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    In Gensokyo
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    I like dragons,dragons
    again, roleplaying whenever I get the chance, cheese eating,
    drawing(mostly dragons), hanging out w/ my friends, anime and manga(not a HUGE fanatic of it, however), LOTR, CPA, and Roleplaying. Oh yesh, and TOUHOU!
    Feel free to PM me about anything.

    I want to extend my thanks to these people:
    Orbiter-You've helped a countless amount of times, I don't know where to start.
    Lagie-Answered my questions about CPA when I was a newbie. Thanks for both the 3rd gen PB Nebble and the 3rd gen PB Mint.
    Kireena-Thanks for giving me my 1st Thuwed.
    Aquaelie-Thanks for the CB Pink.
    Lalasa-Got me addicted to Touhou by first getting me addicted to Flandre's theme song. XD
    MangaFreak-I <3 the minty pic. Thanks!
    Vocalia-Sorry for not putting you on here earlier. DX I wuv Touhou. :3 Thanks.
    iNarvi- I never saw the shimmer coming, but when it came she was glorious.

    Wishlist- I'll accept nearly anything, but I have particular eyes for these. If interested, PM me about it. Will add more later.
    Minties to expand me army!
    Any holiday dragon I don't have.
    Any dragon with Cirno, Mima, Reimu, Rumia, Youmu,or Sanae in/as its code. Don't care what breed it is or if it's inbred. And the capitalization won't matter. Willing to give or breed ANYTHING for these.