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Claim my eggs/hatchlings!Wishlist<-I accept IOUsScrollI am currently searching for a Magma to complete my GoN set!I'm looking for Alt. UndinesI'm looking for any cave born rares or higher

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    UPDATE: I'm thinking about restarting my RP, The Game Maker! I'm putting the link to the original thread at the bottom of my interests. If you are interested in this RP Please feel free to PM me!

    Dragon Cave Wish List!
    NOTE: I am very interested in Pure Bred Even Gen. Lineages! Any breed or length would help me :)
    Anything with a '*' is top priority.
    -Alt. Undine
    -Any cave born rare or higher
    -Copper(Orange, Green)
    -Lunar Herald
    -Striped(Red and Black)
    -Two-Finned Buna
    -Two-Headed Lindwurm(Green)
    Thank you:)

    I will accept IOUs. I can breed any two dragons together on my scroll. Fell free to PM!

    Also, here's some dragons that I like. ;)
    -Any Purebred Even Gen. Dragon
    -Cave Born Dragon
    -Dorkface Dragons
    -Magi Dragons
    -Pink Dragon
    -Prize Dragons
    -Red Dragon
    -Thuwed Dragons

    thank you,

    Raven301 for trading countless eggs with me and being an awesome friend!
    shikaru for the bronze shimmer-scale
    EternalSnow for the striped dragon.
    Esheena for the chicken!!!
    Arella for the red dragon

    Link to The Game Maker below. Copy and paste into a new tab.