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25irjg7.png  5lw7s8.gifipqy3d.gifuser posted imageI accept IOUs! Taking breeding requests! Also hoarding CB Swallowtails! I am willing to do NDs for 2nd-3rd gen Shimmers/Tinsels. Look at my profile for more informations! Blue Dinos: 6/100 -- Red Dinos: 10/100 -- Green Dinos: 11/100 -- Yellow Dinos: 7/100 -- Purple Dinos: 6/100 Shimmer/Tinsel/Metal List

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    I started playing DC in May 2012 x3

    ■ I am doing NDs. My successes so far:

    ► Two turned but died
    ► K3F0L
    ► pFGjk
    ► D46CF
    ► TIC8H
    ► g5SSS
    ► WguDH
    ► gI1ew


    I am more than willing to do NDs on IOU basis for 2nd-3rd Gen Shimmers (prefered) and Tinsels.
    In case you are interested in a trade with me, don't hesitate to PM me and I would be very happy to discuss a trade. I also am willing to wait in case I will be able to get on a list for 2nd Gen Prizes. The only thing I request from you is patience since the eggs won't always turn everytime I have experiments.

    My ND list is currently OPEN:

    1. Darth Krande
    2. ShadowRift
    3. -free-
    4. -free-
    5. -free-


    Just pm me if you would like to come up with a trade or IOU! I also am taking breeding requests ;)

    FYI, I sometimes am posting trades for 1 or 2 other users. They are family members but not registered on forums.

    ■ IOUs:

    ○ Maxi3939 ► 3rd gen Bronze Shimmer-scale

    ■ People who owe me:

    ○ Xaesha ► 2 NDs
    ○ TobiDei ► Two 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer Scale eggs
    ○ Napalm666 ► 3rd gen Gold Shimmer x Turpentine
    ○ Tsarlena ► 3rd gen Bronze-Shimmer x Seragamma

    ■ Open Breeding requests:

    ○ None