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Everyone in the world knows about the vampire Zygard. He is one of the most well-known and feared villains in history. Cruel, torturous and vindictive, he is not a creature whose attentions anyone desires. He has met his match in several superheroes, but his victories far outweigh his losses. The only time the world dares to breathe easily is during those strange periods of peace where he retreats to his dark corner in Europe for several decades.


For the last fifteen years Zygard has lain somewhat dormant, allowing other villains their chances to wreak havoc, shed blood and keep the superheroes busy. Now rumour has it that he has started to mobilize his forces once again. His most trusted servants have been spotted in numerous locations around the world, although none of them seemed interested in causing any trouble.


Then the abductions started.


Several people with either super or magical powers have been kidnapped, all between the ages of fifteen and thirty. Nobody knows why they have been taken, or even where they are. The only ones who may discover the truth are the victims themselves, for Zygard has plans for them.


Zygard has constructed a giant arena by his castle, hidden by strong magics. In this arena he intends to make his hostages fight for entertainment and research. While most of the battles will either be fairly friendly, ending once there is a clear winner, or against whatever monster has been procured, Zygard will occasionally insist on a death match, where one of the hostages must kill another.


Those who attempt to defy him will endure a fate worse than death. Each of the hostages has been fixed with a special bracelet on their left wrist. Not only does it completely seal off all of their powers and magic outside of the arena, but it also contains a powerful and magical poison that can turn flesh to sentient stone. Should anyone refuse to participate in the arena, or try to remove or tamper with the bracelets, it will be automatically administered. Once the poison has taken affect, the hostage will be left all seeing and all hearing, but an immoveable statue.


Important NPCs


August is in his early fifties and is one of Zygard’s most trusted lieutenants. He has no powers or magic of his own, but is heavily built and an expert fighter. He is quite knowledgeable and can use all manner of weapons and incendiaries. He is the one that has the most interaction with the hostages and despite his job and who he works for, he is actually quite amiable. Don’t try to attack him though, or he will break your arm.


The Sorceress is a woman who loyally serves Zygard and is responsible for nearly everything magical at the castle. Her magic is very powerful, but often needs some preparation, making it difficult for her to cast spells in a hurry. She is the one who created the poison in the bracelets and enchanted them to seal the hostages’ powers outside of the arena. She is also the one who will transport monsters into the arena for battle or alter its appearance. Her true age is not known, but she appears to be in her sixties. The Sorceress can usually be seen in the box alongside her master.


Arena / Fighter’s Quarters




Most of the castle is off limits, but the hostages have been given a small space to reside when they are not involved in battle. They each have a cell lined with magically charged stones, to help them heal from any injuries obtained during the day, and they have access to a bathroom and a common room where they may talk and eat meals. The solitary room is used to introduce new hostages should too many participants in the arena die. August will also enter the common room through here.


There is a small hatch in the common room wall that allows food and the listings for the day’s battle to be passed through. It is not large enough to accommodate anything larger than a bowl. Breakfast consists of porridge, dinner of meat and bread and supper is vegetable stew. Flasks of water are provided with every meal.


A hallway leads to the arena, which has the default appearance of a walled enclosure of barren earth. It resides under a magical barrier that prevents anyone from passing through. Sometimes the arena will be magically altered for the sake of variety. It may take on the appearance of a jungle, a London road, a ship graveyard or anything else that the Sorceress desires. Just beyond the barrier lies a sheltered box that has an excellent view of the arena. This is where Zygard and his favourites watch the hostages do battle.


Death Matches


Death matches will normally take place between a player character and a NPC (I plan on keeping a small stock of them for this purpose). However if anyone goes more than two weeks without posting in character and doesn’t give any prior warning, I will put their character in a death match. This is to allow me to get around the problem of player characters randomly vanishing from what is supposed to be an inescapable fortress.




Everyone who has joined my previous Fell Haven RPs are welcome to join, but this RP serves as a continuity reboot. All character knowledge, development and plotlines have been reset. If one of your characters knows something about another, please keep it secret unless it is revealed in this RP.


Standard Rules


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more than two weeks without posting (without prior warning), your character/s will be put into a death match and killed off.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) PM me forms for approval. I'll ignore ones posted in the RP.

RP Specific Rules


1) Only two characters per person.

2) Only four powers per character.

3) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.

4) Use the supplied form below to submit forms for approval. I won't approve unless it is formatted properly.





Character Name:

Age: (Must be 15 to 30)


Appearance: (Please link pictures)

Cell Number: (Please check to see which ones are available. If you have two characters, then they share a cell.)






Weaknesses: (At least one, but you may have more)


History: (No more than two paragraphs please.)


[b]Character Name:[/b] 
[b]Age:[/b] (Must be 15 to 30)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Please link pictures)
[b]Cell Number:[/b] (Please check to see which ones are available. If you have two characters, then they share a cell.)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (At least one, but you may have more)
[b]History:[/b] (No more than two paragraphs please.)

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Character Forms (Main Characters/Player Characters)


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Zygard

Age: ?????

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zygard


1) Super Strength: Zygard has increased physical prowess, allowing him to tear his way through metal walls five feet thick as though they were made of paper tissue. He can lift many times his own weight and can jump large distances.

2) Super Speed: Zygard can move faster than the eye can follow, sometimes not even leaving a blur of colour. His speed makes it appear as though he can teleport over short distances.

3) Regeneration: Zygard can heal from wounds and dismemberment very quickly, although some injuries like decapitation, take much longer.

4) Mind Control: A master of possession and mind control, Zygard is able to force his way into the mind of any person he has made eye contact with, no matter the distance or how long ago the link was forged. The minds of his victims are completely suppressed, so they are usually unaware of what is going on and will not remember what happened during their possession.

Zygard has spent a long time honing his abilities, so any skill available to his host, such as super powers, are available for his use as well.

He is unable to make a body do anything it is not naturally able to do. Although he could make a man run around in circles until his feet are just bloody stumps, he can not make a man in a wheelchair stand up and walk.


1) Sunlight: Direct sunlight debilitates him greatly, severely cutting down his strength, speed and regeneration rate. It also makes it hard for him to maintain control over those whose minds he has seized possession of.

2) ?????


Not much is known about Zygard, save that he is a vampire and several thousand years old. Only his love of carnage is public knowledge, having spent most of his existence leaving blood splattered over the history books.

He likes to ‘collect’ those with power and has spent many years increasing his forces, which he keeps based in his castle in Europe. The castle is heavily protected by all kinds of magic, Zygard has little love for technology, and the skies kept overcast to protect him and any vampires that serve him from the sun.




Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Eli

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Eli

Cell Number: 4


1) Necromancy ~ Reanimation: Eli can animate the corpses and bones of humans or animals and control them. This does not take a lot of effort, being a skill he has practised often, but it does rely on having dead bodies readily available for him to work with.

2) Necromancy ~ Echoes: Eli can tap into strong emotions of the deceased and compress them into a tangible form. These creatures are often horrific in appearance and violent in nature, usually being constructed from pain, fear and anger. They are much harder for Eli to create and control, exhausting him quickly.

3) Necromancy ~ Sixth Sense: Eli can see and converse with spirits, usually the souls of the recently departed. He can sometimes see or hear other otherworldly creatures, but he tries to avoid them due to their aggressiveness.

4) Necromancy ~ Invisibility: Eli’s final ability allows him to turn invisible. He may still be heard, smelled or touched.


1) Fire: Fire can be used to destroy to hinder or any corpses that have been reanimated and keep Echoes at bay.

2) Holy: Holy magics or items are even more effective against Echoes and may possibly destroy them instantly.

3) Love :


He was two years old when he first awakened to his powers as a Necromancer. Since no one could possibly guess that the young boy could possess such powers, they were all completely taken unawares by what happened. Eli accidentally tapped into the pain of those who had died in a fire many years previously and released an Echo upon the town. It killed his family first, and then laid waste to all of his neighbours. Exhausted by the magic he had unconsciously performed Eli slept through the entire thing.

Eli was discovered later wandering amongst the wreckage by someone who had been attracted by the commotion and smell of death. They decided to take Eli in and took him home, never revealing to him the truth. Eli spent the next fifteen years studying and training in seclusion with his adoptive father.


Username: Rarek

Character Name: Andromeda Callaghan

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Cell No: 7


1) Telepathy: Ability to speak to others through their minds.

2) Kinetic Energy Transfer: Ability to displace energy to or from objects and persons, as though energy itself were a tangible object. Energy can be used as a solid, or simply transferred, passing into or from objects. If solid, can act as a quite useful battering ram. The only limitation is she cannot absorb energy, and therefore relies on his own stores to use, often costly. The energy can be stored in other objects for later use.

3) Conscious Regeneration: A slow self-repairing process that has to be started by choice and slightly taxing on energy reserves. If unconscious, it becomes useless.

4) Energy Construction: The ability to create objects out of energy. It remains in energy form, but is manipulated into a specific shape to serve a purpose.


1) Unconscious Vulnerability: If knocked unconscious or into a similar state, all current actions being performed cease, and is rendered mortal in strength and defense.

2) Energy Dependency: Due to requiring her own stores of energy to use her power, if they are depleted, she becomes weaker.

History: Andromeda was the daughter of an ordinary couple who lived in the forests for the majority of their lives. Her love of nature was once thought to be attributed largely to this, but upon discovery of her energy manipulating abilities, it was quite clear that it wasn't a coincidence. She preferred to live for the most part among the trees and rivers, but sometimes ventured into the city for the occasional set of supplies. It was here that she was captured by Zygard's forces, and placed in captivity. Andromeda seems to shift in confidence under guard, in some cases timid and afraid, and others shouting harsh threats to the point of trying to activate her suppressed powers.


Username: Chicogal

Character Name: Alia Kirol

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alia has dark green eyes which are framed by black eyelashes. Her hair is black and gently curly, falling down to the middle of her back. Her eyebrows arch thinly. Nose slightly pointed and turned up, lips thin and rise of her cheekbones noticeable, she has a regal air about her. She walks with a flow, back straight with a height of 5,3. The front of her dress comes to her knees, and so sweeps down so that the back reaches mid-calf - it is a dark purple and ruffles slightly among the tears and dirty patches. It is not quite clear why she is wearing it.

Cell Number: 1


1) Enhanced Agility - The extreme enhancement of balance and flexibility. She is able to turn backflips and do stunts very easily, without hurting herself. She can also do things such as a one-handed handstand and walk along a tightrope with ease. (Think like Spiderman)

2) Hover - Alia can hover in the air. Her maximum height which she can sustain is about a metre off the ground. She can temporarily hold herself above a gap or chasm.

3) Enhanced Hearing - If she concentrates, her hearing can be used to detect even an ant's footsteps.

4) Energy Blast - Small pulses of energy can be fired from her palm.


1) Her enhanced hearing can't be turned off. Too much different noise can turn her crazy, and a person shouting by her ear could turn her temporarily deaf

2) She does not know much about fighting, and it is not in her nature to be aggressive.

History: Alia comes from a wealthy family. Her house was large, and she attended a private school. She had always taken her natural prowess for gymnastics for granted, until she was about twelve and proceeded to be able to turn a forward flip with barely any run-up. Soon after that, her super sensitive hearing came about and she one day found herself able to hover. She has not discovered her energy pulse ability yet.

It was on a Friday that she was taken. The night of a dance at her high school. Dressed up, she waited on the side of the road for her well-off boyfriend to pick her up. Thinking he had gone the extra mile with a limousine, windows darkened, she laughed lightly in amusement before she saw the cloth rushing toward her nose and mouth. She didn't even have the chance to scream. She had been competing at a gymnastics competition, and that was where they had found her.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Kanya

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kanya

Cell Number: Cell 3


1) Ying Yang Hounds. Kanya can summon two hounds, one white and one black. They are a type of hell hound that can breathe fire. The white hound is also stronger against dark elements while the black hound is stronger against light elements.

2) Hell Fire. Kanya have the ability to summon the fires from hell. These fires are more intense than any other fire and can easily burn things to the ground. Not even ash is left over. However, when the fire reaches a creature created from darkness it gives the creature a bit of a power boost.

3) Holy Fire. Kanya have the ability to summon the fires from heaven. They have a healing quality to Kanya but when the fire creatures created from darkness they are completely destroyed.

4) Barrier. Kanya can erect barriers around her or objects she wishes to protect. These barriers are invisible to the eye and will prevent anything from passing through, either magical or physical.


1) Kanya can only summon the hounds every three hours. Also when one of the hounds is destroyed the other one becomes weaker

2) When Kanya is in a barrier herself it cuts her other powers off. She can only use them again if she removes the barrier from herself.

3) Kanya has a great fear for being tied down.

History: When Kanya was just a baby when her parents abandoned her, leaving her at the door step of a monastery. The monks didn’t much approve of the young infant but the nuns could not turn away such a little gift. They in the end decided to keep and raise the girl, teaching her the wrongs and rights. As the girl grew strange things started to happen around the monastery. Hound like creatures started to prowl the courtyards, black burnt spots were found where bushes used to be, “invisible walls” blocking paths. The monks soon started an investigation and too their surprise discovered that Kanya was the one behind it all. They saw how she created a black fire out of nothing and large hounds appearing next to her out of the blue. Worried and afraid what evil she might hold the monks turned to the ancient ways, a ritual to cleanse the girl from darkness.

One night a horrific battle rose in the monastery. The monks and nuns fought against the hounds killing them. They then tied the girl to a stone table preparing to begin with their ritual. The leader of the monks stood by the side of the stone table, with dagger in hand. A piecing scream echoed through the air as Kanya felt the blade cut in her side. Anger and fear rose within her causing the room to burst with black flames. The fire destroyed everything. The last thing she could remember was laying on the stone table watching the flames eat everything before passing out.


Username: Chicogal

Character Name: Maria Rortop

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Maria stands at an average height of 5,4. She has straight blonde hair cut to her shoulders that falls around them gently. Her eyes are dark navy blue. She moves with grace, accustomed to the movements she uses to control her element. Her clothing is that of a simple t-shirt, shorts, and trainers. She is lightly muscled.

Cell Number: 1


1) Water manipulation - She can control the movement of water through the movement of her body (mostly arms and upper body)

2) Creation of water - Maria can synthesise water.

3) Enhanced Speed - Maria can run at the rate of a human in peak condition; very fast.

4) Control of cold blood - Maria can take control of those with cold blood - such as reptilians. She can control the ligaments and muscles to make it move, or kill by causing a rupture in the brain.


1) Overconfidence - Maria can become overly confident in her abilities and actions. When this happens, she can lose concentration and alertness, and so miss things or get surprise-attacked.

2) Loner - She prefers to work alone instead of accepting help, and so is also stubborn.

3) She is more sensitive to fire and electricity than a normal person.

History: Maria was given up for adoption by her biological parents. She was, luckily, adopted into a wealthy family. They cared for her well, but she was always reminded that she was not their real child by passing comments. She took classes of whatever took her fancy - her latest being boxing. Previously it was a shooting class for children wanting to hunt, although she just thought it'd be cool to be able to use a gun.

She was kidnapped from her bed in the night, when she'd been sound asleep. Her parents have organised search parties to try to find her.

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NPCS are used as fodder for Death Matches and as puppets for RPers to use if their main character is busy elsewhere, like waiting on another player to reply. If you have a suggestion/request for an NPC just PM me the below form. If you have your own NPC you will be in charge of controlling them, but bear in mind that the other RPers may injure or kill them without permission.



Age: (15-30)


Appearance: (Please link pictures)

Powers: (No more than 2)






[u][u]Age:[/u] (15-30)
[u]Appearance:[/u] (Please link pictures)
[u]Powers:[/u] (No more than 2)




Name: Hector Amos

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hector


1) Energy Blast: Can produce balls of energy that explode on contact.

2) Flash Step: Can teleport short distances.


1) Energy Consumption: Both of his powers use large amounts of energy so he tires very quickly.

2) Water: Can't use either of his abilties if wet or submersed in water.


Name: Siren

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Siren


1) Hypnotic Voice: Can lull people to sleep by singing.

2) Flight: Has the power to fly without wings.


1) Silence: If she is gagged or otherwise rendered silent, she can not use her hypnotic voice.

2) Peanuts: Siren is allergic to them.

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1) Alia & Maria


3) Kanya

4) Eli



7) Andromeda

8) NPC1 (Hector) & NPC2 (Siren)






Question & Answers


Got a question? I'll answer it here.


Q) Can my character have similar powers to another?

A) It depends on the power. 'Common' powers/magics are common and therefore can be shared around. 'Rare' powers are rare so should be restricted to only one or two characters at a time.


Q) What are 'common' powers?

A) For me it's skills like super strength, super speed, flight, regeneration, shape shifting, teleporting and such like.


Q) What are 'rare' powers?

A) Anything that you wouldn't expect to see often in a world of magic/super powers, like mind control, telekinesis, empathy, pyrokinesis, necromancy, chlorokinesis, chronokinesis, etc.


Q) Okay, I've heard of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, but what are chlorokinesis and chronokinesis?

A) Plant and time manipulation respectively.


Q) Where did you find them?

A) Here.


Q) I'm assuming that during battle events within FH3, they are still wearing the bracelets while in the midst of combat. I was considering a self liquifaction type ability as a possibility for a second char, but then that would mean the bracelet wouldn't liquify along with him, and if I recall correctly another character self detonates and 'rebuilds' themselves afterwards.

How would that work with the bracelet then? Would the bracelet be affected in the same manner, i.e. it liquifies also / detonates and rebuilds or would it essentially 'come off' the person since it would not be attached to their body?

A) The bracelets are magic and are essentially 'part' of the person. If they liquify themselves, blow themselves up or become intangable, the same happens to the bracelet.


Q) What kind of fights are there, and how do we find out about who enters them?

A)At meal times a list will be presented along with the food, explaining who is expected to fight next in the arena. The colour of the ink used is the key to figuring out what kind of fight is expected from them.

Green ~ A challenge of some sorts, like surving a wave of monsters.

Black ~ Participants are expected to fight each other. The fight will last until there is a clear winner.

Red ~ A death match. Only half of those who enter the arena may leave. The participants will have to kill each other until the required number is left.

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The Sorceress can usually been seen in the box alongside her master.


Should be be.


(Also, no worries Fortune. It happens XP).


Several people with either super or magical powers had been kidnapped, all between the ages of fifteen and thirty. Nobody knows why they have been taken, or even where they are. The only ones who may discover the truth are the victims themselves, for Zygard has plans for them.


Slightly awkward sudden tense change there before you revert back to present. Just needs to be switched over to have.


Otherwise, approved.


(Also, I just cleaned this baby for yah. I'll delete this once you notice cause I put a bit of crit in here).

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((Thank you very much Walker. I've made the suggested amendments and will work on transferring over forms. Once everything is in place I'll edit this to include the opening post. Once that is made all approved characters can start smile.gif))

Eli was curled up in the corner, his arms tightly wrapped around the top of his knees to keep them pressed against his chest. His head was half buried behind his limbs, showing only his eyes under the hair. There were several other people in the room, but they were all asleep. Some of them were on the floor, but many had been placed on the chairs and sofa that formed a loose circle in the centre of the room.


Eli looked again at the bracelet that had been fixed to his wrist. It was thin enough, but it gripped his arm tightly. You couldn’t so much as slide a fingernail underneath, not that he would want to. Everyone else was wearing one as well; he had seen several of them as they were carried in. It had been over an hour now since the last person had been brought in. Were any of them going to wake up? They weren’t dead. He would know.


Worried about how the mysterious people he had been locked in with would react once they awoke and found themselves in such strange placed Eli curled up even tighter. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go home.

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(I'm gonna make the assumption that they are not in their separated cells right now, since they appear to be in the same room)


A groan escapes Andromeda's lips as she begins to stir. Most of her hair was still held back in its usual style, but she still had to brush a few stray locks from her face. Confused, she felt the cold hard floor beneath her skin, not used to the feel of rock under her bare feet. It was always the soft and mossy floor near a river, or the gentle brush of tall grass. This was no river, and it certainly was not natural.


She held her head with her right hand as she sat up, wincing through the pounding headache that she had developed. Another unforgiving coldness rested on her forehead, and she noticed the thin band circling her wrist. Strange, I don't remember trading for this odd little trinket. I have no such use for aesthetic items. It was too tight around her wrist, so she attempts to draw a bit of energy to cut it loose.


A look of shock crossed her face as she became unable to activate her powers. Her eyes flickered to solid white momentarily as they usually do when she uses them, but dies away in an instant. Completely terrified, she scrambles backwards, pressing her back against the wall and breathing heavily, eyes continually flickering as she continually tries to earn back her power. But to no avail.


It was only then that Andromeda noticed the large numbers of people unconscious on the floor around her. All of them wore the band on her right wrist, just as she had, but none of them were conscious, except for one lone boy curled up in the corner, his head buried in his arms. Andromeda's eyes were wild and fearful as she looked at him, unknowing where she was or what had happened. But her eyes stayed locked on the boy, unable to speak or breathe for fear that he was dangerous. Without her power, she was completely and utterly vulnerable, something she normally only had to be fearful of while asleep.

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Luc was dumped next to a wall along the corner of the room. His motionless body laying there on its side, his back towards the other and his face mere inches away from the wall. The drug which had been used to subdue him had long since worn off, however he had yet to regain consciousness.


The events prior to his abduction and the alcohol intake; nothing spectacular.. just enough to cause a lightweight problems, taking its toll on his body. His right arm moved slightly as he began to scratch the side of his thigh, an action he was unaware off as he slept. The faint sound of snoring could be heard, if you were close enough.

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((Yes, they are all in the common room))


Eli looked up when one of the sleeping people began to stir. It was a girl who looked slightly older than him and had a pretty shade of brown hair. She took no notice of him as she sat up, more interested in the bracelet on her wrist than her surroundings. He watched as she studied the band of metal and noticed the way her eyes flashed white a moment later.


Whatever was supposed to happen obviously did not judging by her reaction. She jumped backward into the wall and her eyes flashed again and again, all in some vain attempt to achieve something he knew not.


After perhaps half a minute she seemed to understand that whatever she was trying to do was not going to work and the girl looked around properly for the first time. Eventually her eyes settled on Eli who shrunk back under her gaze. She looked as frightened as he felt.


Eli just stared back at her, unable to speak or move other than attempting to press himself further into the corner. Further movement across the room made him jump slightly in surprise, as someone else, a boy this time, moved their arm. Eli settled back down when it looked they they would move no futher, but he averted his gaze from the girl, feeling too nervous now to even look at her.

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Lance began to wake, feeling a strange pain in his neck. Almost instantly his mind jumped to alert and he jumped up from his position, on his back on the floor. He misjudged the strength of his jump and stumbled a little before regaining his balance.


What the hell is going on? he thought to himself. I feel off... something isn't right.


He looked around the room as his eyes adjusted to the place. The room was full of several different people.


I don't like the look of things here and... he noticed the objects on everyone's arms. He then pulled up his coat sleeve and saw that it was also on him. Great... Magic, just what I need today... I HATE Magic...


He continued to have his eyes dart around examining everyone and everything.




Summanus too stirred, but didn't exactly jump to alertness. He slowly adjusted himself in the chair he was seated in. Looking around what appeared to be a boy with white hair looking around almost spastically, a boy with black hair in the corner burried in his knees and a few others.


"So what's the AA meeting for? I highly doubt most of you are legal... And there's the fact that almost everyone is passed out too, so it kinda tells me it's a bit of a failed AA meeting. You're supposed to stop drinking, not keep drinking..." Summanus said sarcastically with a heavy tone of anger. He moved his hand to his chin and propped himself up. It was then he noticed the bracelet on the very same arm.


What's this about?

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Isamu slowly opened his eyes, trying to keep himself from falling asleep again. Had he fallen asleep on the couch? Normally someone would’ve waken him up and told him to get into his own bed before he woke on his own. There was the sound of someone talking near him, but Isamu didn’t quite catch what they said; he only just realized he did recognize the voice, and that the person was angry about something. It took a few minutes for Isamu to realize whoever was speaking might’ve been talking to him, so he rolled onto his stomach and tilted his head up to look towards them.


The man was sitting in a chair next to him, which made Isamu wonder for a few seconds what could actually persuade his dad to rearrange the furniture. Then he actually finished waking up, and realized he wasn’t anywhere in his dad’s house. He shivered a little, and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, before he sat up and looked around more. Panicking wouldn't help, no matter what was going on.


Isamu quickly noticed the other people who were either on the chairs, like the man next to him, or on the floor. Most of them were asleep, although a white haired teen was standing, a young woman with brown hair was pressing herself against one of the walls, and another teen with black hair was trying to fit into one of the corners. And of course, there was the young man in the chair next to Isamu.


Another slightly closer look around the room made Isamu notice the bracelets all of them were wearing. When he looked down at his own wrist, he saw that he was wearing one as well. Was it made out of metal? It most certainly felt like it.


That can’t mean anything good. He thought after a few seconds of trying to summon it into his hand. It shouldn’t have taken more than about two seconds, and that was assuming it’d been placed on him only a few minutes before he woke up. Just to make sure that it wasn’t actually made out of a material that only appeared to be metal, he instead concentrated on trying to summon a small shield. It didn’t take long for him to notice it wasn’t working. He started shivering again as he realized that his powers were truly blocked, and folded his arms as he attempted to calm himself down again.



((Just as a bit of an explanation to why Isamu wouldn't find a strange voice weird, but would find the furniture being rearranged odd; his father owns a bed and breakfast. While being woken up by strangers doesn't happen all the time, it does happen often enough that Isamu isn't too bothered by it anymore. However, his father never rearranges the furniture without a good reason.))

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((*pokes subtitle and nudges Fort*))


Evangelina had awoken a few seconds ago, but she showed no sign of coming out of her coma. There was no sudden movement or intake of breath, she'd learned long ago how to conceal such things and dispense of unwanted reactions. Eva could tell she was sitting on a floor with her back semi propped up against the wall. Without moving, she waited patiently for her mind to clear of the fog caused by whatever had put her into the deep sleep she had come out of. Her memory came back gradually; the woman remembered who she was, what she was, what she had been doing and . . . Krys! Eva had been with her sister, and then . . . and then they had separated and gone to investigate-. Eva reached out mentally but felt nothing of the bond that she had with her sister. Come to think of it, the daughter of Hades didn't feel anything. That was impossible! It didn't matter how far away she was, there should be something. That was a promise that had been made!


The young demigoddess calmed herself before she panicked and did a quick mental "check-off" to make sure her limbs were all attached. Everything seemed to be there, but what was the strange device on her arm? Her bracers were still there, as was her ring . . . but the bracelet was new . . . .

Just then, she heard a commotion somewhere near her and then a voice followed.


Evangelina slowly opened her eyes, it wasn't so very obvious unless someone was staring at her. She lifted up her hand to reach for her sword. To her dismay, it wasn't there! Panic threatened to fill her but she fought it away as she looked around the room. There were others...and some looked scared, especially the woman nearby and the young boy huddled against the wall. Eva stood slowly, she'd been through this one too many times and she didn't feel like going through that obnoxious dizzy-spell again. The woman leaned back against the wall for support. Which one had talked?


It had been the man with the blue eyes.

"As much fun as such a meeting sounds, I shall pass." her voice was a bit scratchy from lack of use but she paid no mind. Her eyes scanned the occupants of the room. There were 10 people(?) including her and none matched the profile of her sister. Eva breathed a silent sigh of relief. But then another thing hit her, she couldn't see the familiar glow of anyone's aura.

"What in the name of . . . ." this last word came out in Greek and anyone who knew of Greek mythology would probably have cringed.


Her gaze fell on each of the people on the room as she evaluated each.

"No offense to any of you mortalibus(mortals), but where the gehennam(hell) are we and who are you?" she said, her voice was rather gentle considering the dangerous glint in her brown eyes and unfavorable circumstances.


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Summanus raised an eyebrow to the girl who stood up.


"Omnes istos non intellegere... (All these people are not aware) Sic videtur... (So it seems)." He replied. "And if you're so keen on speaking Latin, speak it fully rather than mixing English and Latin please. Some might want to understand your full speech and not just pieces of it if you want to ask questions. Not everyone speaks Latin these days."


This girl bothered him. She stated them as mortals, but surely if she was a god she should be able to get out of here without a problem. And why she mixed Latin and English furthered his distaste to her.


Lance looked over his shoulder to the blue-eyed man with dark hair as he spoke. First it was in an angry tone, then he heard a girl ask them something, but couldn't comprehend it all. Then the man spoke in another tongue for a moment and stated his distraught with her speaking in Latin.


"Yes, why don't you speak in English since I'm guessing that's what most of us speak since we are in a world where almost everyone speaks it..." Lance dryly spoke to both of them. His eyes darted to the girl. "Quite some control you have there. I hardly heard you wake up until you spoke." He then narrowed them to watch her in detail. "You wear armour... I'll assume you're a fighter then, but where's your weapon?"

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Evangelina's gaze flickered to the blue-eyed man with a expression of amusement. It was nice to hear a language she was familiar with outside of the safehaven she normally lived near.

"Sicut tu vis," she paused, then repeated the phrase in English. "As you wish. And here I thought Latin was all but forgotten by most these days. Allá miláte Élli̱nes? (But do you speak Greek?)" she shifted so that she was supporting more of her own weight. Her body was starting to recover from whatever had been used to knock her out.


Eva saw Summanus' irritation with ease, "I'm sorry, I shall be more considerate. Old habits die hard I suppose." the girl sighed. She ignored the other boy's comment about her waking up as that subject was not one she felt like taking out of the closet. As for his next statement, she clenched her teeth and looked down. Eva wore simple leather armor over a dark blue t-shirt and slacks. She looked the same as she usually did really. A solider was what she was, and without a weapon the girl felt bare. The woman said something soft under her breat, it was in Greek and it felt like it should have more kick behind it. Eva seemed to wait for something, but after a few minutes she scowled deeply.

"I suppose you could call me a fighter. Indeed I have a weapon, but he, it is not coming. What of you. I repeat, who are you?" she asked tapping a foot against the floor.


((Will they have the same clothing?))

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((Lance and Summanus appear as they do in their pictures... Lance doesn't rely on armour as a he feels it is a sign of incapability in combat... Dragon's pride runs strong in him lol Also, Summanus is a scholar, but tends to be for more of a pride factor...))


Summanus grew more irritated with this woman feeling insulted, but decided not to bother with proving he could also speak on her level. He'd had enough of her and decided to not be pulled into a game. He instead decided to watch these two as he felt some tension between the two.




Lance continued to eye the woman as he saw her lips move.. "I'll be honest, if it's magic you're expecting to use, it's not going to work. I could tell the moment I tried to get up since it's draining on my more... inhuman capabilites as well." He put up his wrist as well. "Paying attention to detail helps. But then again, when you've been in as many battles as I have, you start to learn to pay attention to these things. Especially when dealing with magical artifacts as well."


Lance paused for moment and noticed her foot tapping after requesting his name. "If you're wondering who I am, don't expect an answer without first showing the same gesture, witch. I don't take commands, especially not from someone clearly so spoiled."


Lance then slowly turned his gaze to the blue eyed man sitting in anger. "What did she call us? Mortalibus?"




"Yes, it means 'Mortal'... a cognate derived from French, which is a Latin based language..." Summanus danced his eyes between the white haired boy and this girl now. Which makes this piece of work a bit interesting...




"Mortal eh?" Lance's gaze fixed back on the girl, now a bit more angry. "Reason for me to ignore your profession as a fighter. A real fighter would pay attention to what's going on aroud them for survival. Fighters at least know mortality." He then grinned almost devilishly. "How's it taste being kicked down to near our level of power, witch?"

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Eli looked up at the other four people as they rose in turn. They all seemed to be around his own agae, but that didn't make him feel any better. He watched them as they went through their own periods of confusion and nervousness.


It was the second girl to awaken who spoke first, wondering where she was and who the others were. It appeared that one of the others took offense to her tone and choice of words and some hostility began to build between them.


While Eli had no desire to intervene, he did not like it when one of the men started to call the girl who had spoken a witch. By his tone he obviously meant it as an insult and those that disliked witches often meant them harm. Even though he couldn't girl up any tighter he tried to anyway out of fear. Would they start fighting?

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The constant yammering of several voices he did not recognize had slowly started to wake him, much to his irritation as he began to feel the gradually growing throbbing pain of a hangover induced headache. Without bothering to tell those at fault for waking him to shut up, he maneuvered his right hand into his pocket and fiddled around with his MP3, before taking his hand out and shifting his headphones, so that they now covered his ears.


It was not a hard choice for him to make, deciding whether or not to try and go back to sleep with the constant noise of people bickering or trying to sleep as he listened to songs off his Mp3. He rolled over so that he was now on his chest, his two arms crossed under his head as they acted as a make shift 'pillow', the music from his MP3 drowning out the other noises.

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Side note: My roommate, nicknamed Loki, calls me her mortal(which I'm fine with). It amuses me. ))


Mortals were a strange breed, always thinking they were more than average. Even her own kind. She didn't even remember being mortal anymore. It must be tiring. A smiled creeped onto her face and she licked her chapped lips.

"They tried to accuse me of being a witch once. You know what they use to do to witches?" she met Lance's gaze very deliberately, "I'm no witch." she chuckled, but her light-hearted smile disappeared quickly at mention of no magic.

"I'm aware of not being able to use magick, but my sword is a different matter. It was worth the try." she really was tired of these boys but it would take more than a mortal belittling her.


She listened quietly as they spoke, her eyes flickering to the kid who was still curled up on the floor.

"It seems we are upsetting the drunk." she commented as soon as Lance had finished. Her gaze turned back to the two.

"As a matter of fact, it actually is nice. Do you know how tiring it is to have the abilities of my Sire? To be...like a human again is a rare opportunity. It does make life interesting. Darling, being mortal is nothing to get bristly about, it is what you are. It is what I was born as." she shrugged unfazed by his words.


"I believe I asked your name first, but I am known as Evangelina. Eva for short is you decide that's easier to say." she told him softly. There was no hint of pride or sarcasm as she spoke.

"And perhaps, if you had fought as much as I have, you would dislike it as much as I do."


The woman turned to the boy and woman huddled in the corner. She took a step toward them, her limbs fully recovered by now. When she came between them, she stooped down, "Are you two ok?" she asked softly.

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Eli froze up a little when the woman accused of being a witch moved towards him and the other girl. It seemed she had lost her patience with the other two, but Eli wasn't too keen on her moving her attention onto him. He didn't know her. He didn't know what she could do or what this magic of hers was. And just because someone spoke softly to you it didn't mean they wouldn't hurt you.


Another factor in his nervousness was that she was the first girl his own age that had ever spoken to him. He had seen girls before, but they didn't normally get this close and they certainly never tried to talk to him.


However, as uncomfortable as he felt, there was such a thing as manners. If someone spoke to you you shouldn't just ignore them and Evangelina, as she had introduced herself, hadn't done anything to provoke distrust as yet.


"Yes" he replied in a tone as soft as hers.

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Andromeda looked up fearfully at the woman. She looked to be slightly younger than she, but she still had a powerful presence. Her eyes flitted back and forth, still clearly unable to fully grasp her situation. She would have to be careful of these three, they wouldn't be very forgiving enemies.


Despite Eva's actions being slow and non-threatening, Andromeda was still in a startled state. Before she could stop it, her hand reached up in front of her and her eyes flashed white once more, indicating she had intended to use her power in defense. Of course, that's the extent of what could be done and they faded back to normal within a matter of seconds. She was quivering slightly from feeling so helpless, as she usually stayed away from people even with her powers intact. But if she was so prone to being impulsive, that could prove dangerous in the long run.


Andromeda's face turned pink as she realized how foolish she had been, and she slowly nods and sits up just as gradually. Her eyes flitted to the boy in the corner as he responded, but felt she couldn't respond just yet. She wondered if the fact that she hadn't said a single word yet was unnerving to the rest of them, but that would have to be risked. She wasn't comfortable around any of them yet, especially without her powers. Not even the seemingly friendly Evangelina.

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Lance turned himself from the woman and glared over his shoulder. "The only reason I fight is because I have to. I never said I liked fighting, in fact I hate it. But I persist because I don't want to partake in Death's final embrace just yet." Lance then walked down the hall to see if he could make out anything of where they were and to get away from the woman.


I HATE magic users... they all lie, or cheat, or steal for themselves! Every single one of them do... And then they try to make out about how life is so hard for them. Yeah, sounds like Mother. "Do you know how hard it was on me to bring you into this world? You'd better damned well make up for it starting now..." He stopped dead in the hallway, his anger keeping him from continuing anywhere. I HATE YOU! AND I HATE FATHER! HE RAN OFF AND LEFT ME WITH YOUR BLOOD-STAINED HANDS! He screamed inside of his head. After a few moments and some deep breaths, he starting calming himself down rather than breaking things.




Summanus was disappointed when he saw the tension wasn't going to escalate further between the two. He was surely hoping someone would throw punches.


This woman's an idiot, they are scared, so why risk pressing them to do irrational things by trying to seem like the good person? Guess even self proclaimed Gods can be stupid sometimes... Summanus slowly moved to get up, but something was definitely off. He didn't hear the usual crackling of static when he got up...


((BTW Lance hasn't discovered his weapon summoning yet. That's going to be a real shocker for him... lol))

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Holly slowly started to open her eyes. People were talking about something, and she was sitting in a wooden chair that was kind of uncomfortable. As she started blinking and yawning and looking around, she had a strange feeling something was off. She was in a room with chairs and passed out people. There were a few conscious ones talking...about something. Her senses were still trying to adjust to this weird place.


This doesn't look anything like the college I was going to. Was I actually in college? Maybe that was a dream I had when I drank that tequila at Sara's house in the 'going to college' party. But- The redhead's eyes swept over each detail of the room. This sure as censorkip.gif isn't Sara's house?! Maybe I really did go to college and this is a classroom? Nope, no student desks, no teachers. And Holly was pretty sure that you wouldn't show up to classes drunk.


Okay, there were fifteen year olds, and some older people. They all looked young for the most part. Perhaps a few of them were around her age. But as she scanned each face, conscious or passed out, the feeling that this place was nowhere familiar was seeping into her mind.


Where am I? And when did I get this bracelet? Holly brought her left wrist closer to get a better look. It wasn't cutting off circulation, but it was really annoyingly tight. But perhaps not bad looking. And it seemed like everyone else in the room, on closer inspection also had this bracelet.


"What's with these things? Did some new fashion trend start up and no one told me? And why are you walking away?" Holly had missed most of the argument and was wondering why there was a white haired boy leaving and looking angry.

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((Fortune, would Eva be allowed to have her sword to duel?))


Evangelina glanced back at Lance, "Then we are in agreement. I do not wish to see my father or Thantos just yet either." the woman hadn't directed that particular comment at anyone, but she wouldn't bother correcting herself. Lance had decided to take offense and there would be no changing his mind while he was in this mood. Too bad, besides his pride, he would have made a good ally. Perhaps she could try later, for now she ignored him and turned back to Sammanus.


"I mean it, I don't wish to fight unless absolutely necessary." she said as the boy stood up. The half-blood had seen what the boy was doing, and she had noticed his disappointed manner.

"There are more important things at the moment."

Perhaps when you are older, you will understand. Or maybe you will gain blood-lust. Either way, I hope you don't have learn the hard way.


With a soft sigh, she turned back to the boy and girl.

"Do any of have names?" Eva signed imwardly. They were scared, this would make things harder.

"I promise, I don't bite. I'm no witch, just a daughter of a god of old and a human being. A demigod is what society commonly calls us." her tone was still soft, and she ignored Andromeda's attempts to summon her powers for the moment.


It was then she noticed Holly, "Welcome to the twilight zone."


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Andromeda looked warily at the demi-god. She was trying to be helpful, at least it appeared that way, and she seemed like she'd be a very strong ally to have. As she scrutinized her expression, she couldn't see anything that gave her reason to distrust her. She decided that she'd give it a try, she could use some help.


"My name is Andromeda. I...I'm a forest dweller," she whispered cautiously. Her eyes flitted up to meet hers momentarily before returning to the floor, quite clearly feeling nervous that she seemed like an easy target. It already seemed that hostilities were beginning to grow, and of the people who have woken up, Andromeda seemed to appear as though she were one of the weakest, judging just by how they acted. If this turned into something worse, she might find herself with a bounty on her head.

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"The name is Summanus." He paused. "If your knowledge serves you correct, you should know what I was named for."


Summanus stood up. He snapped his fingers really quick and... nothing. Not even the smallest spark occured in his hand. He snapped again and still no spark. He then focused his mind so direct his energies, but still no changes.


This could be a problem... I have no control over my lightning... He slumped back into his chair in disappointment. The strongest Dark Lightning elemental and I have no power... great...


"Is anyone here injured?"

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