posted image It was inspired by those moustache eggs.



user posted image A chicken egg in disguise

user posted image A dragon in fiery wasteland

user posted image Everything's better with a bit of rainbow :'D


Hot On fire:

user posted image based off of her cockatiel, Crystal

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Nice. Grabbed my first pretty egg - thanks TJ

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Omg I got an enderman egg.. My net life is complete....*hugs it* Thanks TJ. Whoever made the enderegg has my undying devotion.

Edited by Reidragon

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I have been waiting for this!! Happy Easter DC! biggrin.gif

Edited by acm1923

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Yay Easter! Looks fun! Thanks!


(wow first page ... That's a first for me)

Edited by Mtntopview

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I'd forgotten all about Easter and spent several seconds wondering what that was on the first dragon page I'd checked after being distracted for a while, only to remember DC EASTER EGGS!

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"404 Easter not found"


What is this? Get it when I click on an egg or my basket

Edited by Santa07

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Whenever I click on an egg or my basket an error stating "404 Easter not found" pops up

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I clicked on one easter egg but it says "404 Easter Not Found" huh.gif

Same. Also a basket badge has appeared and gives the same error when I click it.



Still excited though :3 I'd forgotten this would be going on.

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