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SEEKING: *2G Prize Swaps, 2G Saltkin's, & NDs! *

***Will Trade 2G Gold Shimmer X  Mate of your choice!***

Also Seeking Prizekins and anything by a Female Gold Shimmer!


Prize info in my profile. :D List is Currently *OPEN: for certain trades see wishlist above!* 










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    Dragon Cave and my Hobby Farm! I have a farm load that keeps me busy from dawn to dusk!! I love to collect things "see wish list below."

    Feel free to message me anytime I don't bite! I try to check in here atleast once a week. You can also reach me on the Discord anytime! Username listed above.
    For Info on my Gold Shimmer scroll down.

    A big thank you to my Peeps for getting me hooked on this game. Seriously what were you thinking LOL!!

    **A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful players who have gifted me such amazing things over the years!! I can't say Thank You enough!! ** <3

    ------WISH LIST------
    o CB Gold(s)
    o ****ND!****
    o CB Staterea
    o **CB Skittish (hatchies)**
    o *2nd Gen. Spriters Alts*
    o *2nd Gen. Thuweds*
    o 2nd Gen Prize Swaps
    o 2G Magenta Floret
    o 2nd Gen Prizekins
    o EG Prize/Prizekins
    o CB Silver(s)
    o ***Dino's/Paper/Cheese/Chicken***
    o Bundles of Commons
    o *Unique Prize lineages (from common/uncommon)
    o Saltkin Lineages

    - Once I go through my list of dragons I can add more to this.

    ------PRIZE INFO------

    *View my Girl below!*


    ~!~!~!~UPDATE 1/1/21 ~!~!~!~

    I am not super active on the Forums at the moment due to my crazy work schedule! But I am still open to trading 2G Prizes so feel free to send me a message!
    I try to check the forums atleast once a week when I check for DC updates you can also reach me on Discord. Otherwise, I tend to trade most of her offspring on the cave trading page now a days unless you want to trade for something specific.

    ******ALWAYS OPEN (to certain trades)******

    Her list is always open to trades with other Prize winners and 2G Saltkin's and ND's!!!
    I love any Purebred Prize or 2G x Female Gold Shimmer and of course Shimmerkins!
    Also offering a 2G Prize for bundles of unbreedable's!! (Dino/Chicken/Paper/Cheese)
    Just send me a message, I don't bite. Thank You!!

    *I am a big fan of Prize x Common/Uncommon pairings!*

    *I support IOU's*
    I like to keep my lists small so no one has to wait a long time when she decides to be a poop.

    ***Wishlist Mates***
    o. Aqualis,
    o Almandine,
    o Aria,
    o Angellis,
    o Aso (Xeno)
    o Other New Xeno's
    o Lihnseyre,
    o Xenowyrm (Any Color)
    o Gemshard (Any Color)
    o Frill,
    o Leodon,
    o Firegem, (All colors)
    o Floret Wyvern, (CB Purple, Gold, Peach)
    o Rift,
    o Holly,
    o Wintertide,
    o Kingcrown,
    o Lacula,
    o Sapphire,
    o Purple,
    o Black Tea (Male)
    o Astaarus
    - I will think of more later.. :)


    1. April x Electric/Monarch (Bred fail 10/22/2021)

    -----SHIMMERKIN*WAIT List------


    *HALLOWEEN 2021*

    *CHRISTMAS 2021*

    *VALENTINES 2020*

    ------Completed 2ND GEN. PRIZE BREEDING------
    1. April x Blusang (Completed 2015)
    2. April x Blusang (Completed 2015)
    3. April x Imperial Flesh-crown (Completed 2/2/16)
    4. April x Tsunami (Completed 2/22/16)
    5. April x Gold Lunar (Completed 3/7/16)
    6. April x Xenowyrm (Orange) (Completed 4/5/16)
    7. April x Blue Gemshard (Completed 6/23/16)
    8. April x Moonstone (Completed 8/14/16)
    9. April x Silver (Completed 1/25/17)
    10. April x Pyro (Xeno Volcano)(Completed 4/26/17)
    11. April x TBD - Completed 1/1/18
    12. April x Christmas '08 - Completed 1/19/18
    13. April x TBD - Completed 4/17/18
    14. April x TBD - Completed 7/16/18
    15. April x Arcana - Completed 11/27/18
    16. April x Arcana - Completed 1/23/19
    17. April x TBD - Completed 2/16/19
    18. April x Autumn - Completed 5/15/19
    19. April x Gold - Completed 7/24/19
    20. April x Astrapi - Completed 8/07/19
    21. April x Copper - Completed 9/27/19
    22. April x Red - Completed 12/03/19
    23. April x Silver - Completed 12/10/19
    24. April x Wintertide - Completed 12/31/19
    25. April x Wintertide - Completed 1/14/20
    26. April x Erador - Completed 2/19/20
    27. April x Stripe - Completed 7/30/20
    28. April x Blusang - Completed 11/9/20
    29. April x Sapphire - Completed 05/15/21
    30. April x Venturis - Completed 07/14/21

    Congratulations!! You completed the Novel lol XD