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Shadowlight listened in quietly on their conversation. He didn't want to reveal himself now, lest he frighten off the hatchlings. Plus, all of the other occupants in the room would probably start attacking him. Suddenly, he shifted awkwardly for no apparent reason, the dirt crumbling slightly underneath his foot. He bit his cheek in order to keep himself from cursing. He really hated it when that happened. He just hoped that no one heard.


Sugarhoof reared up in fright as the ground shifted beneath her hooves. She looked at the source of all the commotion. Angrily, she set her hooves down and pawed the ground. Then, she made a wild charge for her target, horn pointed straight forwards. Not at Shadow Drake, but the tool that he wielded. The sword.

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"I can help" she said as she morphed into her nebula form, which was pretty large as well as the fact if they were travelling at night, it was her best disguise. She was almost invisible! "I can help carry them" she said and stood up all the way. "there is nothing to worry about" she laughed as she sensed the embarrassment in his voice.



"I'm to small" Said Astrid shyly and she giggled a bit "but i can carry any food needed, it won't weigh me down to much. As for my wing.. Not sure if it will ever heal, it seems not to.. but i can still fly quite far i just fly slow" she said hoping they would allow her to help despite her small amount of mutation.

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[[Yeah, I think so too…for some strange reasons, all the RPs is dying. Really, really quickly. IT’S ALL INACTIVITY’S FAULT.]]


Kaminogi growled as he was sent flying, towards a tree to be more exact. Using the tree to his advantage, Kaminogi used his foot to slam against the tree, allowing him an extra boost. Flying towards Shadow Drake, he snarled, “Unfortunately, I died once. During death, you experience extraordinary events, you know? That’s why I won’t be killed the next time. What you experience will be more horrifying than life itself.” Kaminogi tilted his head in amusement. “Of course, that’s not always the case…” Spinning around, Kaminogi rolled sideways, scooping up the blade that Fusion dropped. Then he rushed up and intercepted SD.


Fusion hissed in pain as he got up again. He growled. Fusion already decided…he wouldn’t die here. There was plenty more fugitives to kill. “Hey, Kaminogi! Do you know where Shadowlight went?”


“Not sure,” Kaminogi replied, eyes boring against Shadow Drake’s. He slashed the sword multiple times, aiming for the neck. “He and I went separate ways. He has Sugarhoof with him, though.”


Fusion sighed. He didn’t trust Shadowlight. He was, in his eyes, a traitor. But, he needed proof first, and that will take some time and energy to get. “Kaminogi, I’ll have to fetch Shadowlight.” He turned and bolted back into the shadows. His green eyes gleamed in the night and his forked tongue flicked out, trying to get a whiff of where Shadowlight was.


Kaminogi sighed, turning his attention back to Shadow Drake. “Everything you do is in vain; I can tell you…one day, you will all be captured. Or dead. Then you’ll feel the true experience of pain and fear…”


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Sugarhoof snorted when Kaminogi asked where she was, as if to say, Excuse me? I'M RIGHT HERE! She then realized that they were too far away to notice her. Abandoning all thoughts of destroying the sword, she flew right for them.

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User name:BloodyRogue




Normal human/dragon or mutant: animal mutant


Description:long blond hair pretty icy blue eyes she has a skinny build but shes strong.

Abilities:able to fly, if her wings are not clipped or torn.

Personality:she has a fun loving spirit unless you attack her then she gets angry and attacks back, she is very feisty considering she is mixed with dragon. she ran away from the camp scared out of her mind, she will never trust any one again.


History: was kept in the cages and rooms for a couple years till her life had kinda faded from her.


((hope that is ok

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(I REFUSE TO.LET THIS DIE it has been far to long, Astrid is bored. Isis on the other hand.. we also have a new player ^^^^^^^^^ c'mon!)

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