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Username: Moose

Name: Rei

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Kaiserin

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Flames (in turned form), knives, and poisoned darts.

Human Appearance: Rei is beautiful, but does not show off very often. Only during festivals or other special occasions does she appear to notice her beauty. On normal days, however, she wears a thick dress woven from dense wool and a wolf claw suspended on a necklace.

On a Normal Day On a Special Occasion Face

Turned Appearance: Rei is a rather muscular dragon. Her scales are an icy blue and her eyes are dark and black. She isn't particularly large, but she has a lot of fight in her, despite her being small.

Imagine she's blue (and has smaller wings)...

Personality: This draykan is rather laid-back for her race. She does things slowly and doesn't like to force anything. Rei takes out all her negative emotions on art and rarely ever expresses such feelings when around others. Her calm exterior can sometimes calm others around her and, because she is a leader, she often calms those who come to her in a state of distress. She likes to help others and often goes out of her way to do what's best for those around her. However, she is not perfect as far as personality goes. Due to her being so very calm, she plots against those she had grudges on (and she very often develops grudges) and sometimes has outbursts of emotion for no reason at all.

History: Rei grew up surrounded by bliss and art and was trained the ways of the fleetlings, despite being born to the two leaders of the tribe. They wanted her to be prepared in case a war should break out. So, despite her being rather small (perhaps 1.5 times the size of an average-sized wolf), she grew strong and became adept on the battlefield. But that wasn't the extent of her training. She was also taught politics, public speaking, philosophy, and art. The young leader is currently trying to learn how to use herbs and other mountain supplies to heal, but she isn't too good at it.

Talents: She can capture the likeness of almost any person if she has seen them even once.

Crush: She is in a relationship with her Kaiser.

Kin: Rei's parents died and she has no living siblings.

Other: "There is beauty in all chaos and chaos in all beauty."

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Username: SaberLily

Name: Stern

Age: 19 and a half

Gender: Female

Species: Lycan

Position: Beta Female

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: Best with archery, though she carries an axe with her at all times.

Human Appearance: Has short, red hair in a rather lovely cut. She's tall and thin, preferring pure grace over massive muscles. Usually she wears rather un-tribe fitting, but overly modest, clothes, though she has a special outfit that she traded for that she wears during battle.

Basically this without the armor. Battle clothes. Normal clothes.

Turned Appearance: Compared to her human form, her wolf form is a hulk. Though it looks like a regular wolf, it's somewhat bigger with unlupine like claws and a grizzly bear physique.

Like this, but less extreme with the fur.

Personality: She's ladylike in everything she does. The way she walks, fights, and talks. Stern doesn't call her tribe a "tribe," she calls them her "family." Compared to the Indian clothes the tribes wear, she prefers European style clothing. She knows her negative traits are more shown, so she tries to best to dull those too. But insulting her clothes are the easiest way to get a major thrashing.

History: She has a rather simple history. Raised young, she was given the beta female position due to her expertise in healing. That, and she would constantly say "i'm the only one worthy of being a beta!" so they gave it to her to get her to shut up. They haven't regretted it. Though in actuality, she had a sister who died due to a Draykan attack who was supposed to be beta. Her real name was Chris, a much more normal name. They lied and said Chris died, then renamed her to Stern, her sister's name. They haven't told her this yet, and don't plan on it.

Talents: She is a capable healer and fighter. She's able to defend herself while defending others.

Crush: Her mate, of course.

Kin: Her parents and long dead sister.

Other: "Don't close your eyes."


Hope she's okay. I couldn't really find many good looking tribal outfits that would fit her. >.>'

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No, not exactly like that. Just a general idea. A lot more simple, indeed. Like the normal clothes are just the main part of the dress and the neck ribbons. And no shoes. Because I can't see werewolves wearing shoes. :l

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Username: RainDash

Name: Aki

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Drummer

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Fire (in turned form), Knives, and poisoned arrows

Human Appearance: She usually wears a poorly cut bear pelt that she brags she made. Her eyes are usually bright and full of mischievous thoughts. She actually looks much younger than she is. Not to mention she's barely over five feet two inches tall.

Normal Day (Minus the buckles) Special occasions Except with light blue eyes

Turned Appearance: Sans the metal band thingees

Personality: Childlike and full of energy would be putting it lightly. She's quick on her feet and even quicker to form battle plans. Most call her the 'idiot savant of battle strategies'. When it comes to tribe life and names of anyone not the leaders, she doesn't really care. Unless it's a good day for a prank or two. Then she knows just about everything about you. Most people know that if Aki knows your name, then you'd better be careful.

History: Aki was raised in a house of a warrior and an artist. Pushed both ways, but adept at neither, Aki believed herself stupid and unworthy of the tribe. She attempted to leave the tribe, but discovered an attack coming on by the Tribe of Green Leaves as she left. They didn't notice her, and she escaped back to Draykans and warned her tribe. She even set up traps, guided troops, and stepped on the old Drummer's toes. Unfortunately, her predecessor disregarded her advice and died during the battle. She was appointed to the rank and has since been scouting and fighting behind the scenes.

Talents: Very quick on her feet. She small, and can think up battle plans quickly.

Crush: Her mate?

Kin: Her parents

Other: "In my mind I've fought a thousand battles, and even if I don't win all of them, it's my job to make those wins a reality."

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Let's try this... by the way, is Stern's name's meaning in german or not?


Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Angello, also known as 'Fang'

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Position: Beta Male

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: A one-edged yet two-handed sword with steel as dark as the night sky, yet with a pure white handle out of dyed leather.

Human Appearance: He has short black hair in a messy spiky style of his own that still is very classy and actually looks normal, paired with rare dark blue eyes that remind of the depths of lakes. Usually wears the same clothes, but may change his attire at times. Otherwise, he wears whatever passes the moment and the mode, yet isn't really a modest person. Face Normal Clothes Battle Armor

Turned Appearance: His turned appearance makes him look like a beast. His body is more werewolf-like, yet he still goes on all fours and attacks with his claws and fangs. Otherwise, he's a tad bigger than a normal wolf and has black fur, along with dark blue eyes.

Something like this

Personality: His main goal is to inspire the troops, so he is normally cruel and hard when he is with them or on the battlefield. When he isn't being the leader of the forces, though, he's quite caring and positive and smiles often. No one knows what happens in his mind, though, as he is like a walking tactician, being able to make plans on the go and yet have strength to back them up.

History: Before he could remember anything, Angello was left without his parents. Being a brave pair, they went out and fought with the other tribe until their life was taken by force and their bodies were burned, for what they had done together was more than an army could imagine. They made the enemy respect them. So, the young child had barely any support in it's early years. Growing up, Angello didn't have many characteristics of a beta leader. Actually, when a poll was made as for who would become a male beta, he was on the bottom. But nobody did see what happened inside of him and they kept him quiet and alone until he came out of his shell. In battle, he was fast on his feet and yet his strikes were quick, and he was able to even manage patrols for a whole week when he challenged the last delta because of a bet. Because of his skills as a warrior when he fought at a battle and managed to take down the force with his and four other groups of five, he was chosen to try and become a beta. He went through the trial quickly and managed to best it, after which he was given the role of a beta on the spot.

Talents: A very skilled fighter yet able to go on the defensive if something threatens a person he finds important or even the basic soldier. Also, a very smart and tactical, able to think plans even when clashing swords with somebody else.

Crush: Of course the Female Beta.

Kin: His parents, long dead.

Other: "I dislike war. Not in the way of the actual fights... but the slaughter caused by it to both sides. To think you've killed so many caused nightmares to me... but now I have inner peace and I kill to defend what I love."


Dunno how he came out. A bit boring, I think. tongue.gif

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Username: Flamma

Name: Somni de dia (or Somni)

Age: 18yrs

Gender: female



Tribe: Tribe of green leaf

Weapons:Manly dagger but she has a variety of other weapons she has fashioned to choose from

Human Appearance: Somni has straberry blonde waist-length hair and has pale skin and blue eyes. She is 5 feet tall

Turned Appearance: Somni's wolf form is a white wolf with grey paws

Personality: Somni is very friendly but gets distracted easily and is often found staring into space. A lot of time she like to be alone but is always there when you need her. Somni is very protective of her friends and has few enemies.

History: Somni had a normal life until her mother was killed. Then her father trained her hard to protect herself from any thing that could hurt her.

Talents: Somni is very flexible and can climb things very well

Crush: none

Kin: Father and younger sister

Other: Bravery isn't to take a life, but to spare one.

((ooc sorry I don't have pictures yet))

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Let's try this... by the way, is Stern's name's meaning in german or not?

Actually yeah. It means Star. You can tell I like German words, can't you?

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I'm in my third year of German. ^^


Anyway, I think we can start now. I still have to fill out my forms so...


Flamma, you didn't keep the coding on your form. And please edit your form with the picture. ^^

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Username: Raven301

Name: Javon

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Postion: Alpha Male

Tribe: The Tribe Of Green Leaves

Weapons: Javon's main weapon is a broadsword but he is also very good with a longbow

Human Appearance: Javon has shaggy red-gold hair that, in humidity, curls slightly. Javon Is 5' 11" and has Hazel eyes that seem to peer into your soul when he looks at you. Javon usually wears a long cloak made of deerskin with a tight fitting shirt, deer skin pants and boots that lace up to his knees.


Turned Appearance: Javon is slightly bigger than the average wolf and has a thick mane of fur around his shoulders.

Personality: Javon is always experimenting, he is very cursious about his world and has learned many things by exploring and experimenting. Javon will always try to consider every side of a case before passing judgment on it and always encourages curiosity, questions, and sometimes even a little trouble. Javon is very kind but will fight viciously to protect the tribe.

History: As he grew up Javon was always discouraged and shunned because of his bright personality and strange interests, because of this Javon ran away at the age of 13. For years Javon explored the unknown land and many times almost lost his life. At the age of 19 he returned to the tribe, but had always been mistrusted until he saved the previous alpha in a fight with the Draykan.

Talents: Javon can move very fast and is one of the best fighters in the tribe

Crush: Sita - of course

Kin: One brother that has always shunned him, Parents

Other: "Face your fears and more often than not they will fade like mist in sunshine."

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