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Finally got my character finished took longer then it should have....


Username: Shadowwolflegend

Name: Freda

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleeting

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Fire (in turned form) The One labled Trikal It’s a Pole staff like Trikal in the picture the tip being made out of bone.

Human Appearance: Face and Normal clothes (Just ignore the ears they are not pointed you just think they are and the rune on her forehead...) Festival Clothing

Turned Appearance: Better be my good side (Just ignore the runes on the body and wings.)

Personality: She tends to go exploreing, trying to find items that can be used to trade with others, Because of this if she finds something that she feels could be useful she will try everything in her power to obtain it.

History: Freda always tended to find shiny things at a young age. She always gave them away to whoever had something that she wanted ether it be a snack or some other item that caught her interest at the time. She tends to be gone for long periods of time in search for items returning for about a week before heading off again to look for new items. She does stay longer during the Mating Festival and Meetings but once they are done she is off again.

Talents: Great at finding materials of high value and sell them for items she needs. ( Think of her as a trader)

Crush: None that she knows of

Kin: One Brother

Other: “Don’t expect me to give you something without payment.”

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i might make a draykan later if i can come up with a could character.

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Consider my characters in limbo until this weekend guys. Real life's kinda horribly busy right now.

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Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: Adstrum

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan


Primary: Hunter

Secondary: Tribe Romeo

Tertiary: Artist

Tribe: The Tribe of Burning Flames


Primary: ornate bone dagger

Secondary: bone staff

Tertiary: Tooth and Claw

Human Appearance:

-image: [Link] ((because all of the good male pictures are elves, ignore the ears)

-eyes: artic blue

-hair: bleach blonde

-skin: fair

-height: 5'11"

-weight: 194 lbs

-build: muscular


-- wolf fur vest

-- wolf fur boots

-- leather trousers

-- dragon headdress

-- ceremonial dress

Turned Appearance:

-image: [Link]

-eyes: red

-color: Black with a purple sheen in the light

-height: 7'3" at the shoulder, 14'3" long

-weight: 189 lbs

-build: muscular, fast



- Adstrum is extremely flirtatious and coy as well as playful. He isn't too selective about his women so long as she looks pretty and lets him do what he likes.

- He doesn't always like men very much. This is probably because of his aptitude towards women and he sees them as competition even when they're trying to be friendly.

- He is more of a lover than a fighter and his words tend to stave off violence fairly well. However, he will fight fiercely and even to the death if need be and he has no qualms with seeing Draykan blood.


-was born

-was raised

-strived to outdo his older brothers

-became a bit of a jerk for attention

-here we are


Primary: hunting

Secondary: painting

Tertiary: flirting




- three older brothers


- "They say to let your heart be your guide and so that's exactly what I'm doing."

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Weapons:Heradara uses a bow and arrow

Human Appearance:Heradara has short chocolate colored hair.

Turned Appearance:(pretend it has horns tongue.gif)

Personality:Heradara is very protective about what is hers. Most people think shes rude but she tries not to be. This is probably because she likes to be the boss of people.

History:When Heradara was born, her family was killed. Her father got away with her and taught her how to survive. When she was old enough, her father left her to fend for herself.




Other:"There is no good or evil, only power"-Lord voldimort tongue.gif

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Wait. You didn't? :<




Sorry bout that. :<



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I'll post my Draykan form later.

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oh wait wait wait. I forgot to put in my little catchphrase.


edit: It is in now.

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Username: Flamma

Name: Somni de dia (or Somni)

Age: 18yrs

Gender: female



Tribe: Tribe of green leaf

Weapons:Manly a dagger (Before it was broken) but she has a variety of other weapons she has fashioned to choose from

Human Appearance: Somni has strawberry blonde waist-length hair and has pale skin and blue eyes. She is 5 feet tall

Turned Appearance: Somni's wolf form is a white wolf with grey paws

Personality: Somni is very friendly but gets distracted easily and is often found staring into space. A lot of time she like to be alone but is always there when you need her. Somni is very protective of her friends and has few enemies.

History: Somni had a normal life until her mother was killed. Then her father trained her hard to protect herself from any thing that could hurt her.

Talents: Somni is very flexible and can climb things very well. she also has a collection of tools that she fixes things with.

Crush: none

Kin: Father and younger sister

Other: Bravery isn't to take a life, but to spare one.-Gandalf

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Who should I interact with/who wants to be interacted with (from either tribe)?

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here's my Draykan character form:


Username: DP

Name: Sachi

Age: 19

Gender: female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleeting

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: arrows and daggers that she crafted herself.

Human Appearance: Sachi but without the kimono.

festival garb: this

outfit for other times of the year after the festival: this

Turned Appearance: closest color I could get to her hair

Personality: quiet most of the time since she doesn't talk much, kind, sweet, stubborn, and a bit sensitive.

History: doesn't talk about it much and just keeps it to herself.

Talents: crafts her own weapons and has a pretty singing voice.

Crush: a bit undecisive as to whom she likes at the moment.

Kin: none living

Other: "I love you for who you are and not for what or who you're supposed to be."

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We need to watch Draykan gender ratios. We have more females than males now.

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i would have made a boy but I'm not good at playing them mellow.gif

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Okay. But this is the last change I'm making for anyone.

Accepted DP!

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In my post the full moon is coming up so we will need to organize the two tribes meeting. More of a when are they going to meet.

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