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Hatchi Trade!

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CB hatchie pack! Four for one.




* CB Male Neotropical Neotropical_mature_hatchi.gif

* CB Male-influenced Cassare Cassare_hatchi.gif

* CB Female-influenced Ridgewing Purple_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif

* CB Male-influenced Sunset Sunset_hatchi.gif




-- Looking for one uncommon CB hatchie in return, preferably from the following list but offer away! :nyan: (The following list is auto)


* CB Celestial, any gender


* CB FEMALE Melismor


* CB MALE Candelabra (will accept female but male preferred)


* CB Black Truffle (will accept female but male preferred)




* CB Firegem, any color/gender


* CB Gemshard, any color/gender


* CB Kingcrowne


* CB Floret, any color/gender


* CB Diamondwing (will accept male but female preferred)



-- Or best offer of CB hatchlings (1 to 4).



Make an offer on my hatchlings!


Traded, thank you! ^_^

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Traded, ty ^_^!

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Speckle-Throated_hatchi.png x1 CB Speckle-Throat Hatchling

Nilia_Pygmy_hatchi.gif x1 Cb Nilia Pygmy

Pyralspite_Almandine_hatchling.gif x1 CB Almandine Hatchling

Fire_Gem_green_hatchi.png x1 CB Green Fire-Gem Hatchling

Golden_Wyvern_hatchi.png x1 CB Golden Wyvern Hatchling

Kyanite_Pygmy_hatchi.gif x1 CB Kyanite Hatchling (ohpug)

Diamondwing_hatchi.gif x1 CB Diamondwing Hatchling (ZsueG)

qyu.png x1 CB Aether Wyvern Hatchling (BOYCP)



Mystery.gifqyu.png Offers. I don't freeze, so I'm not very interested in messy lineages.


PM me to make an offer.

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CB Baikala hatchling (Forest Green / Brown) influenced male (PROOF if needed) Baikala_brown_hatchi.png




CB Aeon egg Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif or male hatchling Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png auto




CB Purple Floret egg Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif or female hatchling Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png auto




Make an offer on my hatchling! :nyan:

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CB hatchie pack! Four for one.




* CB Tsunami Wyvern, influenced male Tsunami_Wyvern_hatchi.gif

* CB Hooktalon, influenced female Hooktalon_hatchling.gif

* CB Bolt, influenced female Bolt_hatchi.png

* CB Ash, influenced female Ash_hatchi.png




* CB Aeon egg auto or hatchling; Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png




* CB egg or FEMALE Purple Floret auto Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gifFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png




* CB Gold Floret hatchling male or female  Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png or egg Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gif auto




* Looking for best offer (1-4 hatchies or eggs) from the following list:


* CB FEMALE Melismor Melismor_mature_hatchi.png or egg Melismor_egg.png


* CB FEMALE Red Fire Gem Fire_Gem_red_female_hatchi.pngor egg Fire_Gem_red_egg.png


* CB MALE Blue Fire Gem Fire_Gem_blue_male_hatchi.png or egg Fire_Gem_blue_egg.png


* CB FEMALE Green Gemshard hatchling Gemshard_green_mature_hatchling.png


* CB FEMALE Kingcrowne Kingcrowne_mature_hatchi.png or egg Kingcrowne_egg.gif


* CB MALE Candelabra Candelabra_mature_hatchi.png or egg Candelabra_egg.gif


* CB MALE Fell Fell_male_hatchi.png or egg Fell_egg.png


* CB FEMALE Diamondwing Diamondwing_mature_hatchi.gif or egg Diamondwing_egg.gif


* CB MALE Silver or MALE Gold Lunar Herald Lunar_Heralds_gold_mature_hatchi.png Lunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.png (it's gold now but silver just ended, so I put both) 


* CB MALE Sapphire Sapphire_mature_hatchi.png


* CB FEMALE Script Script_mature_hatchi.png or egg latest?cb=20170718093724


* CB MALE Monarch Monarch_male_hatchi.gif


* CB MALE Razorcrest Razorcrest_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png


* CB Celestial Celestial_mature_hatchi_corporeal.gif (male or female )


* CB MALE Black Truffle Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif 





* Best offer of CB hatchlings (1 to 4)





* Just offer! :nyan:



Make an offer on my hatchlings! :nyan:

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Xeno Pyro hatchling, precogs female Pyro_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif (PROOF if needed)




One of the following:


* CB Purple Floret egg auto  or hatchling; Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png(male preferred but female okay)


* CB Thalassa Xeno egg or hatchling; Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif   Thalassa_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.png (male preferred but female okay)


* CB Aeon egg or hatchling Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png 


* CB Pyralspite Almandine egg or hatchling Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.pngPyralspite_Almandine_mature_hatchling.gi (male preferred but female okay)




* Offers?


Make an offer on my hatchling! :nyan:

Edited by missy_

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CB gendered pair male/female Black Truffle hatchlings Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif




-- Best offer of any of the following: (can accept up to two eggs) 


Listed in order of preference


* CB Aeon egg or hatchling (auto) Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png 


* CB Purple Floret egg or hatchling Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif  Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png


* CB Thalassa Xeno egg  or hatchling Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif  Thalassa_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.png 


* CB Gold Floret egg or hatchling Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gif Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png 


* CB Pyralspite Almandine egg or hatchling Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png Pyralspite_Almandine_mature_hatchling.gi




* Nice offers alot



Make an offer on my hatchlings!:nyan:

Edited by missy_

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Zyumorph_volcano_mature_hatchi.png CB (female, stunned) [ offer ]

Thalassa_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif CB (will be female) [ offer ]

Baikala_brown_male_hatchi.png CB (male) [ offer ]

Speckle-Throated_hatchi.pngBlack_Capped_Teimarr_hatchi.gif both CB [ offer ]

(pm me to combine )



Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB **auto**

Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif x Floral-Crowned_egg.png  2nd gen from floral-crowned **auto**

Mystery.gif spriter-alt kin, any gen

Terrae_egg_variations_rotator.gif 2x lowtime CB or even gen lineages (feel free to offer, i love all terrae)

Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png Terrae_egg_variations_rotator.gif Black_Capped_Teimarr_egg.png Mystery.gif 2nd gen prize-kin, any considered


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2G Pink Zyumorph (Sinomorph X Garland)

CB Nocturne (Ungendered)



Blue Zyumorph (Any Lineage)



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Blusang_Lindwurm_hatchi.png CB Blusang, pregoc female

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png CB Blusang (high time egg, influenced/pregoc male egg/hatchie, male hatchie. Basically I need a male, and my Pinks are on cool down for the next day or so xD)


Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.png Female Purple Syiat


Edited by bloodyneptune

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Pyrovar_hatchi.gif  Low-time CB Pyrovar 3d 10 h

user posted image user posted image  2-pack of purebred 2G Purples (uninfluenced)  ~ Purple1 and Purple2 (offering both of these for one of yours)



Siyat_purple_hatchi.gif Siyat_blue_hatchi.gifSiyat_blue_mature_hatchi.png Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.png  Caveborn blue or purple Siyat (CB Purple Female is auto) 

user posted image CB Skywing hatchling (either gender)

Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif CB female Black Truffle 

user posted image CB female Red Zyu 

Aether_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.gif CB male Aether 

Razorcrest_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png CB male Razorcrest 

Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png CB female Scimitar-Wing 

Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png CB female Gold Floret 

Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.pngCB female Purple Floret 

user posted image CB male Blusang Lindwurm 

Boreal_hatchi.png Caveborn Boreal (either gender)   

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from female Aether

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from male Ash, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/4hJmN

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from male Boreal, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SfrmT

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from female Boreal

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from female Lacula

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from male Melismor, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/OSpLY

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from male Pyrovar 

user posted image 2G Aeon from female Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vGVM5

user posted image2G Thunder from male Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/F8LJs

user posted image 3G Silver Shimmerscale from male Silver Shimmer x female Deep Sea checker, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pTcwb

user posted image Wish List  offers 


Pyrovar Trade Link

Purple Trade Link  

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user posted image  3G Male Pyro Xenowyrm from Thalassa 1st gen, Pyro 2nd Gen Lineage Link



Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.png CB Female Purple Siyat hatchling or low-time egg   <~~~ Priority

qyu.png Ungendered Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling (for freezing - lineage not important)

user posted image 2G male Sunrise from female Sunset, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/VEiSU

user posted image CB Skywing hatchling(s) (either gender)

Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif CB female Black Truffle hatchling, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/izT4n

user posted image CB male Blusang hatchling, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/jCuJv

 Razorcrest_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png CB male Razorcrest hatchling, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/jMlFR

user posted image CB female Red Zyumorph hatchling, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/iSldl

user posted image CB female White Zyumorph hatchling, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/g4hxK

Siyat_purple_hatchi.gif Siyat_blue_hatchi.gifSiyat_blue_mature_hatchi.png Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.png  Any caveborn blue or purple Siyat hatchling

user posted imageuser posted image Caveborn and/or purebred even-gen Aeon hatchling

qyu.png Other hatchlings or wish list offers 


Make an offer on my 3G Pyro Xeno hatchling!

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CB FEMALE Purple Floret hatchling Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png




CB MALE Purple Floret hatchling Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.pngor lowtime egg would also be okay!Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif


Make an offer on my hatchling!

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Male influenced Red Fire Gem hatchling Fire_Gem_red_hatchi.png Grows up in 20 hours


Proof: (click spoiler)







An older Male influenced Red Fire Gem hatchling, Fire_Gem_red_hatchi.png or a lowtime egg Fire_Gem_red_egg.png


Make an offer on my Red Fire Gem hatchling!

Edited by missy_

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Paper hatchie (s1)

CB female Ice

CB female Magma

CB male Thunder

CB Chrono Xeno male

CB female Brown Copper

Cheese (S2)




Eh, offers? Not really attached to anything but the Xenos (I love CB Gaia Xenos, swap great!)


A lot of these are in Public Trades if you want to offer on them there instead of PMing me. If you have an offer you can't fit in a trade, PM me. PM me for what you can't find as well. All CB Trios are in one Public Trade. I CAN split them if you need only one/two.

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