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Greetings! I have returned from a very long hiatus, and would like to return to addressing any users that are still on my IOU list in additional to being casually active again. Please message me with any inquiries. Thank you! 

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    Hello There!

    I have recently returned from a long hiatus and would like to get causally involved again in forum activities. I am also working through my IOU list from before my leave.

    Please feel free to message me at any time. I am willing to breed, swap, trade, whatever might interest you on my scroll. I also am missing a great deal of the dragons released during my absence - maybe we can swap?

    I am also interested in joining lineage groups, gifting (I enjoy helping others complete their goals) and holiday swaps (for any I am missing, and any you might be missing - or generally interesting lineages).

    Glories (Day & Night) and Blunas remain my absolute favorites. I am a matron of drakes. <3

    If there is anyway I can assist you, I would be more than happy to try. If I can trade, assist, or IOU in any way possible, I will. I am also willing to breed whatever I can on request, barring the Pink Hope dragons, which are a part of the Hope Lineage project. However, if you are a part of that project and would like an egg, I would be happy to provide one to you. ^^

    Pleasant PMs need only apply - even when declining. Member toxicity was my main reason for leaving. I do not have it in me to contend with rudeness.

    Thank you to EVERYONE who has traded, gifted, worked out IOUs or just were there to give advice, a laugh, commiseration, and help. You know who you are. It has been such a great first year with so many nice friends and dragon keepers that they have become too numerous to list!

    Year round "would be nice to haves"

    ****2G Terrae from Rosebud x Terrae
    ****2G Tsunami from SW x Tsunami
    2G+ Soulpeace Dragons <3
    2G White Egg from Holly
    Bluna - especially any low gen males
    CB Pinks - lineage project
    CB & Lineage Glories (day and night, inbred or otherwise, I love em all)
    CB Daydreams and pretty lineages
    CB Moonstones and pretty lineages
    CB White dragons
    CB & Lineage Tsunami
    CB & Lineage Ochredrakes
    **2G Bluna's from water/skywing pairings
    Any even Gen with Holiday Alts in Lineage
    CB Gold Wyverns or any Lineage with GW's and Tsunamis

    Lineage Projects Participant:


    Check them out in the breeding section of the site! ^^
    If you see an open Holiday gift that you would like, please feel free to PM me. No Trade is necessary! Consider it my DC Holiday Present to you! <3

    Halloween (requests will be open September 2013):

    2G Cavern Lurkers: Grammy

    Christmas 2020 (requests will be open November 2020):

    Snow Angel:
    Snow Angel:
    Ribbon Dancer:
    Ribbon Dancer:
    Wrapping Wing (choice of mate):
    Wrapping Wing (choice of mate):

    Val 2021 (2021 requests to open in January):

    Val 09 (11th Gen inbred, but a Thuwed! choice of mate):
    Val 09 ( 5th Gen x Red stair):
    Sweetling (4th Gen stair x water horse):
    Rosebud (3rd Gen Stair x Daydream):
    Heartseeker x GW:
    Heartseeker x GW:


    I gift, I trade, I help when requested, I am willing to negotiate, and I accept IOU's from reliable and established forum members. I greatly appreciate members who follow the same.

    If you do not see a trade agreement listed in the profile, no worries. I diligently keep a DC notebook. Future gifts are listed merely to show what is still possibly available for Holiday gifting. ^^

    One Member One Scroll, I took the Oath.

    IOU to me (complete on my end)
    GathersScrolls: SW from SA Halloween 13 for 2g Gold


    Future Gifts Offered to Me (Thank you Gifters!):


    In my time here I have made too many successful trades and random gifts to list. Thank you traders and friends for such pleasant transactions!


    Next Update: When the pair gives me another shimmer

    I am only going to update this when the list gets shorter. I have had so little luck in getting anything but refusals and fails since the fall, and all the releases pushing breeding back, and I no longer spend the time posting in this community as I have before and so I do not make special trips here to say "no news," so feel free to keep the PMs coming if you choose, and I will return here to complete my breeding obligations. Thank you, and have a Happy New Year. :]

    The Court of the Lord and Lady Daoine Sidhe
    (2g SS x 2g GW Stair)

    4. SickThing (paid in full)
    5. ScreamYourHeartOut (paid in full)
    6. speakingtomato (paid in full)
    7. Valeth (paid in full)
    8. Hershel (paid in full)
    9. Mistress of Whispers (shimmer swap)
    10. G.G. (paid in full)
    11. Mistress of Whispers (as discussed)
    12. lorimmel (shimmer swap bronze x tan RW)
    13. drzemlik (paid in full)
    14. Riverwillows (as discussed)

    Update: see above

    Lady Leanan Sidhe and the Bard Amergin
    (4th Gen Bronze Shimmer x White Spiral)

    1. Symphonic-Nemesis

    Other shimmers available, feel free to inquire. :]


    * = kin produced
    o = pair bred, no egg
    > = waiting transfer
    - = refusal of new mate
    Total gifts and trades of shimmers: 17