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Zagan stopped when he felt Question resisting to advance, and he looked at the cub. Being a Dark-type Pokemon, he had never managed to understand why were others so afraid of the dark. Everything was exactly the same, just with less light. And if the problem was that they couldn't see properly, why had he never met anyone who said they were scared of too much light? At least that'd make some sense, since in bright environment you couldn't even properly open your eyes.


"That Pokemon over there is using Sunny Day, see?" he said, pointing at the Grass-type snake. The Dojo that Zagan worked in was made to train other Pokemon, so he was familiar with weather- and status- inducing moves. Had to put the trainees through all kinds of environments, after all. "So it won't get too dark as long as the move is in effect," he patiently explained to the cub. Question had now started sucking on his paw, like a newborn. Really, Zagan couldn't get angry or annoyed at him, he looked so vulnerable. "'Sides, don't you want to ask them about your mother? Maybe they could help," he said in a more cheerful tone, putting his paw on Question's shoulder.

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"Well - !" Bree stared at the gardevoir for a few seconds before abrutly turning around and heading back down the tunnel. She had a point - in fact, moving the boulders to the side would be faster than backtracking every time they saw one. She still wasn't willing to help that stuck-up group of explorers, though. She entered the cave again and set herself down on the floor a few meters away from the hydreigon. It was back to plan A - wait until everyone was gone before moving out. I guess I still can't deal with strangers, she thought absentmindedly as she psychically lifted a small rock off the floor and flung it at the ground.

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Tiramisu pawed at the ground awkwardly,


"Oh. I'm sorry..." She quickly looked back at the Hydreigon, an apologetic look on her face, "It seems like everyone thinks it's a bad message, though. It's threatening, sure, but..."


Of course I'm just doing this so I don't freak everyone out, but still...


The nearby Smeargle's boasting and the situation about escaping soon reached the Meowth's ears. At the words "Spacial Rend", her ears perked up - the curious Meowth soon hopped to her feet, eyes glowing. Cocking her head, she grinned at Requiem,


"I think I see a way out of here, then!~"




Reed refused to even blink out of time in response to the comments - except for the Meowth's of course, that had been a personal threat. It was quickly and loudly met with an,


"I'd like to see you try!"


However, the departure of the first Meowth was soon followed up by the arrival of a second. This one, on four feet, hastily called to him,


"Hey, what's your name?"


Her eyes seemed to be glowing, as if she'd found a gem. Reed found himself rather surprised at the lack of "who do you think you are?" or such comments following the "hey"; however, it was as easy as always to reply with an offhand,


"My name's Reed, why?"


"What moves do you know?"


There was nothing mocking about her tone, which was rather refreshing. But of course - surely some Pokemon could see his greatness as well as he could? Shifting his pose slightly, he rattled his moves off (as smoothly as he could, to spite that Gardevoir),


"Yawn, Rest, Dream Eater, Wood Hammer, Fissure, Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, and Earthquake. And it also seems I've learned Spacial Rend in my sleep?"


A smile lit up the Meowth's face - she rushed forward, wrapping her tail around the Smeargle lightly,


"Come with me, I can get us out of here with you."


Reed indignantly protested,


"If the others would just stay in one place and let me, I could get us out of here on my own..."


The Meowth blinked, some look on her face - at this point he could tell it was something other than awe, but he wasn't quite sure just what it was. It didn't particularly matter to him, as this Meowth seemed to be the only one not questioning his abilities. The Meowth replied,


"I know that. But the fact of the matter is that they won't because they don't believe you - so come with me and show me your power!"


Now that was something he wanted to hear. It took no time for him to follow the Meowth to the front of the cave - he pushed his way to the front (naturally it wasn't worth it to wait for people to move out of the way) as she slipped past all of the Pokemon with quiet, "Excuse me"s and "sorry"s. Staring at the wall of rocks before them (the Meowth still had a silly grin on her face), he shuffled impatiently. Glancing at the quiet Meowth, he questioned,


"D'you want me to teleport us to the other side of the wall?"


"Mm-mm. I want you just to teleport the rocks out of the way," the Meowth tensed up as she saw his get into a ready position, "Not yet! I'm going in a little bit so we know what's on the other side!"


As Reed put his paws down, the Meowth beamed with pride,


"You see, I learned a move in a dream too - Secret Power!"


She crouched down by the edge of the rocks, and with a tentative swipe found a small tunnel. Hesitating for a moment, she called out,


"I'm Tiramisu by the way. Be right back!"


The Meowth - Tiramisu, she said? - disappeared into the tunnel for a few minutes. Reed shuffled his feet, anxious to get on with it. Soon (though not soon enough for him) the Meowth reappeared from the tunnel, looking a bit winded.


"The boulders go on for a bit - they thin out later, so the way the others were trying would have taken forever." Her ears flattened, "And sweet Arceus, whatever you do, do not misfire towards the walls." She licked her fur hurriedly, a grimace crossing over her face, "Or we'll all be nicely fried Magikarp in a stone skillet."

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((OK, so it seems that I missed Talon's change in the first post. *facetable* As of now, Inari's name has been changed to Renaissance.))

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Lilac just bounced on and on through the tunnel, not waiting for everyone else. He didn't seem a tad bit worried despite the fact that he was moving relatively quickly, something that he didn't usually do.

Celestia saw a few pokemon hesitating and called, "Please, everyone, hurry! Bell sensed danger! We have to leave this room as quickly as possible!"

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"I think I see a way out of here, then!~"


And with those words, the Meowth was off, a happy look on her face as she made her way towards the only exit, where the other Pokemon were starting to congregate. Alone again, Requiem took a deep breath, and looked at the other Pokemon in the room.


A Delcatty was swiftly making its way past the exit and out of view. A Dratini was going into the tunnel too, and a few meters ahead were a Ninetales and a Lucario. On the entrance, a Serperior was calling for everyone to hurry, a Gardevoir was moving the rocks with Psychic powers, and the Meowth Requiem had talked to was now speaking with a white-and-brown Pokemon with paint on its long tail. There was another Meowth there, with a device over one of its eyes. Heading towards the exit but not walking were a Mienshao and a small bear-like Pokemon, the former saying something to the later. A distance from them was a Sceptile. And near Requiem was the Reuniclus from before, looking as if it was sulking.


Fourteen Pokemon counting himself, then. Requiem's eyes fell to a small part of the wall, some rocks blasted from it from his earlier Thunder Wave attack. He hadn't meant to do that - he had thought he was alone, and had been starting to panic. He was so lucky that the Reuniclus had talked to his mind... if it had spoken aloud, Requiem may had really panicked, and started attacking everything nearby. And with so many Pokemon around, a lot of them would have gotten hurt, Requiem himself included. Hydreigons weren't exactly know for their restrain.


He started levitating again, his wings moving in sync to keep him in the air. Out. He wanted out. Everyone wanted out. His Insomniscope hadn't worked, but it was because They had been involved. Could help against Pokemon.


He passed near the Reuniclus and looked at it, an apologetic look on his three heads. "I didn't want to hurt anyone. Sorry," he said, eyes gazing down. He then continued towards the exit, not waiting for an answer from the understandably annoyed Psychic-type.


((Did I get everyone's positions right?))

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"I didn't want to hurt anyone. Sorry."


Bree froze, dropping the pebble she had been playing with, then snapped her head up to look at the hydreigon. He hadn’t waited for a response and was already heading towards the tunnel. She stared after him for a few seconds. Sure, he did try to attack her earlier, but she somehow didn’t expect an apology this soon after the fact. Maybe she was starting to assume that everyone behaved like her. She got up and began to float hesitantly forward, then stopped. She wanted to say something to him, but she had no idea what. It’s not your fault? It was probably just a reflex thing? It all sounded ridiculous, even just in her head.


She looked away, trying to think about something less awkward. The serperior’s claim had been odd – why would it be unsafe to stay in the cave? After all, they were heading out the only exit. Still, they could all be inside a huge dungeon, for all she knew. It was probably safer to stay with the group. Having made up her mind, Bree continued towards the exit.

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(( I figured people would be busy with Christmas stuff!~ Thanks though, Pi! ^w^ I guess I'll go ahead? ))


Reed shifted around on his feet, glancing at the Meowth beside him.




Tiramisu nodded, and padded close to him. The Smeargle flinched at the close contact, especially when she wrapped her tail around him. Though she'd just begun to whisper something, the Meowth paused as she saw his expression and batted at his face, grumbling,


"So you can hear me better. Stupid."


Reed attempted to protest (something along the lines of how he was most certainly not stupid), but the Meowth silenced him with her paw. Tiramisu, making a mental note to avoid anything else that would appear intimate to anyone else while around the rather silly Smeargle, continued with what she'd meant to whisper.


"So Spacial Rend looks like cutting, one of the others said, right?"


Reed found it actually had been necessary for the Meowth to pull him this close - her voice was like a Joltik's. (Tiramisu at the moment was silently congratulating herself on having a good day for whispering, and being very relieved at not sounding like an Aggron sharpening its armor.) Tiramisu again went on,


"Using it should be similar to using Fissure then. So if you still can't remember how to use it, try using a move similar to Fissure - then you'll be able to do it for sure."


She paused,




Tiramisu quickly tore away from the awkward position, but then - remembering something - returned to the Smeargle's side. She purred,


"I want to see someone use Spacial Rend up close."


Anxiously turning around, she repeated to anyone who would listen,


"I just want to see him use Spacial Rend up close!"


At that, Reed nodded, the grin spreading on his face for the umpteenth time since he'd woken up only minutes ago. He held an arm out in front of him, then threw his weight and punched in front of him, calling out,


"OK! Spacial Rend!"


Tiramisu's tail twitched. Nothing happened. She urged,


"Try again."


"Yeah - it's a pretty strong move to use, so of course I won't be able to get it on the first try."


The Smeargle rolled his shoulders, then got into position again. Another hard-thrown punch. Tiramisu's tail twitched. Again, nothing happened. Seeming rather irritated, the Meowth growled,


"Come on! Again."


"I can do it." Reed grumbled, "I told you, it takes a sec."


A third time, he punched. This time, Tiramisu tensed up, her tail straight. A pink sphere of energy began to surround the two, and it seemed a crap was forming in the ground.


(( Leaving it here so people can intercept the attack if they want - this part will determine the general route we take through the cave (minus flying Pokemon and Pokemon who can climb/jump well, if they'd like to split up).


Merry Christmas everyone! ))

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((A crap was forming in the ground? Oh fail...))

Lilac stopped in his tracks and turned, his fur on end and his tail straight up. He hissed and jumped onto a nearby rock. Kira and Celestia saw the change in Lilac's behaviour and darted onto rocks.

"DANGER!" Celestia screamed.

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Leo was overseeing the evacuation with a trained eye, looking for any sign of danger. Everyone seemed calm, except for the three headed pokemon, who looked like he was nearing a panic attack. Leo concidered going over and using hypnosis to calm the Pokemon, but dismissed the idea, incase the move were to backfire.


Suddenly Leo had a feeling that something was not right. It felt as if his hair was standing on end. He wheeled around to see the Smeargle and another Meowth surrounded by some sort of energy.


Leo Knew there was no time to think. He leapt foreward with Faint Attack, and landed in the energy. He grabbed both pokemon by the elbows, and prepaired another faint attack to escape the energy field.




Leo's right leg twitched painfully. He silently cursed himself for overusing his ability in an attempt to intimidate the Smeargle, and this time, he had pushed himself to far. Leo's jump lacked the speed that he normally gained from Faint Attack, and he was not sure if he would clear the energy field in time.


((A quick side note, I looked up how Faint Attack works in the Anime and manga, and there are multiple variations, some function by distracting the oponent, then attacking, while others are like the flash step from Bleach. For the purposes of the character, Leo's Faint Attack is of the flash step viraity.))

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The impact of the other Meowth grabbing Tiramisu shocked her out of her concentration - her Hidden Power failed, and the pink energy field fizzled out of existence. Writhing indignantly in the paler Meowth's arms, Tiramisu hissed,


"Crap! CRAP! Let me down, let me down, let me down, let me down...!"


Just TRY to help someone out, then someone else has to interfere...


Also in the Meowth's arms was Reed, who she could see was still excitedly monitoring the damage his "Spacial Rend" was doing.


I mean he is too cocky for his own good - I can see why maybe this dude wouldn't want me to do anything but... I was going to bring him down a notch by telling him all he did was Fissure. Pfft, imagine his face!~


Soon Tiramisu had nudged around her blue bandanna to be able to see for herself the extent the "Spacial Rend" had done. Ideally it would open up a hole large enough to get most of the rocks out of the way - so she thought. She'd figured the very boastful Smeagle had at least one overpowered move, and could easily move the rocks. However, what she hadn't figured was that Reed could hardly control said overpowered moves. As such, the situation was less than ideal.


The crack, she saw, was swerving towards the right wall. The right wall, she remembered rather... fondly, let's say, was right on the edge of a bit of lava. Here she started squirming all the more vehemently, yelling,


"Let me down, let me down, LET ME DOWN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE FOR ARCEUS'S SAKE - there's a flow of lava in that wall, let me DOWN!"


Every time you do something stupid like this! Every time!

It's not like I wanted this to happen, how was I supposed to know? Gah, but then the sulfur - I should have guessed, and I even saw the lava myself...

It doesn't matter now, I have to see if I can use Rain Dance in here to block the lava...


All the while, Reed was feeling rather proud of himself (though even he could tell it was nothing but a Fissure).

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Leo was off balance, He knew the floor below the three of them was about to give way.

"If I hadn't done anything, both of you would have fallen when it opened!" He yelled in response, "What were you thinking?"

Leo felt his balance shifting back, All three of them were about to fall, unless...


Leo shoved the two pokemon away from the edge as hard as he could. However, this also sealed Leo's fate. He didn't even scream as he fell back into the fissure below.



((wait, that's my only character! What are you doing me?))

Edited by sailing101

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Lava slowly began to seep out of the right wall - it hadn't quite begun to seep into the fissure on the side nearest the group of Pokemon.


Reed flinched in surprise as he was forced from the edge of the huge crack in the ground. For a moment, he stared unblinking at the hole - then, he flung himself onto one of its sides, hurriedly attempting the clamber down its nearly vertical, cliff-like face. He yelled into the pit,


"You censorkip.gif in' idiot, I can climb!"


His foot slipped a small bit - paint smeared across the wall as he caught himself painfully with his tail.


"I didn't need saving!"


He rather wished he could Fly, or do anything particularly useful at the moment. Nonetheless, he resolved to try his absolute hardest to get down to the bottom as quickly as possible.


"And now you're going to nearly kill yourself, when I pissed you off only minutes ago!?"


The Smeargle released his grip on the rock, fell a few meters, then swiftly knocked himself back onto the cliff face with a Wood Hammer. He winced, caught his breath, and continued on in this noisy way.




Tiramisu rolled across the floor as she was pushed - she hadn't exactly expected the other Meowth to push her away so suddenly. Where was he....? She noticed the yawning gap in the floor, and the Smeargle flinging himself into it. She ran.


Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap -

Stupid, stupid, ugh, STUPID...!


"H-Hydreigon! Mr. Hydreigon guy! They-! I need - they need-!"


The Meowth stood panting at the Hydreigon's feet,


"The other Meowth- h-he pushed Reed - and me - I - out of the way - I - can you...? You n-need to...!"


Is the Fissure even deep enough that he's still falling? Or the lava...!

I can't use Rain Dance or if he gets a pawhold he'll slip...






The tunnels below the earth blazed. They always blazed - lava had always flowed there, since Groudon first walked. Only two entrances had ever led to the earth's core, both now sealed off. One had been in Groudon's chamber itself, and had been sealed when Groudon's silence began; the other laid in Palkia's hands, as all entrances do, and it too had disappeared.


A crack burst open in its ceiling, and the earth's core became open once again. Pausing to stare, a terrified look on its face, a large monkey colored like the lava floes beside him and the ground beneath his feet watched. He floated up from the ground quietly, to see what had come to greet him.

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Zagan tensed as the Grass-type snake screamed "DANGER!", immediately picking up Question. "What the bleep is going on!?" he thought, as he heard the unmistakeably sound of rock being torn apart. One of the Meowths was now yelling, the other having gone to where she and the Smeargle were. He rushed to the entrance, in time to see the lava flowing out of the newly-formed crack on the wall.


"No time to keep the act up," he thought. "Q, hold on," he said, putting the younger Pokemon on his mane, his Mienshao illusion dispelled for the cub. Zagan didn't know what the Mew was going on, but it seriously looked like they were going to be in Trouble with a capital T, and he was way more agile in all fours.


It was just a matter of time until the lava made passage impossible, and Zagan had absolutely no wish to be roasted or to fall into the fissure. Seeing this, he ran towards the only exit, his arms and legs moving frantically to propel him faster as he used his Agility move for a better chance at clearing both the opening hole and the lava.




"H-Hydreigon! Mr. Hydreigon guy! They-! I need - they need-!"


Requiem was at a loss. Everything was happening too fast, getting worse too quickly. What was even down? Together, they needed to stay together, that was all he knew, the conclusion he had reached, alone he couldn't make it, not out, not ever...






Requiem's right head grabbed the Meowth, the mouth closing around her torso strong enough to have a firm grip on her without hurting the Normal-type. He dashed into the tunnel, wings flapping as fast as they could, and he flew down the fissure, his trashing tail crushing some of the rock at the edge as he went below the ground.


((Leaving it here since I don't know what Reed would do when Requiem passes next to him.

And BTW, what I put in other colors can't be heard by anyone except Requiem))

Edited by Puredark006

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"A-ah!" Bree stared at the hydreigon as he shot into the air and dove into the crevice. She had been trying to catch up with him - he wasn't going full speed in the tunnel full of pokemon, and she had almost managed to reach him when the meowth came up and asked for his help. With him no longer in front of her, though, she was finally given a clear view of what had been happening up in front. A huge crack split the right wall open, and lava was pouring through. Had that smeargle fallen into the crack?


She blinked, then shook her head violently. What was she doing, standing there when someone else was in danger? She floated up to the crevice, one arm in front of her to shield herself from the heat of the lava. Three shapes were silhouetted by the red glow. She threw her other arm forward and aimed at the smallest, trying to pull it back with her Telekinesis. The air was distorted by the heat and she wasn't sure if she had hit her mark, but she had to try.

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It was the Mobile Scarf that saved him.


Leo had never tried to fly with it before, although he knew it could be done. As soon as he began to fall, Leo focused on activating the scarf's strange power. A pecular cold sensation washed over him, and Leo's fall began to slow. Immedatly, he could tell that trying to fly back up would take to much energy. Even his slowing down was making him dangerously light headed. When he had nearly stopped, Leo stopped the using the scarf, and struck out at the cliff side with a Slash attack. His claws caught in the stone and held firm.


Leo was briefly aware that he was hanging above another cavern, but the heat, coupled with the exertion from using the Mobile scarf, soon rendered the Meowth unconscious.



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((Sorry, just clearing this up - so Bree missed, right?

Smeargle is actually really huge compared to meowth, and Bree aimed for the smallest one. There was no mention of her attempt in your post, so. ))

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((Yah, sorry. I wasn't sure how to adress that, but what I was going by was that Leo was simply too far down))

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((Worry not, sailing, for I shall save your characters! biggrin.gif)) Renaissance and Cobalt stopped in their tracks when they heard the Pokemon behind them screaming and yelling and causing a commotion. Cobalt whirled around and gasped. “Ren-Rena! One of the Meowths and the Smeargle--!”

Renaissance rolled her eyes as she twisted her head back to talk to her friend. “What’s he gone and done NOW?”

“It seems that one of them used Fissure and the ground split open. They’ve fallen in!”

Renaissance growled, annoyed. “Well, we’d better go save the Meowth and the annoying furball, then.”

The two dashed over to where Reed was and Cobalt stretched her paw, trying to grab Reed’s hand. “Here, grab my paw!”

Meanwhile, Renaissance hissed as she saw Leo further down the cliff, unconscious and barely holding on to the wall. She glanced around, then saw a few pawholds she could climb down with. Carefully, she climbed down the cliff wall.Gingerly, she backed down the cliff until finally she was level with Leo. To avoid getting burned, she lifted her tails up and gently grabbed Leo’s scruff in her jaws. Glancing around, she saw Cobalt trying to help Reed. She started to climb back up to the edge of the cliff, but Leo was dangling in front of her eyes and she couldn’t see very clearly, resulting in her slipping a few meters and nearly getting her fur singed off. “You’d better appreciate this,” she growled around a mouthful of fur as she scrabbled around for a pawhold.

A few minutes later, her head poked out of the fissure and she dropped Leo on the ground, gasping for air. ((Ignore all the slashed-out stuff.))

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((I am not sure that they would reach Leo before a flying Pokemon))

((don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be difficult, it's just that a flying Pokemon like Requiem would reach Leo first))

Edited by sailing101

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(( I'm going to mention right here that - considering Reed has been dropping a few meters at a time for a bit now, and he still hasn't reached the bottom - the Fissure is rather deep. Where Reed is right now, he wouldn't be able to even reach for the hand. Other than that, whatever you guys want. ))


Reed stumbled a bit again, his vision growing somewhat blurry. Wood Hammer, again and again. One objective was in his mind - save that Meowth - and as such he never even turned away from the wall. Doing so could mean seeing failure, or even failure to get himself down safely at this point.


But when a large dragon zooms past you, seemingly as quickly as its wings would take it, it's somewhat hard not to flinch and turn around. The ground swung around below him, blazing bright from the lava surrounding it - but, he noted to himself, at least there was ground and not only lava. The ground still seemed to move around - back and forth, towards him and away from him - it made him infinitely more dizzy, so he clung to the rock to catch his breath.


That Hydreigon will be able to save him... I'm glad. Phew, sweet Kyogre, THANK you.


With that, he let go of the rock yet again, swinging forward after a few meters. Halfway down. Halfway. His tail drooped; not out of discouragement, but out of exhaustion. With a huff, he realized he'd hit his limit. One more Wood Hammer would do it, he knew. Reed, for the first time in the cave, waited.




Tiramisu, meanwhile, was having her throat's worth of yelling. She wasn't entirely sure if she liked flying this quickly, but she knew she didn't entirely dislike flying this quickly. What this Meowth in particular did not like was being suddenly picked up like a damsel in distress - nonetheless she couldn't find herself able to protest amid the yelling she was doing.




[Current Conditions:

- Lava flow has slowly begun to enter main exit - right side only. (It will not enter the left side at any point.)

- Five posts until Fissure closes. ]

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((Oh dang. Sorry about all that confusion. So did Renaissance rescue Leo in the end or not? If that's a yes, then Renaissance is currently safely out of the fissure with Leo, and Cobalt is right on the edge trying to reach Reed with her paw.))

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((Then, I'm going to assume Renaissance went in before Requiem, since he hesitated before going into the fissure with Tiramisu and Rena didn't see him, and that she hasn't reached Leo yet, since flying is faster than climbing and Leo is really far down, k?))


Requiem kept flying down, not registering his passenger's screaming, passing both the brownish white Pokemon with paint on the tail and the Ninetales, both of whom were climbing down the fissure. He needed to move, to keep moving, the female Meowth had mentioned another one, it should be further down...


There. Hanging onto the wall, claws digging into the rock, body limp. Requiem quickly slowed down, stopping almost abruptly, hovering right beside the other Meowth, and used his left head to grab him in the same manner as the female. He had to pull a bit to separate the claws from the wall they were so stubbornly clinging to, but after a few seconds the rock gave away and the Meowth was free, hanging from Requiem's left mouth.


"Go down."


Down it was then. Folding his wings against his body, Requiem let the gravity do the work for him as he fell head-first, diving into the deepest part of the fissure, still carrying the two Meowths. He didn't open his wings until the end was in sight; then, he slowed down again, more smoothly than the first time, until he stopped, hovering just below the opening in what was now the ceiling.

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