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DC HUNGER GAMES Lineage Project

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I'll post an update on mine too. tongue.gif (Be warned, I used preexisting dragons, so the names tend to be a bit..long.)


Survivors of Round I!


District 1: Soul Of The Heartless II D1


District 2: Pyro's Gilded Terror II D2


District 3: Pyro's Storming Heart II D3


District 4: Pyro's I'll Soar Gracefully D4II


District 5: Pyro's Jokester D5 II


District 6: Still Battling! (They will NOT produce. >: )


District 7: Pyro's Aqua TASsles D7 II


District 8: Pyro's Totally Unamused D8 II


Just waiting for six, then the next round will start. smile.gif

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Welldone guys keep it up.


Also I will be breeding Offsping of 4th gen if anyone would like one PM me and I will put you on the Breeding list - clearly you cant use it as your own 'MockingJay' for the project but you are welcome to a sibling xd.png



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After The Canons Sound...


Tributes Of Round II:


District One:



District Two



District Three:



District Four:



District Five:



District Six:



District Seven



District Eight:



Round three to commence in five...four...three...two...



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Okay, so I'm close to having enough dragons to take part of this, though I have not filled out a form yet. I will when the time comes. May I ask though, what breeds should I avoid pairing so I don't get Geode, Two Finned Bluna, & Shallow Water? I'm not entirely sure.

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Finally gathered all my needed dragons! biggrin.gif


The Reaping


My Chosen Tributes:


District One:

Elemental Destruction D1

Elemental Sun Glow D1

District Two Elemental Aktes D2

Elemental Sunset D2

District Three: Elemental Asteri D3

Elemental Ugutz D3

District Four: Elemental Petra D4

Elemental Elyah D4

District Five: Elemental Brandsar D5

Elemental Inferno D5

District Six: Elemental Tesmpest D6

Elemental Light D6

District Seven Elemental Senfire D7

Elemental Vert D7

District Eight: Elemental Zetva D8

Elemental Seige D8

So I guess I'll start breeding them out! biggrin.gif

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Quick question....(I just thought of this now)

Can districts only breed with the same district? I mean, can't they form "alliances" and choose not to fight? Like the career pack and such?

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The Reaping


District 1

Todd Haberkorn D1

Laura Bailey D1


District 2

Travis Willingham D2

Catlin Glass D2


District 3

Vic Mignogna D3

Wendy Powell D3


District 4

Greg Ayres D4

Brittney Karbowski D4


District 5

Aaron Dismuke D5

Hilary Hagg D5


District 6

Chris Patton D6

Monica Rial D6


District 7

Sonny Strait D7

Colleen Clinkenbeard D7


District 8

Mike McFarland D8

Luci Christian D8



Kudos to anyone who actually knows who these people are. xd.png

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Can districts only breed with the same district? I mean, can't they form "alliances" and choose not to fight? Like the career pack and such?

This question has been adressed before in this thread. To keep it simple, no. The first round is a 'see who goes thro to the games' from that distric. This is not ment to be exactly like the books or film. To keep things 'simple' in a DC version based on a naming theme.

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I have to wait a week for my next try - Seneca and Trinklet didn't want to get me an egg this time...

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Victors of Round 2


Vigilia on Fire III D2

I shall not breed when I am locked... (unfortunatelly someone grabbed the 1rst egg and let it die sad.gif )

Shine on Fire III D3

Wylde on Fire III D7

Velvet on Fire III D8


Round 3

no victor jet

Uptdate on round 3


We have our finallists:


District 8


Velvet on Fire IV D8


Who would have guessed that of a Pillowdragon!




Shine on Fire IV D3



May the ods aaaalwaaaays in your favour!

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Do dragons have to match the gender of the tribute they represent (in generations after the first?)


Like, I got a Mint dragon of D1 (male) but the offspring was a female.

And of D2, the first gen was a female, but the second became a male.

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Please read the brief - all is explained there smile.gif


Quoted from Brief:


2) The name given to the CB breed must follow it through the generations. The idea is that the breed represents the same ‘Tribute’, so for each generation it should carry the same name. It does NOT have to follow the same gender tho.


Basicly the BREED represents the Tribute NOT the GENDER. If you look at the example Lineage I did, you will see a breed will be gendered according to the mate, inorder to complete the lineage, but will carry the same name.


EDIT: Bump

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The Reaping


My Chosen Tributes:

District One:Dominus D1

Letala D1

District Two

Cashmere D2

District Three: Caudis D3

Setta D3

District Four: Volante D4

Bella D4

District Five: Baleno D5

Mango D5 Mintali D5

District Six: Magnus D6

Verde D6

District Seven Morte D7

Nebula D7

District Eight: Bracken D8

Lilac D8

Whats this??? Just as Mango's name had been called as District 5's Female tribute there was a frantic disturbance in the crowd!! A small but feisty Mint stormed onto the stage and screamed at the top of her tiny voice "I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!"


How could this be?? Such a small creature would be slaughtered in the arena!! But with such an act of courage, how could she be refused? The world watches to see her fate...


**Baleno had shown no interest in Mango**

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