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SEEKING: *CB GOLD!* CB Xenowyrms CB Copper (*Green*)Prize Swaps welcome! *Gold Tinsel wanted most!*2nd Gen. Prize Fail Swaps also welcome! GlpRqx4.gifQVkOXff.gifXXucuG7.pngPrize info in my profile. :DList is Currently *Closed*acm1923.pngdy7z8l.pngmdU8nVs.gif1-1_zps54511423.gif

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    Dragon Cave of course! Rescuing animals (cats/horses/dogs/rabbits/fish/mini donkey/goats/ducks) and that's it for now. I like collecting 2nd Gen. Prize Dragons, Prize Fails, 2nd Gen. Spriter's Alts, Neglected, CB Metals and all the commons one could eat. If you want to chat or be friends feel free to message me.

    A big thank you to my great friend Majors/Family Member who has gifted me so much over the years, thanks for getting me hooked on this game.
    NovaDawn23 Who helped me get a few of my first dragons as well.
    Horsearound Who talked me through my first Zombie attempt, we did it!!
    And a few others who wish to remain un-named.
    I've been here for a while but not on the forum. DC has taken up the greater part of my existance for the last at least 5 yrs. I do love it!!

    ------PRIZE INFO------

    ~!~!~!~UPDATE 06/15/16~!~!~!~

    I am asking anyone I have an 2nd Gen. IOU with to have a back up mate ready in case the first one you requested throws more than 5 fails in a row. This is due to that fact that I would like to have this list cleared before the end of the year. Thank You
    I will send you a message asking once your turn comes up if you have not messaged me first. I list the mates in the order I am going to breed them in my Prize wait list down below.

    ~!~!~!~UPDATE 1/1/16~!~!~!~
    I will begin breeding the fails I owe once the Regular prize list is empty, unless a member on the list is requesting a breed that is already on the fail list then I will just update the users as I go. Hopefully this makes sense, its very late here. Also Happy New Year DC!

    ****LIST CLOSED****

    My List is *Closed* for right now until all current IOU's are taken care of. Once the list is empty I will be trading her offspring for Prize Swaps or anything off my wish list. I am a big fan of common x prize pairings! My current Prize search right now is for a Gold or Silver Tinsel or Shimmer x Almandine or Aria or Female (Blue) Angellis or Green Xenowyrm or Blue or Green Gemshard or Fill. I support IOU's but I like to keep my lists small so no one has to wait a long time if she decides not to breed what I would like. I am always happy to trade for another 2nd Gen. Prize especially if they are with any of the mates listed above. Thank You all for the nice messages I do look forward to trading some babies!

    ------WISH LIST------
    o CB Gold(s)
    o CB Xenowyrms
    o CB Green Copper
    o 2nd Gen. Spriters Alts
    o 2nd Gen. Thuweds
    o 2nd Gen Prize Swaps
    o 2nd Gen Prize Fails
    o 2nd Gen. Holly
    o Neglected
    o Bundle of CB Aria's
    o Bundles of Commons
    o *Unique Prize lineages (from common/uncommon that you dont see a lot)

    Once I go through my list of dragons I can add more to this list.


    1. April x Bolt or Bolt

    2. April x Aria or Frill or Frostbite

    3. April x BBW or Kingcrown or Sapphire or Aria or Almadine

    ------PRIZE-FAIL*WAIT List------
    1. Sunsong x April
    2. Blusang x April
    3. Tsunami x April
    4. Silver x April

    ------Completed 2ND Gen. Shimmer Breeding------
    1. April x Blusang (Completed 2015)
    2. April x Blusang (Completed 2015)
    3. April x Imperial Flesh-crown (Completed 2/2/16)
    4. April x Tsunami (Completed 2/22/16)
    5. April x Gold Lunar (Completed 3/7/16)
    6. April x Xenowyrm (Orange) (Completed 4/5/16)
    7. April x Blue Gemshard (Completed 6/23/16)
    8. April x Moonstone (Completed 8/14/16)
    9. April x Silver (Completed 1/25/17)
    10. April x Pyro (Xeno Volcano)(Completed 4/26/17)

    3rd Gen. Gold Shimmer x Winter (Completed 7/24)

    3rd Gen. Gold Shimmer x Moonstone (Completed 4/15)

    ---------2ND GEN.*PRIZE*GIFTING---------
    1. April x Winter (Completed 2015)
    2. April x Moonstone (Completed 2015)
    3. April x Electric (Completed 2015)
    4. April x Blusang (Completed 2015)