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    my interests:

    playing video-games, reading, badminton, soccer, tennis, golf, IMing friends and family, hanging out with friends, the beach, rping, playing darts, pool, avoiding my brothers whenever possible, etc.

    my AP description (which used to be in my sig):

    The Dragonpelt is a native species to the Dragcave Forum. It is usually spotted in the Other Roleplays, though there has been sightings of it migrating to the Freeform Roleplays. This species loves to lurk, eager to pounce upon some helpless thread or other species. Though this species may look kindhearted and help others, it has some deadly ninja skills it can use when angered or irritated. Approach with extreme caution. This is Animal Planet. ~AP Description by Darkshadow

    my dragon wish-list:

    a gold egg [x]
    another gold egg that's bred (had one, it hatched, but the hatchling died before it could grow up) [x]
    another silver egg [x]
    another blue [x], green [x], and red stripe egg [x]
    a black stripe egg (two adults) [x]
    a Dino egg [x] <--- purple
    the other Dino eggs (white, orange, and red) u[]
    another legendary trio egg; ice (two) [x], magma (one) [x], and thunder (two) [x]
    two GON eggs (had one but it died before it could hatch) [x]
    a red nebula (three adults) [x], a green nebula (three adults) [x], and an orange nebula []
    tinsel (all three but I'll be happy with just one of them): bronze (one adult) [x], gold [], and silver []
    holly (2) [x]
    gold Chinese new year eggs []
    shimmer scale eggs (gold {two adults; one was traded to me as an egg from Stormy [StormCry]} [x], bronze, and silver) []
    another green opal egg (bred) [x]
    green copper egg []
    red/orange copper egg []

    books I would like to eventually to add to my ever-growing personal library or that I'm starting to get:

    the Dragon Eye series (all 8 of them, though, I suspect that there will be another because of how book 8 ended) []
    the 21 other books of the Tsubasa series (there are 28 in all and I currently have the first 4 and the last 3) []
    the 5th book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series [x]
    the other 3 books of the Young Wizards series (currently own first 5 and the last one; 2 of which [the second and third books] I got from my sister, the first, fourth, and fifth I got for both birthday and Christmas, and the last one I bought) []
    the Gillian Key series because they're awesome and funny (all four books, though, I think there's going to be a fifth one soon) []
    the Runaways manga series (all seven books) []
    the Vampire Kisses series (all eight books; currently own the first one, the third one, the fifth one, the sixth one and the eighth one so I just need the other two) []
    the Fairy Tail manga series (all 27 of them; now the other 23 since I now own the first 2 books, the 4th book, and the 9th book) []
    the rest of the Faerie Wars Chronicles series (I own the fifth book so I just need the other four) []
    the Ouran High School Host Club manga series (all 18 of them; now the other 17 since I now own the first book) []
    the Wild Ones manga series (all 10 of them) []

    my nicknames in rl (most of them my brothers made up [the last ten; also with the asterisks next to them]):

    Queen of Multitasking, Dragons, Chocolate, and Ninjas,
    Grammar Nazi Extraordinaire (hehe ^^),
    Rhyming Guru,
    Manager of the Recap Department,
    The Redhead,
    Walking Weather Channel,
    human spell-checker,
    *Darth Vader,
    *Emperor (Empress) of Eye-rolling,
    *Midnight Stalker (don't ask),
    *Master (Mistress) Mumbler,
    *Little Ray of Sunshine (please don't ask),
    *Reader of Stories,
    *Dwarf Lord (again, don't ask),
    *Pablo Escobar (<_<),
    *Dark Lord of the Basement (*really* don't ask),
    *Lidibet Anne (*really* *really* don't ask), and
    *Speedy Gonzaliz

    dc nicknames thus far:

    Dragon (monkey [monkeyboy225] calls me this along with Zak [zakku_uchiha] and a few others)
    Pelt (broken [brokenglass] calls me this sometimes and so does cynder [Cynder_Dragon], polos [polos1993], and also jaina)
    Speedy (I told one person [Kitty {FireKitty}] that she can call me that)
    DP (potter [potterwolf] called me it recently along with Sinder, my GNB and newly-found twin ^_^)
    Ninja (Willey [Willeyioam] called me it recently)
    Grammy/Granny (another nickname that broken is calling me)
    Ninja Queen (it's what Sinaar's calling me nowadays)
    D-pelt/Dpelt (another nickname that potter is calling me)
    Way of Ninja/Way of the Ninja (a new nickname created by Seth [Sethimo] by way of IM)
    D (new nickname created by Water [WaterGate] by way of IM)
    Drag (new nickname that Meka [Mekasoundwave] recently called me)
    Draggie (new nickname that TMD [TwilightMoonDragon] recently called me)
    Drape (new nickname that Angel [Angel of the Inferno] recently called me)
    Dragpelt (new nickname that yukin [yukinflake] recently called me)
    Severus Drape (Angel [Angel of the Inferno] called me it recently)
    Peltie (Hodge [HandofJudgement] called me it recently)
    Aurora (lore [Lore_Master] called me it recently)
    Sky (Li [Limn] called me it recently)
    Mew Mew (Cowl [CowlRaven] called me it recently)
    Grape (Syn [WasbeerSyndicate] called me it by way of IM)
    PD (Cynder [Cynder_Dragon] called me it recently)
    Choco (stunning [Stunningfire] called me it recently)
    Dragon P. (Icepelt called me it recently)
    Chocopelt (yukin [yukinflake] called me it recently)
    Raven (shrimp [shrimpee13] called me it recently)

    my dc family (not blood related):

    War and Peace - sister #1
    Angel of the Inferno - sister #2
    CowlRaven - sister #3
    Stunningfire - sister #4
    Merryier12 - sister #5
    Sinder - twin sister #1
    Songbreeze2012 (now known as Echoing_Song on here) - twin sister #2
    Konayuki of the Spirits - secret sister
    futurelibkeeper - sister-in-law
    deathly_danny (Blackhearted Angel) - brother-in-law
    Lore_Master - brother
    yukinflake - brother
    Brainiac - brother
    brokenglass - granddaughter
    WaterGate - friend


    ~ I'm now only working at Amware now and for full-time since we're opening up new sites and I'm needed to scan files, put new employees into both payroll systems, and terminate people as well as work on the mail (garnishments, child support orders {CSO's}, National Medical Support Notices {NMSN's}, etc.).

    ~ Every Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) night, I'll be having dinner with my dad just to discuss how things are going at work and how my week's been going so far; I have a job now so we're not really discussing job search strategies right now...just kind of hanging out for an hour or more before I have to head back home.

    ~ Every Wednesday (sometimes Thursday, Friday, or even Saturday if we can't do it on Wednesday) night, my siblings (more than one if my other brother and older sister are home but usually it's just me and my younger brother) and I have dinner with my dad so i won't be at the computer till i get back around 7 or earlier like around 6 if we go out to eat earlier than 6:30 like 5 or 5:30 or later if it goes over a bit; sometimes we also have lunch with him on one of those days instead of dinner if he's traveling later and won't be able to do dinner.

    upcoming trips:

    n/a for now

    upcoming events:

    n/a for now

    places I’m hanging out and usernames/tags:

    MS (MagiStream): Shadowfax278
    discord: Kimber#6541
    howrse: shadowfax288 (had to create again)
    kik: Li22i3kin5