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"...left alone, terrified of being found."


Few words were capable of getting through Landorus' rage - to get a word through would be the equivalent of screaming through the rock to talk to an underground Diglett. And yet, of all of the words in the world, these were the few that made it through to the raging legend.


Terrified of being found.


It didn't require any thought for Landorus to piece together those words, and perhaps that is why they stood out to Landorus in the first place. His tail swished back and forth. The movement was not menacing, as it had been minutes ago, but dull and contemplative. He turned, and quietly, quietly murmured, "Follow me," as he began floating down the hallway from which he'd come. The hallway, he knew, led to the absolute World's Center. It was unbearably hot; however, past that was the only place he knew of that anyone could hope to get into or out of the World's Center. Yes, it led to Groudon's chamber, he remembered, and this he remembered with a flinch: that was the precise reason why he would never dare leave through that path. Was Groudon still there, even? Landorus dismissed this question for his own sanity, and turned his face as he remarked,


"I'm... I'm okay. I will not try to kill you."

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"...Oh." Bree stared down at the meowth, who was clearly waiting for an explanation, trying to figure out how on earth she could explain what just happened. "Yeah. Well. We're still staying together, but, um, I messed up." The lopsided grin was still stretched haphazardly across Bree's face, but she couldn't think of a better expression to replace it with. "...Okay. Basically, there's, we met a pokemon over there in the chamber. He says he's Landorus. He tried to make us leave, says that we were endangering his existence or something. Th-the other guy told him that we didn't know what was happening either but then he just kept...and I...I dunno. I got mad. Stuff happened." She turned and stared down the tunnel, in the direction she came from. "It...hm. I think they've calmed down, now, actually. Are we gonna...?"

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"Wait, we need to regroup first," Leo said.

He did a quick headcount: there was himself, the Ninetails and Lucario, Reed, and Requiem (Leo nearly counted for all three heads before catching himself). That left only the other Meowth, and the Reniculus.

"Two members of the group have wandered off, we need to find them first, will you allow us that!" Leo asked.

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Cobalt pointed down the hallway where Bree had gone. "Well I'm pretty sure the Reuniculus went that-a way!"

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Requiem flinched and retreated a bit at the Landorus' outburst. Darkrai? Who was that? Was he with Them? But, why would a Pokemon be with Them?


The male Meowth started stirring, and was soon awake. "Landorus, Listen to me," he said, and Requiem carefully put him down, releasing him when he was sure the Normal-type wasn't going to fall. The Meowth kept talking to Landorus, and Requiem could see that the anger in the Pokemon's eyes was fading away. He still didn't really like the orange Pokemon, but he guessed it wasn't his fault. Would it really be alright to follow him? The others weren't complaining, the only thing stopping them the missing part of their little group.


The voices had told him not to stay, and Requiem didn't want to be alone, so the choice was clear. They weren't saying anything about the path, so he'd go with the group until they told him what to do.


"I- I'll go get them," Requiem said as soon as the Lucario pointed the direction. He didn't want to be near Landorus if he lost his temper again; that Pokemon scared him. So he flew off, quicker than a normal fly but not fast enough to be considered fleeing, both of his secondary heads pressed against his chest with the unconscious body of the brownish Pokemon still in them.

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Tiramisu shuffled her paws. She'd been ready to go back to the group, but now... She had company, and considering what the Reniculus said about the happenings she'd missed, she felt more comfortable just sticking with one Pokemon at a time. Then it hit her.




The Meowth's eyes lit up like they'd found a jewel.


"A Legendary, really?"


Noticing what a fool she was making of herself, she gave her paw a few licks and swished her tail. Sheepishly, she added,


"B-but you said he was kind of a jerk, right? So maybe... Maybe we should stay away."


She motioned with her paw towards the way she'd came,


"If you'd like, there's an odd little crevice over that way that we could check out. I think it might be hollow - it's not covered in lava, and it's colder than the rest of the area -" She flicked her ear, "Even if that's not hard to do."




Landorus shook his head,


"No. I will not wait for the others that abandoned me! And you!"


It was somewhat obvious he hadn't gained all sense back, considering what had just been said to him about no one being left behind. Nonetheless, his eyes showed clearly that he was not at all willing to compromise. He crossed his arms,


"You will come with me now or find yourself lost here! I will not be left alone here - and the green one will likely be unable to deal with my coming along with you should I go to fetch her. I will NOT be left alone here - now come!"

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((Sorryyyyy I've been sort of busy and kind of agonzing over how to write this post bluh))


Bree looked down the tunnel in the direction the meowth was pointing. She didn't particularly want to be near Landorus again, especially after what she just did, but the tunnels could still be dangerous if they decided to wander off on their own. She looked down again and clasped her gel-hands anxiously. "Okay," she said after a minute. "I mean, yeah, it might even be the exit. We should check it out. But we should still get back to everyone else later, okay?"

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((oh were you all waiting for me? I was waiting for the rest of you so that i would have more to work off of for a change, oh well.))


"I understand not wanting to be left behind," Leo replied, "And that's why I won't leave anyone else behind, no matter what."

He put the scope lens back over his eye, the gadged adding an extra hardness to his resolve.

"It's my fault we're down here. When the fissure opened, I leapt foreward to save two others from falling in, at the cost of my own safety. Everyone else felll down here trying to save me. I owe it to them to make sure that nobody is left behind."

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"Don't worry, I already got lost in here so I know my way around now!"


Tiramisu flashed a mischievous grin at the obviously nervous Reuniclus, flicked her tail up in the air. Maybe it was a bit tiring to go back to the same place, but anything would serve well to keep her away from the group for a bit. As she began to pad back toward where she'd come, she could have sworn she heard the flapping of wings from one end of the hallway. Had she turned to investigate, she might have seen the Hydreigon from earlier. As things were, though, she brushed the sound off as her imagination. The Meowth led on through the lava-lined hallways.




There was a chance that Landorus would have consented once more to this Meowth - an absolute peasant compared to him. The awakening of a certain Smeargle ripped a giant hole in said chance.


Reed had in fact been conscious for a few moments prior to his announcement. It was his understanding that there were others apart from the group surrounding him, and this Pokemon near him was some sort of authority. That pale Meowth from earlier was acting as leader of their group and emissary to that authority. The Smeargle knew he would soon attempt to fill that role of emissary for the Meowth - to generously give him a break, of course.


In just a few moments, Reed was on his hind feet and strolling to the front of the group. He looked over the regal Pokemon in front of him with no particular interest unless it was to gauge his battling capabilities. The Smeargle tilted his head,


"So then, what are you doing ordering the lot of us around? I figure we should be ordering you around, counting the numbers and especially the names."


Now on Landorus' part, this was genuinely enraging - and terrifying. He'd forgotten the sleeping Pokemon. The sleeping Pokemon - he knew nothing about that Pokemon's allegiance - that Pokemon had not proven its trustworthiness! How could he have been such a fool to trust those before him! The Meowth, perhaps, understood - the Meowth, the Meowth <i>only</i> was trustworthy. All of the others... What could he do? He spoke in a rushed and furious voice to the Smeargle,


"You fool! You have shown your true colors! I will - I will -"


Reed Yawned,


"You'll what, now?"


Landorus screeched with anger as he felt mildly drowsy - of course! Naturally Darkrai would send the most unassuming agent to collect him! How could he be so utterly naive? A Fissure would undoubtedly send this fool to a painful, burning death - to one he surely deserved! But there was the Meowth there, so he stayed his hand. If only he could just shut the Smeargle up - send him alone to be stuck among the caves forever! And yet, Reed would not shut up. With shining eyes, the fool exclaimed,


"Nothing's what I thought - you Legendaries aren't worth a bit of the praise you get."


(( Not dead! ^^;;;;; I have no excuse... ))

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Cobalt felt like smacking the wall with her face. The Smeargle was such an arrogant jerkstore! She mentally debated with herself whether or not to knock him out again. Knocking him out won. She stomped up to him and launched an Aura Sphere at him. "Listen up, Smeargle, and listen well. You're the arrogant ignoramus that got us down here in the first place, so I highly suggest you shut your yap before you get us all killed. I personally have a strong urge to throw you into the nearest pit of lava, and the others probably do as well. So shut up and let us handle this!" Her point proven, she walked back to stand next to Renaissance again, her arms crossed.

Renaissance prodded her. "Nice speech, Coby," she whispered.

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Leo was shocked by Reed's insolance. Did the Smeargle have no sense of respect?

"What are you doing?" Leo demanded, "I've had half a mind to have you arrested in charges of reckless endarngerment for that stunt you pulled with Fissure, and now you try to order us around? What is WRONG with you?"

Reed Yawned, but it did not affect Leo because he had recently woken up from his own hypnosis. However, he immideatly recongnised the move for what it was.

Leo grabbed the Smeargle by the scruff of his neck. "Listen you," he hissed, "I've had some questions for you, and now that you're awake, now is the time to ask them. Last night, when you thought you had learned Spatial Rend, was it in a dream?"

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The Aura Sphere was... a bit winding, he had to admit. Reed made a mental note of that as he was grabbed roughly by the scruff to face that utterly annoying Meowth from earlier. The Smeargle coolly took the verbal punishment being shoved at him, not saying a word until the Meowth at least seemed quite done. Then, with a smile that would remind someone of mercury - cold-looking and poisonous - he returned with his own punishment for the good ol' sheriff in front of him.


"That's actually really funny, because I never ordered any of you to do anything. In fact, I just finished telling neurotic Mankey-boy-" Landorus gave a furious growl at this, but as the Smeargle was directing his words towards the Meowth currently grabbing at his neck that was of no concern to him, "- to avoid playing the most-high-and-mighty card on our group. But I suppose you're just fine with having one of the cowards who just upped and disappeared years ago boss us around, right Super Meowth?"


Reed knew if he were a Meowth right now, his eyes would be narrowed to slits - as it was, his eyes were narrowed to slits. Distaste dripped into his words, and he could feel the paint splotches on his back smoldering.


"And before you all resume your righteous beat down, it's absolutely fantastic how you've lost the trouble-maker, the nervous dragon, and the shy blob-thing. Such chivalry, to lose the most needy members of the group to tame the beast. Wonderful leadership - I'd clap for you if you weren't trying to wring my neck right now."


With a contented sigh, Reed added,


"I'm done now. Go on."


(( Landorus will fall asleep during the second post after this one. He's currently still conflicted over how to kill Reed without hurting or annoying Leo. ))

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"Ah! Okay!" Bree trailed after the meowth, trying to keep up. She was still a bit unsure about leaving the group like this, but the meowth seemed to know what she was doing. She hadn't exactly liked being with a whole bunch of unfamiliar pokemon at once either. "Well!" She bobbed up and down in the air, trying to think of things to say to break the silence. "Um, I guess I didn't get your name yet, or, anyone else's really. I'm Bree! Yeah, nice to meet you. If we, this hollow bit does turn out to be an exit, we should probably go back and tell everyone else, right?" I hope you know what you're doing, she added privately to herself. "Yeah! Yeah. Um." Edited by Fractional Pi Day

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Leo did not like the look in Reed's eye. It wasn't just smug overconfidence, it was something more. A look of malace that seemed out of place.

"For your information," Leo growled in reply, "I have had a lot to deal with while you were so convienently unconscious." He jumpped using Faint Attack, taking care to keep pressure off his injured foot, and taking Reed with him. Leo let go mid leap, sending Reed crashing to the ground, while he landed a few feet away.

"I couldn't just chase after them, not with the state Landorus is in. I had to make sure the situation was stable. And as for the dragon, he volentiered to go and find the other two, which is a far cry from what you think of him."

Leo dissapeared once more with Faint attack, only to reappear behind Reed.

"I have had my work cut out for me the moment I woke up in that cavern above," he continued angryly, "and you have done nothing but complicate the situation, endanger everyone's lives, and get on my nerves. Now, are you going to answer my question or not?"



((I just looked up the height of Smeargle and Meowth, Apparantly, Reed is three times taller than Leo xd.png ))

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Renaissance felt like she should step in, whoop everyone's censorkip.gif , and get them all to calm the heck down. But she didn't. Instead...

"Hey Coby."


"Go smack that overgrown runt upside the head for me, will ya?"


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The Meowth smiled awkwardly, pawing at her face,


"Haha, yeah... Sorry. I'm Tiramisu."


She bounded ahead a little bit. The wall was just ahead - around that corner... right? Tiramisu's ear flicked in frustration as she noticed what she was doing. She didn't want to see the others again, really. Another side of her whispered that they hadn't done anything to her on purpose, which only annoyed her further. In all honesty, she wished the Reuniculus hadn't brought the idea of returning to the others up. With a sigh, she grudgingly added,


"Yeah... Yeah, we'll go find the others. Assuming they haven't found a way out of their own already and left us. Here's the wall!"


She waved her tail eagerly in an attempt to switch subjects. Tapping the wall with a claw (in case it had gotten hotter), the Meowth added,


"I could try to hit it with one of my attacks. Hidden Power - like I did back..." Tiramisu's words trailed off at the thought of another awkward subject, "...there. Ahahaha... Yeah, no, not Hidden Power."


She tilted her head at the wall.


"Do you think Pay Day would hit it hard enough? I mean I doubt it - it's more likely to send the coins flying into the lava. That'd be pretty cool actually - watch the gold melt down and all that. Er. Yeah, do you have any ideas?"




Reed hit the rock with an uncomfortable thud. This he hadn't been prepared for; he hadn't expected the Meowth to go all "bad cop" on him, and naturally he wasn't prepared to turn so as to break his own fall. Still, the Smeargle had a curt laugh as he painfully heaved himself up from the ground. This was because there was a threatening orange figure - known to Reed's opponent as Landorus, but known to Reed as a stuck up Legendary - angrily snoozing not too far from him. This meant two very important things: one, the most serious threat to his life was lifted for the moment, and two... The second Reed scoffed with a look of triumph,


"I don't think your guide over there is waking up for a bit."


Now then, which way did that Hydreigon go?


The Smeargle ignored the noises the other three Pokemon were making and began to walk towards the opposite side of the room - more accurately, towards the opposite exit of the room, near where he'd been knocked out before. At the exit, he turned to face the Meowth, the Ninetales, and the Lucario again, cautiously.

Reed frowned.


"Honestly, I might have answered your stupid question if you hadn't tried that, sheriff. And you two really shouldn't try anything." he nodded at the Lucario and the Ninetales, "I'm not trying to threaten you by that, it's just that..."


Here he began slowly walking backwards down the hallway, with a smirk,


"I have all these great destructive moves, and such terrible aim. Now will the justice tribe let me do my thing and actually find us a way out of here?"

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Cobalt growled. "Lemme at him! I should tear his tail off and shove it down his throat, then rip him apart from limb to limb and slow roast him over a fire!"

Renaissance grabbed Cobalt's tail just as she leaped at Reed and dragged her backwards.

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"It sounds to me like you are trying to threaten us," Leo replied. He turned to Renaissance and Cobalt. "You two, take Landorus and get out of here," he commanded, "Try to find the others." He then turned to face reed once more. "I need to teach this moron a lesson in respect."

"Something tells me you've ben wanting a battle since this whole fiasco started. You have just been picking at everyone Trying to provoke them and making a fool of yourself."


"That ends now"


Leo vanished with faint attack, jumping high into the air, and landing with a kick aimed at Reed's face. He then dove behind the Smeargle, and delivered a Slash attack aimed at the crudly painted paw print.

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Cobalt shot a glance at the sleeping Landorus. Cautiously, she walked up and poked him. "Uh, Mr. Landorus? Uh, could you please wake up and take us wherever you were going to? We'll come with you. The Meowth has to beat up the Smeargle first, but he'll catch up."

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Reed hopped backwards to avoid the kick. However, this sent him straight into the Slash; it felt like needles running down his back.


Of all of the places for the stupid Meowth to rake, that was the one he couldn't stand. Without a second thought, the Smeargle viciously retaliated with his fiercest Wood Hammer. In that moment, he really couldn't have cared less where the attack would send the Meowth, or the fair amount of effort the attack took; he could rest later, when he was out of sight. Of every single place he could have been attacked, the one place that would enrage him was his back, most unluckily for the Meowth he was facing.


For a few seconds, Reed was winded. Rage burned in his eyes as he stared the Meowth down in those moments - then he turned and ran. Down the hallway, balancing himself on the corners with his whipping tail, he came to a small crack in the walls, nearly covered by lava but still passable. This he slipped into, expecting a small nook to at least hide in. This he did not find.


Instead, he found a wide, monstrous hallway. Lava streamed down its wavy, sooty walls, giving off a feel of eerie nobility. Stairs ascended from the dark ground, each step becoming more illuminated by a warm light from some source at their top.


So this is where I thought it was.


With heaving breaths, Reed clutched at one of his shoulders. That Wood Hammer, he absently wondered, was probably his strongest yet. It was a bit a of a shame he didn't know if he'd hit the Meowth or not; he hoped he had, and hard, for the stinging on his back. He began to climb the stairs. They were somewhat tall, and difficult to make using only one's feet, but nonetheless he resolved to ascend them only foot-wise because he didn't want to let go of his shoulder.


"I woke up in the Magmaworld." Can't imagine what they'd say if I told them that. "Sweet Kyogre, you've been cursed!"


For a moment, he paused. His tail swiped over his back, sloppily covering the scratches that Sheriff - he'd decided that was the Meowth's name now - had made.


Didn't even leave a mark, see?


Reed grinned, and released his shoulder.



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"Hmm!" Bree crossed her arms and looked down at the wall. "Well, I don't know! I could try one of my attacks...although, I'm really not sure, what if there is lava behind there after all? If it explodes messily that really wouldn't be good for anyone." Bree was still, admittedly, a bit mad at everyone and was itching to blow something up, but she could still control herself - unlike that legendary guy, she added to herself. "Signal beam! Signal beam, how about? We can just back up a bit and then fire it off from over there. It might be a bit safer!" Edited by Fractional Pi Day

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