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kg9v.png Basically gone forever. Find me on Smogon under the name SwedishBiscuit. 494.gifThanks for the fun!


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    I am definitely gone from here. It's been a very nice time in general, but life in high school demands much from a person. I frequent Reddit in my spare time and am involved in Smogon, but that's almost all I have left for now. Sometimes I may come here to randomly post or check up on DC, but nothing important.

    Improving in the battle against my OCD and intrusive thoughts/erratic behavior. I could probably write a lengthy autobiography on my last year or so, but its better to write the opening when you know what you want your final chapter to be.

    I do miss people from time to time, but I always find myself over-attached to anything I devote at least an hour to. There's probably no possible way I could not want to travel back to my past, even if the future is my biggest question.

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